Schizophrenia – Chapter 18

Not much to say. Life still hellish busy. Guess I’m finding some motivation to translate now from a rekindled interesting in reading novels. As author said in the previous chapter’s note, the story will be quite relaxed for a while. So, story might get a bit slow for some, but please hang in there, it’s definitely worth reading all of it! (If I’ll ever finish translating)
Enjoy chapter 18



Saying so, Lilia made to walk past the boy. However, before she passed by him, the boy held out something to her. Seeing the thing, it turned out to be a small handkerchief.


“Well… It seemed like you had been crying so… If you’d like, please use it.”

Here not only Lilia, but Sakura as well was surprised. Wondering if he somehow, actually didn’t know anything about Lilia.

“You… Really don’t know who I am?”

Asking him directly, the boy only tilted his head in response.

“Have we perhaps met somewhere before?”

Hearing that, Lilia was momentarily dumbfounded, and then a smile involuntarily leaked out on her face.
Thinking for a moment, she said,

“I’m Lilia. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Ah, umm… Ray, here.”

It seemed like he had noticed that Lilia was leaving out her family name for some reason, so Ray too didn’t attach his surname.

“Ray huh. I’ll make sure to remember. Well then I’ll be… What is it?”

As she was heading for the exit, Lilia’s feet quickly came to a halt. Lilia’s sleeve was gently being held onto by Ray. When Lilia tilted her head, Ray said with upturned eyes,

“That is… Would you like to talk for just a little bit? Being by myself is sort of lonely…”

Then just return to your own class, thought Lilia, but even she probably wouldn’t just say such a thing out loud.

Lilia herself wasn’t really in the condition to return to class, so it wouldn’t be bad to keep him company. Lilia concluded so and nodded with an ‘Alright’.

Though it was her first time entering the room, she had heard about this place before. Prepared for purposes like collaborative research and for people who wanted to study by themselves, ten of these rooms were lined up in a hallway connected from the library. To use these rooms one would have to request it beforehand, but starting last year, she had heard something about how one room was continuously in use by someone. That was probably referring to this room.
On the table reference texts and books on various things were arranged. Ray put the book he brought back on a corner of the table and retrieved a single chair from a stack and placed it before Lilia.

“Here you go.”


Thanking him she sat down. Ray sat down facing Lilia there.

—Seems like this is where he really studies huh.

With Sakura’s voice, Lilia brought her gaze to the learning materials arranged on the table. They were the same things as what she had been using a year ago. It seems that he was only one year younger than Lilia. As she stretched out to reach for the reference book, Ray flusteredly said,

“S-sorry, it hasn’t been tidied…! I’ll get to it immediately!”

“It’s fine, no worries. So you study by yourself here?”

“Yes… That’s right.”

Ray slumped back down as he answered. As Lilia was flipping through the reference book, she stealthily sent her gaze to the paper in front of Ray. The notebook there was opened, and questions full of blank answers were written inside.

“So there are parts you don’t get here?”

Eh, Ray let out an idiotic voice, and quickly noticing that the notebook he left lying open had been seen, he frantically began to clean it up.

“Sorry I’m so sorry! I’ve shown you such an unsightly…!”

“It’s quite alright. Rather, how’s the studying?”

“Uhmm… Yes, there are some parts that I don’t really understand…”

“Please show me.”

And so, the notebook that Ray was going to tidy up was quite naturally plundered by Lilia. Looking inside, she began to confirm the places left blank. With an I see, Lilia quickly closed the notebook.

“I’ll teach you.”


“It’ll probably serve to kill some time. I will teach you. Please open your reference book.”

Returning the notebook with those words, Ray was speechless as his mouth hung open. Lilia felt just a slight bit irritated at the state Ray was in and tapped the table with her finger.

“Quickly please.”

“Ye, yes!”

Ray hurriedly opened the reference book. Lilia moved beside Ray, looked at the questions, and thus began to explain.

—Un. The heck is this.

No one gave an answer to Sakura’s muttering.

“Let’s leave it at this for today.”

When Lilia said so and closed the reference book, Ray let out a sigh of relief. Seeing that Lilia narrowed her eyes, and as she was about to open her mouth,

—This is your fault, forcing him to study six hours straight without any breaks though? You shouldn’t be getting angry alright?

—Ahhh… So that much time has already passed huh.

—Yup. As expected it was pretty tough on poor Ray. …It seemed like you were having fun so I didn’t say anything though.

Just like Sakura said, Lilia felt some enjoyment from it. Especially since Ray’s memory was good, he’d remember something after only being taught once. In that regard, teaching was quite enjoyable. Just, seeing Ray fallen limp from exhaustion, she couldn’t help but reflect a little at having somewhat overdone it.

“Sorry about that, Ray.”

At Lilia’s words, Ray vigorously raised his head.

“No no! Your lesson was very easy to understand! Thank you very much!”

And so he bowed his head with great vigour. Lilia only replied with a curt ‘I see’, but the corners of her mouth couldn’t help as they naturally turned upwards.

—Ahaha. Lilia, you seem happy.

—As if.

“Well then, it’s about time, I’ll be going now.”

“Yes. Thank you very much for today.”

Leaving Ray, who bowed his head once more, Lilia quietly exited the room.
In the Library, there was still barely any sign of other people. It seemed like classes had ended quite some time ago. To not leave Alisa worrying, she made to return straight back and headed for the exit.

“Miss Lilia!”

Stopped midway, Lilia halted her feet. Turning around, there stood Ray.

“What’s the matter?”

“Umm… If you have the time, it would be great if you could perhaps come again?”

Lilia slightly widened her eyes. She thought about what Ray’s intentions might be, but nothing came to mind. What could possibly be the reason that this boy was saying such a thing?

—Lilia, sometimes, can be quite dumb.

—Ha? You picking a fight?

—Not at all. It’s just, yeah. Never mind.

The presence of Sakura’s wry smile was transmitted. Not understanding what she meant, Lilia only tilted her head.

“Alright. If I feel like it, I’ll come again.”

Not knowing his intentions, she couldn’t make a promise. Not having a reason to refuse either she answered so, but,

“Yes! I will be waiting!”

Ray had a very delighted smile.



(Author’s Note)
(The chapter) Ended up concluding in the library…


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  1. Thanks for chapter.
    I ship for Lilia and Ray. Just forget about that stupid prince?(I forgot his name and even his status).
    Lilia quite dense for feeling from other people when directed to her, but it make her cute.

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  2. Let the sailing begin! Protect the ship from unwanted pirates (๑ò◊ó ノ)ノ

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  3. Thank you very much for the chapter, Jaon! Wow, Lilia made a friend(?)! And he is reclusive, so he doesn’t talk to people and hear gossip! Perfect! Although she also doesn’t talk to people and hear gossip… I wonder if that might be perfect for him as well? I am looking forward to Lilia being the friend of all the bullied kids, hehe. (She is off to a good start!)

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