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Reika-sama – 069

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It’s time for the class trip again, or the ‘learning excursion’ as it’s officially called.
The middle school trip goes to Los Angeles in America. I tried my very best to cut down on the luggage, but I ended up needing both a suitcase and a carry on bag.
But I had to pack enough blouses for a few days, as well as spare uniform jackets and skirts. I needed clothes other than my school uniform too, and I’m bringing a few shoes too, so in the end my suitcase was full in an instant.
Then again, vacations with your family would have even more luggage, so I think I did pretty well this time.
I sure am looking forward to it~


The trip is technically for ‘learning’, but we’re just sightseeing and aren’t learning a thing.
For example we went to visit places like the Chinese Theatre and Beverly Hills, and then did some shopping at Rodeo Drive.
There, we went to that famous jeweller known for its blue box, and my close friends and I bought matching necklaces to commemorate the occasion.
We discussed the motifs like the heart, keys, leaves etc. and in the end we chose a cross.
Everyone put theirs on right after purchase. The blouse of my uniform covered it up, but it was new and matching, so just wearing it lifted my spirits. It’s so friend-like to have matching stuff! I kind of want to shop even more now.
Everything was listed in dollars, and since I’m paying for things by card, my money sense was a bit messed up. Before I knew it, my two hands were filled with spoils of war. It’s scary how I bought all this stuff I don’t even need. I’m not going to look at any windows anymore.


The hotel we’re staying at is a first class hotel fit for Zui’ran. Dinner was mostly hearty meat dishes. As expected of America. There was a lot.
I felt bad leaving stuff on the plate, so I decided to clean up every meal. It was delicious, so it was no problem.
Or so I thought, but it didn’t take long for my stomach to feel weird. I guess eating so much meat every day might be a bit much for me. And it wasn’t just dinner, it was lunch too. Does this country have nothing but meat!
Anyway, there was just a lot of it, so I desperately needed bread to go with it. Actually, just the bread enough would have been fine. I love carbohydrates, so eating meat, meat, meat is really tough on me. I want to eat tofu. My stomach feels oddly heavy…
Serika-chan, who was staying in the same room as me, said,

“It’s a bit hard eating all this before bed, isn’t it.”

But Serika-chan, you left some meat on your plate, didn’t you?
I get the feeling that everyone’s faces have gotten rounder during this trip…
I brought some snacks as emergency rations in case I didn’t like the food here, but my stomach feels so bad I don’t even want to touch them.
At night I did some exercises with Serika-chan, said to help with digestion, but it didn’t feel like it worked at all.



After that we went on a field trip to a protestant school.
It’s not even a sister school, so why are we here? I thought, but just going around eating, buying, and playing at amusement parks wouldn’t constitute much learning, so I guess they added this to the itinerary for show.
In front of real Christians, I suddenly felt guilty about the cross I was wearing under my uniform. I noticed the other girls were looking around at each other’s blouses too.

“Perhaps we really should have gone with flowers or a heart.”


But it was a lovely school with a nice sense of freedom. When I saw all these American schoolgirls lying about on the wide garden, I was like It’s just like a foreign drama! and got all excited. It kind of made me want to study abroad.

We ended up having lunch at that school as well.
I’ve actually been secretly looking forward to it. The school is vegetarian so there won’t be meat! My stomach can finally have a break!
Now then, I wonder what we’ll have? Or so I wondered with sparkling eyes, but they carried out something completely brown.
I timidly had a taste…
…This is bad. What is this strange flavour.
I don’t know what this is, but it might be worse than hospital food. I don’t think even I can eat this. What’s ‘gluten’?
Thanks to the rapid meat attack I’ve been forced to endure, I’d be fine skipping a meal but…
Looking around, I found that nobody else was really eating either. I guess they’re the same as me. Why couldn’t they have just given us salad. Why did they give us this weird-tasting weird-textured stuff.
Incidentally, Kaburagi was eating indifferently.
It’s a little surprising.
I was sure that Kaburagi was the type to leave behind anything he didn’t like.
This food is definitely untasty, but Kaburagi hadn’t let out a peep about it.
…Yeah. This school prepared us with this food, so it would be rude to leave stuff behind. I’m reflecting.
I began learning from Kaburagi and forced myself to eat. But, uu… It tastes so bad. How on earth is he keeping his poker face, eating this stuff!?
In the end, we were offered a choice between carrot cake and mint cake, and when I chose the latter out of curiosity, this bright blue cake was brought out to me. This is impossible…
I met eyes with Kaburagi. He looked at me, and then at my cake, and then had this expression like I was some pitiful weirdo. What the heck!



After that, we just went to amusement parks every day.
Thinking about it, this is my first time going with my Zui’ran friends. That kind of makes me happy!
In my excitement, I rode one ride after another, and then ended up motion sick…
America’s D*sneyland is a lot more exciting, and also a lot scarier than Japan’s. And aren’t these rides a lot longer too?
Maybe it’s the curse of the meat dishes, but I’m feeling terrible.
I guess I’ll need to rest for a bit.

“Are you all right, Reika-sama?”

“Yes. I think I will be fine after a little rest. Please pay me no mind and continue enjoying the rides.”

Worried about me, Serika-chan and the girls suggested staying with me, but I had them enjoy themselves instead. They said they would come back to check on me after the first ride, but I told them not to worry and just have fun. Plus, some other girls seemed to want a rest too.

While I was sitting on a bench and spacing out, I saw Kaburagi and Enjou walk past. Kaburagi seemed to be enjoying himself, unlike his usual poker face. So he actually liked amusement parks?
Together with his guy friends, Kaburagi was briskly walking from ride to ride. And behind him followed Tsuruhana-san’s group. They’ve all got so much energy.
Everyone is in casual clothing today, so it was hard to tell Zui’ran students from the other tourists. Well, it’s a big place. I wonder if there’s anyone else I know~
Wha-, ah!
It’s Maiden Class Rep walking together with Miharu-chan!
There were other kids with them too, but Class Rep and Miharu-chan are going to the attractions together!
Damniittt! An amusement park date? I’m so jealouss!

A while later when my friends came back, a bunch of male students were with them. Apparently they met each other in the lines, so they rode the rides together. They’re kinda looking at each other and smiling.

Eh-, why did everyone go on pseudo-dates while I wasn’t around!?
And why did the boys leave once the girls reached my side? Aren’t we supposed to go on more rides together?
Could it be… No, it’s your imagination. It’s okay, Reika. Don’t think about it.


At night we went to the haunted house. It was night, so somehow the atmosphere was just better.

“Speaking of which, apparently a ghost appeared at last year’s summer camp.”

“Right, right. A girl from Class 5 saw it. A dripping wet yuurei woman!”

“I heard that she was gnawing a corpse.”

Everyone started talking about how scary it was.
I’m the one who’s scared, okay. The rumours just keep spreading…

“Reika-sama, didn’t you participate in last year’s summer camp as well?”

“Yes. But I don’t know anything about it at all.”

I’m definitely not going again this year.



After coming back from my meat galore trip, I gained three kilos. What do I do!
And it feels like all the girls except me are closer to the boys now! Why!?

“There, we went to that famous jeweller known for its blue box”
She refers to Tiffany’s.

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Reika-sama – 068

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The next day, I was afraid of going to school.
I was already nervous about people looking at me differently because I unveiled ‘Domineering Reika-sama’, but I also went and disparaged Kaburagi in the salon, so if that spread I’d be completely isolated.
And as for how angry Kaburagi was… Just imagining it was terrifying!
Looking left and right for any enemy attacks, I carefully entered the classroom.
He wasn’t here yet. But I can’t let down my guard.

“Good morning, Reika-sama.”

“Gokigen’you, Reika-sama.”

My friends all greeted me with a smile. What nice smiles. Is it because they got to vent their pent-up feelings?


I sat down at my seat. And then people gathered around me.”

“Uhuhu, yesterday was terribly refreshing, wasn’t it, Reika-sama.”

Serika-chan was wearing a cruel smile.
One of Tsuruhana-san’s group was sitting in the corner of the classroom, and when our eyes met by chance, she looked away frightened.
Uh oh. Did I threaten them too much?

“Say, everybody. Those girls seem to be reflecting already, so let us not continue this. I have already forgiven them.”

“Eh, but,”

“I do not think that Kaburagi-sama would look well upon us girls being so vicious to each other.”

Everyone looked like they realised some shocking revelation.
Well, it’s not really something I should be saying after picking a fight with him though.

“If you say so, then…”

After giving each other a look, everybody nodded. Thank goodness. Kaburagi is incredibly effective, isn’t he. On the other hand, I can only imagine how quickly they’ll abandon me if they know I became Kaburagi’s enemy.

“Kyah! It’s Emperor and Enjou-sama!”


Kaburagi, and for some reason Enjou as well, suddenly entered the classroom. Oh crap, are they here to announce my death sentence!? Are they here to take me to the guillotine!?
My heart pounded as I waited for the enemy’s move. Geh-! He’s coming this way!
The girls sitting around me displayed some unwanted consideration and parted left and right. Kaburagi was right in front of my eyes now.
M-, My stomach…
Suddenly, his fist smacked down on my head.



“We’re even now.”

As I was cradling my head and moaning, Kaburagi left those words before heading back to his seat.


“Aahh, sorry about that, Kisshouin-san. I kiiinda have something to talk to you about. Are you free?”

