Schizophrenia – Chapter 4

Is it just me or are these chapters only getting longer? I wonder if it’s normal to spend six hours translating one chapter? I sure hope not. Let’s hope all this work will help me improve and get faster, or maybe trying to write English prose will always take this damn long for me. Also, in this chapter you’ll see my best impression of what a robot sounds like in text, since I didn’t want to just do something boring like capitalise random letters. Whatever, here’s chapter 4. Enjoy!



Returning to the flowerbed, it seemed that Alisa was obediently waiting there as commanded. Confirming Lilia’s return, for some reason the maid let out a sigh of relief.

“I’ve spoken with Father. He allowed me to grow flowers here.”

At Lilia’s abrupt declaration, Alisa gave a bow in agreement.

“This flowerbed belongs to Mistress. So…”

“For now, Alisa, bring me tools. Immediately.”

“Eh, ah… Yes. Certainly.”

Though she was looking somewhat dissatisfied, Alisa still ran off to retrieve the tools. Looking on as her maid departed, Lilia simply stood there waiting. Sakura made a sound in protest as if she had something to say, but it was ignored.
Alisa returned shortly, and in her hands she carried a basket filled with a small spade and other various gardening instruments.

“Thank you for waiting.”

“Yes. Well then Alisa.”

Under Lilia’s intense gaze, Alisa held a panicked expression, unsure if she had done something to displease her master. Probably completely unaware of Alisa’s inner thoughts, Lilia continued.

“From today on this flowerbed belongs to me right?”

“Yes… That is so.”

“However, I have absolutely no idea about how flowers are raised.”

Towards Alisa with her head tilted in confusion, Lilia presented the paper bag containing the seeds. As she received it, Alisa’s bewilderment only deepened.

“You, will raise them.”


“Of course since this is my flowerbed, I will be helping. That’s why I’ve come this far together with you. I’ll be giving you my assistance, so you’d better make these flowers bloom beautifully when the time comes.”

Finally seeming to understand her intentions, Alisa’s eyes widened. The muffled snickering coming from Sakura was a little bit unpleasant, but Lilia still had one thing she wanted to say.

“You are my personal maid. It is my wish to see these flowers bloom brilliantly. You can make that happen, yes?”

Alisa nodded repeatedly, and gave a vigorous bow.

“Yes! Thank you very much, Mistress!”

While feeling a little thrill from giving commands as a superior, Lilia immediately began her instructions. Bringing out the spade from the tools Alisa brought,

“Well then let’s get planting. Will you teach me how to do this, Alisa?”

“Yes! Of course!”

Lilia had to narrow her eyes a little at the overwhelming brilliance of Alisa’s beaming face.

Finishing her gardening with Alisa, Lilia once again went for a bath. Having ordered Alisa to bring her a fresh change of clothes, Lilia headed towards the baths.

—Well ain’t you just a blushing schoolgirl?

On the way, Sakura’s cheerful teasing voice came out. At being ignored, Sakura simply continued.

—You did things in such a way to raise the plants together while maintaining your pride as the master, but Alisa probably already has you figured out you know?

—Oh shut up. I followed what you said so you should have no complaints right?

—Why of course. You did very well.

—Your tone just always has to be so irritating, huh…

Lilia was well aware by now that trying to retort any more than this would simply be foolish endeavor, so she stepped into the bathroom without another word.

Finished with the bath, Lilia changed into the dress Alisa had prepared for her and headed to the dining room. With the time spent working in the dirt, it was almost time for breakfast.

—I wonder what’s on the menu today~. I’m looking forward to it.

—It’s not like you’re the one that’s going to be eating here.

—Fufufu. Behold, one of my special angel powers! All of your sensations are shared with me!

Sakura boasted with an “Ahem!”. If she had a body she would certainly be puffing out her chest in pride. At being able to easily picture such a sight, Lilia couldn’t help but let out a smile.

—So, you’re not really an angel, are you?

—0F C0UR53, 13N’T 1T 0BV10U5. (monotone)

—Why are you talking like that…

While wondering what kind of existence Sakura could really be, Lilia opened the door to the dining room.
A large table stood at the center of the wide dining room. The rest of the family were already seated there. Lilia’s father Kelvin, her mother Ascha, her elder brother Klaus, and younger brother Theo made up the four currently sitting at the table. Together with Lilia, these five were the Aldis Duke family that resided in this estate.
With Lilia arriving at the table, the servants brought in the food for breakfast. With the center of the table lined with fresh bread, bowls filled with soup were placed in front of the diners. A jam-like substance made from mashed fruits was also brought out.
Though it was quite a simple breakfast for this Duke clan who’s power was second only to the royal family, this was normal at this mansion. Alisa’s mother preferred to have modest meals, so big feasts that couldn’t be finished in one sitting were foreign to this house. This was one of the things Lilia was dissatisfied about.

