So this one wasn’t done by me but a concerned citizen who was worried about the fate of the series. I brushed up most of the errors in translation so enjoy~

Also, to all of you who had finals after winter break, good job. I hope you’re not as dead as me~

TLer: Xryphos (Misharie)

TLCer: Koto




Some time had passed since parting with Zeno-kun.

I was in the middle of eating a proper meal. Sashimi made from a fish known as zerabia was rich in umami and had great consistency. In a word, it was a perfect dish. However, even though I had eaten such a masterpiece, my hunger was not fading.

I even drank the water I was offered. It didn’t even quench my thirst a little.

… I guess my body desires blood.

It’s been about a week since I was reborn as a vampire. The reason for this craving is most likely because I hadn’t drank a single drop of human blood that entire time.

I can overcome the natural enemies of vampires such as sunlight and water with defensive skills however, there’s nothing that can be done about this thirst.

“What can be done…”

The solution is easy. I’ll be fine after drinking blood.

I know the answer. I know the answer, yet…

I’m a deviant.

Casually approaching a stranger and saying, “Excuse me, but would you be so kind as to let me drink your blood.” is completely out.

They would definitely run away. If I was the one approached, I would report them to the police.

“It may have been a mistake to become a vampire…”

While I was traveling with Zeno-kun, the desire to suck blood often showed its face. At that time, whenever I drank water or ate food, I was able to sate my appetite. Now there was now no sign of it subsiding at all.

… Does this mean that the food’s distractive effect was lost.

The blood sucking impulse was only suppressed momentarily with meals and water. That only stalled the inevitable, as my current state reflects.


… Even if I calmly analyzed my situation, it wouldn’t improve.

There wasn’t only a feeling of starvation, but I also had a headache and my vision blurred a bit. I felt chilly.

It felt similar to a cold accompanied by a high fever, but there was a single clear difference between the feelings.

“My fangs… ache…”

My charm point after being reborn as a vampire were these sharper than normal canines.

My whole body was complaining because of the cold, but only my fangs felt terribly hot and unpleasant. They gave off the discomfort of a prickling scrape.

…I have to keep it together.

Escaping into an alleyway was a smart move, if I do say so myself.

If I had stayed in such a crowded place, I certainly would have bit into the nearest person. That was how suddenly the thirst for blood came.

I thought that I would’ve been able to withstand it for a little longer, but my limit was close.

I don’t intend to become a monster that attacks people though.

… It’s not ok to cause trouble for others.

I certainly am lazy, and my dream is to be taken care of by someone and live a good-for-nothing life, but I’d like to make sure that the person accepts me first.

I don’t want to put strain on or cause trouble for a person that doesn’t desire it.

“If only I could drink my own blood and be satisfied…”

I remembered all of the details of the ability. I understand that it’s not something that can be solved by such a way.

When I bite, I don’t need to suck. Thanks to raising the ability’s level, there’s no need to do such a thing or drink a large amount. Just a little would do, but it can’t be my own.

I would never be satisfied without drinking the blood of another being. This is the vampire’s curse.

I who had overcome most of the weaknesses of the vampire race such as water and the sun, was still troubled by this final weakness.

It’s also incurable with recovery magic because it isn’t a sickness, injury or blight. It is the same as breathing for vampires. To stop breathing altogether is not called recovery.

“Oh, it’s useless… It’s already becoming dark…”

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like I’ll fall to my desires. My consciousness is slowly fading.

At this rate, I can avoid going on a rampage. As long as I pass out, I won’t cause trouble for others.

“Ah… so sleepy.”

That reminded me, I hadn’t taken a nap yet…

Despite being in a back alley, the sea breeze still blew over me and was very pleasant. The passing fragrance smelt quite nice.

In order to escape my hunger, I curled up and slept.

…I’ll just sleep it off and forget.

I am good at sleeping. You might even call it a specialty. I slowly gave up my consciousness to sleep. Speaking of which, Loli Gramps-san said something about dying if the desire for blood grew too large…

I feel a bit bad of going through the trouble of reincarnating only to die a week after being born into this world… I only started thinking this as my consciousness melted away, so these apologetic feelings to Loli Gramps-san stopped being my problem.


  1. It has been wayyyy too long since I have had the pleasure of reading about the escapades of our dear loli vampire


    1. A cliff? Well, shall we guess at things that could happen? My bet is that some deserving person disturbs her sleep and is properly rewarded for that. Sleep is important, you know.


    1. Not when it is bloodcraving vampire that falls asleep. Then they simply go on an unconcious rampage and kill everyone around and wake up surrounded by dismembered corpses.

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  2. Ahh our MC is so endearing ;; 7 ;; )) would be a shame if a good person doesn’t pick up and adopt this loli vampire. Thanks for the chapter!


  3. thanks for the chapter. hehe she doesnt have to worried. for some people, getting bitten by bishoujo is a reward instead, compared to typical middle aged man with robe

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  4. “I don’t intend to become a monster that attacks people”
    Except you are doing opposite of what you intend like an imbecile. Once an overpowered vampire loses grasp on their own conciousness due to hunger guess what happens? A city full of corpses!


  5. I hope that this will still be alive… I want to know what happens due to her neglect of “hunger” Does the expected thing happen or something else… Sigh she really should have eaten those bandits… clearly they were there to provide your first meal!


  6. Next update is depending on when Kousan comes back, people on discord just tells me that he “exploded”. While he’s gone, I thought of going ahead but I can’t post here.. plus it’d be full of mistakes without him. So wait a little for him to come back.


  7. Casually approaching a stranger and saying, “Excuse me, but would you be so kind as to let me drink your blood.” is completely out.
    They would definitely run away. If I was the one approached, I would report them to the police.

    And this concern is coming from someone who blatantly ran around and stayed nude for several days and then fought naked. Really? Your moral values are screwed anyway, no need to care about all that stuff, right? Just find some bandit types or something to forcefully steal blood from after knocking them out, or seduce a pretty girl.


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