Turf War – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – “Another family discussion!? Mum is coming.”

Mum was coming to the Capital today. Why so suddenly, you ask? It’s because I mentioned my financial state in one of my letters. I regularly send letters to my parents because of how worried they are about letting their kids live alone here. That’s why I write whenever I can. Some of those letters may have included my grumblings about shop management.

She replied, “Send me your account book,” so I did and then…

Apparently that had been a bad idea.

I got this letter saying that she was coming immediately, which is why Loser(Bizef) was accompanying my mum here. Mum, I might have exaggerated things a bit in the letters, but we’re really okay now. Geez, the shop is just fine. Dryas-kun’s ideas should make everything just fine.

Geez, I was trying my best not to get her to worry too…

Well whatever. It was a good chance to see Mum again so I’d be lying to say I wasn’t somewhat happy. I decided to get the business talk over with and then spend some quality bonding time with her.

Now then…

It was about time for her to arrive I think…

Before long, I heard the sound of an approaching horse carriage.

Was it her…?

I rushed out of the store to check. Alighting from the carriage was my beloved mother.


Before I knew it I had rushed over to embrace her.

“It’s been a while, Tilea. Have you been well?”

“Yeah. Both Timu and I have been great.”

Fwahh, it’s Mum. It’s been a while so I’ll fawn on you! I rubbed up against Mum’s chest. Waah, it’s so warm and soft. And I missed this smell. Sniff sniff.

“H-, Hey, Tilea-chan. Sup!”

Loser(Bizef) interrupted our mother-daughter bonding.

Honestly, it’s called reading the mood! Mum and I are supposed to be catching up right now!

I glared at him. He looked flustered and confused as though he had been expecting something else.

I felt a little sorry for him. Thinking about it, he went out of his way to escort her here. I mean, he had ulterior motives for sure, but it still wouldn’t do if I forgot to say thank you.

“Bizef-san, thank you very much for accompanying my mother here.”

“No, no, it was nothing.”

“Don’t say that. I’m grateful.”

“It’s fine, I said, fine. I had some business in the Capital anyway.”


“Yeah, to tell the truth I’m moving here.”


“Huhu, surprised? If you have any troubles, you can come find me any time.”

“Haha… I see.”

Hey, Loser(Bizef). I’ve completely seen through you. When the hell would I go looking to you for help. Trying to rely on you would make everything ten times harder.

I gazed coldly at him for a while.

“Bizef-san, I really have to thank you too. Please take care of my daughter.”

Mum started to thank him. Please, Mum, the way you worded it sounds like I’m getting married to him.

“Mu-, AHEM, Sera-san, please leave it to me. I’ll take care of Tilea-chan and Timu-chan for you.”

Oi, what the hell did he almost say just now? Are you already pretending to be my husband!?

Oh god, please stop that Mum. You’re looking at him like he’s your future son-in-law or something. He’s going to misunderstand, okay!

Loser(Bizef) was in a good mood after that. Probably because he thought he had my parents’ approval or something. He even started getting touchy-feely with me…

Bro… If you keep this misunderstanding up you’re going to meet my cestus, okay. Seriously.

Anyway, after I was done hugging Mum, she moved onto the main topic.

“Tilea, I looked at your ledger,” she said, letting out a huge sigh.

Probably because she thought I was buried in debt. Well I was, but we had a plan, okay. I tried to put her at ease.

“W-Well, it’s true that I overspent a little but it’s okay. I’ve got a plan to turn this around. Plus, you have to know that nobody can beat my cooking.”

“A-, A little!? Do you have any idea how serious this is? Why didn’t you ask me for help earlier!”

“Sorry, b-but I’ve been thinking about the pricing and like the location and all sorts of stuff and――”

“Tilea, we’re a little past that stage. It’s too late.”

“D-, Don’t be like that, come on. I know it’s going to be hard to pay back a few dozen million but…”

“A few dozen million!? Show me that account book again.”

“Eh-!? What do you…? Wasn’t it like 30 million gold…?”

“Hahh~ Tilea, you forgot a digit. Right now you’re 300 million gold in debt.”

WHA-!? I flusteredly looked over the ledger again.

Umm, so you carry this over and then…


After agonising over the maths…

“Tilea, this calculation is wrong. This one too. And also you forgot to add the price of this fish. There’s also…”

Mum began accurately pointing out everything I did wrong. Wow, she’s not the manager of the restaurant for show.

After a lot of fixing, the result…?

300,000,000 gold in debt. Double checked.

O-, Oh my god… With this I can’t even use Dryas-kun’s plan.

A debt in the hundred millions…

Even the government would feel it if they had to bail me out.

