Schizophrenia – Chapter 11

Chapter 11. Enjoy!



Along with Alisa, the figure of one more person entered her view. It was a girl with long, pale golden hair and light blue eyes. One of the people Lilia still did not wish to meet, the one who snatched the prince away from Lilia, what appeared was the figure of Tina Breyer.
Alisa’s interrogation continued.

“And just what business does this baron’s daughter have with her Mistress Lilianne? I believe you should be aware of the Aldis duke family?”

“Of course. Well, I am…”

Her words halted there. Meeting Lilia’s eyes, her mouth opened and closed numerous times. While seeming like she had more to say, Tina appeared to be at a loss for finding the proper words.

—Sakura. This, what should I do about this?

—Nn… Let’s all get along together!

—Hey that’s way too general.

Completely disappointed and shaking her head inside, Lilia stared at the girl. Tina trembled in surprise under the gaze. Her eyes faltered slightly as if wanting to look away, but she stopped herself and firmly met Lilia eye to eye.
And then, vigorously lowered her head.

“I am very sorry!”

Suddenly receiving an apology, the eyes of the unsuspecting Lilia darted about in confusion. Alisa was also struck speechless with her mouth hanging half open.

“Because of me, Miss Lilianne’s engagement with the prince…! Even though, even though it was my fault…!”

—Sakura, what do I do here!?

—Do your best!~ would still be too harsh for you huh? Lilia, that girl has apologised, so do forgive her. And, you should apologise too. With that there should be no lingering conflicts. The bestest resolution!

She didn’t really understand that last bit, but with panic quickly rising in Lilia her mind mostly stopped working and simply followed Sakura’s words.



“I will forgive you.”

This time, Tina vigorously raised her head. Her expression painted in solid surprise. Upon seeing that expression, Lilia’s heart conversely began to calm down.

“Speaking on the contrary though… Would you also please forgive all of my actions up to now?”

Being asked this, Tina’s face contorted as if about to cry.

“That is, no good…”

“Is that so… That is unfortunate.”

Saying so Lilia once again began to fall into a panic. ‘What bestest result, wasn’t it useless!?’ was what she inwardly shouted at Sakura, but she could only sense the girl laughing frivolously in return. As she was about to tell her to think about this seriously,

“Such a thing… only favours myself too much.”

Lilia’s mind halted for just a moment, then immediately began pondering the meaning behind those words. Questioning what that was about, Lilia tilted her head, so Tina continued.

“I was the one at fault in angering Miss Lilianne. That is why, there should be nothing for Miss Lilianne to apologise for!”

—No, no matter how you think about it Lilia was the bad one. And even looking at the root cause the blame lies with a certain idiot prince who went and got captivated by someone else while already engaged.

—Sakura, I won’t allow you to badmouth His Highness.

—Muu… Okay I get it… But Tina really didn’t do anything wrong here alright? She was just living her ordinary life when the prince started talking her up, drawing your attention, and was bullied for it.

—Looking at things objectively I really was quite an unpleasant woman huh…

Seeing Lilia smiling in self derision, Tina seemed to interpret that as something and her cheeks stiffened as she once again lowered her head. While thinking it to be troublesome, Lilia still opened her mouth.

“Tina. You are blameless. The fault lies entirely with me. Therefore, please do not blame yourself.”

“Why such a thing…!”

“Then let us do this.”

At Lilia’s words, Tina raised her face. Lilia slowly approached her. Lilia seemed to find it somewhat adorable, seeing Tina with such an awfully frightened expression.

“Let us let everything up ’til now be water under the bridge.”

“Eh…? However…!”

“Instead, would you please become my friend?”

Tina’s eyes opened wide, and Alisa noticeably gasped. Sakura as well, with an ‘ooh’ was for some reason surprised. Even though she was the one who said to do things like this.

“But… Umm… Is it alright…?”

Tina looked up at Lilia with upturned eyes. Lilia tried to smile with all her might as she nodded.

“Yes. Please treat me well, Tina.”

“!! Yes…! Thank you very much! Please treat me well!”

Tina gave a vigourous bow. As Lilia was heaving a long sigh of relief in her mind,

—Dayum this girl is seriously too cute! I wish I had haunted her instead!


—Lilia? It was a joke? So hey, please don’t start sulking on me?

—Oh just be silent, I wasn’t sulking.

Pushing away her inner displeasure, Lilia formally held out her hand towards Tina. Tina was looking at the outstretched hand blankly, but soon realising Lilia’s intention, firmly grasped it with both hands.
Seeing the delighted Tina smiling broadly, for some reason Lilia also started to feel happy. Perhaps this was the girl’s charm at work here. At the very least, this was something that Lilia herself was lacking in.

“Well then, Tina. Since we have become friends now, shall we speak to each other in a more comfortable manner?”

“Eh? You mean…”

“It’s fine to use your casual tone okay? I will do the same.”

Tina’s thoughts seem to freeze for a moment as she stiffened, but soon spoke in a small voice,

“O-Okay… I got it. Best regards, Miss Lilianne.”

“There’s no need to address me in such a way. The people around me just call me Lilia.”

“Eh, umm… Miss Lilia…”

“Without the title.”


“Yes. Very good.”

—Lilia. You’re having fun here aren’t ya.

—Isn’t it fun to play with her, this girl.

—Hey hey now.