All of my followers started kicking up a fuss again. Ah, deja vu.
But it was impossible to refuse this time. I want a peaceful school life.
My friends seemed to be having another terrible misunderstanding, because I was seen off under their envious gazes. As I rubbed my head, I was once again taken to that staircase.
Scary… Is this guy my executioner!?

“Is your head okay? He really shouldn’t have hit you. But well, at least that’s his way of apologising.”


You apologise by punching people in the head?

“We had a good talk after you left, yesterday. We realised that we were being kind of irresponsible, and reflected on it. But Masaya’s just stubborn, so he couldn’t bring himself to apologise honestly. That’s why he said stuff about being even instead.”

What the heck. What a loser emperor.
But then, does that mean that Kaburagi isn’t angry anymore?
I’m not going to be enemies with all the Kaburagi fans?

“I explained to everyone in the salon. I told them that we did something to make you angry. Luckily there weren’t too many people. I made sure to forbid them from speaking, so there shouldn’t be any rumours.”

“Um, thank you very much.”

“Also, I’ve reflected on what I did as well. Sorry.”

Enjou gave me a bow.
Uwah, being apologised to makes it scarier and scarier!

“Ummmmm, so does that mean that we will forget about what happened yesterday?” I asked timidly.

“Of course,” he nodded.

Is he reallly being honest~? Is he acttuallyy still plotting something~? Sooo suspiciouss~

“Your expression says that you don’t trust me at all. Am I really so untrustworthy?”

Er, I can’t really say that to your face, so I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear it. What a great skill this is.

“I really do feel bad though. As an apology for Masaya’s punch too, please give me a good hit.”

Ehh, is this his plan to get more blackmail material?
But well, I still want vengeance for my stomach and hair.
But I’ll pass, since it’s suspicious. And I’m an ojousama. Violence is just beyond me.

“If you don’t at least hit me, I won’t be able to feel at ease. Don’t worry, and just hit me. Although I’m not Masaya, this time we’ll really count it as even, okay?”

“You truly will not hold a grudge? For example, using this to threaten me later.”

“I won’t, I said.”

Hmmmm~ Then should I just do it?
Enjou leant his face forward a little to make it easier to punch.
I see. Well then.


A gouging hook to the solar plexus.
If I hit you on the face, everybody would see, right? It’s a basic skill to hit where they can’t see.

“Well then, I suppose we truly are even now. Right, Enjou-sama?”

Enjou quickly nodded again and again as he clutched his stomach.
I left Enjou behind and returned happily to my classroom.
I don’t really get it, but I somehow managed to escape the guillotine! Looks like the Rococo Queen escaped being turned into a dullahan!
Maybe I’ll reward myself later with some high calorie Annatorte~

 Annatorte, a signature cake of Café Demel, famous also for its Sachertorte. Layers of chocolate sponge and chocolate butter cream, with a strong chocolate taste and a hint of hazelnut.

Annatorte, a signature cake of Café Demel, famous also for its Sachertorte. Layers of chocolate sponge and chocolate butter cream, with a strong chocolate taste and a hint of hazelnut.



With all of the annoyances settled, I passed each day in great spirits.
At Sakura-chan’s demand, I went and investigated Akizawa-kun and that kouhai girl.
Hmmm~ I guess you could say that they’re close?
But in the end I wasn’t sure, so I decided to ask the man himself.
I quietly followed Akizawa-kun and waited for my chance. When there was nobody else around, I softly whispered out to him.

“Akizawa-kun, Akizawa-kun.”

“UWAH-! Kisshouin-san!? Why are you in the shadows like that?”

Is there really a need to be that surprised?

“There was a little something I wanted to ask you.”

“Eh-, what?”

“To be blunt, what kind of relationship do you have with Toriumi-san?”


Akizawa-kun gave me a startled expression. Oh my?

“Why are you asking something like that?”

“I was told to investigate.”

“…Sakurako, huh. Kisshouin-san, you seem to be quite close to her. Even though she’s so afraid of strangers.”

Afraid of strangers? That queen with the tongue of poison? Does Akizawa-kun not know her true self?

“I cannot reveal my client. Well? What kind?”

“Ehhhhh… I don’t really…”

“Just a normal senpai-kouhai relationship?”


“What a terribly vague attitude. She gave you a Valentine’s chocolate, did she not? Was it obligatory? It cannot be that it was a serious one?”

“…I guess she might have written something like that in the card?”

What the! So Sakura-chan really was on the mark!? I’m sorry for making light of you.

“Don’t tell anybody, okay?”

“Naturally. Well, what did you do?”

“I told her sorry and rejected her. And she said that she understood. That should have been the end, but the other day Neesan went and spoke about how I got a chocolate from a girl in front of Sakurako. Apparently Neesan just decided to enter my room.”


“And then Sakurako asked me why I kept it hidden.”

Uwahh, interrogation by Sakura-chan? How scaryy.

“It feels like Sakurako’s been angry the whole time since then. What do I do?”

“Hmmm. How about asking her out on a date?”

“Eh-, a date!?”

“Yes. Lately you have been doing nothing but training, so I think she has been lonely. I am sure she would be overjoyed to go on a date with you. As for where, let me see… How about paddle boating at Inokashira Park? It is quite a standard couple’s spot.”

 Inokashira Park in western Tokyo. A popular tourist attraction.
Inokashira Park in western Tokyo. A popular tourist attraction.

“But a date? We’re not really like that, but… Mn, I’ll try it. Thanks, Kisshouin-san.”

“Not at all.”

I saw him off with a smile.
But maan~ I did pretty good, huh!
I even received some info on Toriumi-san from one of Ririna’s underlings, but it looks like I won’t have to use it.
May fortune smile upon the clichéd osananajimi couple!

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Reika-sama – 067

Everybody, please check the FAQ first before asking me questions.
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1) In case you’ve never read it, please have a read of the plot synopsis.


2) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humane_King_Sutra

A passage which is popular in Japan is the four-character expression “the prosperous inevitably decline” (盛者必衰 joushahissui), which in full reads “The prosperous inevitably decline, the full inevitably empty” (盛者必衰、実者必虚 jousha hissui, jissha hikkyo?), and is analogous to sic transit gloria mundi in the West.

This is famously quoted in the first line of The Tale of the Heike, whose latter half reads: “the color of the sāla flowers reveals the truth that the prosperous must decline.” (沙羅雙樹の花の色、盛者必衰の理を顯す Joushahissui no kotowari wo arawasu).

The Tale of the Heike is an epic account compiled long prior 1330 of the struggle between the Taira and Minamoto clans for control of Japan at the end of the 12th century in the Genpei War.

In it, when the Taira clan (the Heike) was finally defeated by the Minamoto army in the Battle of Dannoura, most members of the Taira family threw themselves into the sea.

Emperor Antoku prayed to Amitabha with his little hands put together, but his grandmother, Nii no Ama, said to the Emperor to comfort him, ‘There is a city under the waves,’ then she jumped into the rapid stream of Dannoura while holding the Emperor against her body, thus ending Emperor Antoku’s life at the youngest age among the successive emperors.

Incidentally, according to the story, Nii no Ama was said to have taken the sacred sword Kusanagi with her, one of Japan’s three imperial regalia.

Today, my hair was curled extra perfectly. Last night I used a sheet mask that cost as much as 10,000 Yen per sheet, so my skin was soft and glossy too.
My appearance was completely faultless today!
After washing down my stomach medicine with some water, I took out my favourite fan from my chest of drawers. It’s been getting warm recently, so I don’t think it looks unnatural.
It’s a dainty and beautiful European folding fan with butterfly-pattern black ribs, wrapped in violet and wine red leaves of a flower design. A perfect prop for my battle.
I grasped it tightly in my hand.
I am an actress, I am an actress… An actress! Actress! Actress!
Sally forth! To the frontlines!



The issue is when to take action. I’d like to avoid doing it during breaktime because of all the people here.
I guess there’s no option except after school. They don’t usually leave right after class, so I guess that’s my chance.
I hope it goes well.

“What a lovely fan, Reika-sama.”

“Thank you. I very much like it too.”

I fiddled with the folding fan in my hand.
When our eyes met, Tsuruhana-san snorted again as well, today.
I can’t delay things any longer. I need to settle this before any more white hairs appear.
I waited impatiently for school to end. And I had plenty of stomach medicine to accompany me while I did.

Since it’s scary by myself, I think I’ll have Serika-chan and Kikuno-chan flank me.

After a long time, school finally ended.



With fan in hand, I left my seat.

“Serika-san, could you accompany me for a little while? I was thinking of having a word with Tsuruhana-san and her friends.”

Serika-chan’s eyes glinted with a sharp light.
She began texting for her best friend Kikuno-chan. Serika-chan was thirstier for blood than I was.
The other girls began gathering around us too.

“Well then, shall we go?”

When I curled my lips upwards, everyone gave a cold smile to match.

When we left our classroom, it didn’t take long to find her. She was coming our way, surrounded by her gyarus.
All the students who planned on leaving early had left, leaving us a hallway devoid of others.
As I continued to open and close my fan, my eyes met with Tsuruhana-san’s.

“You’re in my way, Kisshouin-san. Mind moving?”

Tsuruhana-san gave me a challenging smile, and her followers all started to snicker too.
The girls around me immediately seethed with malice.
Shutting my fan with a snap, I said,

“Tsuruhana-san. Who exactly do you think you are speaking to?”


