Reika-sama – 021

Just as expected, the moment that the hour-long class ended, people began to swarm around my desk.

“What on earth was that, Reika-sama!?”

The first shot was fired by my classmate since year 1 and Follower #1, Serika-chan.

“You’ve never told us that you were close to Kaburagi-sama, you know?”

This too was a classmate since first grade, Follower #2, Kikuno-chan.
Amongst all my followers, these two are the ones known as the closest to me, and at times like these, they’re the first to speak up.

“Please calm down, everybody. Kaburagi-sama and I are not particularly close.”

“But for Kaburagi-sama to go out of his way to meet with a girl is,”

“The truth is, I have been entrusted with a certain matter, and we were simply discussing it, all right?”

“A certain matter? What kind of matter?”

“That is, something I do not have the right to talk about…”

At that moment, a sudden chorus of squeals came from around the door to our classroom.

“Kisshouin-san, are you in?”


The girls around me began kicking up a fuss about him.

What the heck is this guy here for…

“Ah, there you are, Kisshouin-san. About our conversation with Masaya from earlier, when you’re finished with lunch, come to the Pivoine salon, okay?”

That line just caused a bigger fuss.
Aahh, my days of peace are…

“U-, Umm, Enjou-sama? Is it true that Reika-sama has been entrusted something by Kaburagi-sama?”

“Aah, mn. That’s right.”

Again with the squeals and cheers.

“What is it that she’s been entrusted with?”

“Sorry, but I can’t really say. If you girls pry too much, Masaya will get angry, you know? Won’t that be bad? Kisshouin-san is keeping quiet too, see?”


“See you later then,” smiled Enjou, before leaving the classroom.
Although the girls were still excited from Enjou’s sudden visit, his mention that Kaburagi Masaya would get angry at their prying stopped them from doing anything more, even though they would have happily hounded me otherwise.

Did that guy come to visit me during our short period-break just to tell me to come to the salon?
Hm~mm. Could it be that he knew that people would hound me about my relationship with Kaburagi, and came here to cover for me?
Hmm, is he really nice enough to do that?
But in the manga, he always casually covered for the protagonist, didn’t he. I guess that means he has it in him.


Well, either way it’s fine.
With this, perhaps even the girls who heard me become a gopher will keep quiet too.
To begin with, those guys began all this, so covering for me this much is a given!



At lunch break, I was too afraid of what might happen if I didn’t go, so although I was reluctant from the depths of my heart, I headed to the salon.

Emperor was sitting cockily on his special seat as usual.
Isn’t he pretty energetic compared to last week?
Even though it would have been great if he just stayed a husk like that…

“Too slow!”

Honestly, I’m just not going to comment anymore…

“Kisshouin-san, how about you sit down for now?”

“Enjou-sama, thank you very much for following up earlier.”

Hearing my words, Enjou replied with a smile.
Hm~mm, so that really was his aim.
Not that I’m really grateful though.

“Oi, what are you guys on about?”

“Nothing. More importantly, aren’t we here to discuss what you’re gunna do?”

“Oh yeah! What do I do to convince Yurie that I’ve reflected?”

You’re seriously relying on others for this?

“How about you start with what you think, Masaya?”

“I think that in order to convey my feelings to Yurie, I should visit her each day to apologise!”

This guy hasn’t reflected at all, has he?

“Masaya, I think that would have the opposite effect.”


He’s so stupid that it’s almost refreshing.

“Then what do you think I should do!?”

“Don’t contact her at all until it all dies down, and then quietly wait for forgiveness.”


Well, it’s true that Stalker-kun here wouldn’t be able to handle it.

“Alright then. Spy! What do you think?”

Honestly, please just stop with that name already.

“Kaburagi-sama, my name is Kisshouin Reika. Please desist with the ‘spy’.”

It would be the absolute worst if he called me that in public.

“That’s right, Masaya. She’s helping you with advice, so at least use her name properly.”


He suuure has a crappy attitude.
Well, I already know he was this type of person though.

“Well? Do you have a good idea or not?”

He flicked his chin to prompt me.

“I suggest that you write a letter each day.”


Right, a letter.
Although I think that Enjou’s idea of behaving quietly for a while is best, this ‘earnest guy’ (read: stalker) wouldn’t be able to bear it.

