Reika-sama – 069

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Evil God Army members, assemble:

It’s time for the class trip again, or the ‘learning excursion’ as it’s officially called.
The middle school trip goes to Los Angeles in America. I tried my very best to cut down on the luggage, but I ended up needing both a suitcase and a carry on bag.
But I had to pack enough blouses for a few days, as well as spare uniform jackets and skirts. I needed clothes other than my school uniform too, and I’m bringing a few shoes too, so in the end my suitcase was full in an instant.
Then again, vacations with your family would have even more luggage, so I think I did pretty well this time.
I sure am looking forward to it~


The trip is technically for ‘learning’, but we’re just sightseeing and aren’t learning a thing.
For example we went to visit places like the Chinese Theatre and Beverly Hills, and then did some shopping at Rodeo Drive.
There, we went to that famous jeweller known for its blue box, and my close friends and I bought matching necklaces to commemorate the occasion.
We discussed the motifs like the heart, keys, leaves etc. and in the end we chose a cross.
Everyone put theirs on right after purchase. The blouse of my uniform covered it up, but it was new and matching, so just wearing it lifted my spirits. It’s so friend-like to have matching stuff! I kind of want to shop even more now.
Everything was listed in dollars, and since I’m paying for things by card, my money sense was a bit messed up. Before I knew it, my two hands were filled with spoils of war. It’s scary how I bought all this stuff I don’t even need. I’m not going to look at any windows anymore.


The hotel we’re staying at is a first class hotel fit for Zui’ran. Dinner was mostly hearty meat dishes. As expected of America. There was a lot.
I felt bad leaving stuff on the plate, so I decided to clean up every meal. It was delicious, so it was no problem.
Or so I thought, but it didn’t take long for my stomach to feel weird. I guess eating so much meat every day might be a bit much for me. And it wasn’t just dinner, it was lunch too. Does this country have nothing but meat!
Anyway, there was just a lot of it, so I desperately needed bread to go with it. Actually, just the bread enough would have been fine. I love carbohydrates, so eating meat, meat, meat is really tough on me. I want to eat tofu. My stomach feels oddly heavy…
Serika-chan, who was staying in the same room as me, said,

“It’s a bit hard eating all this before bed, isn’t it.”

But Serika-chan, you left some meat on your plate, didn’t you?
I get the feeling that everyone’s faces have gotten rounder during this trip…
I brought some snacks as emergency rations in case I didn’t like the food here, but my stomach feels so bad I don’t even want to touch them.
At night I did some exercises with Serika-chan, said to help with digestion, but it didn’t feel like it worked at all.



After that we went on a field trip to a protestant school.
It’s not even a sister school, so why are we here? I thought, but just going around eating, buying, and playing at amusement parks wouldn’t constitute much learning, so I guess they added this to the itinerary for show.
In front of real Christians, I suddenly felt guilty about the cross I was wearing under my uniform. I noticed the other girls were looking around at each other’s blouses too.

“Perhaps we really should have gone with flowers or a heart.”


But it was a lovely school with a nice sense of freedom. When I saw all these American schoolgirls lying about on the wide garden, I was like It’s just like a foreign drama! and got all excited. It kind of made me want to study abroad.

We ended up having lunch at that school as well.
I’ve actually been secretly looking forward to it. The school is vegetarian so there won’t be meat! My stomach can finally have a break!
Now then, I wonder what we’ll have? Or so I wondered with sparkling eyes, but they carried out something completely brown.
I timidly had a taste…
…This is bad. What is this strange flavour.
I don’t know what this is, but it might be worse than hospital food. I don’t think even I can eat this. What’s ‘gluten’?
Thanks to the rapid meat attack I’ve been forced to endure, I’d be fine skipping a meal but…
Looking around, I found that nobody else was really eating either. I guess they’re the same as me. Why couldn’t they have just given us salad. Why did they give us this weird-tasting weird-textured stuff.
Incidentally, Kaburagi was eating indifferently.
It’s a little surprising.
I was sure that Kaburagi was the type to leave behind anything he didn’t like.
This food is definitely untasty, but Kaburagi hadn’t let out a peep about it.
…Yeah. This school prepared us with this food, so it would be rude to leave stuff behind. I’m reflecting.
I began learning from Kaburagi and forced myself to eat. But, uu… It tastes so bad. How on earth is he keeping his poker face, eating this stuff!?
In the end, we were offered a choice between carrot cake and mint cake, and when I chose the latter out of curiosity, this bright blue cake was brought out to me. This is impossible…
I met eyes with Kaburagi. He looked at me, and then at my cake, and then had this expression like I was some pitiful weirdo. What the heck!



