18 thoughts on “Simply Good Taste for a Duke’s Daughter—Chapter 9”

  1. thank you very much!
    time for you to sleep—!
    ooh, dida and iris, huh? lol, well, princesses usually are sheltered…-shrugs- regardless, she still helped you, hey? -rolls-
    oh, there’s that scene with moneda! i see, i see!


  2. Thank you for the chapter~
    There’s a lot of extra stuff…some scenes with both bodyguardbodyguards weren’t in the novel


  3. Thanks for translating, redrawing and typesetting all this.

    And I like the stuff the manga (or perhaps LN?) adds to the story. It shows that Iris’ retainers are just as scheming and secretive and her, and that neither side is really aware of the ambitions and thought processes of the other.


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