“… Fumu”

I open my eyes as my consciousness returns and see that I’m standing in the middle of some ruins.

No matter how you look at it, it’s all in ruins. To top it off, it’s on the scale of a village.

There are buildings in decay as far as the eye can see. There isn’t even a single trace of a person.

It seems I reincarnated, however, my height is exactly the same as my previous life, so my viewpoint hasn’t changed. This, it seems more like I just came to another world instead of being reborn into it.

I thought that for a brief moment, but then I saw myself reflected in a piece of broken glass and changed my opinion.

Long silver hair and red eyes. A face that gave off the feeling of an unrivaled beauty reflected from it.

I tried making a peace sign and the girl also made one, so it’s definitely me, but I’m a 100% full-blooded Japanese. Also, while I did have a feminine face, I was definitely a guy.

In other words, I have been reincarnated. It’s just a guess, but vampires might be born as adults. Therefore, even though I have been reincarnated, I don’t feel any sort of discomfort. I open my mouth and see long, sharp canines growing there. Yup, it’s completely vampirish.

“Well, starting off as a baby is tiresome.”

My gender has changed… well, I’m in the wrong for not specifying, so I guess it’s fine. My crotch feels a bit sparse, but if it’s just that much, I can ignore it. Ah, my chest doesn’t feel strange at all. From what I can see, I’m flat. Still, to be born in a ruin…

… Loligramps-san, this is slightly different from what I had thought of.

Sure the weather is calm, the temperature is warm, and there’s a nice breeze. The air also tastes good and it’s the perfect environment for a nap. But seriously, to drop me off in these ruins.

… Well, it might be a little different from what I was expecting, but it’s not actually wrong, so I guess it’s fine.

The location fits my wishes. Let’s just say everything is fine for now.

Next would be that I’m naked. I was able to realise I had become a girl because of this. Since no one can see me, I guess it’s fine if I’m naked.

When I enter one of the nearby ruins, I spot a bed inside. It looks like it hasn’t been used in ages and is slightly falling apart, but it can still be slept on.

Well, the surroundings offset any complaints I have about it. Half the roof has caved in and some light and a breeze leak in; it’s very pleasant. Vampires are usually weak to the sun, so it’s a good thing I grabbed Sunlight-resistance.


This, this is happiness.

Let’s sleep. Let’s drift off straight away. Right now.

Obeying my desires, I fell asleep. I continued sleeping to my heart’s content.

Ah, shoot, this is the best… Funya~…

A vampire’s need for food and water is weak, so I was able to sleep without a single worry in the world.

Because I haven’t ingested anything, I have no need for the bathroom. What wonderful days of slothfulness. Viva sloth!

I’m a bit upset there isn’t a bath, however, with high level healing magic, it’s possible to remove dirt from the body. I should’ve maxed out that stat.

The reason why I can understand the effects of my skills, is because it sorta just pops up in my head. It’s easiest to explain it as the feeling of an instructions manual in my head. Following the steps, I’m able to exert the skill’s effect.

“Become clean… Guu…” (Said like a maid blessing your omurice)

Normally, to activate magic, you need to concentrate and recite an incantation, but by pouring in more mana, you can omit it. Because I have the Enhanced Magic Power Skill, it’s only natural I can do this.

It’s a pain to concentrate and recite an incantation, so of course I omitted it and instantly activated the magic. You still need a short keyphrase to activate the magic however, so I randomly came up with one.

In that fashion I periodically woke up to clean my body with healing magic. Three days passed uneventfully. As expected, if you slept that long, your stomach would start to feel empty. My throat is also pretty dry. The dryness of my throat is especially bad, it’s at a point where I can’t quietly sleep it off.

“Ah-… it might have been better if I had become a race that didn’t need to eat.”

It’s kinda late to be complaining about it, so for now, let’s head out to find some water. This is my first time exploring another world, but I just can’t get excited for it. I have my mind preoccupied with images of a futon. Ah, I want to return quickly.

