58 thoughts on “Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter — Chapter 2”

  1. Thank you…
    Hmmm… So that’s why the new project in Japtem sounds familiar familiar… I haven’t read it yet so I did not realize it was the novel for this manga…

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  2. If I could like this more than once, I would. I really hope you guys continue to do this project, because I am enjoying a lot already (ง︡’-‘︠)ง.

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  3. Edward a shit. SHIIIIIT. Especially his taste in women.

    Also, Iris is a bijin. Would make her on Custom maid 3d 2 if I have here body statistics.


  4. Many thanks for the chapter! The excepts from the concerned imouto is very entertaining to read. XD lol As entertaining as the chapter itself. =3


  5. I don’t know whether you are trying to bring me to heaven or to hell, with all these new series. On the one hand, I’m excited to read them, but on the other, the wait for new chapters eats away at my soul.
    The more series concurrently being translated, the more I am excited, but the more get eaten away waiting for the next chapter.


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  6. The way Iris treats her maids is such a contrast in compared to Alisa in the other oujo-sama story. Iris actually seems like she was a somewhat decent person even without the MC’s influence. I’ve never seen an oujo-sama type own up to her actions the way she did either. Her maturity isn’t totally zero.

    Will Iris end up in the monastery, or does she have a plan? I can’t wait to find out!

    Thanks for the chapter Este! And… that credits page is great lol. Will imouto-chan’s situation just get more and more dire?! Will we end up in H-doujin territory? Find out next time in Arousing Imouto Excerpts XP.


    1. You can usually tell if they know what they’re doing or not. A good example of knowing what they’re doing is 宝石吐きの女の子. A good example of having no idea what they’re doing is… well, there are plenty of examples of that.

      If I was translating the way the publishers were doing it, it would be simpler just to pull up babel translation and paste the results from there.


  7. Perhaps the thing I look forward to most every release is the diary snippet at the very end. What else will we glean about this Imouto’s life with her Onii-chan? Tune in next time!

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  8. I love how this story sounds so far. Instead of making the villainess so vile she seems so humanized.

    Which is a nice change to ‘the-nice-MC-going-into-the-horrid-evil-vilaness-character’ type stories we generally see…well what I generally see, anyway.

    Thanks for the chapter, Holy Rabbit Team. (Which is the name I have selfishly decided to label you with.)

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    1. I agree. We only ever see the side of the heroine not the side of the girl who lost her fiancee and status in most stories. Looking at it now, I feel as if the heroine is the real villain

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  9. Why do I look forward to the credits page more than I look forward to the next chapter?

    In all sincerity though, I really like the series and looking forward to the father negotiations


  10. thank you very much!
    kyaa—-! new chapter, new chapter! she adapted so quickly, woo—! oh! it’s very interesting that this is the ‘endgame’ conflict, of sorts. so cool—! iris—! -cheers-

    and suddenly, feels from her interactions with her maid?! wah—! it’s only the second chapter, but it’s great too! loyal people to the main character are awesome!

    -shakes people responsible for this chapter- ah—! that was a great chapter, but my feels! -shoves ice-cakes into their hands- a..uh..gift! ahem, motivation, ok!

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  11. Man, I’m glad things went as I’d hoped. She doesn’t have to put up with that cheating bastard or apologize to the girl who stole him from her, who they hell do they think they are making a scene of it like that?

    “Oh yeah, look at this bitch getting upset over me cheating on her with this girl. Isn’t she a bitch for slandering the girl I was cheating with, everyone? Look how brave I am letting my friends harass her while I declare my love for the other girl right in front of her.”

    That said, I kinda doubt they’d write a VN in that way, where the MC is clearly the wrong one. (Well, unless it just has that kinda theme, which would be neat.)

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    1. Ikr?? Freaking bastard. Iris seems like a real pretty and nice girl too. Like, not overly nice, but pretty decent. Considering how her maid has expressed her extreme loyalty here. Any man who would cheat on her should rot in hell D:< actually cheaters in general should just rot in hell.


      1. Reading the novel translations of these scenes made it clear that Iris was pretty much a saint even before she remembered her glorious reincarnated Japanese morals. But it also seems to imply that Yuuri was just kind of a derp who has no idea what she’s doing or what’s even happening, just kinda staring off into space. (Not that surprising, since she was probably supposed to be someone for the player to arbitrarily characterize.)

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          1. While I did say as much in my earlier post, I do think it is possible, even unintentionally. That’s to say, it could be an unfortunate combination of tropes and cop-outs:

            -The prince is the “rowdy” type (because every shoujo manga and otome game needs one of those), so he comes off as really dickish all the time but it’s cool, that’s just how these things work.
            -The part about him already having a fiancée is pretty typical in these settings. (He’s the prince, after all! What are royal babies good for if not to marry off for the sake of power?)
            -The affair is fan service: you, the player, are just so good at romance that this lovely bloke will give up everything for your sake! Including his engagement with this girl who is already pretty high-spec and clearly favoured by the king and queen.
            -Okay, so the fiancée should actually show up, and get rightfully pissed off. But we can’t make her actions too extreme, this game is supposed to be light and fluffy, so puppy-kicking is out. This girl is just kinda mean to you, but she’s not gonna do anything that would make us lose our PG rating.
            -But wait, now that you’ve hooked up with the guy, what’s gonna happen to the fiancée? Um… how about we make her represent the first hurdle this cool guy is willing to overcome for your sake, and he even shows how protective she is in the process! And then we put her on a bus and forget about her. The end.

            And that’s how you unintentionally create a tragedy about this poor girl who gets kicked to the curb by her asshole fiancé.

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  12. I started reading the WN version too, and it’s interesting, getting little details from each. In the Novel version, Iris described Yuuri’s vacant look thusly: “Is her head full of flowers?”. I’m really interested to see what the “MC” from the “Game” is actually like in the “real world”.

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