Reika-sama – 077

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Evil God Army members, assemble:

Today, at Kasumi-sama’s invitation, I was having lunch at the Pivoine seats. I feel like I’ve been eating nothing but sweet foods recently, so today I went with a healthy spring greens and bacon pasta.

“I heard that you planned a lunch event for your class,” she said with a teasing expression.

I’ll bet this is about how I used her name on Tomoe-senpai.

“Yes, both the Student Council President and the cafeteria staff happily agreed, you see. Thanks to that, everybody was able to have a pleasant lunch together.”

“My! Huhu,” she laughed.

Suddenly, some others joined our conversation.

“Was there any need to go out of your way to ask the Student Council? Why, it almost seems as though the Student Council is ranked above us.”

“Yeah. When everything’s said and done, it’s us Pivoine that’s the highest here at Zui’ran.”

Oh dear~ Things have become annoying.
The Pivoine Supremecists really hate the Student Council after all.
Kasumi-sama was hanging her head awkwardly. Considering their reactions, it would be impossible to come clean about her boyfriend.
Unlike middle school, the tensions between the Pivoine and Student Council are quite pronounced here.
It’s probably because the power of the Student Council is a lot greater in the high school section. Well, considering who our current StuCo President is though, I doubt it’ll turn into an all-out confrontation, but still…

“Because I am still only a new student, I felt that perhaps it would be safer to notify the Student Council as well. However, if my conduct has caused anybody discomfort, I am truly very sorry…”

“Ah, no, it’s not your fault, Reika-san. Sorry about that. Just don’t worry about it.”

Once I started acting feeble and pitiful, they backed down surprisingly quickly. Uhehe.
That was the end of that, and lunch progressed peacefully again. Both Kaburagi and Enjou occasionally joined in on the conversation too. Apparently they weren’t going to join a club. Although, it seemed that a lot of sports clubs invited them.

“Which club did you want to join, Reika-sama? I heard that you went to check them out.”

“Yes, although I am still having trouble deciding…”

Although, the truth is that there are a few cultural clubs that I want to enter. But all of them are filled with quiet kids, so it would be like a sudden wolf in a pen of little rabbits. They definitely wouldn’t welcome me.

“How about the Tea Ceremony Club or the Flower Arrangement Club?”

“I have teachers that I have been learning both under since young, so there is really no reason to join those clubs as well.”

“I see. Is there anything else you wanted?”

“At first I was interested in the sports clubs, but…”

Suddenly, Kaburagi and Enjou glanced my way. What the heck. So what if I wanted to join a sports club.
It’s true that I don’t have a good history with mountain climbing but my P.E. results are at least average, okay! And didn’t I do pretty well during the Athletics Carnival!
It’s not that I’m bad at sports. I’m just lacking the willpower, okay.

“I’ve heard that the Zui’ran sports clubs lean towards the intense side. Wouldn’t it be a little harsh for you, Reika-sama?”

“Yes. I realised that it was impossible for me after having a look.”

I heard Kaburagi and Enjou quietly stifling their laughter. Annoying.

“Huuuh~? These seats are free, guys~”

At that moment, Wakaba-chan suddenly came this way with a bentou.
No way! Why!?
I got careless because of how far into lunch break we were. Did her class get held back or something!?
The plate! Where’s the plate that says they’re Pivoine only!? It’s gonee! Who was it!? Who was it that removed it!?
As Wakaba-chan came over with an innocent smile, the atmosphere around the Pivoine senpais grew severe. This is bad… It seemed like the Pivoine Supremecists would explode at any moment.

“U-Umm! These seats are reserved for our use only, so normal students cannot sit here, you know?”

Before I knew it I had stood up and warned Wakaba-chan.
For a moment she stared blankly as our eyes met. Then she turned around and found her pale friends, and finally realised that she was in trouble.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t realise. I sincerely apologise,” she exclaimed as she bowed, low, before rushing back to her friends.


“What was that meant to be. A new External? Let’s find her name later and issue a formal warning. She’s setting a bad example for the rest.”

“That girl did not seem as though she belonged here. Could it be that she was a scholarship student?”

“That’d make things all the worse.”


“Umm! There is really no need to go that far. I am sure she is simply still acclimating. Could you perhaps turn the other way just this once?”


“Of course it would not do to simply leave things, so I will personally talk to her class representative to give her a warning, as well as properly teach her about the Pivoine. Please?”

“…Then just this one time, in deference to you, Reika-san.”

“…Yes. If Reika-san is willing to go that far, then…”

“My! Thank you very much!”