Taking a step forward, I continued.

“Say, Tsuruhana-san. When on earth did you gain the right to speak to me in such a manner? A normal student like you, to a Pivoine member like me.”

I pointed my fan at her and suddenly glared dangerously.
I could see the confidence in her eyes shake.

“It appears that the Pivoine’s influence has dwindled quite a bit. It surely has, has it not? For a person like you to take this attitude with me.

I drew closer.

“Oh. Or were you perhaps instead implying that the Tsuruhana family is even greater than the Kisshouin family? I had no idea. I never knew that my Kisshouin family had grown inferior to the Tsuruhana.
But it seems that you at least, see it that way, correct?
Or is that how the entire Tsuruhana family sees it? That the Kisshouin family is one to make light of, that is.
If that is the case, I must really have a word with my father. It seems like we will have a lot to ‘deal with’.

“Say,” I continued with a smile, as she grew paler and paler. “You know, I very much dislike conflict. Because of that, I have overlooked your behaviour for a long time. But lately, you seem to have gotten a little full of yourself. Do you not think so?”


“Or could it be, Tsuruhana-san, that your behaviour was actually a declaration of war? If that truly is the case, then with my power as a Pivoine, as well as with all my power as a Kisshouin, I do not mind keeping you company.”

Finally, grazing her cheek with my fan, I whispered into her ear,


Tapping the silent and still girl with my fan, I prompted her for an answer.

“…My deepest apologies, Reika-sama,”

she replied bitterly and painfully, her skin still white as a sheet.

I responded with the sweetest smile I could muster.

“Goodness. As long as you understand, I shall not give you any trouble, you know? Because I truly find no amusement in crushing you. As long as you refrain from irritating me, all shall be well. Are we clear?”

“…I understand.”

“Well then, good friends of Tsuruhana-san, are we clear as well? Of course, if you are dissatisfied, please feel free to speak. As long as you are prepared for the consequences,” I added, slapping the fan onto my palm.

All of her friends hung their heads as well, expressing their joint agreement.

“Good. It brings me such joy that you are all so understanding. Please have a little moderation in your actions from now on. Well then, everybody, gokigen’you.”

After giving a final, dark, Enjou-styled smile, I turned my back to them, my skirt fluttering behind me.
All of my followers followed suit and bade them farewell, before following behind me.
Because I suddenly noticed a gaze, I looked forward to find Kaburagi giving me a disgusted look before walking away.

“You did it, Reika-sama! I feel so refreshed!”

“That look on her face! It serves her right!”

When we arrived back in the classroom, all of the girls erupted in joy.
But almost none of their voices reached my ears.
What the hell was that look.
That look that was completely looking down on me. What the hell was that!
Who do you think pushed me into doing something like this!

“I need to head to the Pivoine for a little!”

“Eh-, Reika-sama!?”

I flew out of the classroom.

The last thing I wanted was to use the power of my family.
But I didn’t have any other way. Could I have helped it?
I know that if our family ever falls into ruin, doing this is only going to bite me back. What would I do if I get treated like Sara?
The prosperous eventually decline. Pride will have a fall. I don’t wanna live in a city beneath the wavesss!
Wai-, hey! Even while I’m agonising here, he still has no idea, does he!
Kaburagi, I hope your whole head turns white!



When I arrived at the salon, Kaburagi was enjoying tea with Enjou. I strode right towards them, and Kaburagi gave me a puzzled look.

“Kaburagi-sama, I need to have a word with you.”


“Could you take some responsibility and begin cleaning up after your own messes? Could you not at least control your own followers?”

“It’s not like I tell them to follow me. They just make trouble on their own. To begin with, I don’t even pay attention to them. And I have no recollection of accepting them as my followers.”

“Because they made the decision to follow you, it is none of your business, you say? So you dare to say something so irresponsible. It truly makes one question whether you even have what it takes to be the next leader of the Kaburagi Group.”

“What did you say!”

“Did I misspeak? If you cannot even properly handle such a tiny group of people, I can scarcely imagine the difficulties you will have in the future.”

Since he glared at me, I glared back at him.
Around that time, Enjou stepped in.

“Now, now, you calm down too, Kisshouin-san. Aren’t you letting the blood rush to your head a little?”

This time I glared at him.

“Could you stop pushing your friend’s problems onto me? I believe I have more than paid back the debt. I’m sick of cleaning up after you.”


“Masaya. Yeah, sorry about that. I’ve caused you trouble, huh.”

I don’t feel even a speck of sincerity from your apology, you know.

“Well then, I take my leave. Gokigen’you.”

Leaving the salon, I decided to just skip my lessons, and headed straight home.




I was excited from my victory against Tsuruhana-san, and rash because of my anger at Kaburagi, but once all that cooled down I became terrified.
I went and said something unbelievable to Kaburagi.
Because I was so agitated, I had lost all sense of judgement. And of all things, I went and picked a fight with Kaburagi!
I’ve done it now. I’ve so done it now.
Oh my godd…
But it was all his fault, okay! I didn’t do anything wrong!


The moment I reached home, I hid under my futon and trembled.
And then at some point I grew angry again and fell asleep as I sulked.
When I woke up, I binged on salad-flavoured rice crackers.

Even though I tried so hard to become an easy-to-get-along-with character, because of that stupid Kaburagi, I sped straight down the road to Domineering Reika-sama, didn’t I!
Goddammmitttt, I’ll open a pack of mugichoco too!

Mugichoco. Puffed barley cereal, coated in sweet milk chocolate.
Mugichoco. Puffed barley cereal, coated in sweet milk chocolate.




…………That embarrassing actress mode became some splendid dark history.
Who on earth was I even channelling. Just remembering it makes me want to writhe.
Geez. Why was Kaburagi even watching that.

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Reika-sama – 066

Everybody, please check the FAQ first before asking me questions.
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Also, I still have a report on Monday, and a final exam on Tuesday, so I’m still translating a bit slowly.

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Tsuruhana-san has been getting bolder and bolder by the day.
It looks like she doesn’t even put me in her eyes anymore.
She and her friends always kick up a huge fuss to gain Kaburagi’s attention. Annoying to the extreme. How on earth could Kaburagi hold any interest towards her because of something like this.
And my group’s dissatisfaction has only been growing.
A number of times now, the strong-willed Serika-chan and Kikuno-chan have led my group to butt heads with them.
And apparently each time, they’d be mocked “Woww~ These goodie two shoes are soooo scaryyy~” which just angered them more.

“I cannot stand this any longer! They just keep getting noisier and don’t reflect on how they’re bothering Kaburagi-sama at all! Reika-sama, please say something to them as well!”

“Yeah! Even Tsuruhana-san shouldn’t be able to stand up to you, Reika-sama!”

Whoawhoa, I don’t have that kind of power, okay? Tsuruhana-san completely looks down on me.
After all, I’m pretty sure when we went on that excursion and she saw me struggling to climb the mountain, she decided that I was nothing to fear.
I really struggled that day. Around the time I was only halfway up the mountain, she and her friends had apparently already been kicking a fuss around Enjou and Kaburagi on the summit.
In the end Kaburagi snapped and yelled “Shut up!” though. And while all this was happening, I was getting the label of ‘totally useless’ stuck to me.
This is badd…
Isn’t there some way to settle things peacefully?
A few days later during a break, somebody stormed into our classroom to yell.
It was the new Student Council President.

“Oi, Tsuruhana! Stop barging into other people’s classes! You’re causing trouble for the students here!”

“Hahh? Who do you think you are, External?”

“I don’t want to be told that by vacuum-brains like you. Do as I say and come back. And also, don’t think I can’t see those piercings through your hair. They’re against school regulations. Take them off.”

“What did you say!”

Although a group of girls started glaring at him, he showed no signs of budging.

“Don’t make me repeat myself. Take out your piercings, and get out of this classroom. We’ve received a flood of complaints about you.”

Maybe they were pressured because he was a whole head taller than them, but they harrumphed and then left.
It felt like the whole room let out a sigh of relief.
My classmates started looking at the President with a gaze of respect.
Yup, as expected of you, Silver-Haired Stuco Pres.
While I was applauding him in my mind, Silver Hair turned my way.

“And do your job as class rep properly.”

I got scolded.
Uu, sorry.
Having said all that he needed to, the Student Council President left as well.

“This new Student Council President might be a little cool.”

“Yeah, he’s so manly. Ah! But he was so rude to Reika-sama. How unforgivable.”

“No, I did not mind at all.”

The girls who were in a daze suddenly followed up on their comments to appease me.
I really don’t mind. Instead, I’m thankful for his rescue. Yepyep, you really were a righteous guy, weren’t you, Silver Hair-kun.
But wow, good job seeing those tiny piercings beneath the hair. Or was it that somebody tattled?

“As I recall, it was this Student Council President that went head to head with Emperor in last year’s cavalry battle, wasn’t it.”

“Actually, I thought he was cool too…”

“Eh-, actually, so did I…”

Oh ho~? It looks like he already has a number of fans. And he’s more approachable than the unattainable Kaburagi and Enjou duo.

“What was his name again?”

