Reika-sama – 163

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Even though it was his fault that Wakaba-chan was being bullied, Kaburagi was sitting in the Salon, happily sipping away at tea.

Apparently he talked to Wakaba-chan again. Dumbass.

I was enjoying matcha rolls on my favourite sofa when Enjou came along.

“Kisshouin-san, thanks for humouring Yukino during the School Festival.”

“It was my pleasure.”

I hadn’t been to the Petite Pivoine since the School Festival ended. I wonder if he was doing well.

The two of us chatted about Yukino and the School Festival for a while.

“Recently Yukino has been obsessed with trying to do latte art too.”

“Goodness, Yukino-kun is?”

“I’m the one who has to drink his creations though. Every day my own little brother makes me drink a coffee he drew a heart on. Still not quite sure how I feel about that,” Enjou smiled helplessly.

I, on the other hand, was busy imagining little Yukino-kun, trying his very best to make latte art. It was so cute that it was all I could do to avoid squirming.

Speaking of latte art though, wasn’t Enjou going to draw Yuiko-san some~? Maybe now would be a good time to ask about her.

“Speaking of which, Katsuragi-kun from our middle school section came to visit. With a girl in tow, as well.”


Enjou made a show of trying to remember, before breaking into an amused smile.

“Yuiko and I have become quite the rumour, haven’t we.”

“That does seems to be the case.”

“Are you interested too, Kisshouin-san?”

“Why, not at all.”

It was kind of irritating to be treated like some gossiper. Well, I actually was interested though.

“I’ve told quite a few girls already, but Yuiko is a relative.”

“I see.”

I’d heard this tidbit as well. ‘But for relatives they were awfully…’ That was basically my thoughts on it.

“It looks like they’re still saying that Yuiko’s my girlfriend though.”

“That seems to be the case, yes. I have heard the rumours myself.”

“Yuiko isn’t my girlfriend.”

Eh-, really? But Katsuragi Boy claimed that she was your lover, you know?

“Oh? Was that unexpected?”

“Well, yes. Katsuragi-kun told me as much, so…” I sneakily tattled on him.

“Aaah. Well, he’s always kind of adored her, so…”

Enjou gave another helpless smile.

‘Adored’. Mmhm, that seems about right.

“She’s not my girlfriend though.”


“She’s my fianceé.”


Fianceé!? Enjou’s!?

My eyes shot open and my whole body radiated shock when Enjou suddenly burst into laughter.

“‘Aah’? Just now you made an incredible expression, Kisshouin-san. Don’t tell me you believed me?”


Was that a joke!? Which was it!? Stop making fun of me, you twisted guy!

“To be accurate, she’s a “candidate” for my engagement.”


“Yep. Since we were basically the same age, there’s always been talk about that. Since there was nothing official, she’s a candidate.”

“I see…”






For some reason I was in a bit of a funk when I got home. It felt like I was being left behind, somehow.

Even though we were all still high schoolers, some of the people in my grade were already thinking about engagements. It had me shaken. Since I’d known Enjou since primary, my feelings were a little complicated.

To me, marriage was something I’d always thought of as some far-off future.

“The future, huh…”

I rolled atop my bed for a while.

If I was being honest with myself, I never really thought about my future seriously. I spent most of my days focusing on the present.

As long as Otousama and Oniisama kept working hard at the company, our family wasn’t going to collapse either. I’d be able to do whatever I wanted without worrying about earning money for the family.

But that was the problem. I didn’t have anything I wanted to do. How could anybody have no dreams like this!

Still, maybe it was because of how I grew up, but I really wanted a real job. Not even in my dreams would I ever think about becoming an idol or something.

Being a civil servant would be ideal, but I’m not sure if it would be okay for the Kisshouin family’s only daughter to become one…

Maybe it would be a good idea to start looking into good jobs.

The future…

Tsk. Thanks to Enjou my mind was filled with serious thoughts now.



When I arrived at school the next morning I saw Kaburagi speaking to Wakaba-chan at the entrance. Pay attention to the eyes around you, Kaburagi!

When Wakaba-chan noticed me, she gave a little hop and tapped her shoes together. Kaburagi noticed and asked her,

“Huh. Takamichi, are you studying tap dancing?”

Thank goodness he was an idiot as usual.



