35 thoughts on “Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter—Chapter 7”

    1. It’s fine. They can establish cacao plantations that will fruit in 5-6 years. During that time they can just harvest from wild plants. Production will likely not be able to exceed demand and therefore they can sell it as a luxury item at very high prices.

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  1. Oho! The discovery of the cocoa beans! Seeing how confused those people looked at Iris’s excitement, I think that chocolate doesn’t exist in that world yet, so behold, the era of chocolate begins xD

    Thanks for the chapter~

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  2. I like the manga… but i my biggest reason is to see the excerpt of someone Imouto’s diary… its hilarious to see the struggle of innocent child finding the harsh truth in her family.

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  3. Complaining to Kuroe will not work! Kuroe has been brainwashed by Oniichan!!!! Ohohoho. And, I’ve seen at least two typos so far, so uh, Ame, have fun.


  4. thanks a lot—!
    ooh, the manga seems to cover more aspects than the novel?! nice!? i can’t help wanting to ship iris with lyle or dida, lol! but then, the other one is not yet here, hm—!
    anyway, ni—-ce! well now, she has found the cocoa beans! i didn’t know they were so big, though!


  5. Woah, such a boss.
    These chapters are starting to come out quicker.
    I like how the manga is more focused on character development than the wn was.


    1. Got it. We’ll delay it for week just for you. <3

      Now in all seriousness, it's currently being worked on. The "next update thing" at the end is for the Japanese raws. Not us. We just translated that line, not make a promise. Just clarifying.


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