Reika-sama – 041

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“Umm, Kisshouin-san. There’s a little something I’d like to talk to you about. Is that okay?”

From his face, it looked like something pretty big, so we went behind the school building where less people were around.

“What might this be?”

It looks like he’s been wanting to talk to me for a while, after all.
But Class Rep just fidgeted, and didn’t manage to start speaking.
Seems like it was something hard to say, so I just stayed quiet and waited.

“Umm, since you’re a smart person, Kisshouin-san, I thought maybe you’d already noticed.”

“My, me, a smart person? Not at all.”

I wonder if that’s how he sees me in his head.
But still, I wonder what this is about.
I really can’t think of anything at all~
Ah-, his face turned red.
Seriouslyy, what’s up~?

“The truth is, I like Honda-san.”


………I’m sorry. I was conceited.
I ended up wondering if he maybe liked me.
‘I wonder what it is I have no idea what this could be this is definitely a confession’, I thought.


‘Has my time finally come!?’ I thought!
‘But I’m so troubled~ I don’t think of him that way at all~ ‘ I thought! Delusions, and on top of that, condescending delusions!
I’m sorry! I’m sorry for not knowing my place!
I wanna be one of those bobble head toys and just continue to bow in apology!

I mean, I’ve never been popular before.
It’s always been a bit of a fantasy.
‘Is it finally my turn for a shoujo manga development!?’ I accidentally thought.

“Um, Kisshouin-san? Is something wrong?”

“…No, nothing at all.”

Pulling myself together and changing gears, I faced Class Rep.
Fortunately, he didn’t seem to notice my conceited misunderstanding.
Let’s just continue the conversation like nothing happened.

“Well? You say you like Honda-san, but why speak to me about it?”

Yeah, seriously. To begin with, why speak to me about this?
You know… it’s Class Rep’s fault as well for being misleading, right?
If he likes Miharu-chan, then can’t he just tell her that? Why keep glancing my way, and call me out to a place like this?
It has nothing to do with me, right?
Or so I was thinking, getting angry even though I was in the wrong.

“Because you’re like the leader of the girls, Kisshouin-san. I thought maybe you could cooperate with me, or something like that.”

“Cooperate? Helping you confess?”

“Confess!? I just wanted to find out more about her. Also, if possible, I want you to use this.”

What he shyly handed over to me was a picture of Class Rep and Honda-san together in class.
I guess he wants me to put this in the album?

After that, Class Rep started talking his heart out to me.
About how he was class rep with her last year and ended up liking her.
About how when he cut his finger, Honda-san bandaged it for him, and about how she did girly things.
About how he thought he’d get to be class rep with her this year too, but got depressed when it was somebody else.
(Well sorryyy that it was me!)

“Also, I want her to write on this too…”

He brought out a signature book.
I thought that only girls did this stuff, but do boys do it too?
Speaking of which, there were boys all into the matchmaker shrine too, weren’t there.
I may have a surprisingly high number of effeminate boys in my grade.

“Class Rep, you also pulled a love fortune at Kyoto, didn’t you.”

“It was ‘great blessing’.”

Again, his face went red.
Well, good for you then. I got ‘future blessing’, you know?

“Leaving the photo aside, what if you asked for the signature yourself? Why is there a need for me to ask?”

“Because it’s hard to suddenly ask for one, you know? We’re not even class reps together anymore, so we hardly even talk.”

“…Well, I apologise for becoming the vice rep then.”

I stabbed right into his happy attitude.
As expected, Class Rep went into a panic and started saying stuff like “Not at all! You’ve been really, really helpful!”.

“I understand. Very well, then. In that case, while Honda-san and I are together, come casually asking for my signature. You can use our being class reps as an excuse. At that time, I will casually bring up the fact that Honda-san also served with you last year, and from there, please ask her for her signature.”

“Eh-, can I really pull off so much acting? Ah-, but I’ll do my best.”