When the weekend came around I visited the library. Since I’d been so busy with Bea-tan, it was the first time in a while. Maybe Naru-kun would be here~ Oh, there he was!

With a reference book for job requirements in hand, I picked a seat next to Naru-kun that was luckily free.

Since Naru-kun was busy with his exercise book, he didn’t notice my passionate gaze at all. Aah, wasn’t there anything with his name on it?

Since I couldn’t exactly turn my head and start staring at him, I pretended to read my book while leering to the side. If only I had a second face for times like this!

Maybe I could pretend to drop my pen. It worked in shoujo manga.

Wait, what was I even doing. I wasn’t going to deny that Naru-kun was part of it, but my motivation for today was also supposed to be thinking about my future.

What kind of qualifications would be good for my future? Tax consulting, accounting, law… All of them looked too hard for me.
I mean, I loved looking at my bankbook, but I sucked at maths, and I wasn’t prepared to be responsible for somebody’s life either.

What else then. Yeah, I think a civil servant with lots of fringe benefits would be best.

Suddenly, I noticed Naru-kun taking some printouts out of a clear plastic folder. Wasn’t this my chance to finally get his personal information!?

With my very best efforts at sneaking a glance, I found the name of a national high school at the top of what looked to be a practice test.

Wasn’t this the name of Aoi-chan’s high school!? It had to be fate this time, right!?

I immediately pulled out my phone to contact her when a message from Aira-sama arrived.

‘Masaya’s found a new love!?’

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104 thoughts on “Reika-sama – 163”

  1. Enjou seems to be testing Reika for her reaction. Not that Reika noticed it…

    Reika being Reika thought about her own “love life”. It seems being the Chief of the Forever Alone Village is slowly being set in stone.

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  2. I doubt anyone realises that Reika is thinking about working for a living, especially something like an accountant. Probably would be horrified at the thought.

    Not sure what to read into Reika being shocked at Enjou, arranged marriages should be pretty normal for these people.

    Well, she would never go through with an arranged marriage, nor has it been brought up. So she doesn’t have that mentally. It probably hasn’t bern brought up because she is earmarked for Kaburagi and she has bern side stepping that.

    Liked by 28 people

    1. Our Reika can be oblivious. She is also fairly sheltered; since the old tanuki doesn’t seem too eager to part with his raccoon princess. She has also stayed on the fringes of high society, allowing her to keep her commoner and innocent world views intact on marriage.

      The other angle is that Reika’s image of Enjoy is framed by school events (sports, culture fes, class rep), none of which makes her think too deeply about the future.

      But I see your point that Enjou would have candidates lined up to keep away insects from latching on.

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    2. I do wonder why Reika’s parents are so fixated on Bakaburagi though. I mean to them he seems the best choice (wealth and prestige-wise), I get that, but it’s a little weird they don’t seem to keep their options open at all. They never asked Reika about Enjou, for example though rumours about them must be as numerous as Reika and Kaburagi. Maybe Enjou and Yuiko is more official and well-established than Enjou implied? Hm.

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      1. Was about to say. I find it strange that nobody has at least floated the idea of a marriage interview or two Reika’s way. You’d expect at least Mama Kaburagi and the Kisshouins to push for one.

        Liked by 10 people

        1. Agreed. I mean, a marriage interview is maybe a little jumping the gun for someone’s who’s still in high school (even in that society) but I would expect at least some prodding? What do you think of the son of so-and-so and such? They seem to be fixed on Bakaburagi even back when he’s still obsessed with Yurie, which is…kind of putting all your eggs in one basket? I mean, I’m sure there *must* be other viable candidates (those pivoine members who’s been approaching Reika, for example)? It’s weird.

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        2. Yuriko is an “arranged marriage candidate”. I suspect that they consider Reika to be one for Kaburagi.

          Considering Reika is a girl, the only person that could press her would be her mother, and her mother has been pushing Reika to get close to Kaburagi for the last decade. Reika has been calmly deflecting her with “I’m sure that Kaburagi has no interest in me” and the like so nothing has happened so far.

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        3. There’s probably stuff in the background since ririna already warned Reika that she could suddenly get blindsided by an arranged marriage if she doesn’t do something soon.