Scaryyy~ The Pivoine is so scaryyyy~
There’s no need to get so angry just because somebody wanted to sit in a chair, okay~?
And Wakaba-chan, you’re way too careless. The friends with you all noticed, didn’t they? And friends of Wakaba-chan, you’re supposed to tell her. Don’t just go pale and stand there.

Also, all throughout this little drama, Kaburagi and Enjou continued eating like nothing…

But wow, what happened just now was that scene when Kisshouin Reika got angry and screamed “Know your place!” at Wakaba-chan, right?
In the manga, the whole cafeteria went silent, and made Wakaba-chan rather infamous right at the start of school. It marked the beginning of a lot of troubles.
Still, I managed to avoid it, right? Although I did sort of stand up and warn her without much thought. I mean, things would have gotten extremely troublesome had I stayed still.
Aahh, but what happened was almost like the manga… Uu, my stomach is kinda hurting again.
But I’ll make sure to finish this pasta. Vegetables are good for you, after all.



I spoke to her class representative about what happened at lunch, and asked them to discreetly teach the new students what to watch out for.

It’d be nice if there was a Pivoine manual or something, though. Perhaps I’ll have a word with Tomoe-senpai about it…

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98 thoughts on “Reika-sama – 077”

  1. Reika sama your wisdom at avoiding flags is wonderful to behold :D Thank you for this installment, Im really looking forward to what will develop! thanks for the translation!

    Im wondering if Kaburagi will look towards her at all? I mean he is headover heels in love already unless something happens later on that destroys that, making the heroine his number 1 rebound girl? I wonder what Reika will end up doing as a go between? Im hoping she avoids it altogether lol, since shes no longer part of the equation of potential love match. I think Reika will be home free!


    1. If I remember correctly, it’s Wakaba who is supposed to approach Kaburagi.

      The Emperor still love Yuri. However, I think that it was stated that, in the manga, Yuri was supposed to go in another country for her work.
      Which means that the Emperor, who cannot follow her, will be heartbroken.
      And he is supposed to fall for Wakaba’s bright character because of that.

      I think that Reika said that it was supposed to go like that in the manga.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. I know, right! But we all know how things are starting to change, in their own little ways, away from that kinda route — I mean, the bad end route for Reika at the very least (I hope). In a way, I was kinda thinking it would be Reika who would end up indirectly cheering up Emperor (in a misguided pretext of urging him on to Wakaba) and, in effect, him secretly developing feelings for her afterwards; secretly in a sense that he’ll never admit to it or dense enough to even notice it.

        Then, as opposed to the manga plot where Enjou ‘urge’ Emperor to Wakaba would just be a cover-up move so Emperor wouldn’t be able to realise his true feelings and in effect nurture it towards Reika. Because, after all, let’s admit it — in the manga, Enjou hated Reika; but here, it’s obvious that he doesn’t.

        Omo fufufu I am excited as hell. It would be fun to have either or both of the main guys fall for Reika (I mean it would be awesome, for me); but, if due to some twist of fate and another guy comes in, that would be fine too. Either way, I’m just going to cheer on for Reika-samaa~! :> <3


        1. Nah, I think that Reika’s fear/dislike for the Emperor is a bit too strong for her to go and comfort him.
          In fact, I don’t see her at all acting like that…

          Plus, since I’m shipping Enjou and Reika, I like to think that Enjou would try to push Kaburagi away from Reika instead of toward her :p


    2. It’s the Butterfly Effect.
      The fact that Reika quietly defused the situation instead of making a big issue of it means that Wakaba doesn’t get a bad public rep, meaning that she’ll mostly go unnoticed by Kaburagi for most of the early school year.

      There’s also no reason for Enjou or Stalking Horse to show any sort of male gallantry in standing up for her, since Reika will probably work at keeping her out of trouble.

      These things alone have shifted the timeline.


      1. Of course, things are different if Wakaba gets a bad reputation. Enjou and Kaburagi are the sorts who get bored easily and who might take an interest in her if only because they’d want to know what all the fuss is about.


  2. Thanks for the translation! Looking forward to the further interactions of our queen stalking horse and the heroine!


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    I wonder just what Wakaba’s impression of Reika-sama is~? It’s really something I want to know, hehe~ :)

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  4. I just can’t picture pasta with bacon as something healthy, and she also gloss over the fact at the end that the stuff she’s eating doesn’t contain only vegetables. Though in her defense, it still better than eating shit load of cake and chocolate.