—How embarrassing it is to have your meals be inferior even to the barons of this country.

—Well, hey. It’s delicious so isn’t this fine. The taste here is better than what you’d get at the occasional banquet you went to right?

Lilia shook her head, unable to comprehend Sakura’s point of view.
With everyone now gathered, they began to give their prayer. To the god of this world.
No one spoke during the meal. The silence stretched on as they ate. According to her mother, this was the best way to show appreciation towards the people who made them the meal. In the end, the reasoning behind this was incomprehensible to Lilia as well.

—So the one behind all the un-duke-like things here was Ms. Ascha. Isn’t that great.

—I can’t understand it at all. To not use the privilege bestowed upon you.

—Ahaha. Lilia sure is a natural born aristocrat.

Though Lilia felt like making a comeback, it would just be wasted effort, or rather pointless emotional exertion against Sakura. Without minding it she made to finish her meal.

—Yep. It was quite delicious after all. This jam was especially nice, wasn’t it.

—Are my senses really shared with you right now? By the way, what kind of things do you hate?

She had thought it was just another joke, but their senses really did seem to be connected from the delighted tone of Sakura’s voice. While being a bit surprised at this, Lilia showed a mischievous expression.

—Green peppers. No way to that bitterness!

—Very nice. I’ll remember that well.

—Wait wait what are you gonna do no way hold up really the thing I hate is that jam you know!

After that point Sakura kept on insisting about her “real” hated food, but it was all ignored. With the silence around the time that the meal was finished, Lilia tilted her head slightly, pondering her next move.

—I’m sorry… If anything, please just stay away from raw green peppers… I’ll deal with anything else…

It was an absolutely tearful voice. Hearing it Lilia reflexively spat out the water she was drinking. Astonishing her surroundings, the servants hastily rushed over, but Lilia’s mind was completely preoccupied with something else.

—It’s just a joke, I’m not going to do such weird things alright!


—Really, really, I promise.

—Lilia… Thank you so much!

This time it had completely flipped over to a voice so happy it was dancing for joy. Though it almost felt mad with enthusiasm, it didn’t have that much of a bad connotation to it.
With the dirtied table quickly cleaned up by the servants, Lilia’s father slowly opened his mouth to speak.

“Lilia. About what we talked about this morning…”

Wondering what it could be about, Lilia turned to face her father. Since she had done nothing wrong, looking closely at her father’s face he seemed to be returning an awkward gaze towards her.

“I heard the story from Alisa.”

“Is that so. Are there any problems?”

While Sakura deemed that there should be no problems here, her father’s judgement might differ. She nervously waited for her father to continue.

“No, no problems. It seems that you will be raising those flowers together with Alisa from now on huh.”

“Yes. Ah, that’s right, Father. I would like to personally have Alisa as my maid, would that acceptable?”

Confusion appeared in her father’s eyes. Though, as he straightened his neck, it had already disappeared. In it’s place her father had a wry smile.

“Though in the first place, Alisa was supposed to be the personal maid assigned to you…”

“Huh? My apologies, Father. I didn’t seem to quite catch your words…”

It was only with these words that her father spoke in a small voice. It wasn’t heard clearly the first time, but, well her father simply shook his head this time.

“Don’t worry about it. Regarding Alisa, there’s no problem. You can take her as your personal maid.”

“Really? Thank you very much, Father.”

—Lilia! Smile time!

At Sakura’s sudden exclaimation, Lilia’s expression reflexively turned into a dubious frown. It wasn’t as if anything really good happened, so it seemed out of the ordinary to smile here. Even so, at Sakura’s urging, she would just follow along for now.

Thanks you very much, Father.

Expressing her thanks once again, she showed a smile. She had been trained on how to smile from a young age so there were no problems. However, Her father’s wry smile only got deeper.

“There’s no need to for a smile. Don’t worry about it.”

—Wait a sec… Was it a failure?


It seems that Sakura wasn’t omnipotent after all. It seems like her own judgement was also required, Lilia thought as Sakura’s evaluation was lowered just a little. She quickly returned her sight to here father as he cleared his throat.

“Back to the topic but, I heard you’re going to raise the flowers with Alisa. To be honest, since you’ve only ever thought about yourself I was quite surprised.”

“My, that’s horrible Father. I am always concerned about my surroundings though?”

As her father’s face twitched ever so slightly, her mother and elder brother let out small sighs. Only her little brother had a blank expression as he gazed at everyone else’s reactions.

“Well, yep. Alright. Lilia. Do take care of the people around you.”

At her father’s conclusion, taking his leave, he departed from the dining room. Her mother followed, and her two brothers also left the room in a hurry. Alone in the dining room, Lilia was simply left there, with her head dubiously tilted to one side.

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