“Mizusaki-kun. Mizusaki Arima-kun,”

I answered fluently.
Everyone gaze me a surprised look, but of course I know him.
Because I’ve always secretly sympathised with him!
As for why, it’s because he was in Kimidol, and as Emperor’s love rival who lost in the end, to me, he’s a fellow stalking horse!
Arima(has a horse) is an Atema(stalking horse)? Pfftpfftpfft, so silly.
But although we’re both stalking horses, his position was decisively different to Kisshouin Reika’s. He never did anything dirty like Reika did, and fought Emperor head-on until the end. Because of that, he even formed a friendship between men with Emperor.
After spending all that time expressing your love for her, in the end you have your heroine snatched away? Truly a stalking horse! If I’m the evil stalking horse, then you’re the good stalking horse! We’re stalking horse comrades!
You had silver hair in the manga, so it feels a little odd that your hair is black, but I think you look great like this too, Fellow Stalking Horse.
And well, to begin with nobody in Japan, or rather, nobody on earth actually grows silver hair. I think you’d look good if you dyed it silver too, but you definitely wouldn’t, would you.
You know, it really was cool seeing the manga cover with black-haired Emperor and the silver-haired President flanking the heroine.
But anyway, I’m your ally, Fellow Stalking Horse. I’ll watch over you, so feel free to head straight down your stalking horse highway!

“Reika-sama? Is something the matter?”

“No, nothing of the sort.”

Everybody watched me with strange expressions. No good, no good.
I smiled and pretended nothing happened.



Fellow Stalking Horse’s warning was of no use because Tsuruhana-san and co. were indulging in Kaburagi appreciation as usual.
And their hostility towards us became more and more obvious.
Just recently, Tsuruhana-san finally knocked into me on purpose.

“My, I’m so sorry, Kisshouin-san. Are you okayy?”


“You’re not very athletic and you’re slow too, so you really need to take more care of yourself.”

Tsuruhana-san and a few girls were snickering, but the other girls around realised things were bad and exchanged a look.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing to Reika-sama!”

“It was an accident, I said. You’re so annoying.”

“Whatt did you sayy!”

Oh crap, it’s turning into an issue. I stopped them in a panic.
It looks like Serika-chan and the others are close to their limit.
I guess I can’t hold on for much longer…



Today I went to my favourite hair salon.
Phew, I can finally relax. At Okaasama’s orders, I had the usual. Treatment for my hair, and a trim for its ends too.
I elegantly enjoyed the herb tea they brought out.

“Ah-, this is…”

The beautician was fiddling with my hair when her eyes went wide.
Mn? What’s wrong?

“Reika-sama, you have a white hair back here.”


“W-, White hair!?”

“Yes. It’s the middle so it isn’t very noticeable though. See?”

It felt like my heart would stop from the shock.
In the opposite mirror, there certainly was some white hair on the back of my head.
Speaking of which, lately the back of my head has been feeling a little funny. I thought that perhaps a spirit was possessing me, but that was me growing white hair?
It’s the stress. I grew white hair because of stress. Didn’t that happen to the Rococo Queen as well!
A maiden in her third year of middle school with white hair…

“It’s okay, Reika-sama. It’ll go back to normal in no time. It wouldn’t be good to pluck it, so I’ll snip it at the base. And let’s give you a head spa too. It’s not too good to be too tense.”


I walked unsteadily over to the shampoo stand.

I’m done. At this rate, my whole head will turn white.
Trading the silver-haired President for the white-haired Queen…

I resolved myself and made my decision.




“Yeah, he’s so manly.”

The word used here was actually wairudo-kei, (wild type). If anybody has watched Ouran Host HS Club, the tall dude is often referred to as the “wild type”.
According to my internet research, wild types are vaguely associated with the following ideas:

Instead of cultured and refined, they’re more rough and rugged.
Instead of reserved, they’re bold.
Instead of having pale skin, they’re tanned.
Instead of having carefully done hair, more likely it’s messier or unstyled.
They’re vigorous and full of life and vitality.
They’re more muscular, and of a less skinny build.
They look like they’d have a better chance of surviving if you threw them into the wild.
Chopping wood (LOL)

Oh, if you’ve read Mei Gongqing, there’s a decent example. If Wang Qilang is the refined type, then that makes Murong Ke the wild type, and maybe Ran Min too.

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Reika-sama – 065

Everybody, please check the FAQ first before asking me questions.
If it’s not on there, please feel free and ask. I only get annoyed at questions when the same one has been asked 10+ times, and by then I’ll have updated the FAQ.

Thank you for your consideration, guys!

Also, I still have a report on Monday, and a final exam on Tuesday, so I’m still translating a bit slowly.

Evil God Army members, assemble: https://discord.gg/0usrKNKKbEkpFdiV

In Japanese schools, you can have lunch in your classroom, or leave it to have lunch elsewhere. What ‘elsewhere’ comprises depends on the school.

Kaburagi’s female fans have been creating a fuss in class, but never go as far as actually causing trouble for others. They just get really loud during breaks is all. It was just like last year with Enjou.
Except, since Kaburagi’s temper has a lower boiling point than Enjou’s, they’ve been probing for his limit as they enjoy being around him.
At a glance, it seems like there’s no problem as long as you deal with the noise, but since there are more people in the classroom, sometimes there are kids whose seats get stolen by these girls. So a few timid kids have been having trouble with not being able to sit at their own desks.
What should I do. If I keep warning them every time, they’re going to think of me as a nag, and as a class rep, it’s not like I can turn a blind eye either.
I wonder what Enjou did last year. I wasn’t a class rep, so to be honest I didn’t really pay attention to the others.
And I recall Enjou gently chiding them not to invade other people’s classrooms.
In Term 1 they really were noisy, but after a while things worked out pretty fine, I think. Well, maybe we just got used to it though.
Still, I’m definitely not going to start managing Kaburagi’s fans.
And Monk Boy keeps looking at me with pleading eyes. It’s impossible, I tell you.
Tsuruhana-san is in that fan group. I’ll create even more conflict if I say something to her.
Aahh, the silent complaints from all those victims are…
Hah, can’t be helped.

“Tsuruhana-san, I am sorry to disturb you during your conversation, but it seems that this girl needs her seat back, so could you move?”

“…Hmmm~ Whose seat was this again?”

She looked around the room with a challenging gaze.
The eyes of the seat owner began to swim.

“Hey, could I borrow your seat for a little?”

“Ah… yes, please do. I don’t need it yet…”

Geh-! I’ve been abandoned!
Hey, you can’t do that, okay? It’s because you complained that I came here to say this to her.

“So she says. That fine? Kisshouin-san?”

Tsuruhana-san chuckled.
She’s a real piss-off. But since there’s no victim, I can’t say anything back.

“I see. If the girl herself is fine with that, then I have nothing to say. My apologies for bothering you.”

“It must be roughh huhh~ Being class rep.”

I walked away with a smile of composure, somehow managing to hide the stiffness.
Damnniiitt! I lost!
Serika-chan welcomed me back with a disgruntled expression. I’m sorry for being a coward!
This won’t do. That this rate, far from a showdown with between our two groups, I might be overthrown in my own one.
All of this is Kaburagi’s fault! It’s because he’s so irresponsible! Well, I’m aware this is just an excuse though!
Kaburagi was paying no attention to the girls at all, instead talking happily to the boys about sports.
He has no idea how much other people are suffering… Heavens above, please let a bird poop on that guy’s head.
Maybe I should just bring some folding chairs into the classroom and set up a Kaburagi Viewing Corner or something.



Lately I’ve been trying to avoid buying sweets when I go snack shopping at the convenience store.
I’m afraid of getting fat and pimples, you see.
In exchange, I’ve started eating more onigiri and sandwiches. It’s healthier and more nutritious than sweets, you see. It’s a shame that it doesn’t keep well, though.
I get chauffeured on weekdays, so I secretly do my snack-buying on weekends and during the breaks in cram school.
Lately there have been a lot of new onigiri flavours. But in the end, yakishake grilled salmon is my favourite.
And recently I’ve been immersing myself in some stupid hobbies to forget about my troublesome school life when I’m at home. Yes, I realise that it’s just escapism…
Anyway, for today I’ve got my ‘Convenience Store Onigiri Rankings’.
Right now, I’ve got yakishake at number 1,

Yakishake grilled salmon onigiri
Onigiri made with yakishake grilled salmon

mixed chicken rice at number 2,

Chicken gomoku mixed rice
Gomoku Five Ingredients mixed rice typically come with some of the following: matsutake, shiitake, bamboo shoots, burdock root, fresh soybeans, chestnuts, chicken, fish, or oysters.

and maybe mentaiko roe at number 3?

Mentaiko(明太子) is the marinated roe of pollock and cod is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. The taste is salty, spicy, savoury and ocean-like.

Ah, but the omurice one from the other day was yummy as well.

Omurice in portable form
Omurice in portable form

As I gobbled down my onigiri, I suddenly got a call from Sakura-chan.

“Sakura-chan? What’s the matter?”

“There’s a little something I’d like to ask. Hm? Are you eating something, Reika?”

“I just had fondant chocolate.”

“You’re going to get fat eating that at night, you know.”

“…I’ll be careful. Anyway, what was it you wanted?”

“Oh right! There was this girl who gave Takumi a Valentine’s Chocolate!”

Valentine’s? It’s been a pretty long time since.

“Why are you talking about it now? And who?”

“Becausee! I only just found out today. I heard it from Takumi’s oneesan. The girl is his track and field club kouhai. Do you know her?”

Uh, you didn’t even tell me her name, but no, I don’t know her.

“Isn’t it just obligatory chocolates?”

