Turf War – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Edim and the Truth Behind the Meeting

Can I get any luckier…?

I was allowed to become the faithful servant to both Tilea-sama and Camilla-sama. I was allowed to join the Evil God Army at its bottom. And when I became a vampire, a demon, I finally started to wonder.

Why are humans so frail…?

Even the Royal Capital’s Public Safety Force, led by Remilia and praised as the strongest were nothing more than infants.

Ahaha, I can’t stop the smiles. My mana has already exceeded the ten thousand mark. A number that would have been unimaginable to me back when I was human. Not only that but I’ve finished vampirising all the key members of the city. The royal family, the Guild, the Magic Academy – all of them just waiting for my single command to move as I please.

If only she desires it, they are ready to act as the spearhead for Tilea-sama’s grand plan to conquer the world.

I should report the completion of the vampirisation mission at the next war council. Might Camilla-sama praise me? Or will she kick and step on me and tell me not to get proud of something so little? All I know is that I’d be overjoyed with either.

While I was enjoying my delusions, Nielsen-sama suddenly rushed past me. I’ve never seen him look so frantic.

Did something happen?

“Nielsen-sama?” I called out to him.

He stopped to turn at me.

“Ah, Edim. We will be holding a war council today. Report immediately to the location.”

“A war council, Sir?”

“Indeed. Tilea-sama called for it. Pay attention.”

“I understand.”

“Mn. Go at once. I will inform the others.”

With that, he continued his sprint down the hallway.

Tilea-sama attending a meeting!?

This hasn’t happened even once before…

I made haste with a nervous expression. I entered the meeting room to find a completely different atmosphere than normal. It was natural considering who was standing there. The tension was unreal.

After some nervous waiting, everybody was finally here.

“Please sit,” said Tilea-sama, and everybody took a seat.

What’s this all about?

Is it finally time for Tilea-sama herself to make her move on the world? If so, then I can finally see Camilla-sama and Tilea-sama’s greatness from up close!

What fortune!

Just imagining the two of them trampling the humans was giving me the shivers.

But unexpectedly, the subject matter at hand was…

“Do something about the restaurant’s debt!”


To be honest it was a complete let-down.

Why is Tilea-sama still so obsessed about that restaurant? Is it really something so important that we needed to suspend the expedition to the Manafint Condeferation? What does everybody else think about this?

I looked around at the attending leadership.

Eh-!? Everybody there was nodding along with serious expressions. They even started vigorously discussing ideas. What’s going on? Also, Ortissio-sama was being criticised as usual.

Eventually Dryas-sama finally spoke, and his words filled me with shame.

Of course. The food being served in that restaurant was made by Tilea-sama herself. That the restaurant was in the red is nothing less than a slap in the face to her. An insult impossible to stomach. This certainly was a matter of utmost importance. Mere food or not, any loss on Tilea-sama’s part was absolutely unacceptable.

Nielsen-sama felt the same way. He basically spoke my mind. Nobody else spoke up, but they nodded along in agreement.

But Nielsen-sama’s words of loyalty were met with a projectile of incredible speeds.

I-, I think that may have crossed Mach 1…

I only heard the sound of the throw after it passed. Nielsen-sama was knocked down without a struggle.

W-What power!

It could have blown over dozens of your average demons. It’s only because it was Nielsen-sama that he survived. Everyone else was dumbstruck.

Later on when Tilea-sama explained her anger, my back was drenched in cold sweat.

I should have realised. Tilea-sama was presently angry exactly because of the issue of cooking.
I looked at Nielsen-sama carefully to warn myself of what would happen if I wasn’t careful with my words.

S-Still, thank goodness…

I was this close to saying the same thing as he did. My brains would have been splattered across the wall.

Anyway, I need to think of some kind of plan. Tilea-sama’s name is riding on this.

I frantically used my head.

I know! There is something I can do! I can just turn all of the foolish humans into my vampires. I’ll vampirise all the humans and then order them to go to the restaurant. That way we’ll get heaps of customers, and Tilea-sama’s restaurant will be number one too.

I voiced my suggestion to Tilea-sama.

But instead she became enraged anyway and asked me if I was looking down on her cooking.

A chill ran down my spine――

Why didn’t you realise, Edim!

I was essentially looking down on Tilea-sama. She glared angrily at me.

Uu, this is the power of an absolute conqueror. What pressure…

Even though I knew the normal, kind Tilea-sama, I couldn’t keep my legs from trembling or my teeth from clattering.

A-, Anyway I have to beg for forgiveness! I frantically began to apologise. Maybe she could tell I was being sincere because I somehow got her to forgive me.

Phew, I lost a few years off my life with that.

It’s easy to forget because of how kind she usually is, but Tilea-sama’s power is bottomless. Truly the Evil God. I’d better pay attention to my words and actions from now on. Particularly when it comes to food.

Also, I’ve been wondering…

What did she mean about throwing a kukanomi at me? And thinking about it, Tilea-sama always tries to stop me from eating kukanomi. She says stuff like “It’s your weakpoint, so you can’t,” or “Stay away from the church.”

What do those have to do with each other?

I don’t understand. Tilea-sama’s thoughts are still unfathomable as always.

But well, thinking about it any further would be insolence.

As a servant I should avoid trying to pry into my master’s thoughts too deeply. No matter what happens, to continue serving faithfully is what a truly loyal retainer is.

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  1. Thanks for the update :D

    Is kukanomi garlic? I ask before google sensei isn’t kind today T_T


    1. I BELIEVE it’s the term for garlic in this world. Like, the closest equivalent to it? Or just a different name for it. I can’t remember the specifics.

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          1. Isn’t autism where you get like stat reductions in areas like language, motor skills and such and get a stat boost in stuff like art?

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            1. Well, to be fair, they *are* growing stronger by being around Tilea. I mean, at least Timu is learning new things about magic by observing Tilea’s casual spells, like Pettanko.

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      2. KUKOnomi is Japanese for the wolfberry plant, also known as goji berry. Tilia might consider it akin to wolfsbane or might be thinking of its application in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).


  2. These view point changes are pretty lol. With how air headed and carefree Tilea’s pov is, the contrast from seeing how others view the scene is pretty funny. I’m actually surprised at how far Edim has come in her takeover of the city.

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  6. So that’s why vampires flinch when they see a cross – Evil God said they shouldn’t go near one.
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