Reika-sama – 019

And so just like that, I was abducted by the Kaburagi car, and they immediately demanded the results of my spy work.

“How was it? I trust you did your job properly? I saw Aira walk into the building after all.”

Oh my god.
This person really is a stalker. So dangerous.
And perhaps, also somebody with too much free time?

“Aira-sama promised that she will ask Yurie-sama later for me. She should be contacting me in the near future.”

I’m definitely not telling him that we exchanged addresses.
If I let him know, then Emperor, now Stalker In-the-Making would definitely demand mine as well, and send me orders by email day and night.
That’s just how stalkers are.

“I see. Did she say anything else?”

Hm~mm, I really can’t say it, can I.

“What. Answer me.”

Uu, don’t glare at me. It’s scary.

“Umm, Aira-sama said, ‘threatening unwilling people and working them hard for your own matters like this will just get Yurie even angrier’.”

Waa, I said it.
But this is what Aira-sama said, okay? It wasn’t me, okay?

Kaburagi blinked blankly.

“What unwilling people?”

Eh-, could it be that this kid is an idiot?
Not just a stalker, but an idiot too?
Incredibly arrogant, a stalker, and an idiot. So a total failure?

“Oi. You. You were thinking something rude just now, weren’t you.”

“No, I would never dream of such a thing.”

Stop reading my mind!

Kaburagi stared hard at my face for a while, but he eventually snorted and stopped.

“Well whatever. When will Aira be contacting you?”

“I cannot say. Perhaps on Monday?”

“How is she contacting you? Are you going to go to the middle school area to ask?”

“Ummm… I wonder?”

He hit me where it hurttt!

“What the heck. Go find out then. What now. Are you going to wait here until Aira’s lesson ends?”

Don’t joke with me.
Why do I have to do that much.

“No. In that case, I shall go ask Aira-sama on Monday.”

For now, let’s just avoid the problem with this.

“Hmm? Alright, got it. Monday, right? You better not forget.”

“Yes. I understand.”

Can I go home now?

“Oh yeah. You got a mobile?”


When lying, absolutely do NOT look to the top right.
It’s what Oniisama taught me.


“My parents decided as such.”

Kaburagi is looking at me suspiciously.
Oh yeah. This guy can read minds. Keep calm, keep calm.

“May I leave now? My chauffeur will be worried.”

I want to retreat before I let up anything else.

“Eh, ahh, yeah. Well then, Monday then.”


The moment that I stepped out of the Kaburagi car, as though he just remembered, Kaburagi added,

“By the way, who was that ‘unwilling person’ that you mentioned earlier?”

Flashing him a smile like Enjou’s, I said,

“That would be me, of course. Well then, gokigen’yoh, Kaburagi-sama.”

Leaving behind the gaping Kaburagi, I walked towards my family’s car.


I said it. I said it!
…But what am I going to do if he gets revenge.




Oniisama is coming home late today, so I was having dinner with just my parents.
That was when the bombshell dropped.
Otousama was smiling in a good mood when he asked,

“I heard from Sagami today that Masaya-kun from the Kaburagi clan went all the way to your English class to meet you.”


I was wondering why he seemed to be in a good mood, but was that why!?
Sagami is the name of the chauffeur that picked me up.
He picked me up, but the reason he didn’t save me when I was abducted by some strange car was because he knew who they were, then.
And then he went and reported it to my parents, huh.

“When did you too become so close? Otousama had no idea.” (←this is the father speaking himself)

“No, Otousama. I have almost never spoken with Kaburagi-sama.”

It’s no good. If I don’t clearly refute him here, it’ll end up in some situation where there’s no going back.

“What are you saying? That Masaya-kun went out of his way to meet you, didn’t he? Could it be that he’s taken a liking to you?”

Uwahh, what an unthinkable misunderstanding!
Otousama’s totally dreaming.

“Impossible. Saying things like that will trouble Kaburagi-sama, so please do not ever say such a thing again!”

Up until now, Otousama might have been hoping ambitiously that I’d marry him.
To begin with, that’s how it was in the manga.
Aah, what do I do.
If only Oniisama were here!

“Why are you getting so irritated, Reika?”

“Because you are having strange misunderstandings, Otousama!”

This is bad. I can hear the footsteps of the approaching downfall.
The role of being majorly shamed at an engagement party? Definitely don’t want it!

“Now, now, dear. Reika is still at an age where she’s embarrassed about these things, so let’s be more gentle about these things.”

Okaasama gently stopped him.
But even she’s looking my way with expectation.
Please cut me a break~!

All of this is his fault! That Stalker Kaburagi’s!



Wanting to vent these feelings of mine, I charged at Oniisama when he came back from prep school.

“And so, Otousama and Okaasama are having terrible misunderstandings. What should I do, Oniisama?”

I’m sorry for doing this when Oniisama is probably exhausted having just come home, but I’ll be venting my complaints to him.

“If it’s just the misunderstanding, then it’ll clear itself on its own sometime. I’ll talk to them and make sure they don’t do anything rash. More importantly, will you be okay with the thing with Masaya-kun?”

I left out what exactly Kaburagi wanted to hear from Aira-sama.
As well as the part about being intimidated. I don’t want Oniisama to worry.
The reason that I didn’t talk about Yurie-sama’s thing is because although he really is a stalker, it still wouldn’t sit right with me to go spreading details about somebody’s love life.

“I think it will be okay.”

“That’s good then.”

Oniisama patted my head.
Hahh~ Talking to Oniisama really does calm me down~

“Hey, Oniisama.”


“Oniisama, in the future will you be inheriting the Kisshouin Corporation?”

“Well, yeah, I guess.”

“Please make sure to be honest in your management, okay?”

“What the heck?”

Only the sincere Oniisama can stop that ambitious Otousama!
Please, Oniisama, protect my peaceful future.




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  1. so…did reika-sama raised a death flag already?

    Unless…emperor is a Tsundere emperor?

    is it a dense harem protagonist?

    is it?

    i kinda wanted the humble childhood friend rerika-sama just got…..

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            1. Well… Can’t deny it, but he seems to be more than, what she believes he is? (At least I guess, since Anri-sama and a certain OP restaurant’s cook did, that’s why~)


  2. thanks a lot—-!
    well, it’s close to catching up, i’ll just start reading from here, wahaha! to refresh my memory…
    anyway, regarding the chapter. someone…someone please…stop kaburagi!!-puts face to hands, depressed- also, no, reika’s parents, please, do not…!-drags hand across face exasperatedly- takateru, i have faith in you, that you’ll be a good leader! -two thumbs up-


        1. Nah, that is an improvement on what I had in mind for him. Even shit is an object so it means he has *some* brains.

          Vacuum flask.

          Absolutely nothing between the walls.

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  3. this is really growing on me, and i can tell cause im not pissed at all that theres no tilea update.
    Thanks mate for another quick release ^^


  4. thank you!
    good job, reika, manipulating information to make things less difficult for yourself!

    -fangirling- reika copied enjou’s smile! cute! ahaha! well, enjou’s ‘dark’ smile, lol!

    oh no, her parents are misunderstanding—-! this must be cleared right away! go takateru! you are her hope! no, takateru, you can’t say that! you’re thinking too lightly of this! it’s important that they have no ideas about reika and kaburagi whatsoever! lol, takateru also worries about the relationship between kaburagi and reika, as expected of a siscon brother!

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