Reika-sama – 094

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Moving into the second half of summer break, it was time for the annual Pivoine Summer Party.
It was still gorgeous and a good time, but after so many years a lot of the magic had worn off, and Oniisama had graduated too.

Okaasama was in high spirits since parties were always a chance to dress me up like a doll, so she dragged me all over the place to choose a dress.

This year we decided on a layered chiffon dress in light pink. Personally I thought it was a little too cutesy for me, but Okaasama was really pleased with it.

Thinking it was a good chance, casually I said,

“Say, Okaasama, since is it summer after all, I was thinking about changing my hairstyle…”

“My, that wouldn’t do. Okaasama loves your hairstyle as it is, Reika-san.”

…Thought so. I mean, I knew this would happen. I just wanted to try.

“You know, as a child your Okaasama really loved Jumeau bisque dolls. It was my dream that if I ever had a daughter I would dress her up to be just as cute as one.”

Um, I think that might be a bit impossible. Aren’t they blonde for starters?
Thank god though that she never tried hair dye with me…
If you actually did have a kid like an antique doll, wouldn’t it be kind of scary though? She’d be just like a living doll. That has to be scary. I’d be scared. I’ve always hated dolls.
I mean, some of them are so realistic. Wouldn’t you be scared that they’d come to life at night? Particularly the Japanese ones…
You know, my house still has some of them around. Some of them were bought when I was just born, and some of them were passed down. And the older they were the creepier they were.
And each year when we brought them out it would always be like,

‘Huh? Were the eyes this squinted before? Was the mouth smirking like this before?’

It gave me the shivers. I swear their expressions changed each year.
And I know for a fact that they get hair cuts when we bring them to doll makers for maintenance.
…Does the hair grow or something? I’ve always been too scared of the answer to ask though.
Thankfully I at least stopped Okaasama from putting them in my room. Whenever I visit the doll room though, I swear they’re watching me.
I wouldn’t be surprised if that one antique one actually walked about at night. People always say that the old ones gain souls.
…Let’s stop this. If I keep thinking about this I might really wake up to find her standing on my chest. And when we’d look each other in the eyes and my hair would turn white in an instant. It actually seems like it could happen.

…But bisque dolls, huh.

Can’t be helped.

I decided to bear with my Rococo hairstyle for a little longer to help Okaasama fulfil her childhood dreams.


When I arrived at the Summer Party, Kaburagi and Enjou were already surrounded by a throng of girls.
Yurie-sama was still in the UK. I had been sure that Kaburagi would have skipped because of that, but I suppose he still had the sense to take these things seriously.
I exchanged greetings with other attendants with a drink in hand before heading out into the garden.
There was wind now that it was late, but it was still a little stuffy outside. It didn’t change the fact that the rose arch was still my favourite place each year.

Looking at the garden, I recalled how I rang the bell with Oniisama during my first time here. How nostalgic.
I still had the photo framed in my room.

I continued standing there looking at the rose arch when I noticed a little boy and girl nearby. They were small enough that they were probably from the Petite Pivoine, and seemed to be hanging around hesitantly.

Oh, could it be?

“Do you want to try ringing the bell?” I asked.

With a start, the two of them turned to face me. I realised they were holding hands. It was adorable.

“No, umm…”

They exchanged a look but didn’t know what to do.

“I have rung it before, myself. It was very fun. Go on. I will be right here with you.”

“…Can we really?”

“Of course! Bells are made to be rung!”

They held the rope together and hesitantly pulled a little.

“My, the bell will hardly ring with a tug like that.”

With a bit of encouragement, the two of them pulled again, harder this time, and the bell began to ring. I pulled out my camera and took a photo.
A crowd started to form from the sound of it. Although the two kids were turning red, they were wearing happy smiles.


“Yes! Thank you very much!”

“Thank you very much.”

Other people began to happily ring the bell as well. It felt like déjà vu.
I told the two of them that I would give them the photo at school later, and then they introduced themselves. Apparently they were in the same year, and were very close. How nice~ I didn’t come out of primary school with any sweet memories like that. We spoke for a little longer after that before the pair began heading back to the hotel building as they waved at me. Before they left though, the girl stopped and bowed to me.

“Thank you very much, Reika-oneesama,” she smiled shyly before disappearing.


…So wonderful!!

Thinking about it, I don’t think I had ever been called that before. The only exception was when Ririna was being sarcastic.

It was oddly moving. I didn’t have much experience with being looked up to by somebody younger.

“Good evening, Kisshouin-san,” interrupted Enjou while I was basking in afterglow of the ‘oneesama’.

I hadn’t noticed him approaching at all. Are you a ninja or something!?

“Gokigen’yoh, Enjou-sama,” I replied with a fake smile.

I made sure to be on guard. Interacting with this guy was like navigating a minefield.

“You’re not going to ring the bell this time?”


“Didn’t you ring it before? With your Oniisan, if I’m remembering right.”

Why did he know that!

“It’s because Masaya looked like he was really envious of you.”

Oh my god. Not only did he see the waltz, he even saw that!? And stop it! Stop reading my mind!

“The dress you’re wearing tonight really suits you. It looks like your dieting really paid off.”

“…Thank you.”

He still hadn’t forgotten about that…? Tsk, what an unpleasant guy.

