Tiger Story – Chapter 1

I stretched my limbs and rolled around lazily as I felt the sun slowly warming up the hollow in which we slept. While yawning I reluctantly stood up and opened my eyes. Lately mother had been in the habit of nibbling me if I took too long to get up which then encouraged brother to bite my tail. It’s not that I’m angry with him, he just has a bad tendency of biting too hard.


Strangely enough when I opened my eyes I didn’t see either mother or brother. Did I oversleep?


I slowly walked outside and even though my eyes were still not adjusted to the light I knew they weren’t there, but their scent still lingered in the air. I had never been apart from mother before, so I hesitantly stayed in place and tried meowing.


I don’t know for how long I stayed like that, but I slowly started to feel anxious. Their scent still lingered, perhaps I could follow them? With little hesitation I dashed into the forest following the trail as fast as my legs could carry me.


I didn’t pay attention to anything around me, simply focusing on the trail that got weaker as I went and at last I couldn’t smell them anymore, instead I could smell the scent of something else.


My feet finally found rest and my tongue hung out of my mouth panting, as my eyes fell on a clearing. This clearing we had been at yesterday, and sure enough in the center was the remains covered in scavengers. The trail I had been following had been from yesterday.


At a considerably slower pace I made it back to the burrow where I ran in circles for a while, desperately searching for something, anything. The sun set and I found nothing, and I knew I had to go back to the burrow, so with my head hanging down I walked inside and curled up by myself, alone in the dark, cold night.


Early the next morning, I awoke in the same manner as yesterday. Except this time I kept my eyes shut, waiting for mother to nibble me and brother to bite my tail, desperately trying to convince myself that yesterday had been a dream and nothing more. Even without opening my eyes I knew I was lying to myself. I couldn’t feel mother’s warmth or smell the scent of family.
Where was my family?

Did they leave me?

Do I have to be alone?

Didn’t they want me?

Is it because my coat is white? I opened my eyes and threw a depressed glance at my white fur. Mother loved me, so why would she leave me? Why am I alone?

Can a tiger cry?

14 thoughts on “Tiger Story – Chapter 1”

    1. This is a short teaser in order to test and make sure I could make things work properly. It is however also a full project so within a week it will fully take off with several chapters a week. This story is expected to be fully posted before the summer is over. (I’m saying a week and before summer is over purely as ‘just in case’ in order to buy me some extra time in case of unforeseen circumstances, in reality it will be much faster).


    1. While I did mention that this is mystery which means I’m unwilling to answer specific questions about the story itself, I will however answer this.

      You guys will soon notice a few things here and there which will make you go “Wait that doesn’t make any sense”, so yes I will admit that it does take place in a fantasy world. That is however all I’m willing to say.

      At the same time I will also ruin the fantasy of all those who are fans of girls with animal ears. No, the protagonist will not at any point turn in to any kind of human or something along those lines.

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  1. Oh, hello hello, welcome to the hut-garage! Hmm, curious little thing. Interest piqued. Many thanks for the chapter!


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