Reika-sama – 042

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These are Reika’s last moments in Zuiran’s primary section! Thanks for reading my translations so far, and if you love Reika like I do, I hope you’ll look forward to her life as a middle schooler too!

In Japanese, the two main characters for flower(hana) are and . The latter is rather more poetic/fanciful, and is actually used in Reika’s name. Specifically, 麗華(Reika means ‘beautiful flower’, ‘graceful flower’, ‘lovely flower’ etc. The characters can also be as ‘urara’.

An ephemeral-type beauty in Japan is somebody that’s typically delicate, very fair-skinned, slender like a willow, and generally ‘soft’ or ‘fragile’ somehow. Like, somewhat fairy or sylph-like, with an atmosphere that’s faint and somewhat unreal. Like a beauty that you might see in a passing dream or something? Well, it sounds a bit exaggerated, but if the description wasn’t then it would be a bajillion-times harder to explain.

The day of the graduation ceremony came.
Everybody is going up the escalator together, so we’ll all meet again in Zuiran’s middle school section. Although we’ll be in a different building, we’re all on the same property, so I’m not really feeling lonely about it.
Maybe everybody else was thinking like me, because nobody cried.
Only, this would be the last time we would be wearing this navy uniform to school, so everybody was busy taking photos.
Of course, I took some with my friends too.
Because today was a happy occasion, Okaasama was more fired up than usual, and had my hair even curlier today.
Also, both Kaburagi and Enjou have been surrounded by girls since this morning.
Heaps of boys from the lower grades who went out of their way to attend were also photographing and filming the ‘Hero of the Cavalry Battle’ .


Besides my parents who were here, Oniisama brought me a bouquet of flowers!
There were pink roses, carnations, garberas, and a bunch of other really cute flowers.
Thank you, Oniisama! As for not just giving me a bunch of bright red roses, as expected of you! In Oniisama’s mind, my image is more like these cute pink flowers, isn’t it!
Or so I was thinking, feeling deeply moved, when Oniisama pointed at a deeply coloured rose and said,

“These flowers are called ‘Urara’, you know. They’re your flowers, aren’t they, Reika?”


Oniisama! Just what manner of being are you!?
My flowers! My roses!
My maiden’s heart is so moved that I don’t think it’ll hold!
It looks like today, with just Oniisama, I’m already feeling totally popular!
His smile is so dazzling-!

Or so I was thinking, as I writhed about in happiness on the inside, while my friends around me were also saying “Reika-sama’s Oniisama, so dreamy…”, spellbound.
Isn’t he! Isn’t he!
My Oniisama is the best in the world!
Still, although they’re minors, they’re still maidens and Oniisama pierced right through their hearts. I was actually a little nervous, secretly wondering where on earth he learnt this skill.

Oniisama doesn’t work any strange jobs, does he?

Watching Oniisama, Okaasama looked satisfied and said “as expected of my son” while Otousama looked a little ashamed and embarrassed for not bringing anything.
It’s fine, Otousama. For things like this, it’s your feelings that count.
Rather, if the chubby Otousama did the same thing as Oniisama, I’d be a little grossed out.

While I was happy about the roses with my name, and getting photos under the sakura trees with my family, a parent and child group came along.

“Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation, Kisshouin-sama.”

“Oohh! Why if it isn’t Kaburagi-sama! Congratulations on Masaya-kun’s graduation, I should say!”

UHIIIII! It’s gone from heaven to hell!
Why did they come talk to us!?

“Reika-san, congratulations on graduating. What beautiful flowers you have. They fit you perfectly.”

“T-, Thank you very much.”

Today Mrs. Kaburagi was wearing a vivid, deep blue suit, and was even more beautiful than when I met her in the restaurant.
Quite a contrast to the elegant white suit that my Okaasama was wearing.

“Reika-san, please do get along with Masaya in middle school.”

“My! Our Reika as well! We certainly hope Masaya-kun gets along with her. Right, Reika-san?”

