Reika-sama – 062

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Term 2 is busy.
Right after the Athletics Carnival is the School Festival.
As usual, I only participated in the events where I wouldn’t hold back my class.
On the other hand, all the gyaru-type girls eagerly signed up for the relays.
Speaking of which, Mochida-san ended up bullied last year because she messed up during the Athletics Carnival, didn’t she.
Well, I doubt that even I would end up bullied, but I’d better be careful regardless.
Enjou signed on for the relays, but apparently not the cavalry battle. How surprising. I would’ve thought he’d be as excited for it as the Emperor.
But thinking about it, I didn’t see him in it last year either. Although if he did join, everyone would be even more excited, wouldn’t they.
When I told him this, he replied with a laugh,

“Unlike Masaya, I don’t really have much zeal for the cavalry battle. When I see him all eager from up close, it really makes me want to avoid it.”

Eventually we decided that the sacrifices would be chosen by rock-paper-scissors, and the unlucky candidates would try to increase their meagre chances of survival through training. It was around that time that Enjou dropped the bombshell,

“Apparently he’s been really frustrated ever since that close game with the Stuco President last year. He’s even reading books on war strategy now,”

sending the already depressed boys into further depression. Thank goodness I was born a girl.

As usual, the girls were drunk on Enjou during practice, so I encouraged them to cheer for the other boys a little more. Those guys are working hard for our class too, so the earlier treatment was a little too pitiful.
I’ve never been in either of their classes before, so I was shocked by the fervour. I remember my peaceful days last year. How nostalgic.
But apparently my class isn’t even that bad. Maiden Class Rep who’s in Kaburagi’s class already looks exhausted, and the Athletics Carnival hasn’t even started yet. And with the girls cheering for Kaburagi in stuff like the baton relays too, all the boys competing with him were being pressured like crazy. I’d hate to be in their place.
Thank goodness Enjou isn’t the hot-blooded type…

In the end, an External from the Student Council survived to the end, but now that Kaburagi had learnt war strategy as well, he wasn’t a match for him.
I wonder if Kaburagi is going to try even harder for next year. Well, good luck, Silver Hair-kun.


After the Athletics Carnival was the midterms. And after the midterms was the Cultural Festival. So busy.
It was only optional for classes to get involved, but apparently mine was. There were the options for a haunted house or a refreshment booth, but to begin with, none of these kids had ever had takoyaki or pancakes or the like, so we couldn’t come up with any good ideas.
Somebody suggested a café as well, but all the girls were like, “but it’s our Enjou-sama” and quickly shut down the possibility of him being taken by girls in other classes.
In the end, that only left a handmade candle store.

Together, we made stuff like aromatic candles, gel candles, mosaic candles, flower candles, just lots of candles.
Nobody was ever thinking of making a profit, so we used all sorts of good materials and I think we ended up with fairly good products considering a bunch of middle schoolers made them.
Enjou’s candles already have preorders.
I got involved too, and melted hot wax to make small flower-shaped candles.
They had some pink to them, and were pretty cute. I mixed some blended aroma oils in as well. Isn’t this pretty good for something Reika-made?
Before long, some of the girls started mixing in perfumes and stuff too, and because there were so many smells in the classroom, some people started complaining of headaches and we had to ventilate the area.

Once we all finished our quotas, we were ready for the day of the Cultural Festival.
Apparently we sold quite well.
The customers were people like other students, fathers, brothers, “old girl” alumni as well. To prevent crime, Zuiran’s guests are carefully selected, so most of the people who came were relatives and the like.
Eventually people started bidding for the Enjou candles but since the prices skyrocketed――which was ridiculous for candles――that was eventually put a stop to, and there was a lottery instead.
When I nervously glanced over to see how my candles were selling, I gave a quiet sigh of relief when I saw that a few people had bought some. What was shocking though was that one of them was Ririna, who had brought along her underlings too.
Since we only needed a few people there to take care of the sales, everybody else went to other classes, or their clubs, or just the refreshment booths and exhibits.
I decided to tour the place with my friends as well.
Since we didn’t know where to start, we sat down in a café with high class French tea and helped ourselves to cookies and tea as we read a pamphlet.
Wow. There’s a bunch. They’re all pretty plain though.
It was all stuff like flower arrangement exhibitions that only middle-aged women would go to.
In the end we all decided to give everywhere a once over, and maybe see what was most popular.
When we walked past the literature club, I remembered that Class Rep was in it, so I decided to go in and have a look.
It was stuff like book reviews, or student-written novels, haikus and poems.
As I was having a casual look through them, my eyes became nailed to something shocking.

On a light blue postcard with a drawing of the sea were the words,

“My ashen grey world was painted with vivid colours. I see. So I’ve fallen in love.”


Class Rep, what the heck are you doing! Are you okay!? What went through your head!?

His name was written clearly underneath the love poem.
I was so shocked that I staggered.
I-, I see. So this is what people meant by “that incurable illness that you contract in eighth grade”.
Class Rep, you sure are bold for a guy who couldn’t even confess.
So after talking about how you were afraid of being rejected, you go and announce your unrequited love to the masses?
Is he tired? It must have been rough taking care of the Kaburagi class through both the Athletics Carnival and Cultural Festival.

“My, isn’t this that Class Rep’s entry? He fell in love!? With whom!?”

“That serious-looking Class Rep huh~”

“How shocking… Does anybody have any idea which girl it is?”

My friends began growing noisy. My heart was noisy too.
Class Rep. I really admire your courage. So go use that courage to freaking confess already.
With just this, I really don’t think Miharu-chan is going to realise, you know…?
Or could it be that you never meant to let her know to begin with? Did you just want to express your poet’s soul?
Aaah, Class Rep… You really gave a shock to little old me.

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