“Reika. You’re making light of Takumi.”

Ridiculous. It’s true that in primary school he had a cute face like a squirrel, but maybe because of the daily training, since entering middle school I think he’s gotten pretty sharp-looking, okay?

“Find out what kind of girl she is.”

“Mm~mm, if it’s just having a look, I don’t mind. But I’ve got a lot on my hands right now.”

“Exactly what problems do you have?”

I started grumbling to Sakura-chan about my troubles as a class rep.

“Reika, isn’t it because you’re so meek that they’re looking down on you? Go let them have it. And then maybe talk to Emperor too.”

“Eehhh~ I can’t do eiitherr of thosee~”

“Then give up.”


They’re not causing too much harm right now, so I want to avoid directly confronting them.

“Reika, you have a bad habit of running away and binge eating as stress relief, so you really need to be careful. What about doing yoga? I’m doing yoga at home right now.”

“Yoga, huhh.”

I know the word yoga, but all that comes to mind is Indians in acrobatic poses.

“Yoga calms the heart, you know.”

Eh-, but your heart isn’t calm at all. But you’re scary, so I’m not going to say that.

Since Sakura-chan gave me some recommendations on yoga DVDs, I guess I’ll check them out later. I’ve gotten pretty sick of hula hooping, so it’s good timing I guess.

And maybe I’ll even open my third eye?



The next day, I went to have a look at that kouhai as per Sakura-chan’s orders.
From what I could see as I peered into her classroom from the hallway, and observed the surroundings, she was a tanned, energetic-looking girl. The complete opposite type to Sakura-chan, the archetype Japanese beauty. Now then, coming here was fine and all, but what do I do after this?

“What are you doing here, Reika-san?”

I jumped at the sudden voice from behind. When I turned around, I found Ririna standing there.

“What are you doing here, Ririna?”

“What, you ask? This is my classroom. Could it be that you needed me for something?”

This was Ririna’s classroom? Then does that mean she’s in the same class as that girl?

“Say, that Toriumi girl. What is she like?”

“Why do you want to know that, Reika-san?”

“There are some circumstances.”

“Well apparently, she’s a sports committee member, and her energy is her good point. I’m not all that close to her yet, so I don’t know much more. Do you guys know?”

Ririna started asking her subordinates instead.
Her meek-looking subordinates gave answers like, “I think she’s in the track and field club.” and “She’s cheerful, and has a lot of friends.”

“I see. Thank you. Also, thank you for getting along with Ririna. I hope you will continue to look after her.”

“Why are you saying that! It’s none of your business, okay!”

Ririna turned a little red. Hey, if you fall, it gets me wrapped up as well, okay?

“More importantly, umm…”

Ririna suddenly grabbed my arm, and brought me further into the hallway away from the others.

“Lately that Tsuruhana-senpai and her friends have been getting bolder towards your group but, are you okay?”

Even Ririna sees it that way?

“I am fine. They have nothing to do with us.”

“Take care, alright? If you fall, it gets me wrapped up as well, okay?”

She was thinking the same thing?
This whole thing has turned into something pretty annoying.

Anyway, I messaged Sakura-chan with exactly what I heard from Ririna and her group.
She replied, “I need you to continue your observations.”
Geez, I don’t think you need to worry so much. I’m sure they were obligatory, okay?

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Reika-sama – 064

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Notice: I still have a report on Monday, and a final exam on Tuesday, so I’m still translating a bit slowly.

Aahh, it looks like my class-changing luck has finally run dry…
For my final year of middle school, I finally ended up with His Majesty the Emperor.



Serika-chan was in the same class as well, and was jumping for joy about it.

“We’ve finally done it, Reika-sama! We’ve really had such bad luck so far!”

I’ve really had such good luck so far.

“This year is looking so bright! Don’t you think so, Reika-sama?”

Thinking about it, nothing has gone wrong since that bad fortune. Should I go get purified?
I wonder if theres a famous place for exorcisms.

As I was dragged along to class by the jubilant Serika-chan, along the way we ran into Enjou, who was surrounded by girls.

“Kisshouin-san. Thank goodness. There’s been something I wanted to talk to you about. This is a great chance.”


The girls around us all began screaming because of his words.

“What are they going to talk about!?”

“It can’t be, a confession!?”

“A love triangle!?”

Stop it! Stop with your strange guesses! How could this black-hearted schemer do something as cute as confessing!

“It’s a bit hard to talk here, so could you come with me?”

His smile placed a huge pressure on me. I can’t fight back with my coward’s heartt!
My senses are tingling and I’m getting a horrible feeling about thiss! I don’t wanna goo!
But although I screamed that in my heart, I accepted his request with a face filled with composure.
Serika-chan watched with glittering eyes as I was sent to the gallows.
In the end, I was taken to the base of a staircase.
Suspicious. Super suspicious. What part of this smile plastered onto his face is supposed to be trustworthy.

“You see, I actually have a favour to ask of you.”

“A favour?”

“Yeah. You ended up in Masaya’s class, right? Could you become a class rep, please?”


Class Rep? Why me! Or rather, just, why!

“You should know already that the girls in Masaya’s class are noisy each year. Since this is the last year of middle school, and a year with a school trip too, I think it’s going to be especially bad. A normal girl won’t be able to handle it. That’s why I thought of you.”

“Eh- …But why do you care?”

Worrying about another class? This guy definitely isn’t doing this because he’s filled with love for the school or anything.
If he was a person like that then shouldn’t he have taken the initiative to become class rep last year?

“Mmmm… The truth is that somebody asked me as a favour. The guy who’s going to be your class rep. Since he didn’t think he’d be able to manage on his own, he was thinking of getting you to act as vice. Apparently your homeroom teacher plans to ask you the same. But you refused last year, didn’t you? That’s why he wanted me to persuade you.”

No way! No way no way!
Just remembering the weary face of last year’s class rep is enough to write the option off forever!
How are you going to take responsibility if I get burdened by stress, go crazy, and start writing poems too!
I’ve already got a previous offence from my last life!
After watching a certain movie I was influenced so badly that I started reading Rimbaud and Verlaine, and I still remember how I wrote crap about sighs and eternity!
As I recall, I came back to my senses the next day and should have disposed of it, but did I actually? I wouldn’t have just gotten lazy and hidden the notepad in a drawer or something, right?
GYAAAAAAAAAHHH! If my family found it and read it, I wouldn’t be able to rest in peacee!

“Kisshouin-san? Are you okay?”

“Eh-, ah, yes. I am fine.”

The past is the past. Forget about it. It’s okay. You definitely threw it away.
UWAAAAHH! But I wrote poems in other people’s signature books! Scary! Actions that leave evidence are scary!


“I am fine.”

Forget it, Reika! There’s nobody who doesn’t have a little bit of dark history, okay!
Poems are something that everyone experiences once.

“Well then, become class rep, was it? I must apologise, but I do not believe I have the ability, so could you possibly ask somebody else?”

I don’t want to get involved with anything troublesome.

“I see. I guess it can’t be helped.”

Enjou showed me a dark smile.

“Say, Kisshouin-san… Don’t you still owe me a favour?”

Hah? Favour? Uh, favour… Favour…?

“When Ririna…”

“Yup. Remember it now? I think it’s time to pay your dues.”

You’re bringing up something from over a year ago!?
I thought that expired long ago!
My old mum was right. You definitely can’t get involved with debts. It’ll come back to get you with ridiculous interest!



My new homeroom teacher called me out right after.
Next to him was some boy with a buzzcut like a monk. Is this the culprit?
What on earth have you done, Monk Boy!

“Oh geez, I’m really glad that you agreed, Kisshouin-san. If you’re doing it anyway, how about being the lead rep?”

“No, vice please.”

I’m not good at refusing people, but I’m outright refusing this.

“Um, I’m Bouda(坊田). I’ll be in your care.”

Eh-, the Monk’s(坊主;Bouzu) surname is Monk Field(坊田; Bouda)?
That’s way too fitting.

“Yes, likewise. Please take care of me.”

I’m super unwilling about this, but since I’ve already agreed, it can’t be helped. Let’s get along this year, Monk-kun.



“Bou- …da-kun, are you close with Enjou-sama? To think you would be able to ask him to persuade me.”

On the way back to the classroom, I voiced the question I had been wondering the whole time.
I can’t really picture these two being close.

“Close? Heavens, no. Last year we were in the same class, and he helped me with a lot of things. He’s a really amazing person!”

So Monk-kun is in the Enjou Faction. Looks like he looks up to him.
Enjou just looks like a huge villain to me, though.

“Sensei wanted me to be class rep again, but since there’s the famous Kaburagi-kun in our class, I thought it was impossible for me. At that time, Enjou-kun had just arrived in the staff room by coincidence, and suggested that you act as the vice rep. If you controlled the girls, then everything would be fine, he said. He even said that he would ask you himself. Enjou-kun is just such a kind guy. He’s just so considerate of others, isn’t he.”

Enjou was the one who suggested this!? What the. That’s completely different to what he told me!
That damned schemer! What the heck are you planning!

With no idea what I was thinking, Monk-kun continued praising him to the skies.
Apparently this kid has no eyes for people.



When I returned to the classroom, it was an even bigger fuss than last year’s Enjou thing.
A huge group of girls were causing a racket.
Uwahh… Am I really going to be this class’ vice rep for a whole year?
And everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten, but I’m technically a Pivoine, okay.
Ah-! And Serika-chan was right in the middle of it all. She was in the very best spot!