After that, we just went to amusement parks every day.
Thinking about it, this is my first time going with my Zui’ran friends. That kind of makes me happy!
In my excitement, I rode one ride after another, and then ended up motion sick…
America’s D*sneyland is a lot more exciting, and also a lot scarier than Japan’s. And aren’t these rides a lot longer too?
Maybe it’s the curse of the meat dishes, but I’m feeling terrible.
I guess I’ll need to rest for a bit.

“Are you all right, Reika-sama?”

“Yes. I think I will be fine after a little rest. Please pay me no mind and continue enjoying the rides.”

Worried about me, Serika-chan and the girls suggested staying with me, but I had them enjoy themselves instead. They said they would come back to check on me after the first ride, but I told them not to worry and just have fun. Plus, some other girls seemed to want a rest too.

While I was sitting on a bench and spacing out, I saw Kaburagi and Enjou walk past. Kaburagi seemed to be enjoying himself, unlike his usual poker face. So he actually liked amusement parks?
Together with his guy friends, Kaburagi was briskly walking from ride to ride. And behind him followed Tsuruhana-san’s group. They’ve all got so much energy.
Everyone is in casual clothing today, so it was hard to tell Zui’ran students from the other tourists. Well, it’s a big place. I wonder if there’s anyone else I know~
Wha-, ah!
It’s Maiden Class Rep walking together with Miharu-chan!
There were other kids with them too, but Class Rep and Miharu-chan are going to the attractions together!
Damniittt! An amusement park date? I’m so jealouss!

A while later when my friends came back, a bunch of male students were with them. Apparently they met each other in the lines, so they rode the rides together. They’re kinda looking at each other and smiling.

Eh-, why did everyone go on pseudo-dates while I wasn’t around!?
And why did the boys leave once the girls reached my side? Aren’t we supposed to go on more rides together?
Could it be… No, it’s your imagination. It’s okay, Reika. Don’t think about it.


At night we went to the haunted house. It was night, so somehow the atmosphere was just better.

“Speaking of which, apparently a ghost appeared at last year’s summer camp.”

“Right, right. A girl from Class 5 saw it. A dripping wet yuurei woman!”

“I heard that she was gnawing a corpse.”

Everyone started talking about how scary it was.
I’m the one who’s scared, okay. The rumours just keep spreading…

“Reika-sama, didn’t you participate in last year’s summer camp as well?”

“Yes. But I don’t know anything about it at all.”

I’m definitely not going again this year.



After coming back from my meat galore trip, I gained three kilos. What do I do!
And it feels like all the girls except me are closer to the boys now! Why!?

“There, we went to that famous jeweller known for its blue box”
She refers to Tiffany’s.

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  1. “Also, I still have a report on Monday, and a final exam on Tuesday, so I’m still translating a bit slowly.”



  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Hmm… for some strange reason I have the inexplicable urge to just refresh the page multiple times just to see what the header images originally looked like without Yorai-kun’s ‘improvements’ :3

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    1. I have one of those fast metabolisms.
      Man, must suck being one of those peasants who can’t handle some meat.