“M-, Mum? What do I do?”

I looked at my mum tearily.

“Tilea, when you told me that you were working at a restaurant, I assumed you meant as a chef. Never had I imagined that you were doing everything from the cooking to the management…”

Mum had a good point. To begin with I thought I was going to work for Or’s dad or something. But then Or just left everything to me. He just gave me money and didn’t ask for a thing. I thought it was pretty reckless of him but then decided it might have been his way of saying he trusted me. That’s why I thought I would do it all… but then I let him down like this.

“W-What should I do? I told Or that I was just 30 million behind. Awawa, for that to have turned to 300 million…!”

“Or-san is the owner of this restaurant?”

“Mn, it’s actually Or’s… Ortissio’s relative that owns it though. Or is just the middleman who hands me the funds.”

“And this Ortissio-san provides you with money on a monthly basis? He didn’t say a thing about this debt?”

“Yeah. And far from each month, on some months I even ask for money each week but he’s never complained about it.”

“Each week…? Speaking of which, the month before last you used an absurd amount of money didn’t you.”

“The month before…? Ohh, right, right, there was this fishing boat that had just come back from the ocean with some fresh hamachi yellowtail so I kinda――”

“You silly girl! Both you and your father are such idiots whenever it comes to cooking. Listen, when you buy ingredients you need to match the needs of your customers.”

“B-But… it was so good. I couldn’t just let it go. And Or said it was okay too and gave me the money.”

After hearing my excuses, Mum held her head in her hands. Yeah, thinking back on it, even I think I was being ridiculous.

“…I’ve heard enough. Anyway, can you arrange a meeting with Ortissio-san for me?”

“Eh-!? A meeting with Or? I dunno…”

Mum isn’t used to chuunibyou like I am so will they even be able to communicate?

“Tilea, don’t think so much about it. At this point you can only leave it to me, right? Or are you telling me that you can tell him you’re 300 million in debt?”

“M-, Maybe not. But Or and I are close so…”

“Tilea, you can’t be that disrespectful to Ortissio-san. Isn’t he the son of a noble here?”

“Mn, yeah. But Or and I are close, so we don’t care about that.”

Or might be a major noble but he’s never been arrogant about it. He treats commoners like me equally. Actually, I’ve kind of ended on top.

“Hahh~ You only know the friendly people from Beluga, but the nobles of the Royal Capital are strict when it comes to their money.”

“R-, Really? Or never seems to really care that much though.”

I mean, whenever I bring up money he immediately forks some over. Not a bit of hesitance. I’m basically robbing his treasury and he doesn’t care at all.

“Tilea, it’s impossible that a noble would thoughtlessly waste money. He has a reason. I need to meet with him to find out what it is.”

“That’s impossible. Mum, Ortissio doesn’t scheme like that.”

I mean, I’ve never met a more stupidly honest person. If I found out somebody like that was actually a schemer I don’t think I’d be able to trust other people anymore.

“Tilea, have you never thought it strange? It’s unnatural that somebody would just hand you this much money. Not only that, but to leave the entire store to somebody with zero experience like yourself…”

“That’s because he saw through my skill in cooking and――”

“It’s true that you inherited your dad’s talent. I’d even call you a first class cook. But leaving the entire store for you to manage would be unthinkable. From what I’ve heard, he’s basically left everything up to you these last few months, hasn’t he. Then in that case it wouldn’t be strange to think that he’s bankrupting you on purpose. To being with, it’s unthinkable that he suddenly prepared a store for you.”

“Like I said, Or and I are close――”

“Tilea, what do you mean by Close? Don’t tell me you’ve become his mistress or something?”


I choked on my drink. Me, Or’s mistress? Don’t even joke about that.

“M-, Mum, don’t suddenly say something so shocking. I’m not that cheap, okay.”

“I know. I don’t think you’d do that either. But I can’t explain this situation any other way.”

Mum was getting agitated. I mean, looking at this objectively I can kind of see her point. You wouldn’t just hand over your shop to some random girl you met on the streets. No matter how great my cooking was, it was completely unnatural.

In other words, Mum was suspicious of Or. Suspicious that he was handing out all this money because he had his eye on me…

But I couldn’t tell her the truth either. That Or prepared the restaurant as consolation for trying to assault me.

Ahhh, what do I do. I don’t think I can fool Mum. But if I told the truth it would make her suspect him even more…

“That’s why I want you to arrange a meeting, Tilea. I’ll make sure to find out the truth for you.”

I don’t think she was giving me any other option. Mum was being really adamant about it.

Can’t be helped.

I decided to just arrange the meeting. After that I’d just deal with whatever happened.

