Reika-sama – 020

Aira-sama messaged me on Saturday.
We chatted via email, and summing up the main points of our conversation,

  • Yurie-sama is angry at the fact that he went too far, scrutinising her every action, and even using people in middle school to stop her from talking to male students.
  • Yurie-sama is also angry at the fact that even though the boy who confessed to her was from another school, Kaburagi did something as violent as suddenly drop-kicking him.
  • When he clearly understands why Yurie-sama is angry, and has reflected, she intends on forgiving him.
  • When that happens, he will swear that he will honour her own desires, and will refrain from unreasonable surveillance and inteference.

Also, and this is big,

  • He will swear not to get other people wrapped up for Yurie-sama’s sake.

Naturally this includes me.

In fact, Aira-sama told Yurie-sama about Kaburagi forcing me to be a slave, and Yurie-sama apparently apologised to me.

Also, when I told Aira-sama about my lie about the mobile, she suggested that we meet early Monday morning to talk.
As expected of Aira-sama.


With my spy report with me, I triumphantly walked into school.
I was casually thinking that I would just go to the salon at lunch break to hand it to him, but I had forgotten about how little self-control he had.

Shortly after I arrived at school, Kaburagi barged into my classroom.
My classmates fell silent, and the jealousy and envy of the girls was particularly bad.
I mean after all, Kaburagi Masaya who paid basically no attention to girls had now come all the way to another room to meet a female student (me).

What the hell has he done…

“Oi, how was it?”

Without even greeting me, suddenly jumping into that?

“Good morning, Kaburagi-sama. It would not do to speak here, so perhaps we should speak at lunch.”

So that the crowd couldn’t sense my inner turmoil, I stuck with my calm facade.
I’m begging you, please don’t say anything unnecessary in front of them.
This stalker is an idiot so I have no idea what kind of dangerous things he might say.
Aah, what am I going to do if the class finds out that I’m a gopher?
My position would plummet to the ground!

“No, say it now. I’m not gunna wait.”

Waittt daamnnn youuu~

It’s this lack of self-control that makes Yurie-sama angry, so hurry up and notice already.
At this rate you won’t be forgiven no matter how long you wait, you know?

“Very well. In that case, it is not a matter that we can discuss here, so shall we change locations?”

Anyway, I have to go somewhere without other people. If he calls me ‘Gopher’ here, I’m done for.
Also, the gazes from the crowd are too scary.

“Alright. Follow me.”

Arrogant as always, huh~
The moment that we stepped out of the room, I could hear the girls screaming “What on earth was thattt!?” from behind me.
It looks like my days of peace are over.
Aahh, my head hurts…


“Now then, speak your results.”

We didn’t have time to go to the salon, so we just spoke in the corner of the hallway.
Even though this place should be filled with people right now, with a glare from the Emperor the place cleared out.
Although I’m painfully aware that they’re all paying attention from afar.


I took out the report from my pocket.
To begin with, would a normal person think to ask for the results first thing in the morning even though I was supposed to be talking to Aira-sama the very same day?
Is he really just an idiot without a brain, or could it be that he expected me to prioritise his orders over everything else?
If it’s the latter, then all the more reason to hate it, huh~

Stalker Kaburagi read the report with much intensity.
…I suppose you can call this honest in a sense, huhh~
When I was unrelated, I saw a primary school boy being this affected by his first love, so I had thought mellow stuff like ‘How bittersweet~ How heartrending~’, but now that I’m actually wrapped up in it, he just looks like a damned stalker that keeps causing me trouble.

“…So if I reflect like it says here, and I swear that I’ll stop keeping Yurie under surveillance, she’ll forgive me, huh?”

“That appears to be the case.”

Kaburagi fell into thought.

“So when is that going to be?”


What the heck is this guy saying.

“As I said, when you reflect…”

“I’ve reflected. Totally reflected. And I swear that I’ll respect Yurie’s decisions. Look, it’s just like Yurie’s demands. So today? Tomorrow? Or is she going to forgive me right now?”