“It’s your turn, Kisshouin-san.”

It’s impossible for me, Monk-kun…
My stomach should have been healed, but it started feeling weird again.
Having spotted me, the girls all rushed over with excited expressions.

“Reika-sama, what was that talk with Enjou-sama about? Could it have been a confession? Kyaaa! How dreamy!”

My stomach started hurting again.
What were the foods good for the stomach again…?

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Reika-sama – 063

Everybody, please check the FAQ first before asking me questions.
If it’s not on there, please feel free and ask. I only get annoyed at questions when the same one has been asked 10+ times, and by then I’ll have updated the FAQ.

Thank you for your consideration, guys!

Evil God Army members, assemble: https://discord.gg/0usrKNKKbEkpFdiV

1) First, on Valentines in Japan, women are supposed to give chocolates to guys. Sometimes it’s out of courtesy (obligatory chocolates/giri choco) and sometimes an expensive or homemade one for the person you actually like (forrealz chocolates/honmei choco). It’s also not too weird to give them to friends as a sign of affection (friend-chocolates/tomochoco).
Don’t ask why. It’s some marketing thing, like how people buy diamond rings for weddings now.

2) Shimazaki Touson is the pen-name of Shimazaki Haruki, a Japanese author, active in the Meiji, Taishou and early Shouwa periods of Japan. He began his career as a romantic poet, but went on to establish himself as a major proponent of naturalism in Japanese fiction.

First Love

When I saw you under the apple tree
With your hair swept up for the first time
I thought you were the flower
In the flower comb you wore in front

When you gently extended your soft white hand
And gave me an apple
It was the very first time I loved someone
With the pale red of the autumn fruit

When my sigh unknowingly
Passed through the threads of your hair
I drank of your passion
From the cup of my tender love

The narrow, natural path
Under the trees in the apple grove
Who first trod this path?
Whose steps left the first traces?
You asked, you lovely, I thought

Taken from the Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature

Now that Aira-sama and Yurie-sama had gained entry into the schools they wanted to join, all that was left was waiting for their graduation.
Since Yurie-sama won’t be coming to the salon once she graduates, Kaburagi has been secretly depressed under his mask of composure. It seems that he was hit pretty hard by the even greater difficulty of a middle schooler dating a university student. But no matter how hard you try, you can’t really do anything about an age gap.
I heard from Aira-sama that Yurie-sama was spending more time around him out of consideration.
Still, on days when Yurie-sama is too busy to come, Kaburagi just sighs as he looks out the window.
I wonder if he’s going to start writing poems again. Maybe I should teach him flower divination.
Ah, and I also know a good matchmaker shrine, okay? The fortunes are really accurate. You should go too, Kaburagi-sama.



Speaking of poems, Class Rep made no progress at all despite his daring show of his love.
I had been sure that he would confess after that, but since he showed no signs of it, I went and asked him. He replied that he was too embarrassed to try.
I really don’t get how this guy’s criteria for embarrassment…
Thinking this, I asked him why he did such a thing… and he replied that he was influenced by Shimazaki Touson, and had done it before he realised. That disease really is terrifying.
Apparently he actually wanted Miharu-chan to realise his feelings through that poem.
You think that because ‘Miharu(美波留)’ has ‘waves(波)’ in it, she’d realise because you drew a picture of a sea? Who the heck would!
If you were in the same class and were close to begin with, then sure, maybe, but if she thought it was her in this situation, that would just make her a total narcissist.
In the end he asked me for advice on his next moves, so I suggested that he give her Valentine’s chocolate. In the end I guess he really liked the whole ‘reverse Valentine’s chocolate’ idea because he went and prepared something expensive.
Not only that, but apparently he was too embarrassed to give it to her, so he came and asked me to do it instead. Just how much of a maiden are you.
I even told him to at least include a card with a message or something, but in the end he didn’t have the courage for that either. This would have been the time to use the poem. Hm, or maybe follow Touson’s example and draw a picture of an apple or something?
In the end, for some reason I ended up giving it to Miharu-chan as a friend-chocolate. She was surprised at the sudden gift, but I was troubled too, okay. I just gave an obviously passion-filled chocolate to a girl I’m not even that close with. What if she misunderstands me and weird rumours spread.
Well, she actually did misunderstand, but in a completely different way. Somehow the story in her mind became one where I actually had somebody I really liked, but gave the chocolate to her because I lacked the courage to confess.
Miharu-chan looked at me with understanding and nodded, “Try your best next year, okay?” in a completely unnecessary consolation.
How are you going to take responsibility for this, Class Rep!
And now Miharu-chan thinks I like someone!
As for Class Rep, he was incredibly moved when I passed her White Day present onto him.
I’m getting the feeling that he’s transforming further and further into a maiden. I wonder if I can start treating him like a girlfriend already.



One day, I received a bit of news from Serika-chan about Tsuruhana-san.

“Tsuruhana-san got ear piercings.”


Piercings in middle school!? What a delinquent!
Isn’t that forbidden by the school regulations? Ah, well, I guess a drill-hair like me can’t speak.

“Some of the other girls have gotten piercings too.”

“Unbelievable. It’s unacceptable.”

Kikuno-chan and the other girls started joining in too.
Unlike other schools, Zui’ran is filled with kids from good families, so image is a huge deal to them. Thanks to that, the school regulations on personal appearance is strict too.
Dyed hair is basically banned. But well, I hear some girls secretly use just a tiny bit so that it looks natural.
And I’ve got my curled hair too.
But piercings, huhh. I wonder if they’d even do it for a middle schooler without their parents’ consent. Does that mean her parents are fine with it?
Or perhaps, surprisingly, she pierced them herself.
If that’s the case then she’s really bold. Leaving perms and dyes aside, a lot of traditional families frown upon piercings. Okaasama told me that she wouldn’t allow it either.
Anyway, Tsuruhana-san’s group is getting more and more overbearing. My group is still higher than theirs, but the day that changes might be close.
Serika-chan and the others began a sneaky discussion about whether or not to tattle on them.
I really hope they’d stop. Our group has weak points like my curled hair too.

“Let us watch them for a little longer. I do not think it would be a good idea for us to inform the teachers.”

I somehow managed to calm everyone down, but maybe things are going to get even more heated once we become third years.
Gosh, I’d hate that. For some reason people think of me oddly highly, but I’m actually the first to run when it comes to a cat fight. Girls are scary.



While all this was happening, I heard that Kaburagi attended the high school graduation ceremony with lilies (yuri).
Class Rep, Kaburagi, why are all these guys turning into maidens? I was a little envious.
But lilies, huh. Could it be that he saw the time Oniisama brought me uraras, and actually really liked it?
Actually, there was the time when he danced the waltz with Yurie-sama too.
Leaving Oniisama aside, perhaps Kaburagi should become Imari-sama’s disciple or something.
The other day, Imari-sama came over for the first time in the while, and he gave me some boxed flowers.

Boxed preserved flowers. Super stylish. Great for Valentine's and Christmas.
Boxed preserved flowers. Super stylish. Great for Valentine’s and Christmas.

So stylish! As expected of Imari-sama!
Kaburagi, apparently men can’t stick to just bouquets, like a one trick pony!



Around the time cherry blossoms began to fall in full bloom, we all advanced into third years.

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Reika-sama – 062

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The Staff of oniichanyamete(OCY) Issue a Challenge to All Readers

– Post a video of your saying this as many times as you can in a row without stumbling
– If we judge that you made no mistakes or pauses, we will reward you.
– If you wish to wear a mask, it must not cover the mouth area.

“Kilimanjaro Kirilimanmajanranjo Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th) da ne!”

The prizes are as follows,

x3 or more within 15 seconds: a bear picture drawn by Estelion
x5 or more within 35 seconds: a picture of your favourite OCY character, drawn by Ame
x7 or more within 55 seconds: a picture of you (a stick figure), hanging out with your favourite OCY character, drawn by Komorebi

Term 2 is busy.
Right after the Athletics Carnival is the School Festival.
As usual, I only participated in the events where I wouldn’t hold back my class.
On the other hand, all the gyaru-type girls eagerly signed up for the relays.
Speaking of which, Mochida-san ended up bullied last year because she messed up during the Athletics Carnival, didn’t she.
Well, I doubt that even I would end up bullied, but I’d better be careful regardless.
Enjou signed on for the relays, but apparently not the cavalry battle. How surprising. I would’ve thought he’d be as excited for it as the Emperor.
But thinking about it, I didn’t see him in it last year either. Although if he did join, everyone would be even more excited, wouldn’t they.
When I told him this, he replied with a laugh,

“Unlike Masaya, I don’t really have much zeal for the cavalry battle. When I see him all eager from up close, it really makes me want to avoid it.”

Eventually we decided that the sacrifices would be chosen by rock-paper-scissors, and the unlucky candidates would try to increase their meagre chances of survival through training. It was around that time that Enjou dropped the bombshell,

“Apparently he’s been really frustrated ever since that close game with the Stuco President last year. He’s even reading books on war strategy now,”

sending the already depressed boys into further depression. Thank goodness I was born a girl.