          Liked by 4 people

        1. Tanuki prodded Reika about Bakaburagi waaaaay back in primary school (the first Yurie incident) and also when Reika first entered Suiran, I think. It’s a long time ago but he supported it then.

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      2. Have we met Enjou’s parents? The story shows that Reika’s parents have a bit of ties with Bakaburagi’s parents (or at least his parents seem to acknowledge hers through work and parties or from using the same facilities) and his parents have publicly expressed having a good impression of Reika. Although, I haven’t heard of any arranged marriages forming for her yet either.

        But I don’t know if her parents have the same access to Enjou’s parents. If not, that might factor into it. They might not know where Reika would stand with Enjou (not like she’d say anything either). Plus, you can’t scheme a marriage arrangement with a family you don’t interact with.

        And other than those 2, I don’t know of any elite boy that would stand out as marriage material for Reika’s parents to chose from either. Maybe the author will go more into this later.

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              1. JC.
                I dug around looking for a reference to an ephemeral beauty and found it in ch 42. And that was literally it. No new information about character and plot.
                I’m so disappointed.

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  3. Oh dear, Reika-chan, please don’t get caught for being a stalker…

    And cute Yukino-kun is diligently making latte art in order to impress his Reika onee-sama (Is this gonna be like Kaburagi the 2nd chasing after an older woman?)

    Liked by 25 people

    1. Unless Enjou starts stepping his game up, I’ll be rooting for Yukino-kun now. I mean, I highly doubt Reika would get into a relationship with a younger boy (especially considering her ‘type’) but these two do have some of the cutest scenes~

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  4. Good luck Reika-chan! Spring is coming for you yet. Hopefully your onii-sama approves, and Enjou and Kaburgi doesn’t get in your way…
    Many thanks!


    1. Oh for sure he was fishing for a reaction, he wasnt disappointed either, whether it was the one he wanted or not is something we have to discover, really hes a sly one, hes not that hard to read, I wouldnt be surprised if he really likes Reika sama, not that he deserves her, but the signs are there, hes considerate (when hes not using her to get baka sorted out) and compliments her, even though hes often laughing at her.. the bastard.. but I think there is no malice in it, or ill intent, her antics amuse him.

      On to the the part where Reika wants someone like her brother, Enjou unfortunately fits the bill. He is caring of his little brother much like Onii sama is towards Reika, but totally different away from home, Imaris pov gave us some insight, like how he makes Reika dance to his tune, its similar with what Enjou tries to do just not as well as Onii sama, so if you look at it that way, the comparisons between the 2 are pretty close..

      I can see him becoming part of her life, there is a bond with Reika and Yukino, I wouldnt be surprised if he starts using Yukino to get her to come out with them more often, the sly bastard… I think Enjou thinks highly of Reika, would he left anyone take care of his precious little brother? I dont think so…

      Liked by 12 people

      1. So true. Enjou would never leave his brother in the hands of his fan girls. Surely he has high standards for who takes care of that little angel, then.
        I think part of the reason why Enjou’s and Reika’s relationship is so functional is because Enjou knows that she isn’t delusional about his intentions (in fact, she’s pretty skeptical) when he does stuff.

        Oh, and the Roccoco Queen NEVER clings – only to her brother and maybe her mother.

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      2. I think both him and Kaburagi think highly of Reika. In Suiran, Reika is prolly one of the very few girls who don’t annoy them. I think Enjou noticed long time ago that she’s slightly different from the rest of the ojousamas.
        Sometimes I like to imagine Reika’s parents suddenly deciding to engage Reika to some guy. I think Enjou and Kabarugi will feel a little sad coz even if they don’t have romantic feelings for her, they probably think that Reika isn’t a bad choice if ever they are forced to a fixed marriage and can’t have the girl they love.
        I don’t know if I make sense. 😂
        Anyway, Reika is a queen so she doesn’t deserve to be a second choice.

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      3. I don’t think enjou would use his beloved brother for that, but from the chapter i read so far, i kind of get that yukino isn’t so simple like his age, yukino is the one that always search for reason to close to reika-oneesama


  5. Bakaburagi’s first love is definitely wakaba….oh why do I somehow feel disappointed? Like some sort of gloomy, weird feeling? Like ‘eh~will it really go down the original route (except for Reika-sama’s bad route)just like the one before, female lead ending up with that emperor’

    I’m kinda hoping Bakaburagi will get dumped by wakaba tbh, if ever….🌚

    And that “Naru” guy huh, could he really be the one for Reika-sama? Aaaaah~ Kininarimasu>.<😭😭😭

    Thanks for the chapter!! Otsukaresama deshita.