What an annoying guy.
Was the Emperor always such an annoying kid in his youth?
Because he’s always got a cold and bored expression, all the girls make a fuss and say stuff like ‘He’s so cool and dreamy!’ and I also thought he was pretty cold for a primary schooler, but what ‘cool’? He’s just an idiot.
Everyone’s been totally fooled.


And at this point, Enjou Shuusuke came walking along.

“What are you doing in a place like this? And with Kisshouin-san as well.”

Aaah, the annoyances have multiplied.

“Oohh, Shuusuke! Look at this! The spy’s done good work!”

“Eh-, Kisshouin-san, have you already gone to ask Aira? You sure work fast, huh~”

Enjou peered in from the side at the report Kaburagi was holding.

“Hm~ I see. Well, isn’t it just as we expected?”

“I said this just now as well, but I’ve already reflected, and I’ll accept Yurie’s conditions. So it’s about time that Yurie forgives me, right?”

He really is a simple-minded idiot, huh~

“You sure are an idiot, Masaya~”

Uwa-, for a moment I thought my mind was being vocally projected.

“Shuusuke, you bastard, are you picking a fight with me?”

“Hey now, reflect, reflect. That short temper of yours is another reason Yurie is angry, you know?”

“Nothing like that was in the report!”

“Didn’t they teach us in Japanese class to read between the lines? Look, right here it mentions that you flying kicked a middle schooler from another school. Yurie was angry at your short-tempered actions. Get it now?”

Kaburagi fell into frustrated silence.

“Anyway, she isn’t going to believe that you’ve reflected from just your words. You need to show it in your attitude.”

“Then what the hell should I do.”

“Let’s see~ Kisshouin-san, do you have any good ideas?”


Why me?
I did just as instructed and went searching for Yurie-sama’s thoughts on the matter, so aren’t I relieved of duty already?
Your trusted friend has come already, so you shouldn’t have a use for me anymore.
Or rather, I don’t want anything to do with you.

And with good timing, the bell for class rang.

“Goodness. I must be leaving for class. Well then.”

Hurry, hurry.

“Wait, Spy.”

Kaburagi called for me to stop.

“You come up with something too. It’s your assignment until lunch break.”


Why the heck should I do that!?
And plotting isn’t the job of a spy, right?
Please just give me a break already…

Enjou gave a troubled smile.
Uh, no, you’re the one who turned the conversation to me, right?
Honestly, this is just the worst…


The moment I returned to class, the homeroom teacher came in, so for now I managed to avoid my hounding classmates.
Although it’s just putting it off the short time until this one hour lesson is over.
My relationship with Kaburagi… What kind of lie would be good?
Even if I die, I won’t admit that I’m his gopher.
What if I just said something normal like “There has been a small matter he entrusted to me.”? I’d be troubled if they asked about what the matter was though.
Aahh, this week is off to such an unlucky start.


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34 thoughts on “Reika-sama – 020”

  1. thanks a lot—!
    enjou shousuke and reika! i kind of ship them—-?! hahaha! kaburagi’s so annoying! -flips tables- poor reika—! though actually, i feel like she should just speak up more! but,ah,status, status…anyway, ship enjou shousuke and kisshouin reika—! for now!

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  2. / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\
    | THANKS! NEPU! |
    \        /
       ̄ ̄ ̄∨ ̄ ̄ ̄
    _l≡_  _ |_  (
     (≡・ω・)  )


      1. well as you know social status in japan is very important and also they are bigshot so i cant blame reika chan for that :D

        but i think whenever you cant do something in the right way dont even hesitate to use underhand method so if she wasnt that coward or she was a two faces like the sun knight it would become a fun story >:)


  3. Edits/suggestions:

    “It would not doto speak here”
    Needs a space between “do” and “to”

    “Nothing like that was in the port”
    “port” -> “report”

    “so aren’t I relieved of duty already?” ”
    You’ve got extra quotation marks at the end.

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  4. I kind of like the guys. Still, nice to hear that they’re not going to overstay their welcome.


  5. i hate him and her. mostly him cuz is is one of those as*holes that uses his status for everything


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