Reika-sama – 162

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So, to everybody I pinged on Discord Friday night, you may have noticed that this was delayed by two days. I have a very good reason for that, so good that it absolves me of all wrong, but I’m afraid I’m not allowed to tell you. Ever. Instead have a double release I guess.

Oh, and if anybody hasn’t read it yet, I’d like to recommend Jun Jiuling which is a ‘more wilful personality is dumped into a trash girl’s body in (sometimes faux) Ancient China’ story.

I’d prefer not to spoil things since the author (shockingly) understands that dumping information on people will not necessarily make them care, but it’s a fun and surprisingly refreshing read.

Minor spoilers for those of you not convinced.

When the School Festival was over, all anybody could talk about was how the Emperor ate Takamichi Wakaba’s hand-made biscuits two days in a row, and how Enjou’s mysterious girlfriend had appeared.

Thanks to that, things were noisier for me too.

“What do you think about all this, Reika-sama? How could Kaburagi-sama of all people eat home-made sweets? And he even went there two days in a row, and even bought extra to bring home with him!”

“Bring home? As I recall, those biscuits were just extras for the tea. They were not for sale, unless I am mistaken…”

“Well, it’s Kaburagi-sama, so who would refuse… But it’s not even that he really liked the biscuits. They were made by a number of people, but he only wanted the ones made by Takamichi-san.”

You’re being way too blunt, Kaburagi…

“Apparently on the second day all of the girls involved with baking the biscuits tried to give him theirs. The only ones he touched were Takamichi-san’s though.”

“Goodness… The biscuits Takamichi-san baked must have truly matched his palate.”

“Why are you being so carefree, Reika-sama. Come on, you need to get your act together!” sulked Kikuno.

There wasn’t much I could do though…

“This morning Kaburagi-sama greeted Takamichi-san in the hallway again…” mumbled Ayame-chan.

“I heard from girls in her class that whenever he comes to greet Enjou-sama he always greets her as well.”

“It couldn’t be that Kaburagi-sama truly…”

“Hey-! Don’t say something so extreme!” Serika-chan said before covering her ears.

“Reika-sama? Have you heard anything from Kaburagi-sama?”

“What do you mean by ‘anything’?”

“Like we were saying, something about Takamichi-san. …Has it ever come up in the conversations in the Pivoine?”

“Not so far as I can remember.”

The girls all sighed. Sorry for being useless, everyone.

“Should Kaburagi-sama not be free to love whomever he wants, though…?”

“Reika-sama! How could you say that! I don’t like it! How could somebody just monopolise Kaburagi-sama like that! All of the girls in Zui’ran agree with me!”

“You must be exaggerating…”

“No, it’s true!” declared Kikuno-chan without a shred of hesitation.

Everybody nodded along like it was natural.

I guess since Kaburagi was like an idol, it wasn’t strange that his fans acted the way idol fans did.

“Even if Kaburagi-sama did find a girlfriend, she would have to be somebody we could all accept. If it was Yurie-sama then all of us would have felt that it was inevitable, but I don’t think anybody would accept Takamichi-san.”

“Right? Her background is unsuitable for him, and aren’t her looks just normal? She’s basically only good at studying, right?”

“Oh no. What if Takamichi-san only came to Zui’ran to look for a rich man? That’s horrible!”

Whoa, whoa, please don’t just randomly decide that Wakaba-chan’s a gold digger.

“Does Takamichi-san seem so ill-natured?”

“Goodness, are you taking Takamichi Wakaba’s side over ours, Reika-sama?”

“That was not my intention…”

Oh boy. I could even make things worse if I wasn’t careful. Worse for both Wakaba-chan and me.

“By the way, who was that woman with Enjou-sama…” Ayame-chan changed the subject, with an expression that I couldn’t quite place.

Everybody exchanged glances.

“They seemed rather close…”

“She linked arms with Enjou-sama.”

“And she even called Enjou-sama ‘Shuu’…”

“Enjou-sama called her ‘Yuiko’ too.”