    Btw experienced typesetters and cleaners please please please join and help in doing Duke's Daughter~ I really miss reading imouto's secret diary at the end 😂

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      1. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

        Can’t wait for the next update and ofc, the next entry for imouto’s secret diary (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)
        (well you may not believe it but there’s like a group of people on this one manga reading site who’s been really hook with it)

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  6. Dammit, I couldn’t care less about your love life, Aoi.
    I want to see the act of stalker from Reika the coward so bad!


    1. This chapter never mentioned Aoi’s love life. She probably doesn’t even have one outside of her family. Reika was ABOUT to message Aoi to identify (probs) him, but suddenly got a message from Aira, asking if Masada found a new love. Don’t be so mean to Aoi 😐

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    1. We could never guess the idea from the author’s of kenkyo, she or he is too good to write something that unexpected for the reader, well i also root for kaburagi first choice because he is the original main character in kimidol and he is also best, when he is with reika, he can show many more funny or stupid expression like angry, shock, and laughing hahaha than with wakaba i guess

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  7. she is a older brocon and a shoutacon. People her age are too immature or evil for her. Mature and innocent boys are her strike zone. With other brother types ranked the highest. I do hope she finds that older cousin looking man. Seems like destiny since she death in her previous life.

    Liked by 7 people

    Good to see you girl, glad your still friends with our Reika-sama.

    Also Aira-sama knows so doesn’t that mean Yurie-sama knows and if Yurie-sama knows isn’t the chance high that the Kaburagis know??
    Things wil get spicy now…..

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  9. When will my dream of reika-sama become anime be realized😭😭😭 well reading is more tough than watching. Ughhh i hope someday it can be realized as anime before the novel’s end. frequently when i know the end i always to lazy to watch or read for second time except the ending is satisfying. Thank you translator-san for the chapters. It is more fun when i read the translation.

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  10. Reika-sama is expressing interest on Enjou’s love life and was shocked after hearing that Yuiko is his fiancee… could it be that the EnjouxReika ship really is sailing? Hahaha.

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    1. Im not a shipper, but all the signs are there, I cant really see how they dont end up together, not unless Imari brings one of his brothers to come play with Reika tan… that might spice things up quite a lot, I can imagine the rivalry that might spawn!..

      Just imagine if Imaris brother is super smart, capable of toppling the Emperor, very cliche I know, but still it would be interesting to see the outcome, hes from a notable family as well, so he wouldnt lose in prestige, but not being Pivone would be a bit of a handicap, however, I think Imaris brother is older than Reika? Im not sure, If hes older having him come in to take her out from school would set tongues wagging :P it might also stir someone else into action :P

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      1. i agree i think enjou might become a love rival for kaburagi in terms of reika and he might lose this battle


  11. Honestly, I don’t support EnjouxReika coupling, ’cause I don’t like Enjou at all, well, I’ll support it if it’s Yukino, the Student Council President is fine too, who else?? hmm…

    Anyway, I wonder what job Reika-sama will decide on! Looking forward to it! Well, that’s only if Reika-sama will be able to decide, lol.

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.


      1. He’s like Onii-sama in that way. Actually, there’s a few similarities between them. Both adore their younger sibling, both tend to show a gentle public expression yet can be secretly black-hearted, both have a best friend that gives them way more trouble than most people are willing to put up with… ;D

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        1. They’d both make pretty great parents. They both have loving, easygoing, non-confrontational and lazy personalities.

          I’m grinning like an idiot at the idea of what a curly-haired daughter between them would look like. The curls, of course, are essential. A new Rococo for a new generation.

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    1. [removed for spoilers]

      Sorry this link is so long dont know how to shorten it lol, but its from a chinese site that translates this story.

      Liked by 4 people

        1. Yeah, there is. Strictly speaking Chaku’s link is a translated version of it. The Chinese translation, that is.
          This is the same artist whose art I embedded and linked in chapters 99 and 120:

          As for the rest, I was always planning on translating some of the better fan-art once my translations catch up. I’d need some cleaners and typesetters, however.