While I was thinking about how blindly searching around is suuuper tiresome… a strange aroma assaulted my nose.

“Now that I think about it, my sense of smell was also strengthened.”

I was forced to learn all my skills, so I remember them. I also have the instruction manuals floating around in my head for reference. It was a pain, but Loligramp’s nagging helped me learn. I was asleep half the time though.

Slightly focusing my conscious onto the aroma gave me a rough idea of what the smell was.

“… It’s the scent of blood.”

It’s not stench, it’s scent.

The current me doesn’t find the aroma unpleasant, instead it just sparks my appetite.

Ah, it looks like I’ve really become a vampire. I have a strong desire to drink blood and I can correctly recognize the scent of it. Being tempted by the pleasant smell, I ran after it.

“Woah, fast.”

Soon after I started running, I was surprised at how fast I was going. I wasn’t even at full speed, yet the ruins I slept in are just specks in the distance now. I was so shocked, I stopped and turned around.

I’m probably much faster than a car. Maxing out speed is amazing.

… With this speed, wouldn’t it be possible to do acrobatics?

Thinking this, I ran at a nearby wall… ohh. I’m climbing it, I’m climbing it.

While still being pulled down by gravity, I forcibly run up the wall and soon find myself on the roof.

Crap, this is pretty fun. It’s no match when compared to sleeping, but it sure makes your heart flutter.

“Well then, I think it came from that way.”

I stare hard at the place where the smell came from… like staring through a telescope, my vision zooms in and lets me clearly observe distant objects. This is the effect of the  Enhanced Vision skill.

Far away in the distance, I start to see the source of the smell.

“… It looks to be bandits chasing merchants.”

Three vulgar-looking men on horseback were chasing a large horse drawn cart.

Even while bleeding from their forehead, the one grasping the cart’s reins was desperately forcing their horses forward. It’s obvious that the ones chasing the cart are nimbler though. It doesn’t look like the cart can outrun them.

“… Might as well go.”

To tell the truth, it’s a massive pain, but it can’t be helped if it will quench my thirst.

I want to finish tiresome things quickly, so I sprint in a straight line for the area.


      1. Not to sound ungrateful to the other guy who’s release I read earlier (because I like this series and was thankful for the release) but I think your translation is a little better. Maybe if you’re too busy the two of you could collaborate on this?


      2. Hey do you think that, you can do a joint operation on this webnovel? Like, for example you will do chapter 4 the other will do chapter 5 then you will do chapter 6 then the other will take chapter 7. Just doing a rotation so you to can still work while having a little more room to take a breather


  1. oh forgot about this one, this chapter made this story go up 10x in my books so tired of this dying meeting god trope in the first few chapters, thx koto, any idea what ur release schedule is? or is it just when u have the drive?

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    It would be the best if you can get an agreement, if not is a resources wasting


      1. Well, English is not Irina’s first language, and I know how her “tone” might sound a bit harsh sometimes, but she meant well.


      2. Sorry if mistaking

        With resources I don’t mean to the translators, I mean the effort to translate all this

        And I don’t think that you’re interested to compete who create a better translation


  3. While the other guy’s overall translation quality are lower than yours.

    I think he’s correct that the title is “rebirth” not reverse.


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      Perhaps she can use some magic to make clothes, or at least illusions of clothes with stuff like shadow/bat/mist form magic… Or perhaps there’s an inventory like many other games, or she might’ve found some clothes(or just pieces of cloth) inside the ruined village or something… I seriously don’t believe that the gods would drop reincarnated people off naked in the middle of nowhere with no clothes to at least change into… Too sick to be a joke… Most likely, the author just forgot that she’s naked and therefore it’s not mentioned that she got clothes…


        1. Yeah… It did shock me. Those gods should be turned in to the police… And he himself should probably be so too… Just how lazy can one be :P


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