He looks uneasy.
Was Class Rep this kind of boy? I thought he was more of a diligent, and stereotypical ‘class rep’ type, you knoww?


On a later day, Class Rep came along with signature book in hand, and subjected us to some monotone acting.
Miharu-chan showed no signs of noticing his feelings, and happily accepted. While she was at it, she asked for Class Rep’s signature as well, so he turned red.

After that, when I asked Miharu-chan if she liked anyone at the moment, she said that she didn’t but her type was something like Enjou-sama. And so I went and passed that info to Class Rep, who went “Enjou-kun, huh…” and got depressed.
“It’s not like she actually likes Enjou himself. Her type is simply similar to him. Doesn’t that mean you still have hope?” I said in consolation, but it didn’t look like it had much effect.
Sorry, Class Rep. I was a little mean to you.


And also, it looks like girls and boys who got close because of the signature book popped up here and there.
Nothing particularly happened to me though.
The adult me thinks that romance is way too early for primary schoolers, but who really knows, huh~?
It’s not like I’m saying this because of an inferiority complex, okay?


Aahh, we’re graduating next year, huhh?
Once I enter middle school, I wonder if spring will come for me this time.
I only got ‘future blessing’ so my hopes are slim though.


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31 thoughts on “Reika-sama – 041”

    1. Wow, I never though I would get first on this website.

      Also, don’t worry Reika-sama. Even though I thought it would never be, I also thought he would at least try. While I’m on it, I know this novel is supposed to be all slice of life and all, but if she never ends up with ANYONE then it’ll just be sad.

      Thanks for the chapter!

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  1. thanks a lot—–!
    ah—-! i knew it! it really wasn’t her being confessed to…suspected as much,ahaha! it’s ok, reika—-! i’m waiting for the guy who’ll like her! where is he?! will he ev—-er appear?! for now….ship enjou and reika!
    haha, reika’s plan to let class rep talk to honda-san himself. also, reika’s really become a consultant, huh?
    lol, see, it’s not her elegance decreasing, but her charisma and approachability rising! woo—-! leader of the girls though, lol!

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  2. Hmm… You arent really conceited you know? Him looking at you x-times is at fault here!

    Also, its because of your noble like aura, that you havent meet your match yet. If you had more dignity and guts. I bet Enjou would be pretty interested, but because you showed your weak side… I bet there wont be a chance. Tho i wasnt hoping for it either~


  3. I thought to myself last chapter: “the most hilarious way this could turn out would be if class rep wants to confess to someone else” but I really didn’t actually expect it to happen

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  4. Reika-san, me too!!! I was fooled too!!! ((((hugs)))) to Reika-san, hold on to your fortune of future love!!! And… you really are Side-Job Reika, aren’t you… be careful or it’s going to be a situation of “always a bridesmaid never a bride” for you….

    Thank so much for all your hard work ani-ue~~~~ Hope you had a Super Duper Fabulous Amazing…. Krampusnacht!!!!! XD

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  5. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Plot twist, honda-san saw the two of them together and prez gave her a paper(the picture) and got jealous..


  6. I totally get how she felt. I had this sh*t happen TWICE in my life, only with inverted sexes. Once in elementary and once in middle school. Good thing at least at both times I didn’t like either girl, but both times I got full of myself thinking how lucky and great I was being confessed to, and if I had to accept or refuse, and IF refuse, what to say, but then both girls went “I like your friend, help me…” WTF!!! Dark history indeed… Stupid bitches leaving me hopeful when I wasn’t even interested in them in the first place!


  7. BWAAAAHHHH, WHAT WAS THAAAAAAAT? That fooled me real hard, like whaaaaat!? For real? That was a scam, I tell you, a scam!

    I feel betrayed… And I feel strangely guilty about it too… Is it my bad for having the same expectations as her there… What? does this mean we shouldn’t have these expectations when this stuff happens to us? Hold up, I need to rethink my life..

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