      1. I had a fast metabolism too all up till this year. 19 and then BOOM my flat belly slowly but surely curving up on me


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      1. Please tell me!!!
        Will there ever(as far as you’ve read) be a boy in the novel that shows interest in her. And preferably professes that he’s interested
        I need to know TT.TT
        I know boys are intimidated, it’s ot that she’s ugly or sth like that. She’s probably too perfect. But I still pity her TT.TT


  4. Thanks for the chapter! Yup, America has this thing about making your stomach hurt if you’re not ready.
    And yes, I also wonder how the vegetarian “fake meat” is actually digestible (everytime I’ve had it nothing good has happened)… Can’t they just eat pasta instead?


    1. However, I was surprised about the meat fest description of American food. As far as I know, America is very carb-heavy, rather than meat heavy? Or maybe it’s just in contrast to Japan?
      I do wonder that Japan has no gluten. I know it’s sold in cans in Asian food markets, sometimes with peanuts. Unless it’s referring to something else?
      Chinese food has some delicious tofu fake meats, but I don’t think anyone eats them expecting them to taste like meat. Just differently delicious.

      As always,
      Thank you Este!


  5. Reika, don’t worry no boys dare to bite you!! And you know what, those close with you mostly have boyfriend/girlfriend or at least a crush! Hahahaha *rubbing salt to the wound*


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    well, we—ll! ooh, nice, an overseas trip! ooh! lol, shopping!
    matching necklaces are nice, haha!
    it’s such a pity that the guys are so intimidated by reika’s reputation and friends! why, why! lol, well, it seems only a guy with guts, courage, and who likes reika will approach her! hmph, well, that’s all right! but—! reika’s a great girl, don’t shy away from her! lolol!

    enjou was only mentioned once, but kaburagi was mentioned multiple times! objection, objection—-! i want more ship moments! ah—!

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    And I want that 3 kilos!

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    1. Cornfed cows, or maybe just steak in general in the U.S. is very dense and served in very large portions, usually enough for dinner and a second lunch/dinner takeout depending on the cut you order. Add in sides and drinks, and you are consuming a lot of food. My stomach often feels very “stuffed”, or just somewhat uncomfortable after eating a large meal, esp. at a restaurant. Add in anything deep fried and I feel somewhat painful for ~15 minutes after eating. Keep in mind that Reika is coming from Japan so she might not have as much experience with steak (idk).

      That said, it is delicious and worth getting. If you ever do go to the U.S. I can personally recommend a few things for about anywhere in the country (very far apart).

      Philadelphia Cheese Steak (a sandwich) in Philadelphia, Ribs in Iowa, Deepdish Pizza (best pizza), Italian Beef, Hotdogs in Chicago, Lobster in Maine, Gumbo, Jambalaya, Po’boy in Louisiana, Barbeque pretty much anywhere in the Southwest region lol. Southwest also features excellent Mexican food, but you will find that nearly every major city has a multitude of ethnicities and cultures, and finding a restaurant featuring foreign cuisine (but prepared traditionally) is easy. For example, Chicago has an entire Greek section, an Italian section, and Chinese section. Food is excellent. Most prominent would be Italian, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, English, German, Japanese, Middle Eastern. This is my experience with food in the U.S.

      If I missed any notable local specialties (I did) people should tack ’em on below.

      TL;DR: Go to the U.S. to find out why Reika got a stomach ache, and then complement it and enflame my unfoundedly large sense of pride in American food. And Este, why no pictures???


      1. Sushi. Weird recommendation, but sushi here is not like sushi in Japan. Sushi here gets over-the-top, and might be an interesting thing for someone to try. NY pizza. Carne Asada Fries. Potato skins. Chili. A county fair if you want to be scared out of your mind but have lots of pictures to take to shock people with… (County fair food is scary, and I imagine Reika gaining 10 lbs minimum going to one. The food there makes you think WTH?! and who comes up with this stuff? Example: fried butter. Fried butter?! And that’s what makes American food scary).

        As for the steak, is that really all that common in non-steakhouse restaurants though? I would have thought salads, pasta, sandwiches, and burgers to be the most common American eatery foods…..
        Though it’s possible my mind just filtered it off of menus… I don’t really eat much steak.


