Reika-sama – 082

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Hmm hmm hmmmm~

My doll knitting has really coming along. I’ve been using the expensive stuff so it always feels good to touch it! I think I’ll have a lot of fun rubbing my cheeks against it when I’m done.
I’ve been knitting at home as well. After dinner I usually laze about in the living room and work on it. I wonder if it’ll be done soon.
I’m also happy that immersing myself in this has been reducing my snack breaks. Why do humans always go looking for food when they’re bored…
Anyway, maybe I’ll go back to needle felting once this is done. I think I’ll try making a cat this time.

Hmm hmm hmm~


As usual, today I headed to the Handicrafts Clubroom with my knit doll.

“It seems to be progressing quite nicely, Reika-sama. It should be done soon.”

“Yup, it’s looking quite cute. I like how you’ve done the belly.”

“Thank you. I have been knitting at home as well.”

I was particularly careful about how I introduced a different colour for the seams. The curvature of the belly was done super, super carefully too.

“I was thinking of using needle felting to create a cat after this is complete. If I am not mistaken there are a few members of this club that practice needle felting as well, correct?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I beamed at the Felting Group.
They smiled back at me. Yup, I really think we’re getting along.
So Club President, please let me into the club already. I know you’ve got the register in a clear folder in that schoolbag over there, okay?
Don’t think you can get rid of me after this knit doll is done.


One day while I was heading the Handicrafts Club, as I passed Enjou in the hallway he said to me,

“Kisshouin-san, Katsuragi has been calling you the Violent Woman. Do you have any idea what he means?”

so I replied,

“Not the faintest. I have not the slightest inkling of what on earth he means.”

He smiled at me and drawled

“Of course. You’re ever so graceful after all.”

so I smiled back and replied,

“Of course.”

before making my way to the clubroom.

That little snitch. He brings shame on the entire male sex… It’s settled. My next needle felting project will be a birdbrain.



Eventually my doll was finally complete. I brought it with me to the living room where my parents and Oniisama were relaxing with some tea.

“Oh? Reika. Is your doll done?”

“Yes, it is.”

“You’ve been knitting quite a bit, haven’t you. Did you make a doll?”

I revealed my doll to the family. It was a small tanuki with glasses.

“This is you, Otousama.”


I handed it over to him.

“I made the animal that I think suits you best, Otousama. I made it just for you. Will you accept it?”

“For me?”

Holding it in two hands, he stared at it.
Back when Wakaba-chan first entered Zui’ran I was so shocked that I might have repeatedly and vocally doubted Otousama. He got completely depressed and Oniisama told me off. I’m reflecting.
Everyone knows it, myself included, but I’m kind of a brother’s girl. Still, Otousama has always spoiled me since I was little. That’s why I like Otousama as well. Plus, seeing a man his age look so sad made me feel pretty guilty too.
That’s why I made this as an apology.
I know that people hate getting hand-knitted stuff because it’s too intense, but we’re father and daughter so it’s totally okay, right?

“I even added glasses, see? Don’t you think it looks just like you, Otousama?”

I took a seat next to him.

“Yeah, it’s well made. Thanks, Reika. I’m really happy. But you see me as a tanuki, huh. Is it because you think I’m cunning like an old tanuki…?”

“No, the tanuki has a fat belly just like you do. But hmm, an old tanuki. I suppose that fits you as well.”

“…I-, I see.”

Otousama made a somewhat difficult expression as he kept looking at the doll.

“It was my first time knitting so the seams are a little off, but you can barely see it if you avoid looking closely, right? This is my first completed knit doll.”

“Ooh! So the first one goes to me.”

Otousama looked at Oniisama smugly.
Otousama, you really look like an evil tanuki when you do that, you know.

“Good for you, Dear,” added my mother.”

“Yup, yup. But Reika, do you really think my tummy is that big?” he asked as he rubbed his belly.

“Yes, it is. Being overweight is bad for your health, so I think you should take a diet.”

“…I suppose.”

“I know a way to get rid of a stubborn tummy; hula hooping. I shall lend you mine, Otousama.”

“You have something like that?”

“…She’s at it again…?”

Eh, Oniisama, did you say something just now?

“Let us hula hoop together. After all, I hope that my beloved father will stay healthy forever.”

“Ohh! So that’s how it is!”

The moment he heard “beloved” his mood shot through the roof.
Is Otousama going to be okay? I’m worried he’ll get scammed one day. You really shouldn’t trust everything people say.

With the doll in hand, Otousama headed to my room.

“It’s a bit embarrassing entering my daughter’s room,” he said, oddly happy.

Oh gosh. Could it be that it wasn’t fraud that gets him in trouble, but sexual harassment?”

“Now then, Otousama, really put your back into it and work off your tummy!”


Otousama began vigorously hula hooping.



Otousama was admitted to hospital for back pains.
Okaasama got incredibly angry at me.
In the hospital room I just happened to say,

“Sorry. I should have known better than to push the elderly.”

Oniisama said “He’s at a delicate age, so pick your words better!” and got angry at me too.

I’m reflecting…


Anyway, after Otousama left the hospital my handmade doll found a place in the study.
I heard that sometimes Otousama would happily pat it.

Since he liked it so much, I decided to be a bit cheeky and give it a cane for its back when Oniisama yelled,

“Have you reflected at all!”

and got angry at me yet again.

Of course I have. I’m teasing him because I love him.

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          1. Ah… sorry for being dyslexic. Well, it’s fine since people immediately recognized it as Katsuragi. By the way, I appreciate the correction but I’m not sure about the claps. Here, let me return it to you… *claps twice*

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    Ahh, Reika, that’s a bit mean…

    “Kisshouin-san, Kaburagi has been calling you the Violent Woman. Do you have any idea what he means?”

    Er, that should be “Katsuragi” not “Kaburagi”.


  4. “So Club President, please let me into the club already. I know you’ve got the register in a clear folder in that schoolbag over there, okay?
    Don’t think you can get rid of me after this knit doll is done.”



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