  12. Thank you for translating the chapters!
    Reika-sama don’t look for jobs!
    To work is to lose!!!
    But I realize that getting a nice job was Reika-sama’s actual reason for going to school and all her shenanigans since primary.
    Reika-sama work hard! Faitho!
    Lets be OL together.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The truly sad thing is that everything she’s passionate about, she sucks at.

      Food? Nah, can’t cook.
      Handicrafts? Can barely needle-felt.
      She’s good at studying, but not really all that smart.
      She hates confrontation and faking it, so politics is right out.

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  13. Thx for the chapter o/
    Such a great chapter (for Enjou’s fans)~~
    And i am really wondering if that boy in the library is or not her cousin from past life… my bet is that he is.
    Baka-kun might really have fell in love, but i wonder what Yurie is gonna do about it?~~

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  14. Bakaburagi is a dumbass.

    Yay, the infamous food pics returns! I look forward to these every time. XD The matcha rolls look so yummy~

    So the Bird Brain was shooting off at the mouth? (typical of him, maybe he’s just projecting…) But Enjou! Make yourself clearer! Inquiring minds want to know! The functionality of my shipping glasses depends on it!

    But I actually can’t imagine a job that would suit Reika. I mean, I could if it involved eating and reviewing food, but I’m not sure of one that would suit her background too.

    And Bakaburagi is definitely a dumbass.

    Thanks again for the double release! This made my day! XDXDXD

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  15. Why doesn’t Reika tell Kaburagi that Wakaba is being bullied?
    He should make their relationship official and protect Wakaba from the other girls. I guess Reika doesn’t want more people falling in love, or thinks Kaburagi doesn’t deserve Wakaba.
    Well if Reika can stop the bullying herself she can take the Wakaba affection points for herself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess reika doesn’t want to involve too deep in their relationship, after all that was she decided when she remembered her past life when the chapter 1, i guess


  16. Just when Reika is trying to make herself some progress on her love life somebody again needs to ruin it for her with switching her attention to other people’s business. Fuck off Reika and ask Kaburagi yourself! Hmph! Thanks for the chapter!!! Enjou is a bully😡😂

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  17. Fanfic strikes again!

    By all right I already know what kind of opinion this girl has about me. It’s in her expressive eyes, even when she keep her face dignified like expected of well-bred lady her eyes never lied.Unlike other girls that adore and admire me, Kishouin Reika is obviously wary of me for some reason.

    Then again I am to be blame for that, I did show her my real color from time to time. She must be thinking I’m a black hearted prince, a dangerous person she should avoid. She avoid Masaya too, but her wariness was considerably lower and that I am sure because Kishouin-san is attentive enough to notice my best friend is an idiot. I am a bit jealous sometimes, and tested the water a couple of times before but it seems she and Masaya just didn’t match much to my relief.

    But to my misfortune, she isn’t considering me either. Look at her reaction when I reveal my relationship with Yuiko. She is surprised I have a fiancee and when I tease her there’s no sign she is upset about it at all. She just treated the news I have fiancee candidates lining up to me as interesting trivia that got nothing to do with her.

    She looks contemplative now, and I amuse myself at the possibility she care even a bit. “You looks concerned, Kishouin-san.”

    “Ah, yes… a bit.” About me? “Enjou-sama’s talk about the future makes me think about mine, I’m ashamed i have put no thought about it until now.:

    And that’s how Kishouin-san rejected someone without saying no, and me who didn’t even say a word of confession get rejected. Obviously her future plan doesn’t involve me.

    Oh well, I still have plenty of time to change her mind to involve me in her future.

    Because my prayer for Enjou’s POV never come true.

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  18. I kind of imagine that kaburagi has the same aura like shaoran lee in cardcaptor sakura, i mean shaoran lee is the serious type, hate losing, arrogant type isn’t He?


    1. Hopefully there won’t be the ham-handed and forced romance plot involving him and the female lead midway through the story.


  19. “Tsk. Thanks to Enjou my mind was filled with serious thoughts now.”

    You need it, Reika. Silly thoughts are good and all, but tbh? I am craving for intense and serious thoughts in the future…even just a chapter would be good.


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