        1. Sorry, I listed Ribs as a local specialty in Iowa. This should have been straight up steak. A big difference, I am sorry. To answer your question, steak is a very big deal in Iowa, but I find that most restaurants serve steak. Fast food (even sit ins) will usually not offer steak, as it takes too long to cook safely. But it certainly is an important piece of the American diet. Do you not eat steak 0_o?

          Also yes fair food is very scary. Deep fried meatballs took the cake for “most bizarre”, but fried butter? … (;*-*)

          PS: Ditch the NY pizza, get deepdish from Chicago. If you want something from NY get cheescake. Deepdish best dish.


          1. I guess steak is less of a big deal in California. Seared Ahi tuna has been a hot item the past few years. I don’t really eat steak as steak, as in, I’ve eaten a french dip sandwich, or cheesesteak sandwich, or steak quesadillas on occasion before, but as for steak as a steak? I ate a filet mignon maybe 6 years ago.

            Last year there was deep fried butter. And deep fried bacon. And deep fried chicken sandwich with the sandwich buns replaced with a krispy creme donut. Deep fried oreos, snickers, coke…… Really weird stuff.

            Deep dish and NY pizza are both different and good (and yes I have had chicago deep dish; i used to live in illinois). There is a lot of arguing on both sides over which one is better, but if we are recommending to foreigners to try all the good stuff America has to offer, it is kinda not great to completely kick one off the list due to personal bias.


            1. Weird extra trivia. French dip sandwiches are not french. They were invented at an eatery near Union Station in Los Angeles, I think by a guy nicknamed Frenchie or something like that.


            2. No, we should kick NY pizza off. I’ll die before we put Deepdish on the same level as any other pizza outside of Italy. Also, it is good that you have experience with the west coast, that is my weak area. I do got the rest pretty covered, but not from california et all. I imagine it might be more seafood based over meat on the coast. steak is certanly a big deal though, even if it isnt served in a prioer cut, you will get steak burgers or steak wraps. plenty of meat to go around.
              Thanks for helping me out!

              Disclaimer: it isn’t a bad idea to try NY pizza while you’re there.


              1. Woops some of your comment was cut off, I read like a broken recorder, spewing out whatever you just said. Sorry for that.

                Please note that as someone from the midwest (yay, I’m from NotChicago too!) I know that the fish will be fresh and excellent on the coasts, and steak is our main dish. I tried not to suggest anything like steak in California. The best I could do on coasts is probably:

                Salmon and King Crab in Alaska
                Oranges and Aligator in Florida (fish n chips is british)
                Mahi Mahi in Hawaii

                But I am missing a lot. Too many fish dishes! Too little time to eat!


                1. Dungeoness crab in San Francisco. Also, though I personally hate it, sourdough bread. And clam chowder in a sourdough bread boule.

                  Lots of salmon, here, too. I tend to eat that when I eat out.

                  I kind of wonder if the Midwest is particularly concentrated on meat, or something, now that I think about it. I do eat meat, but my one of my favorite pizzas happens to be mushroom and olive. Ordering it in Illinois though, I would sometimes get the accusatory comment, “Are you vegetarian, or something?!” Also, when ordering pizza with my friends there, I would absolutely have to be the one who shared a pizza with the one actual vegetarian in the group (who was also from out of state; mountain time region) because I was willing to eat meatless pizza.


              2. Well, I will disagree to your comment about NY pizza, but Touristsl, why don’t you try both and decide on your own.
                I was really weirded out, btw, that in Italy, cheese is NOT a given as a pizza topping.
                Not sure what you mean by steak burgers and steak wraps, unless you mean normal (and grass-fed) hamburgers and steak burritos?


                1. Oops, we missed lobster rolls on the east coast as a suggestion. There are two types: Connecticut and New England.
                  Also, Cincinnati chili, which is not like normal or Texas style chili at all.


                  1. Nonono Lobster Rolls are already include in “Lobster”. If it’s lobster it’s best at Maine. Please don’t try to dispute this one, I am not biased, it is a proven fact. Price&prep cannot be beat.