“Masaya’s mum really loves you now, you know. She was talking about how she wanted to invite you to her dinner party too.”


A dinner party? Don’t joke with me! That would be even worse than the tea party.

“You don’t look happy to hear that.”

“Oh, no, I feel very honoured.”

Oh crap. Was it showing on my face?


I hated how it felt like he could see right through me. Why were there so many mind-readers around me.

“The wind is getting a little strong. I think I shall head back inside.”

With brisk steps I left him behind. Somehow it felt like he was laughing at me though.

Enjou had the same dark, unknowable depths as my Japanese dolls. Scary…

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    2. No way he’s being a total shit lol not that I like that Kaburagi either, but at least that jerk has some misguided good intentions, and he doesn’t have hidden agendas to his nature, unlike Enjou, Kaburagi is like a baka bull in a China shop, while Enjou is like a cat in one.

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    3. Enjou pretty much has all the characteristics of Reika’s ideal man.
      The reason Reika never went for Akizawa despite him also being kind and good-natured is that she likes her men to have a bit of the “bad boy” streak in them. So she finds him rather plain and unexciting.

      Both Takateru and Enjou are described as being kind and considerate but with a bit of a mischievous streak.

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    I can understand how Reika might be creep out by the dolls.
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          1. I am.
            You don’t know this, but I’m just a dummy account you made to write to yourself. Or rather an alternate personality.
            You a crayfish.

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      Monk boy’s POV tells us that Enjou thinks she’s a “fun person.” Class rep’s POV mentions that a boy is also watching her closely, so that’s either Kaburagi or Enjou.

      Recent chapters show that Enjou is aware of Reika’s true self and that he finds her clumsiness to be endearing.

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    1. I wouldn’t call Reika a childhoood friend.
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        “Hey, you should really cut this out already. If you anger Masaya any more than this, I don’t know what’ll happen to you, okay? I bet you don’t know that your cousin, Kisshouin-san, has been lowering her head to various people for your sake. After all, if you did, you wouldn’t be doing something so shameless, right? The reason that you’re still fine after making so many enemies out of the upperclassmen is because Kisshouin-san has been doing nothing but apologising for your sake. It’s because Masaya knows this that he’s stayed quiet all this time. But even that’s coming to an end.”

        Note the last line about how Kaburagi was staying quiet because of Reika.

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        1. Ugh. I have to much free time on my hands.
          Anyway, Kaburagi’s default response is to be a dick, including to Reika. He doesn’t really pay attention to her social status and treats her the same as every other person in the school that isn’t Enjou or Yurie.

          I give you various citations of the Emperor looking down on her like a bug or something.

          A line like that isn’t going to scare him at all, Kaburagi.
          Look, Enjou is laughing even harder now.
          Aahh, but I also wanna find out Enjou’s weak point.
          I want to find it, and then rub salt all over it.
          It’s unfair that he’s the only one that can be calm like this.
          What ‘Deer Girl’.

          As I was seething inside, my eyes met with Kaburagi.
          After staring at me for a while, Kaburagi gave a small shake of his head.
          Mn? What was that just now?
          Why did he look at me like some pitiful disappointment?
          I’ll let you know, but in terms of ‘disappointment level’, right now you’re basically my level, okay!

          “In the end, we were offered a choice between carrot cake and mint cake, and when I chose the latter out of curiosity, this bright blue cake was brought out to me. This is impossible…
          I met eyes with Kaburagi. He looked at me, and then at my cake, and then had this expression like I was some pitiful weirdo. What the heck!

          A few days later in the salon, Kaburagi came up to me and laughed,

          “Heard it from my pops but not only are you a brocon, you’re a fathercon on top of that?”


          I don’t really expect him to treat Wakaba any differently, tbh.

          Kaburagi strikes me as a very shoujo male lead. From a distance he looks cool and aloof, but really, he’s actually self-centered, immature and tactless.

          The shoujo cliche is that Wakaba will know him for his true self and fall in love with that, but not before Kaburagi makes an inconvenient ass of himself to her. He’ll be this hugely disruptive imposition on her life. But over time, she’ll get under his guard while he’ll learn to appreciate her goodness of heart, intelligence, humility, blah blah blah, inner beauty and all that.

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          1. He doesn’t treat Reika the same at all. He quite blatantly ignores almost every other girl, responding as little as possible where at all.

            In the example you just mentioned, Kaburagi actually went out of his way to talk to her, It was to make fun of her fathercon thing but he’s not like that with any girl other than Yuri.

            With the other examples… well he noticed Reika was doing something weird or stupid so he looked at her as if she was doing something Reika or something. If I saw my friend doing something weird I’d give him the same look. And the fact that he notices her in the first place is significant it of itself.

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                1. The reason Bakaburagi “recruited” Reika was because Aira wouldn’t snitch on Yurie. At that point he didn’t even know Reika’s name, I think. It was only after did he really began to pay attention to her. Unless you’re referring to high-school arc?


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      1. If you ever watched/read Natsume Yuujincho, there is an episode/chapter about Nitan-sama. Some crazy guy would stick a bunch of dolls in a room and lock the door, and eventually some dolls would somehow get broken. Apparently it was a ritual to bring the surviving dolls to life as a curse. Though the idiot who did this got scared his curse worked and ran away, leaving the scary, living dolls behind to run amok.


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