“It can’t be…”

Everyone seemed to be bitterly thinking the same thing. ‘Was that his girlfriend?’

“What do you think, Reika-sama?”

“I have no idea either…”

Katsuragi Boy called her ‘Enjou-san’s lover’ didn’t he. Not that it meant that it was true…

What I did know was why Bird Brain had picked so many fights with me now. The adulation in his eyes when he looked at her was something else. Not that I couldn’t understand it.

We only met for a short while, but Yuiko-san had a special atmosphere. It was transient and ephemeral like the moon rippling on the water.

I think my friends realised it too. They had none of the energy, unlike when it came to Wakaba-chan.

Yeah. That girl was scary. I don’t think I could win.

“By the way, Reika-sama, who on earth were those boys taking photographs of you?”

“I think one of them had a lisp. When he said ‘Reika-san, come over here~’ it sounded like he was saying ‘Reika-tan, come over here~’…”

Please don’t bring that up…



Thanks to the stupid Kaburagi’s thoughtlessness, girls were getting more and more jealous of Wakaba-chan. Not a few times I saw them muttered ‘ugly’ or ‘don’t get ahead of yourself’ as they passed her. I guess it was a relief that Wakaba-chan didn’t seem fazed though.

One morning I came to school earlier than usual, and came across Wakaba-chan in the shoe hallway. I thought that I should at least greet her. When I walked over though, I noticed that she seemed troubled.

“Gokigen’yoh, Takamichi-san. Is something the matter?”


When she turned to face me, in her hands were a pair of in-door shoes stained with ink.

“Aaah… Yeah, uh, for some reason these turned pitch black…”


Obviously somebody did this. So mean.

“How about borrowing some slippers for now? I do not see you wearing those again. Once the school store opens you can buy yourself another pair.”

“Hmmm… I guess even washing these wouldn’t work, huh.”

“…No, I suspect it would not. That does not look like watercolour ink. Perhaps it is brush ink…”

“Who knows. But I really need it to wash off. It’s really going to hurt my wallet otherwise…”

Oh right. The rest of us would have bought a new pair without another thought, but I guess it would be quite a burden on a commoner’s budget. The stuff that Zui’ran used was pretty expensive after all.

“I don’t mind insults and stuff but this kind of bullying is really a problem. Hmmm… Would bleach really not work though? I’d be okay with it for now if I could just get it to a light grey.”

Suddenly, I remembered. I actually had bought a new pair without a thought before.

“Umm, I actually have a pair that are a little dirty, if you are fine with that.”


For now we had Wakaba-chan put on some slippers, and then we headed to the locker room. I opened my own locker, and brought out a bag from the very back of it. Inside were a pair of indoor shoes.


“Eh!? These don’t look dirty at all.”

“They are dirty at the bottom.”

She turned them over but still couldn’t seem to find anything.

“They look clean, though?”

“…Actually, I stepped in pigeon droppings with these.”

“Pigeon droppings…?”

“Indeed,” I nodded gravely.

It was a nice early afternoon. I had been on a stroll with my friends after lunch, happily thinking about how full I was, and what great weather it was.

That was when I stepped right into the bird poop. Fresh bird poop, still warm even, which was why I slipped a little.

“Aahh! Reika-sama stepped in poop!”

“Reika-sama! Let’s wash it off for now!”

I was led by the girls to the taps, still in shock and feeling a little dazed. We used a brush somewhere to clean it off, and it wasn’t hard since the soles were rubber. When we were done we even used disinfectant.

It was still gross to me though, and I didn’t want others to think I was wearing bird poop shoes, so I ended up just buying a new pair.

“I have washed and disinfected it, but…”

“…Is it really okay for me to take this from you? It looks brand new, you know?”

“True. But it has still been in pigeon droppings. Even you mind, surely?”

“No, not at all,” she declared.

She hadn’t hesitated at all.

“These look brand new. Actually I’m really thankful for them. Ah, but would the size fit? I’ve got pretty big feet. I’m a size 23.5.”