As usual, the girls were drunk on Enjou during practice, so I encouraged them to cheer for the other boys a little more. Those guys are working hard for our class too, so the earlier treatment was a little too pitiful.
I’ve never been in either of their classes before, so I was shocked by the fervour. I remember my peaceful days last year. How nostalgic.
But apparently my class isn’t even that bad. Maiden Class Rep who’s in Kaburagi’s class already looks exhausted, and the Athletics Carnival hasn’t even started yet. And with the girls cheering for Kaburagi in stuff like the baton relays too, all the boys competing with him were being pressured like crazy. I’d hate to be in their place.
Thank goodness Enjou isn’t the hot-blooded type…

In the end, an External from the Student Council survived to the end, but now that Kaburagi had learnt war strategy as well, he wasn’t a match for him.
I wonder if Kaburagi is going to try even harder for next year. Well, good luck, Silver Hair-kun.


After the Athletics Carnival was the midterms. And after the midterms was the Cultural Festival. So busy.
It was only optional for classes to get involved, but apparently mine was. There were the options for a haunted house or a refreshment booth, but to begin with, none of these kids had ever had takoyaki or pancakes or the like, so we couldn’t come up with any good ideas.
Somebody suggested a café as well, but all the girls were like, “but it’s our Enjou-sama” and quickly shut down the possibility of him being taken by girls in other classes.
In the end, that only left a handmade candle store.

Together, we made stuff like aromatic candles, gel candles, mosaic candles, flower candles, just lots of candles.
Nobody was ever thinking of making a profit, so we used all sorts of good materials and I think we ended up with fairly good products considering a bunch of middle schoolers made them.
Enjou’s candles already have preorders.
I got involved too, and melted hot wax to make small flower-shaped candles.
They had some pink to them, and were pretty cute. I mixed some blended aroma oils in as well. Isn’t this pretty good for something Reika-made?
Before long, some of the girls started mixing in perfumes and stuff too, and because there were so many smells in the classroom, some people started complaining of headaches and we had to ventilate the area.

Once we all finished our quotas, we were ready for the day of the Cultural Festival.
Apparently we sold quite well.
The customers were people like other students, fathers, brothers, “old girl” alumni as well. To prevent crime, Zuiran’s guests are carefully selected, so most of the people who came were relatives and the like.
Eventually people started bidding for the Enjou candles but since the prices skyrocketed――which was ridiculous for candles――that was eventually put a stop to, and there was a lottery instead.
When I nervously glanced over to see how my candles were selling, I gave a quiet sigh of relief when I saw that a few people had bought some. What was shocking though was that one of them was Ririna, who had brought along her underlings too.
Since we only needed a few people there to take care of the sales, everybody else went to other classes, or their clubs, or just the refreshment booths and exhibits.
I decided to tour the place with my friends as well.
Since we didn’t know where to start, we sat down in a café with high class French tea and helped ourselves to cookies and tea as we read a pamphlet.
Wow. There’s a bunch. They’re all pretty plain though.
It was all stuff like flower arrangement exhibitions that only middle-aged women would go to.
In the end we all decided to give everywhere a once over, and maybe see what was most popular.
When we walked past the literature club, I remembered that Class Rep was in it, so I decided to go in and have a look.
It was stuff like book reviews, or student-written novels, haikus and poems.
As I was having a casual look through them, my eyes became nailed to something shocking.

On a light blue postcard with a drawing of the sea were the words,

“My ashen grey world was painted with vivid colours. I see. So I’ve fallen in love.”


Class Rep, what the heck are you doing! Are you okay!? What went through your head!?

His name was written clearly underneath the love poem.
I was so shocked that I staggered.
I-, I see. So this is what people meant by “that incurable illness that you contract in eighth grade”.
Class Rep, you sure are bold for a guy who couldn’t even confess.
So after talking about how you were afraid of being rejected, you go and announce your unrequited love to the masses?
Is he tired? It must have been rough taking care of the Kaburagi class through both the Athletics Carnival and Cultural Festival.

“My, isn’t this that Class Rep’s entry? He fell in love!? With whom!?”

“That serious-looking Class Rep huh~”

“How shocking… Does anybody have any idea which girl it is?”

My friends began growing noisy. My heart was noisy too.
Class Rep. I really admire your courage. So go use that courage to freaking confess already.
With just this, I really don’t think Miharu-chan is going to realise, you know…?
Or could it be that you never meant to let her know to begin with? Did you just want to express your poet’s soul?
Aaah, Class Rep… You really gave a shock to little old me.

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Reika-sama – 061

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Summer Camp’s finally here.
I cut down on my luggage quite a bit, but my suitcase was still ready to burst. It’s weird to be asking this myself, but what on earth did I bring.
When we arrived at the health resort, it turned out to be on the level of a hotel. Even our rooms were just suites. Rather than a camp, isn’t this basically just going on a vacation?
The girl assigned to my room was Nonose Maho-chan from another class. We’ve basically never spoken, but I wonder if we’ll get along. She seems kinda nervous though.
After resting in our room for a while, we had a barbecue in the hotel garden. All of the ingredients were prepared in advance, so all we had to do was roast them and eat.
Since I’m still technically the leader of the girls, I went with Class Rep to check if everyone had cutlery and a drink. But well, there were full-time staff there, so it was just for show.
Still, this is my first time eating barbecue in this life. It’s a lot more extravagant than I remember it being though.
Ooh! They have roast corn!

Oh my, but they don’t have yakisoba.

I wanted some yaki’ika too.

What a shame.

Since it’s a Zui’ran-style barbecue, it feels more like a refined lunch than what I had in mind, but this kind of thing is fun too.
I decided to try casually sitting next to Nonose-san. None of my group came, so today has been a total away game for me.
I’ll act low key and mix in with them.

“I never thought that you of all people would be coming, Reika-sama.”

“I was surprised too, Reika-sama.”

“Truly? But I have always wanted to try it at least once.”

“You didn’t last year, right?”

Because last year I was stuck in remedial hell.

“Did all of you participate last year as well?”

“This year is my first time.”

“This is my second.”

Over half of the girls here turned out to be first timers. Thank goodness.

“By the way, tomorrow is going to be hiking. Are you going to be all right, Reika-sama?

Uu-, that’s what I’m most worried about. According to the itinerary it’s only going to be a two-hour walk, but I wonder if I’ll really be able to follow.

“I shall do my best,”

I declared with clenched fists.

After the barbecue was a short ceramics course. I used the manual potters wheel, but mine turned out a little warped. I’m just really no good with my hands, am I. Well, whatever.
Once night fell, after dinner was the fireworks event I’d been waiting for!
Perhaps because watching fireworks isn’t something that upper class think is suitable, I’ve never had a chance all this time.
But just the smell of fireworks really brings summer to mind, doesn’t it. Today we only had handheld fireworks, so there was nothing like a rocket firework or one of those dragon things though. When I was a kid, those mouse fireworks really scared me because you could never tell which way they would fly.

Speaking of which, what on earth do people find fun about those snake fireworks. All they do is grow.

I never understood it back then, and I still don’t understand it now. The fact that they’re still selling them means that people are buying them, right? Hmmm.
Anyway, since Class Rep was playing with hanging sparkler fireworks a little further away, I decided to come closer.

“So you chose hanging sparklers? You would not prefer something flashier?”

“I really like these ones.”

Hmm~ As expected of Class Rep, the maiden.

“It seems that Honda-san has not come,”

I whispered, just loudly enough for him to hear.

In shock, the ember of the sparkler dropped to the ground.

“She even came last year, so why…”

“I see. You did not end up in her class either, this year. Have things progressed since last time?”

He shook his head.

“What should I do, Kisshouin-san?”

“What, you ask? Could you not simply confess?”

“That’s impossible. If I got rejected, my whole school life would be over.”

“It might go well though.”

“But Honda-san’s type is Enjou-kun.”

Class Rep began sulking.

“Given that she was class representative with him last year, perhaps she may have changed her mind after all the hardships she surely faced.”

“…Kisshouin-san, could you go ask her for me?”

“We are in different classes, so that may prove to be difficult.”

At any rate, everyone finished playing with fireworks while the two of us spoke, and began to tidy up.

After the firework event ended, I returned to my room and then took turns in the bath with Nonose-san.
To tell you the truth, I actually got a light perm as per Okaasama’s instructions. I really wonder just how fixated she is on this stuff, but well, can’t be helped.
Anyway, as long as I followed the existing bends, it was possible to fashion some decent curls.
Although, I didn’t really want people to know about the perm, so I made sure to dry my hair properly.

“Reika-sama. I find it hard to sleep with the lights on, so would it be possible to turn them off?”

“Certainly. Well then, let us turn off the lights.”

I brought some playing cards too, but it looks like there was no time to play them. I wonder if I’ll get to tomorrow.
Anyway, time to turn off the lights and go to sleep.



I was woken up early in the morning and after being made to exercise amongst nature, we finally had breakfast. I’m not so good with mornings, so it was pretty tough.
Since we’re hiking today, I made sure to put on sunscreen and a hat.
My rucksack feels so heavy… I’m starting to regret coming here a little.
Before long, the hiking finally began. It was a fairly gentle incline so I thought it would be fine, but it just kept going, and going, and it didn’t take long for my will to break.
And not only that, none of my other soft friends were here. I was now undeniably the last one. The leader of the girls was the last one. Argh, it hurts. I wanna go home.
Nonose-san stuck with me to cheer me on. I’m really being treated like extra baggage now. I wanna cry.
After two hours, I somehow made it to the top. I got to enjoy cold milk and lunch here.
Since I was close to collapse, Nonose-san acted as leader in my place. I really felt bad about it.
On the way back to the hotel, with the heavy rucksack on my back, I thought to myself, I probably won’t be going next year…

Perhaps because of my exertions at lunchtime, at the stargazing event after dinner, the teacher’s explanations felt like a lullaby to me.
Thanks to that, I immediately had a bath when we got back, and slept right afterwards.

