The Cute Cook 03: Encounter

03 Encounter

I blankly watch clouds crawl across the canvas of the blue sky. This scenery isn’t too different from what I’d see back where I used to live. So peaceful.

On the other hand, the plant and animal life all around me is completely different from anything that would have existed back home. Also there are two suns in the sky, but I’m pretending not to see the second one.

If memory serves me, I died in an unspeakably stupid way and got myself caught up in one of those otherworld rebirth things. From the look of things, I think it’s safe to say I’m not just here to visit. I mean, getting teleported somewhere from slamming into an electric pole, and then getting my time reversed to end up in a younger body? Sounds like it would be a crazy SF novel, but I doubt that’s what happened here. If I was a comedian and my partner used that kind of story as the set up for a joke I wouldn’t give him a playful slap. I’d backhand him across the face.

Setting that aside, for now, the fact is I can’t think of anything more dangerous than a little girl walking around in such a wild place alone. I hope I’m just a normal lost kid.

However, there’s also the possibility that the child who owns this body experienced something so traumatizing their mind couldn’t take it, which then awakened the personality I think of as ‘me’. Or maybe I’m just wearing the body of some kid that just died?

That’s horrible. I mean, these are just things I’m thinking up, but either possibility is pretty dang serious.

Then again, there’s something that looks like a name carved into the bracelets on my arms, and it seems to read ‘Yuuri’, which is pretty close to my actual name. The letters are in some kind of cursive writing I’ve never seen before, but I can read it so it should be all right.

Honestly, the more I think about the situation I’m in now, the worse it’s looking. One mistake could cost me my life. After all, I don’t know the first thing about any of the flora or fauna around here.

First and foremost, I can’t tell what’s edible. I got lucky earlier and stumbled on some food, but I’m going to need more to eat soon. And I’d prefer that it not be poisonous.

Second, I’m fine running into an herbivore, but if I run into a carnivore without realizing it that’d be the end for me. I’d be dinner.

To top it all off, things are going to get bad once the sun goes down. It’s going to get more dangerous, obviously, but the big problem is I won’t even be able to tell how dangerous things are around me. I’m sure there are plenty of nocturnal animals, around here. Can a single person from modern Japan survive a night here without even a fire?

All that said, I’m not going to just curl up and die, and I’m definitely not going to give up and off myself either. Logically it looks like an impossible situation, but I can’t give up so easily.

After all, there’s still so many delicious things out there that I haven’t tasted. And I just became a professional chef, finally at the level where I could start creating my own original flavors. Plus, since this is an otherworld, and all the stuff living and growing here is new to me, I imagine this whole world is full of new flavors for me to experience.

Plus, I mean c’mon, in this body I’ve still got decades of youth left in me. No way am I going to give up on this life without a fight.

What’s that? I’m obsessed with food? Well thank you, I take that as a compliment!

As I let my thoughts run wild, the clouds drift by and the sun(s) move steadily toward the west(?).

I didn’t want to do anything rash, so I decided to conserve and recover my strength.


“… man I’m hungry.”

I sighed, hugging my knees to my stomach as it began to send some fairly terrific noises echoing off the trees again. I’ve been here for half a day by now, and I still haven’t seen a single person. Normally I wouldn’t care so much about being alone, but I think my unease at this whole situation is making it impossible to ignore. The sky is already turning orange with sunset, so night can’t be too far off.

Mmm, the orange of the sunset kind of reminds me of orange jell-o, with lots of fruit in it. Man I want to eat some. Crap, just thinking about it has me drooling. *slurp*

I think fate decided to punish me for my stupid thoughts.

“Wait, hold on. That’s just not fair.”

Something appeared, just as the sky shifted from orange to dark blue. My eyes are still adjusting to the darkness, but I can tell in a single glance that this something is dangerous.

It’s quite a bit smaller than the ones I’ve seen in movies, but it’s still a giant compared to me. It’s eyes are shining in the darkness, as they stare directly at me.


I laugh dryly. Really, all I can do is laugh. I mean come on…

It’s a dinosaur!~* Yay!

Also, the probability that it’s already sized me up as being delicious prey: 100%!

My athletic abilities are pretty bad.

I can’t really depend on my tiny little girl legs to outrun this guy.

I’m unarmed.

I’m seriously out of ideas. I never in a million years thought I’d get to experience dinner from the perspective of the main dish. Thinking about it is just making my head hurt.

How the heck am I supposed to clear this death flag?

Ah, crap. He’s getting closer, and it’s pretty obvious he’s all for gulping me down.


What the hell was that un-cute, moronic scream that just went past?… Oh, it was me.

Well whatever, I guess it’s alright to run, but it’s chasing me. I can hear its feet going *whump whump* and the sticks and stuff behind me going *snap crackle pop*. That’s probably the sound my bones will make when he’s chomping on them. Yep!

Is my new life, born from that idiotic memory, going to end already? It’s too soon!

*wheeze, crap I’m already running out of breath. My heart’s pounding, both metaphorically and literally. I could use a little help here!!

I try to shake him by adding a little zig-zagging to my dash, but…

“It’s not working!!”

Hunger pushes us all beyond our limits. I’m talking about the hungry dinosaur, of course.

It’s dark I’m scared I’m falling!!

Wait is that another one coming from in front of me now? Someone wake me up, this has to be a nightmare!

My tank’s on empty, I’m done for…


Okay. Guess I’m dinner.


Right before I passed out from terror and starvation, I thought I saw something sparkle in the darkness.

6 thoughts on “The Cute Cook 03: Encounter”

  1. Well, like they say, if you have the resolve to eat, then you should have the resolve to be eaten.
    …It doesn’t actually work that way, but hello karma!

    Liked by 1 person

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