“…I am a size 24.”

“Eh? Then isn’t that just perfect? Ehehe,” she laughed.

Thank goodness. If I managed to help Wakaba-chan then that there was a meaning in stepping in that bird poop!

“Did they do this to your shoes yesterday…?”

Or had they come to school earlier? Maybe they were still watching…

“Hard to say. Ah! It looks like it fits perfectly! Thank you very much!”

“No, they had pigeon dropping on them so pay it no mind… Still, thank goodness I happened to come early today.”

I was actually here to prepare for one of my weaker subjects in the library.

“Yeah. Thanks to that I came away with shoes that were even cleaner than my own ones. What luck!”

God, she was such an optimist.

“You seem quite early yourself, Takamichi-san. Was there some reason to it today?”

“Oh, I always come early just to make sure I’m not late. Since I catch the train here there are accidents and delays sometimes, you know~ Can’t let that perfect attendance award go!” she clenched a fist.

Aah~ So she was worried about the train. Thinking back, that incident with the bike was because of a cancelled train too, wasn’t it. And wow, was she eager for perfect attendance. Going after the money bonus, huh.

“But if that is the only issue, then could you not simply apply for proof of lateness?”

“Well yeah, but that feels like running away to me. And I’d miss out on class too.”

Wow! You’re amazing, Wakaba-chan! As expected of one of our grade’s top 3 talents.

Anyway, since people were going to come soon, I said goodbye to Wakaba-chan and headed for my own room.

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  1. People are probably be going to be my at Wakaba if they learn that she is wearing Reika’s shoes. Surely much worse than biscuits.

    Well, at least they won’t mess with her shoes anymore.

    But maaan, Reika really is an Ojou-Sama. Not wearing shoes because of bird droppings

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  2. Reika’s cover may be slipping after being seen with her cram school friends. If the wrong Pivione member or Bakaragi x Enjou groupie (but I repeat myself) sees her, this could cascade, but the author seldom strings together events into a clean build up and resolution and remains more faithful to a slice of life feeling.

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    1. I get the impression that Reika has different reputations with different kinds of students. I think the relatively lower-status students tend to think of her as being more of a mascot than an evil overlord. Her class is possessive of her and there was that one time students wore the animal heads with fake curls on them. They seem to recognize that she’s pretty easygoing for a Pivoine elite.

      I think the elites around Reika just have some heavy cognitive dissonance and aren’t willing to see Reika past their idealized image of her. It’s not like they believe her when she says she’s disinterested in Enjou and Kaburagi. As far as they’re concerned, she’s perfect for them and she has no say in the matter. This has nothing to do with anything Reika actually does or says. They ignore things about her that don’t fit into their preconceived worldview.

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      1. I agree with most of your assessment, but the commoners who don’t know her like the poor soul at the cram school still view as a fully charged Death Star.

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    2. I think the author plays the long game and builds foundations for characters to clearly show why events unfold the way they do, all while being from (mostly) Reika’s POV.

      Like with Bakaburagi’s interest with Wakaba, which happened in the original story, still happens but later because there were circumstances that weren’t there in the original (most likely, he had a shorter relationship with Yurie because Reika wasn’t there to coach him on how to behave the first time around).

      There is a lot of slice of life elements, but this could just be used for laying the building blocks for later events that involve Reika to occur more naturally. We still don’t know how long this story is either but there are a lot of conflicts that seem to be brewing in the background that are mostly hinted at through this style of story telling. Even how bad the Pivoine vs Student Council and internal vs external students conflicts are were mostly hinted at before Reika got more involved and we still haven’t seen the full extent of it.

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    3. Her being an Ojou-Sama isn’t a cover anymore, that’s actually who she is now. She was planning to throw away her shoes, not because wearing them would look bad to her friends but because she finds wearing them afterward disgusting.

      In any case, even if her “cover slips” it doesn’t matter because what lies beneath is a kind, conscientious and humble person.