Without affirming or denying Okaasama, I simply smiled away.
What a horrible development. A horrible, horrible development.
Please, just go away without causing any trouble.
My prayer bore no fruit, because our parents just continued to chat, and chat.
When I happened to look forward, I met gazes with the bored-looking Kaburagi.
“Hmm,” he huffed, as he looked away.
Uwah~ Totally indifferent to me.
Don’t think I want to get close to a guy like you, either!

“Reika-san, do you remember what we spoke about earlier? Please do come over to play.”


Kaburagi wrinkled his nose in displeasure and looked at his mother.

“Thank you very much.”

For now I just smiled. I’m definitely not going, okay.
Look, Kaburagi is looking all unhappy about it. He’s got a ‘Why the hell is she coming to our house?’ face on. Wah-, he’s glaring!

“My, myy! Reika-san, you must definitely visit them!”

“Isn’t that greatt, Reika? Ahaha, our Reika adores Masaya-kun, you see.”

I don’t adore him! Why the hell are you spouting bullshit, Otousama!
Okaasama’s eyes are sparkling!
Aahh, what do I do…
Why don’t they notice Kaburagi’s displeased aura!?
I don’t adore you, okay! I have no intention of going, okay! So please just stop glaring at me so angrily!
I entreated the nearby Oniisama with my eyes, but he just made a troubled expression and seemed to decide on watching things pan out.
Somebody save meeeee!

“Mum, Shuusuke and the others are here, so I’m going.”

“My, Shuusuke-kun?”

Enjou and a person who seemed to be his mother came out from the school building.
It’s my first time seeing her. Such an ephemeral-looking beauty~

“Oohh, Enjou-sama’s! I certainly do wish to greet them.”

GYAHHHH! Otousama’s words just made things even worse!

“Dad, Mum, I think Reika wants to spend the last moments of primary with her friends. Would it be okay if she went? It’s her graduation ceremony, after all.”



“I also wanna walk around the place with Shuusuke.”

Kaburagi got on board.

“What a helpless boy, you are. Very well, go have fun. My apologies, Kisshouin-sama. Masaya is quite a wilful child.”

“No, no, not at all. The rumours of Masaya-kun’s excellence have reached my ears, you know.”

After saying his goodbyes to my family, Kaburagi immediately headed off to Enjou.
I need to leave now as well!

“Well then, I shall also be heading to my friends. Kaburagi-sama, please excuse me.”

Giving a small bow, I hurried over to the ring of girls.
I’ll leave the rest to you, Oniisama!


Just as I thought I had finally escaped from my parents, Serika-chan and Kikuno-chan had been lying in wait to get stories about the Kaburagi family from me. Please, just give me a break~

Since it’s our precious graduation ceremony, I wanted it to end more enjoyablyy.
Even though the incidents lasted just a few minutes, I’m dead tired.
Or rather, if things fall into the same pattern at the middle section entrance ceremony, what am I going to do…
I hugged Oniisama’s bouquet tightly.

But uraras, huhhh? I had no idea roses like that existed.
Rococo and roses. Kuh-! It’s way too fitting, if I do say so myself.
Isn’t this exactly a shoujo manga development? But it’s a little sad that things only happen with my blood-related brother. But well, that’s good in its own way too.
This is also part of the ‘future blessing’ curse, after all.
I’m sure once I enter middle school, a wonderful lovey dovey development will await me too.


When I got home, my excited parents pestered me about visiting the Kaburagi house, but I gave excuses and told them that Kaburagi hated women, and so going would actually bother him.
But looking at these two, they’re deeefinitely not gunna give up, are theyyy?
Honestly, I wish they would just stop with their weird ambitions already.






“Oohh! Why if it isn’t Kaburagi-sama! Congratulations on Masaya-kun’s graduation, I should say!” (said Reika’s dad)

“My! Our Reika as well! We certainly hope Masaya-kun gets along with her. Right, Reika-san?” (said Reika’s mum)
Her mother refers to her as Reika-san, but her father doesn’t.

“Oniisama doesn’t work any strange jobs, does he?”
e.g. host, gigolo etc.

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