DEBT GIRL – April Fools 2020

The Tenth Chapter – Two People and Tea

Figured that since it’s been a year, I’d do another chapter of this. I’m aware that someone else is doing translations, and you’re all free to read those to keep up with it. I’m just doing my own thing. Anyway, here’s another chapter.

Today was the long awaited visit to Agnes’.

As usual, she had come out of her way to meet him at the stop.

“Over here, Lord Bernard!”

Agnes, I’m here!”

He passed through the crowd, pushing through some passers-by before trotting over to her.

“I do apologize for imposing on you right before your promotion.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ve been waiting to see you.”

She grinned at him, and he couldn’t help but smile in return.

Agnes had her fringe pinned up today. Bernard was shocked. They were heading to the ball, was this a challenge to the Queen!?

“Your forehead is out on display today,” Bernard noted.

“Mm. My fringe had been getting a little too long. I thought I’d pin it up today.”

“It looks cute.” Bernard casually played with Agnes’ hair, paying special attention to the curls.

The throne of belonged to Agnes alone – something she wished to prove.

The weather was pleasantly sunny, and the two chatted as they enjoyed a stroll back to Agnes’.

“It feels like quite some time has passed since we’ve just had a chat like this,” Bernard realised.

“It does, doesn’t it? We had the party the other day, too.”

While Bernard had caught a few glimpses of her during the evening party, with all the other people around, he hadn’t had a chance to just be himself and spend time with her.

“How did you find the party to be?” I asked.

“It was very fun!”

Her eyes lit up as she began telling him about how she just had to see the new fixture, about how she saw a pretty tabby cat, about how exciting it was to behold the mysteries of the miracle stone, and other similar stories. One by one she enthusiastically went through her impressions of articles on displays during the party.

Come to think of it, he had spotted her there with Jijil.

“You know, I think I do recall catching sight of you and Jijil” I noted.

“Yeah, we went together,” she said. “Miss Jijil told me she’d seen them before, so it was a great help to have her describe them to me.”

“Good for you.”

“Yeah. And the desserts there were delicious… I was surprised by the majestic display.”

Yes, the desserts he had prepared specially for Agnes.

“Jijil showed you all the foods too, no?”

“Yes. We didn’t just try the foods I wanted to try. Jijil introduced me to a whole lot of other food too.”

He watched her happily count on her fingers as she told her about each of the delicious sweets.

So in the capital city, they should visit dessert stores together?

…This was shaping up to be quite a trip for Bernard and Agnes, wasn’t it?

Spending their free time together―it was quite a romantic outing. Bernard approved.

There were already rumors about Bernard and Agnes being together, but anything scandalous in those rumors, this would top it.

Bernard, hold yourself back, he thought. She’s your precious person.

But he couldn’t help it. He felt very possessive of this spark of joy in his life, and his heart beat too much for him to control.

It sounded so nice. They were going on a trip anyway, and he wanted to make nice memories.

He wanted to go to a cake shop with her now… So why did he have to wait a full month? They were right within reach, so why?

His dark heart swirled with gloom.


“Hmm? Is something wrong, Lord Bernard?”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“Ah, well, you were just frowning really hard just now. And uh, your expression was a bit…”

Oh no. Did all that show in his expression?

“I apologize. I was trying not to sneeze.”

Agnes took out a handkerchief from my bag and offered it to me.

“Ah, is that what happened? I guess that does happen. Are you okay?”

Agnes was showing genuine concern over his half-baked excuse.

Bernard apologised to her in his head and reflected. Wasn’t being a lover about being able to appreciate each other’s happiness like their own? He apologized to Agnes in his heart.

“I’m fine. Continue? It seems like you’ve had quite a bit of fun with all that planning.”

“Yes! I actually did quite a bit of research, but Jijil just knew so many places that weren’t even in there,” she said.


Given how many times she’d been to town, she knew where all the good shops were. Jijil really did make the perfect guide.

“I see. That was nice of her.”

“Did you go anywhere else?” he asked.

He was worried about her safety. Still, he wondered if they should be more adventurous.

“The atmosphere and the products were completely different from the high-society fare I was accustomed to,” she marvelled.

“Really? That does sound interesting,” he said.

“Yes, it really was!” she nodded.

Bernard took a gulp of tea to try to think of something else.

“Lord Bernard, would you like some more tea?”

“If you would.”

His mouth could still taste the sweetness.

His weakness, sweet tea. It helped his brain spin.

It was black tea, and he’d heard that the people in the neighboring put jam in theirs, so he considered trying it as a variation?

The moment he picked up the jam, though, everyone around him started looking at him.

For another day, he supposed.

The password for the next chapter is “Agnes”.

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  1. April Fools chapter huh.
    This paragraph pretty much have it away.

    Agnes had her fringe pinned up today. Bernard was shocked. They were heading to the ball, was this a challenge to the Queen!?

    How the hell would keeping her fringe pinned be a challenge to the queen XD


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