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  3. Nuooo. That last part. That competitiveness smells like Bakaburagi. Wakaba-chan don’t be lead astray😂 And lol. Reika-tan huh, Dog Lover-kun , you ballsy guy. 😏😂😂😂😂
    Thanks for the double released!! No worries about the announcement last Friday. It’s–its not like I stayed up for it or that I was polishing my pitchfork ψ✨✨✨✨ 😋🤣. Again, Thaaaanks for the update Este-sama.😆🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️

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  4. Reika to the rescue! If this were a game, I think she would’ve captured Wakaba-chan by now hahah.

    Girls can be pretty vicious eh…wonder what they thought of Umewaka tho.

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    1. To be honest though, if this were a game, it’d have to be from Wakaba’s perspective, and it seems like Wakaba’s basically captured Reika now lol.


    1. And the fact that she mentions about “winning”…
      There could be two possibilities:
      1. Winning against her as rival for Enjou’s hand.
      2. Winning against her in meaningless confrontation like she did against Ema.


  5. There is no way now that Wakaba-san doesn’t know what a sweet-heart Reika-sama can be! Before there might have been room for some doubt, but now there is no question. That makes me happy considering how many people make assumptions about her….

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  6. “Goodness… The biscuits Takamichi-san baked must have truly matched his palate.”

    No, Kikuno-chan, Reika-sama is not being carefree. She’s actually planning about how she may obtain Wakabacchi’s heavenly biscuits and how she will flaunt it to Bakaburagi as revenge for monopolizing said biscuits during the culture festival.

    But of course, this is just me being hungry. 😂

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  7. Yay, you came back!
    Thank you for the chapters ^_^
    I hope everything is alright for you.

    Reika-sama and Wakaba-chan are so cute together.

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  8. I love Reika, really love Reika sama, so selfish yet undeniably kind, opportunistic but gentle, a diva when she wants to be but mostly a coward that doesnt like to stand out even though she does, I love her to bits haha, and here she is giving her poop shoes to Wakaba chan, careful Reika that she dont fall for you.

    That Baka causing trouble for Wakaba chan, really he deserves to be the Alone in love village chief not Reika sama! that idiot baka, baka, baka… I liked how Reika accidentally let her true thoughts reveal themselves, that baka can like who he likes its not up to those girls, but he thinks nothing about the consequences his obvious feelings for Wakaba chan will do to her. Jerk… baka… poor Reika, now doubt she will need to fix things on the down low.

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    this is one of the best times of the week~~
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  10. And that was how Reika-sama delved even deeper into the Wakaba route… Or, at least, that’s what this bakatarina junkie hopes.


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    I’m (understandably, I hope) quite tired of those, so I’m glad to hear there’s none. I mean, I was tired from the first one I saw, but still.
    I don’t have too high expectations, since it is a very formulaic genre as far as I can tell, but it does sound more promising than most.

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      1. Okay, so I’m fifty chapters in. It’s pretty nice! The MC is clever, and her lines make me go “Oh Snap!” quite frequently. Also, how not to laugh at Liu’Er’s antics?
        I really appreciate the lack of devilish young men. Plus, I don’t think I’ll ever look at five thousand taels of silver the same way again…

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  12. So the original storyline truly is progressing without the original Reika’s input. But Reika’s animal drama persists too, and without the actual animal! XDD I think it was a trap ;D

    Thank you for the double release!

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  13. thnx for the chapter

    and are masaya and enjou the source of almost all that is bad with the girls society or is the society the one that needs to change?


  14. I can’t help but feel like everyone is reading into the biscuit thing too much. To be honest I feel like it’s less of Kaburagi having feelings for Wakaba and more of the fact that he knows her parents run a good cake store. I mean he did buy all the cake in her store when he ran over her bike. I’d say they’re on the decent friends level.

    Like always it;s probably a misunderstanding.

    To be honest both Kaburagi and Wakaba are more likely to fall for Reika then each other in my opinion. But I could be wrong. (I hope not. I don’t really like the per-established ship of Kaburagi and Wakaba. They make better pairings with Reika.


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