Schizophrenia – Chapter 22

So uh, I actually had about 3 chapters sitting in drive for a few weeks. I was planning to save like seven and have a release week or something, but that clearly wasn’t happening so I’m just gonna post what I have for now…
At this rate I’ll have the series done in just twenty more years!
(Please don’t kill me)



The senior section separates classes into their respective years, but there is also a class containing students from various levels. This was the class Lilia is a part of, a class for upper nobles. The school equipment and furnishings were the same for even commoners, and it was only the class that is segregated from the rest. Since there would be no end to trouble if they were to be put with everyone else.
Entering the classroom, Lilia went straight to her seat. The seats were spaced in six columns and five rows. Lilia’s seat was front row. Probably because it was so early, there were only a few people. Unapproached by anyone, she managed to sit down at her desk.

—Lilia. You gonna be okay?

—What is it?

—Well… the seat beside you.

Having it pointed out by Sakura, Lilia remembered something she had forgotten about until now. Looking at the seat to her right. The Prince’s seat.

—Definitely not alright.
—Ain’t that the truth. What’re you gonna do?
—Yeah, let’s see…

There’s no helping that the Prince was in the same class. That was just how school was, so she could make do. But having an adjacent seat was a different story. Lilia shot up from her seat, and turned her gaze towards the window.
Three students were having a friendly chat. They were all people Lilia recognised, but the red haired character in the middle was especially familiar.
Krystel Agnis. The eldest daughter of the Marquis Agnis, she was referred to as Kris. It couldn’t be said that she particularly got along with Lilia. Rather, you could even say that they were enemies, but at the moment she was the lesser of two evils. Lilia quietly walked towards Kris.


Kris soon noticed as well. Floating a mean-spirited smile, she gazed at Lilia. Lilia hated this smile.

“Morning, Kris. A bit of your time?”

“My my, good morning, Miss Lilianne. What may I help you with?”

Her speech was polite, but the ridicule hanging on to every word was thoroughly conveyed. Absolutely unpleasant.

“I’d just like to ask for a small favour.”

“A favour is it? If it is something within my capabilities, by all means. In the Duke’s name, do bestow upon myself your commands.”

It was a thoroughly irritating way of speaking. But if she rose up to her provocation, the conversation will never get anywhere. Lilia ignored all the goading and continued to speak.

“Our seats, would you be willing to switch with me?”

Kris’s eyes went wide with surprise. That was to be expected, as Lilia’s seat, the seat beside the prince, was something Lilia had half threatened her way into obtaining. Everyone, the prince included, knew about this.

“I had heard that something happened between you and His Highness but… Seriously?”

In her astonishment Kris’s speech returned to her normal tone. Lilia nodded.

“That’s right. If nothing else I definitely don’t want to have the adjacent seat. You had said that you’d wanted to be beside His Highness before so, it’s not a bad deal is it?”

“That, it is not but… What are you scheming?”

She glared at Lilia with open hostility. Lilia shrugged, signalling ‘nothing at all’, and responded.

“You see, I’m already through with His Highness.”

“That so… Then even if you want switch back later, it ain’t happening alright?”

“I won’t. I will swear so on the Aldis name.”

Even so, Kris looked at Lilia with suspicion, but quickly turned it into a broad smile. She quickly gathered the belongings on her desk. What’s more just for the occasion, albeit simple, she even gave it a quick cleaning.

“Well then, here you are Mistress Lilianne. From now on this seat is yours.”

“Th-thanks… I didn’t think you’d go that far. I haven’t cleaned mine at all though…”

“I don’t mind. Well then I’ll be off. Ufufu…”

Leaving behind her followers, she headed towards the place that used to be Lilia’s seat. After that, the two followers hurriedly went after her. Somewhat understanding what Kris must be feeling, Lilia made a bitter smile, and sat down in the vacated seat.

—With this I can rest easy. Ahh, but if possible I’d like to be further back…

—Quite rare for the attention seeker Lilia huh.

—That was only because I wanted to attract the attention of his highness. Now though, I don’t really care anymore.

After a little while, the rest of the students had arrived. Negotiating with the student in the seat behind her, she exchanged seats with them. That was repeated three times, and Lilia finally acquired the window seat in the last row. If it’s here, she shouldn’t stand out.

—That was some good negotiating if I do say so myself.

—No, here’s the thing Lilia. That was because you were basically coercing them you know. Lilia’s requests, to most people, would be taken as an order. I’ll overlook it for today, but please try to restrain yourself in the future.

—I was just trying to normally ask for a favour though… I understand….

She had really just been trying to ask for a normal favour, but it seems like the other parties felt like they were being commanded. It’s no wonder that all of them had fear in their eyes. It was the first time she ended up feeling that the Aldis name was a hinderance.

Sitting in her chair, as she took a breath,

“Miss Lilianne!”

A familiar voice reached her ears. Lilia’s expression stiffened slightly. Following the voice, three female students came into the classroom. They were walking straight towards Lilia.

“Miss Lilianne, so you had already arrived. We were very worried!”

One of the three said, and the other two nodded repeatedly.

“Sorry. I’m alright now.”

“Ahh, that’s great! What a relief. By the way… Why might you be sitting in the corner of the class like this? Don’t tell me, Miss Krystel has…?”

The girls’ eyes narrowed. Seeing that, Lilia openly heaved a sigh. Lilia also understood the feelings of the girls very well, but the current her who wanted to stay out of anything troublesome felt a slight annoyance at this. The three who noticed Lilia’s sigh were visibly flustered.

“Uh, umm… Miss Lilianne…?”

“It’s nothing. It was I who desired this seat. You must have heard about the rumours between me and His Highness?”

“Well, yes… They seemed like baseless rumours so I hadn’t paid them any mind though.”

“They’re the truth. From now on, I will do my utmost to avoid being involved with His Highness so please also act accordingly.”

The three’s eyes widened in astonishment together. That was probably to be expected, though. The Lilia before she shut herself away would try to be by the prince as much as possible after all. It wouldn’t be strange if they said that they couldn’t believe it.

“Miss Lilianne!”

The girl who was speaking raised a loud voice. Lilia reflexively raised her guard at the suddenness of it.


“Please don’t feel down! If it’s Miss Lilianne then you can definitely take back His Highness’s heart!”



Author’s End Note:
I wrote a lot today, yo-! I made full use of my breaktime at work after all!
I was really happy to receive your impressions so I put in a bit of effort.

Enter Ms. Rival. Aaand exit. Just kidding.


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  1. Sweet, I quite liked Lilia and Sakura’s banter, and this has quickly become my 2nd favorite on this site. Its good to sees you has not forget it.

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  3. Would anyone be kind enough to summarize everything up to this point? I have absolutely no memory of this series aside from the girl in her head.


    1. Duke’s daughter suffers the classic rejected by fiance event, goes home to be a shut-in for a while and discovers that the crazy voice in her head was right all along and now follows the totally not a Japanese girl who knows all about this world’s advice. She gets friendly with her maid growing flowers together and then goes back to school. Next thing you know she power of friendships the heroine who the prince fell for, meets her destined kawaii kouhai character in the library, and then spends a few chapters dealing with cafeteria food. P.S apparently green peppers are the devil, and somewhere in the middle we find out she has the make up skills of a 5 year old, so she gets EXTREME MAKEOVER: Just Take it All Off Edition and then has a confrontation with Mr. HurrDurrI’maPrince. This breaks off any remaining affection for Mr. BallsForEyes along with her kokoro, but thankfully The pink heart shaped petals were there to caress the wounded Lily flower.

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