                    Currently in Germany on business so I will try to answer the rest of your questions if I have the time. If only I had the time to eat 3 meals a day and not just frühstück…


                    1. I haven’t been to maine, but they probably wouldn’t get the best connecticut lobster rolls there. And i do think it is important to say lobster roll separate from lobster. They might try that horrendous invention, lobster mac and cheese, and then call it quits after that.


                  2. Hmmm, a sudden thought… Este, just checking to make sure that you aren’t pissed off that we seem to be taking over this comment page with nothing but talk about food….

                    ( because it wouldn’t be good to anger the great translator-sama)

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            3. Finally tried something scary at the county fair, today. Deep fried nachos. Overrated.
              New scary items sighted: deep fried lemonade, deep fried pizza, and a triple decker burger with the buns replaced with two entire krispie kreme donuts. I really wonder how they decide that these are the creations people will want….
              Oh, and there was a mass of shoestring french fried potatoes that maybe were a few long strands? But was somehow shaped in a mold like a top hat or something, the size of a bundt cake, and then covered with chili and nacho cheese. I wonder how reika would survive a county fair…..

              On the plus side, dole pineapple whips (soft-serve ice cream? Sorbet?) in a cone. Delicious.


                1. I still think deep fried butter takes the cake. But, yea, every year I wonder about what the people who come up with this stuff are thinking. Deep fried coke is also there, and deep fried snickers.

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  8. Reika-sama hang in there!! Sometime I’m really curious im about Kaburagi’s action…anyway thank you so much for the update!! Been waiting for this for so long 😭😂


  9. R-R-Reika-sama ! don’t give up ! Surely your romance will come too ! Maybe in your next life !


  10. Many thanks~
    I’m surprised that it implies they rode a lot of different rides.. the lines at disney land california are no joke… @-@
    But lol, Reika, the boys be avoiding cause they think you’ve got a thing with the emperor, or his homie, so you be off limits.

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    1. I was actually kind of wondering if maybe the Emperor was all like, “Boys, my best friend likes this girl. Get near her and die.” Or something along those lines…..

      And, yes, those lines are scary.


      1. Clarification, since I used lines twice in short succession. Second time I was agreeing with you about Disneyland lines.


  11. Hey Estelion-sama. It’s been a while since you translated the previous chapter so welcome back :)

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    Thanks for another chapter of our favorite (now fat again) ojousama. I just found out that I’m reading many of your translations…this is good and bad at the same time. >.< Anyway, keep up the great work.

    Oh, btw that Evil God Troupe Members link is expired. I clicked to check what it was but it said expired. I figured you wanted to know that.

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  13. I just realized…. the girls around Reika probably won’t allow any boy but Kaburagi or Enjou to come near Reika, will they… I can imagine the silent pressure directed to any boy who even glances Reika’s way for too long. Haha, poor Reika ^.^;;; You’ve been pigeonholed into some terrifying romance options. And good luck losing that weight again!!

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  14. “Right, right. A girl from Class 5 saw it. A dripping wet yuurei woman!”

    “I heard that she was gnawing a corpse.”

    I have a feeling they’re talking about our girl secretly eating snack at night :)

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  15. Ironically, last night I made some Japanese Hambaguu steak with rice and broccoli…. Painfully stuffed…. I wonder how the Japanese make it so that it’s not so filling……

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  16. The fluffy soft thing with pork, beef, tofu, panko, milk, and seasonings and a tangy sauce. (Or demiglace but I did the tangy sauce). Is that the hambaagu?

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  17. It’s okay Reika-san, just take it slowly. Get more real friends that are girls first and THEN focus on getting a boyfriend. Don’t sent the hurtle too high…

    Thanks so much for all your hard work ani-ue~~





  19. hahaha Disneyland scary that’s so funny shes lucky they didn’t go to six flags if she thinks Disney is scary in the ride department Disney is mostly kids roller coasters and log rides


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