Or, no matter what you do, don’t start trouble with my Mum.

Lost in my thoughts, I headed underground to look for Or.

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  1. Oh! the cliffhanger is strong in this one!! lol Thank you for your wonderful translation! Even during busy holidays, your benevolence shines through! xD

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  2. UPDATE! :D
    And Loser-san is back! Wasn’t he locked away hiding in shame last we saw him? Finally found his way out.
    Son-in-law candidates: the rich noble Or, the hot elf Dryas, the loser Bizef. Probably not Pervert though.

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  3. I just realized, the money Tilea is getting is probably directly from the kingdom’s royal coffers… I mean, I doubt the demons would have a massive amount of the kingdom’s gold coins lying around (they probably have a mountain of priceless treasures but actual gold coins? Doubtful) So chances are they just ordered the king (who’s a vampire now if I remember correctly) to hand them actual gold coins.

    Also, couldn’t the evil god army just control the suppliers to deliver things at no cost and thus any sales Tilea makes becomes a profit?

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    1. You underestimate Demons under the banner of The Evil God herself, i mean we got Timu creating an Elven strategist by simply using her mana and imagination so wouldn’t it be normal to think that they would have an endless amount of gold? ahaha!

      Also relying on a turned King who’s probably one of the lowest in rank in their army might sound pathetic to these prideful demons. The supplier idea sounds wonderful though~


      1. Doubt they’re relying on the king to give them the gold. They probably claimed the royal treasury as theirs after the took control of the king and is giving Tilea the money they took from the treasury


  4. Oh my! Mum is trying to find suitors to Tillea! And she’ll be surprised that there are a lot of candidates willing to ask her hand in marriage!

    Also their talk would probably make her root for Or because of how Timid he will be and how much praise he will say about Tillea, also money, so sorry Bizef you’re still a loser especially now that your girl is about to be NTR’d from you.

    Tillea’s pecking order of the losers;



    1. “But I couldn’t tell her the truth either. That Or prepared the restaurant as consolation for trying to assault me.”

      And this comment Will only adding fuel to fire

      Lets just hope tilea didnt slipped somehow

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    2. Or? Timid? He kills humans for fun. Mum would prolly be as insignificant as an insect in his eyes. Asking Tilea’s hand would be stark unthinkable too.


          1. Oh man, position to position for you then? Good experience I hope?
            Well, please do keep us posted! Quiet anticipation for my favorite series always kills me.
            Also, forget if I told you, but since you mention it, I loved the Nero story. That was fantastic, although I guess it’s on hiatus now too? I also read through DireWorm, which is a great Doctor Doom-esque villain, and even got some of the tarot cards the author offered in the mail. Really nice looking!
            What are some other fanfics you’d recommend?

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            1. These are some of the obvious ones: Go Gently, Constellations, The Student, Intrepid, Atonement, A Cloudy Path, Daddy’s Girl, I Am Skitter, Starry Eyes, Twinnings, Heredity, Silencio, Cenotaph, Wake, Legacy, Hunter of Light, El Ahrairah, Thoughts as Light as a Feather, Journey of the Dragonfly, Jaunt, Dominion, Skein, Burn Up, That Gnawing Worm, Cancer, Copacetic, Absolution, Internship, Deputy.

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  5. I can just imagine Or’s mind going “WHAT! How can this human be so rude! I will kill her! Guh… but she is the esteemed Evil God-sama’s mother, so I can’t!!!”


  6. Ahhh, just why did she have to send those ledgers, why oh why does her mother have to come. She’s clearly weak minded as hell, starting to blabber and breaking down about demons or whatever back in that home town. Our protagonists reactions here are also one of those that rubs me the wrong way, being all timid and cowardly… well, it’s not as if it’s news by now, but still, the last chapter I will read of this novel in a long time had to be one of those chapters I don’t really like(most chapters are great though, awesome translation as well, truly an oasis of the english language compared to many other translated novels which drive me insane trying to understand what is going on).

    At least I believe we can expect some golden comedy when her mothers common sense crumbles beyond saving and maybe she’ll go mad and runs home crying, that would be so freaking funny. But 300 million? chump change for our dear evil god army xD

    Happy new year, I hope everyone reading this had a great year and that the next year will be the same!


    1. I’m thinking that since she’s meeting with Or, she’s basically gonna think he’s a noble who’ll put up however much money they want and tell Tilea to wring him out for everything he’s worth.


  7. Well she remembered her previous life when she was 7 years old, in chapter 1 or 2 she says I think, but I think she is genuinely a girl, what was in her past life does not even exist anymore, so I wish to pair her with the maou or the yuusa


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