Though saying so Sakura also had a hint of enjoyment in her voice. Since there were no instructions from Sakura, this should be fine for now. Lilia thought so, and satisfied with herself, she once again turned her attention back to Tina.

“I’ve just returned, so there are still various things I must prepare. I will have to excuse myself here, Tina.”

“Y-Yes! I’m very sorry for keeping you, during such a busy time!”

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46 thoughts on “Schizophrenia – Chapter 11”

  1. Best development thus far. Honestly, rather than being a bad person, Lilia just has really bad people skills.

    And I have to agree with Sakura, that this is almost entirely the prince’s fault. Well, you can’t help who you fall in love with, but he handled the situation poorly, as expected…

    Thanks for the chapter, and keep up the good work! 😃

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  2. Good Lily! Make her your best friend, deepen your reliationship with her, until you become her first priority! Then she will ditch the idiot prince for your sake! A beautiful revenge indeed, ufufu

    Thanks for the chapter~

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  3. I can see the end! The prince won’t get Tina and will be jealous of Lilia! Tina have a crush (or actually don’t, but may have) and isn’t the prince, and Lilia + Sakura will help her!
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. OMG YES FINALLY THE BLAME ON THE MAN! Lol, it’s usually the MC or the villaness who gets the “blame” for enticing and not seducing enough. BUT now, someone understands. Finicky men are to blame. Many thanks for the chapter.

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  5. This series is… so awkward.

    There is too much… how do you put it… unrealistic Japanese-ness in it.

    I know, its a japanese writer, but still, its too much, to the point that it mostly seems extremely awkward and hard to read.
    Especially how forced it is. I know, Sakura is literally forcing her to become a “model japanese high school girl”, but it feels extremely forced and awkward, even knowing that Lilia is willingly following all of Sakura’s suggestions.

    And its working, which is even more weird, because it shouldn’t work all the time with everyone (obviously because not all of them are going to have the mind set of a polite modern japanese citizen), when, in fact, they are in a medieval european society, where, needless to say, the way they all feel and think about things is completely different?

    I know, I know, its the authors forcing using plot contrivences to make the MC roll on about their merry way without any real conflict or problems to be handled, where everything will end up working perfectly, but still…

    Am I expecting too much form this series?

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    1. You are… so don’t read it then!
      Anyway I’m sure prince would go totally suspicious on her and start to make accusations when he gets to know about this little friendship, well can’t blame him for that tho (since she’d really start scheming by then if it weren’t for Sakura) But heroine sure give a very unrealistic feeling huh?! How could ahe forgive so easily… really?? (=_=)

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    2. Perhaps your expectations are somewhat different than what the author intended for this story? I certainly see your point, but it is obviously amateur work, and that stands out clearest to me as the translator. I think what I will say is that for now, there’s not much need for a lot of deep thinking, as it is barely starting out. I imagine this tale was written with an overarching plot in mind, so I hope you stick around long enough to see the parts the author really wanted to bring out. It may not be realism or believability, but what you find instead might be just as interesting. Thanks for reading!

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    3. Personally, I like this series, it’s quite funny and I’m actually not sure it is one in which you really need to question what’s happening but well I’m the type to do it so anyway !

      My theory is that even if it’s happening in a medieval world (so the people should behave and think as people from this period), the plot may be in fact, a Japanese girl entering in the story of one of her manga to haunt a character.
      This way, the fact that the people behave with Japanese-ness seems logic since this world is in reality based on a manga (it also works light novel).

      That aside, maybe it is due to her surprise 🎊, but for the moment I think the heroine is a bit to much, I mean if suddenly, the one who bullied me asked for friendship I would find it hell suspicious and I’m from the modern world (but well I might not be a good example since like I said I’m always thinking to much)

      Btw, thanks for the chapter Jaon-san !


    4. At least for Tina that’s natural tho.
      She’s the heroine of a manga/novel so she is of course kind and innocent and all that


  6. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    It really is the Prince’s fault. He should break up with Lillia before chasing after a new girl. Done like this make it seem like Lillia is a back up for if he fail to woo Tina.

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  7. Thanks for the chapter :D
    When do you think the next chapter will be released?

    Lilia is definitly a sadist, and enjoy seeing the cute little animal (Tina) being afraid or flustered…
    I’m really hoping that she steals Tina from the prince and creates a yuri harem with Alisa and Tina.

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  8. The situation were the new girlfriend aproaches the old one (that had bullied her really bad) to ask for forgiveness is almost surreal.

    Maybe that Tina girl is being haunted (and adviced) by another “angel”.

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    1. The optimistic comments aside, I think Tina is just scared that she would be “punished” because of her “offense” to a duke’s daughter. I imagine her friends are telling her that her family will be harrassed by the Duke family unknown to the prince.

      And then there’s Lilia. Being shocked by the prince’s wrath and being the smart girl she is; she follows Sakura’s instructions to the letter. She swallows her pride and smoothly apologize.

      This is offhanded, but I feel that the way it all unfolds is really cute.


  9. Thank you for the chapter~
    This ended up unexpectedly good. Tina seems nice, Lilia pursuing the prince seems like a lost cause. I wonder who Lilia will end up with.
    She will end up with someone, right?


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    thanks for the chapter!! :)

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  12. Hey Jaon or Este, the link in this page to chapter 12 seems to be broken, does anyone mind fixing it?

    Also, “Dayum so cute”, Sakura pls.

    Thanks for the translations!


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