      1. It’s most likely a carbonara, it’s weird how the author can get all those fancy french dessert names right but an traditional Italian pasta dish just gets call “bacon pasta” I’m a classically(French) trained chef but spent several months working in kitchens in Italy to learn their regional styles and traditional cuisine. Many of which may seem plebeian because they specialize in taking a few simple ingredients and utilizing technique to make something delicious, greater than the sum of their parts.

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        1. Wasn’t it because in Italy the food was adapted for almost everyone could prepare them, even if they were low in assets? Pasta is quite cheap to do in Italy. High grade food adapted from plebeian food basically.


        1. I’ll defer to the internet on that since I’m not familiar enough with it. All I know is pancetta would be in the descriptions on the menu in a classy Italian restaurant. whereas “pasta with bacon” sounds like something you’d be served at a place with a low budget where they’ve had to compromise on ingredients. Not very Suiran.


            1. True. To the uninitiated pancetta would look and taste pretty much like bacon. A bit hard to picture Reika as not being familiar with it though.


              1. Well, she might be an ojou-sama, but she still is a weirdo, who has past life memories. My rough guess is that she might know what that is, but doesn’t find the need to describe it with its original name. After all there is a big difference between a main dish and desserts. And someone who loves something will describe it with passion, while the other things – as a matter of fact/’by the way’. (not sure which of the two sayings goes into the sentence :P)


                1. Having read the previous chapter now (out of sequence–that happens some times when they’re posted so close together), I see what you mean. Reika-sama’s appreciation for her healthy pasta can in no way compare with the attention she pays to desserts. Whatever the meat really is in the pasta, I bet she sees it as bacon.

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                2. The thing about reincarnation stories is that if you were 15 or 20 when you died and spent nearly another 15 or 20 years in your new life, you’d *have* to pick up little details like that by osmosis. Reika was 20-ish in her past life. So her reincarnated life is still easily a third of her entire life experience (a few of those years being without her past memories).


          1. Pancetta, or Italian bacon, I believe is not smoked. It’s possible that this pasta would benefit from a smoky accent flavor, so that might be why bacon was used.


            1. Honestly the thread on this comment about you guys making a food is making me sooo damn hungry and jealous. I’ve been eating nothing but good from the convenience. All the grease and unhealthy taste is making my tongue mad at me!! Gaaaaah!!!! I miss real actual food!!😭😭😭


  5. Thanks for the chapter :)

    I hope that Wakaba-chan didn’t get a bad impression of Reika-sama.
    And that she heard Reika standing up for her :)

    Instead of blaming Wakaba, the Pivoine should wonder who dared to remove the Plate talking about the Greatness of the Pivoine.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Rather than a bad impression, I feel like Wakaba…is dazzled by Reika? Quote: “For a moment she stared blankly as our eyes met.”


  6. That’s easy! I’ll write the rule book for you, Reika!

    *Ahem!* Rules about the Pivoine for normals: the Pivoine are the rules.

    Done! Praise me!

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  7. Flag avoided! The day when reika-chan develops stomach ulcers seem so near now. Thanks for the chapter!


  8. I hope she’s not a dense dumb girl with flowerfield in her head…

    … Or maybe, just maybe, she know the flag route, and Reika is not the only one.

    Zu’u kogaan hi dii fahdon.


    1. Lol they probably do. But she’s to them, I think, the type of idiot that’s funny and they like to watch.


  9. Hey, you’ve caught up through all the high school chapters you translated when picking up this project. Nice! I’m really looking forward to seeing how the relationship between Reika and Wakaba develops from here on out.

    Kburagi and Enjou no doubt were thinking, “as expected for Reika”.


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    Just read through the whole of the 77 chapters of Reika-sama, and I’m truly loving it, looking forward to the rest of it!!!

    Also, great job avoiding the flag Reika-sama, it would’ve been a dreadful start for Wakaba-chan if she sat there… I don’t think Reika really has to worry about her own destruction flags anymore though, she’ll probably be fine even if she doesn’t intervene anymore.


      1. Didn’t Reika already broke all of the rules that she MUST not break in order to avoid her own destruction:
        1. Cherish harmony amongst others. Don’t make needless enemies.
        2. Do not waste money. Steadily save up the pocket money you get. Set aside college tuition for after the fall.
        3. Do not get involved with the Emperor. Naturally, do not get involved with the Protagonist who will appear during the High School Section.
        4. Show no interest in other people’s romance, or else show a smile and faintly flaunt the fact that you won’t get in their way. “Faintly” is important here; you can’t have too much of a presence.
        5. Even if you do fall into ruin, make sure to find a job that will provide for your meals. The goal is a government worker.

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