“How much you have reflected for example, or what you think of the situation and the like. Well, what they call a reflection essay, I suppose. I believe that a message through your phone would feel too impersonal, and would not convey your feelings as well. For that reason, a handwritten letter would be best. Write a letter that conveys your feelings to Yurie-sama. Since ancient times, Japan has always had the tradition of romances that begin with a love letter.”

“Is that true!?”

Well, who knows.

“Please write it carefully and wholeheartedly. Choose paper and an envelope that you think Yurie-sama would like. Doing things this way will also serve as a way to show that you are thinking of her feelings without impressing your own on her. Perhaps a small bouquet from time to time would also be appropriate. And never, ever send a large one.”

“Why? If I’m going to show my feelings for her, bigger would be better, right?”

“That would be too pushy. A smaller bouquet is a way of expressing your first love as a junior. Appeal to Yurie-sama’s feelings.”

“F-, First love!?”

“What are you saying after all this time? The entire school is aware. More importantly, once school ends today, please immediately go shopping for a letter-writing set.”

Kaburagi turned red and sputtered for a moment at the words ‘first love’, but he eventually pulled himself back together and said,

“Alright! I’ll use your suggestion! After school we’re going shopping for a letter set! You two know your jobs, right!”

Eh-, what the heck is he on about?

“I will not be going.”

“Hah? Why?”

That’s what I should be asking. Why the heck do I have to go?

“I have lessons after school. And in addition, Kaburagi-sama? I believe it was written in my report earlier. “He will swear not to get other people wrapped up for Yurie-sama’s sake.” If you involve me in this matter, Yurie-sama will become angry again.”

After falling silent for a while, Kaburagi replied,

“…Got it. Good work.”

“Yes. Well then, I take my leave. Gokigen’yoh.”

I flashed a smile, and left the salon.




Afterwards, the letter strategy was a success, and feeling moved, Yurie-sama apparently forgave him.

The strategy succeeded without a hitch.
In the end I retired from my life as a spy, and returned to being just a normal girl.
Please don’t look for me.





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42 thoughts on “Reika-sama – 021”

  1. thanks a lot!
    woo—–! nice! -starts shipping reika and enjou- anyone with me? no? it’a ok, ahaha!
    well, this chapter was cute! it’s nice that enjou came to cover for her, and also, i really like that she gave suggestions and showed her calmness! it’s a lot better than her being ‘afraid’ of him, so-called!

    Liked by 12 people

      1. -thumbs up- i support their friendship, too! though of course, shipping them more,lol! totally beautiful relationship indeed! i look forward to future control coordination by enjou and reika, haha!

        Liked by 3 people

  2. damn i thought Masaya would be a cool character at first but he is just a stalker. seriously he could have been great, not as good as the brother but still. the author messed up there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I personally like the “idiot stalker” mode, his character has been a lot like the MC of Hana yori dango, going after love like a steamroller, and the story of his first love like the one of Rui from the same story…

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Good job Reika, managing to avoid the cliche development of getting closer to the protagonist and helping him with his love live.

    This reminds me a little of “My Disciple Died Yet Again”. In that, it shows how the main characters of a story could be seen from a different perspective. With that it’s a Xiantia main character, with this is a jerk-ass shoujo love interest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the recommendation… I just read it and I enjoyed it immensely~
      It would be good if it made the “v” list here, even though it’s chinese


  4. Well… She at least is known to have a name… And I wonder… If this “author” who wrote this “manga” ever made this sort of side story… How would the readers react to this other side of the characters with Reika’s 180º turnover? (also… a semi-idiot but with a heart)


  5. And then the next chapter begins with:
    “That was what I wanted to happen. Unfortunately, Lady Luck had different ideas. For some reason or another I found myself sitting at a table with the Stalker-kun himself, as he prattled on about his renewed ‘friendship’. As he wasn’t asking me to do anything, Stalker-kun reasoned that he wasn’t bothering me.

    Was he an idiot? I already knew he was one though.”

    I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen… but it’s fun to imagine.


      1. … But is there more to the story past chapter 22? That seems a bit like the climax has already been reached and it’s already the denouement.


  6. I hate all of them aside from reika’s onee-sama and onii-sama everyone else can just **** *** I ain’t shipping no one


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