34 thoughts on “An inspirational(hilarious) video”

    1. You are mistaking one big point: fishes and lambs are very hard to make the trip from their war-stricken land, through the horrifying journey, to the destination. The weak die, or stopped along the way.

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  1. been there (no I haven’t) done that (no I haven’t) but the wisdom in the story is ……… yeah ………… (heard it before if I’m forced to comment)


  2. This is a fake. snakes don’t talk. I tried to make snakes talk, was sent to a medical facility when i told them about that video. Trump lied to us.

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      1. I tried to may Allegory talk too but he didn’t say who he worked for before he died. At least we still got Gregory to try and spill the beans.

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        1. I’m off to kill my auto-correct now.

          “make” you stupid computer, “make”, not “may”.

          You have failed me for the last time…


  3. Ok it was fine poetry until I noticed in comments that the one reading is Trump ;( So supposedly it’s about politics…
    And the city in that video that is shown til the words gave vicious bite is Latvia’s capital city Riga where I currently reside. I normally would be happy to see in a video, but it can’t be good if it’s Trump’s video. Does he have something against us? Does he refer to us as the woman or the snake? I just hope he does not do something stupid. (Impossible hope)

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  4. I understand not wanting to bring a snake into your house, but if it really is a snake, isn’t poking it just as bad? And wait, if there is what looks like a snake, why wouldn’t you consult a snake expert? Maybe it is a poisonous snake, but maybe not. Maybe, even if you and the snake don’t get along, you and snake can respect each other’s life choices. Did anyone consider that people, Muricans especially, kill way more snakes than than snakes kill people? Lots of snakes are hunted down, even the endangered species. And actually, if there had been more snakes a long time ago, the black plague wouldn’t have been as big of a problem. Also, I’m pretty sure said “snakes” had a huge part in developing today’s sciences. And then there are talking snakes. If a snake is doing things that snakes normally don’t do, maybe it’s not actually a snake at all. I mean, the story of Eve and the snake is relatively widespread that people should know that talking snakes are generally no good. And even then, it’s kinda racist to assume that all talking snakes are evil based on the actions of two documented events which may or may not be purely anecdotal. Storywise,a lot of talking animals are renowned for their wisdom and strength of character. So please, if anyone comes across a talking snake, go see a doctor.

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  5. I agree that saying that snakes are evil is racism.

    And I got another idea – maybe he is talking about himself?
    You Americans knew full damn well that you are voting for a snake. So do not be surprised when it will bite you.

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  6. Sigh, after he saves you from us Moslems, I hope we still get to read yer translations. Your choice in novels and teasers is A++ good quality shyte

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    1. No, you don’t get it, he’s also going to save you from yourself!
      He’ll get restraining orders to ban you from coming withing 200m of yourself.

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      1. Him and my brothers both. Why is everyone so sure I’m a threat to my own safety. The only way I’ve ever tried to kill myself is socially, and never on purpose too. Sighs-


        1. See? Once Trump becomes President, you can’t kill yourself socially anymore! You’ll be hot, handsome and famous!

          -Results may vary from person to person. If symptoms persist, see your nearest politician. You’ll feel better.-

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  7. Pft, good thing I read the comments first before clicking on anything that I wouldnt be able to un-see. But in hindsight, I’m now curious as to what exactly went on in the video… Talking snakes? Trump? Muslims? Evil? World saving? Huh… Sounds vaguly similar to an anime…. XD

    Anyway, good to see you’re still alive, Fluffy-sama! The end of the month is coming upon us, and here I thought you’d just disappear like usual before reappearing with a magical translation. =3


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