And then I woke up in the middle of the night.
…I’m hungry.
I was too tired to really have an appetite. Thanks to that I didn’t eat much at dinner, did I. I might not be able to go back to sleep like this.
But if I remember right, I brought some crunchy ume plums, didn’t I. Maybe I’ll eat those.
Since Nonose-san can’t sleep with the lights on, I put on a white cardigan and brought the pickled ume with me into the hallway.
Before I began eating, I found a dim staircase landing in a corner, and sat there so that I wouldn’t be seen.
They were covered with honey and sweet, which made them easy to eat. Crunch crunch, crunch crunch…



I heard the nearby scream of a girl, and then the sound of somebody running away.
Since I didn’t want anybody to find out that I had snuck out of my room to snack, I rushed back into my room in a panic.
Stripping off the cardigan, I tossed it ume and all into my bag to remove the evidence.
As Nonose-san got up, I was all like ‘Uh, yeah, I just got up as well,‘ so we left our room together to see what was going on.
Oh gosh, my bed hair is terrible. I guess this is because I didn’t dry my hair properly before crashing. I’ll tidy it up with my fingers.

“Whatever is the matter?”

“I don’t know either.”

Only girls stayed on this floor. As everybody left their rooms to see what was happening, one of the girls suddenly screamed,

“Over there on that staircase, there was this ghost and it was gobbling on bloody flesh!”

The moment the other girls heard this, they flew into a huge panic, screaming ghosts and goblins, and in an instant the whole place turned into pandemonium.
Uh, could it be that she was talking about me? It’s true that my hair is a bit of a mess right now, and I was definitely eating red ume plums, but I wasn’t gobbling anything, okay…
Apparently the one who spotted me was Occult-san. Occult-san woke up thirsty so she went to get a drink apparently. And then she apparently met a ghost.

And so she started saying stuff like “I have a sixth sense. and “There’s a dark presence on that staircase.” and “Her face was just filled with hatred.” and before I knew it, some other girls started saying “Now that I think about it, I got a bad feeling too.” and “For some reason I haven’t been able to stop shivering for a while now.” and started to agree with her too. What do I do…

After all this time, there’s no way I can tell them that it was me. If I tell them that I snuck out to have a snack, they’re definitely going to think I’m some huge glutton.
I feel really bad about slandering the hotel with ghost rumours, but I care even more about protecting myself, okay~
While I prayed that I wouldn’t be busted, Nonose-san and the others came up to me and said,

“It’s okay, Reika-sama. As long as we’re all together, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“Right. You don’t need to be so frightened.”

and tried to encourage me. Guh-… my chest hurts!

“Thank you, everyone.”

I’m sorry. I won’t come next year, okay…?

And so the whole ghost ruckus continued until the next morning. With the crunchy ume plums hidden deep in my bag, and with my hair curled to perfection, I set out for home.

Hanging sparklers, or senkou hanabi (lit. incense stick fireworks) are a Japanese sparkler firework that’s different to the sparklers we know. Instead of waving them about to have fun, you just hold them and enjoy watching them.

It’s uh, quite a cliché in anime, so I think you guys know what I’m talking about:

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Reika-sama – 060

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I was struck by a craving for cup ramen.
To begin with, I don’t even eat real ramen. At the Chinese restaurants that my family goes to, at best they have high class soup noodles.
What I want is miso ramen with lots of bean sprouts and corn!
But the hurdle for this is probably higher than the one for fast food, isn’t it.
If some middle school girl went to get ramen on her own, she’d stand out heaps after all.
So I thought that I could just compromise and eat cup ramen, but then it would probably stink up my room and expose me, and I wouldn’t know what to do with the remaining rubbish either. As for packet ramen, you need to drain the first batch of water after cooking the noodles, and if I messed about in the kitchen, they’d catch me for sure.
But I really wanna eat it…
Or so I was thinking, when a marvellous idea struck me like lightning.
I had dried noodle snacks in my closet.

Baby Ramen

If I put them in hot water, wouldn’t they be like instant ramen?
So I immediately went to get a mug of hot water.
I placed the baby ramen into the mug. Then I waited. I stirred it up with a fork.


Eh-, what the-? This isn’t yummy at all. The taste of the broth is like a few drops of soy sauce in a bucket of water, and the ramen noodles are just all squishy.
It wasn’t supposed to be this way. I even wasted one of my precious few snacks.
But it’s a waste to throw it out, and I need to dispose of the evidence too, so I’ll just force it all down. If I don’t hurry, it’s going to swell up and become even bigger. What a terrifying food!

That night I learnt that making strange modifications to ready-made food is never a good thing.




Since that time with Enjou, Ririna stopped hanging about Kaburagi, and even stopped making a fuss about entering the Pivoine too. I’m thankful to Enjou.
Still, if you asked me if she became completely obedient, that’s not the case either. She was high-handed as always around the first years, apparently.
But well, if she suddenly became like a different person, that would be even more worrying, so I guess this is just right. I feel bad for her cohort though.
Once, I quietly went to see how she was in class, and when I found that all her underlings were quiet-looking girls, my heart really hurt.
But with Ririna’s rampage settled, and some semblance of peace back in my life, both my stomach pains and gluttony were cured. Thank goodness.
If I continued eating the way I did, I’d turn into a baby tanuki again, you know?
Also, there’s the matter of my ‘debt’ with Enjou, but he hasn’t come to talk about it at all. How disquieting. Was it a joke, maybe? No, I doubt it.
My mum from my old life would always go on and on about how I should never be in debt, so I wish he would just hurry up and collect it already.




Anyway, while I spent my days like that, one day a notification for “Summer Camp” came.
It was going to be held at a health resort linked to Zui’ran, and would be held for three days and two nights.
Last year I couldn’t participate because of my remedials, but this year I want to join in if I can!
Only, even though it seems so fun, apparently not many people participate. None of the girls around me seemed to have any interest either?
Why? I asked, only to find out that everybody else had their own plans over the summer, or they hated being woken up early, or that they didn’t think there was anything fun about going to some plateau in the middle of nowhere.
Yeah… I don’t suppose it would hold much appeal to a bunch of rich boys and rich girls.
But I want to try it.

When I got home, I immediately told my parents my intentions.
But Okaasama didn’t look very happy to hear it. She gave me reasons like, “A daughter of the Kisshouin family, participating in such a plebeian event?” and “Your skin will burn,” and “Reika-san, you would never be able to handle such a Spartan lifestyle”.
Even if you call it a ‘Spartan lifestyle,’ it’s a Zui’ran Summer Camp so the health resort is on par with a hotel. Not only that, all of the cooking preparations and cleaning is handled by the staff, so it’s really nothing more than a holiday.
But maybe there are so few people who participate because the mainstream view is the same as Okaasama’s? Speaking of which, I never heard about Oniisama going to Summer Camp either.
But I wanted to go no matter what, so I begged her and somehow got permission.

When I handed my application form to Sensei, she seemed incredibly shocked that I was participating. Is it really that minor an event?
But it’s true that none of the girls in my group were participating at all. And once I realised that, I started to feel a little nervous. What am I gunna do if it ends up as a repeat of last year’s remedials?
Whether or not she knew what I was thinking about, Sensei immediately said “Then please be the leader for the girls!”

“This is my first time participating, so perhaps I am not the most suited to be leader…”

“It’s fine! I believe in you, Kisshouin-san!”

In the end she forced it on me, and I once again ended up as the odd-jobs person. Aaah~
And I found out that the leader of the boys was the maidenly Class Rep.
Long time no see, Class Rep.

“You’re participating in the Summer Camp, Reika-san!?”

“Yes. They say that everything is an experience.”

“I see. But if you’re the leader of the girls, I can really rest easy. I’ll be in your care.”

“And I in yours.”

When I checked the itinerary, I found ‘barbeque’ and ‘fireworks’ written. This is it! This is what I’ve been waiting for! This so-called ‘plebeian event’!
I’ve always wanted to play with fireworks, but I never did have a chance. I’m so looking forward to it.
And given how pleb-like and minor this event is, naturally that duo won’t be participating, and neither will those gyarus.
Aahh, I think I’ll fiiinally be able to relax a little!



I was so excited that I even began packing, even though it was still far into the future.
Because Okaasama has been so noisy about it, I made sure to pack sunscreen. Insect repellent spray, to torches, to medicine, to emergency rations. Also, hmmm, maybe a bell and flute too…? Or so I thought as I crammed stuff in, and I ended up with an unthinkably huge luggage for a two-night trip.
If it’s only 3 days and 2 nights, I wouldn’t even need a suitcase, would I.
But I don’t know what to take out. Should I just send it there?

Ahh, I’m so looking forward to this!

To clarify, a health resort or 保養所(hoyoujo) is sort of like a lodge or resort-type thing that major companies have, and is used for training camps and recreation camps (often for relaxation and bonding).
Zui’ran is obviously not a company, but the term literally means ‘recuperation place’ so it’s probably more in-line with a ‘health resort’, hence my translation choice.

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