Schizophrenia – Chapter 10

I am back! This wait took forever, but here’s the next chapter as promised. Expect more frequent releases again. Enjoy!

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“Isn’t it fine. If there has been no precedent, then we will create one.”

“That may be so, but what will the others have to say about this…”

Alisa’s continued misgivings caused irritation to slowly rise inside of Lilia. Where did that girl who just before unreservedly said everything on her mind go. Without trying to conceal her displeasure, Lilia spoke sharply.

“Alisa. Alisa Felis.”

“…! Yes.”

Alisa straightened up with a tense expression. This was to be expected, since to the nobles of this country, including the family name and addressing someone by their full name was that special.
In most cases, an important order or a harsh reprimand would follow.
Lilia fixed a sharp look at Alisa, and slowly opened her mouth.

“Are you, concerned about the glances from your surroundings?”

“That is… Yes…”

Though it seemed like she wanted to deny it, upon receiving Lilia’s gaze, Alisa nodded honestly. Lilia continued.


“Haa… Well… Even if you ask me that…”

“Alisa Felis.”

As Lilia called her name once again, Alisa trembled and sought to hide her face in escaping her master’s gaze. After a little while, she timidly took a peek at Lilia’s expression.

“Who is your master?”

“It is, Mistress Lilia.”

“I can’t hear you.”

“My master is Mistress Lilianne Aldis!”

Alisa straightened her back and declared with a shout. Lilia, Lilianne Aldis, nodded in satisfaction.

“Right. You are mine. My personal maid.”


“As someone who serves me, what in the world are you afraid of?”

At that Lilia showed a smile.
The fearsome smile, that in this academy, brought terror to all.

“Stand proud. I am saying, that I would let none raise such an objection. Any scorn directed at you, I would certainly not forgive. If anything were to happen, speak out.”

Since they will all be crushed.

It was a low, spine-chilling voice. All the while with a smiling expression. Able to bring fear to all in this academy, there stood the figure of the duke’s daughter.

“Come now, let us go.”

Lilia went up the stairs. This time Alisa as well, now silenced, followed suit.

—Lilia’s so fearsome! So cool! I fell for you all over again!

—My. That much should be natural.

—As expected of Miss Duke’s Daughter! By the way, Lilia.

Sakura put on a formal sounding tone. Lilia frowned as she climbed the staircase.

—Lilia, was actually Lilianne huh.

“That’s what’s on your mind!?”

Lilia accidentally raised her voice, and since it sounded like a shout, Alisa jumped up in shock.

“Wa-, Wah…!”

As Alisa was about to fall, Lilia grabbed her hand, pulling and supporting her body.

“Th-thank you very much Mistress Lilia…”

But Alisa was ignored. She was too preoccupied for that.

—Hey Sakura, are you kidding me? You, didn’t even know my full name?

—I had thought it was just Lilia Aldis.

—What, you…! Nh…!

Seeing the frightened Alisa before her, Lilia’s face turned into a cramped smile. Quickly averting her eyes, she climbed the stairs at a slightly heightened pace.

—Sakura. Is it really alright for me to put my faith in you?

—Of, of course you can? I’m your dear angel descended to help you!

—And yet you didn’t even know my name, it seems.

—Auu… But, it wasn’t written in the book I had after all…

Lilia frowned at Sakura’s words. If Lilia were to believe what she said, it would mean that Sakura possessed a book that had things concerning Lilia written in it. Being of Lilia’s status, that in itself would make her well known to some degree, but that was just between nobles. At the very least it wasn’t to the point where she would be mentioned in some sort of book.

—And just what book is that?

Lilia questioned. Though she already knew the answer. In these sort of situations, Sakura’s response would be as such without fail.

—Ahh…Just talking to myself.

She would never talk about anything concerning herself. Whether she thought it was something pointless to talk about, or if there were things that couldn’t be said, Lilia had no idea. If only she knew even a little about Sakura, she could begin learning more about her.
With those thoughts in mind, Lilia smiled in self-derision. She had thought about this countless times when Sakura was teaching her, and she would always reach the same conclusion. What would she even do, finding out? And so, just as she was casting away these questions without answers, they arrived on the third floor.
Similarly, from before they came up the staircase, an entryway just like the one on the first floor greeted them. As a matter of course this floor was also lined with tables and chairs, but what stood out here from the other floors, was that at first glance one could tell that everything consisted of high-class goods. Naturally, if one were to compare it to the things in the Aldis estate they would be of lower class though.
From this room stretched countless corridors, each leading to their respective residences. Just as Lilia was about to head down the corridor leading to her own room,

“Ah… Miss Lilianne.”

At the sound of that voice, Lilia’s eyes opened wide, and she was stopped in her tracks. Like she had still not completed some sort of preparation or other, upon hearing that voice, Lilia’s head turned completely blank.

“Who might this be?”

The voice came from immediately behind Lilia. Alisa was questioning the owner of the voice.

“Ah, that is… I am Tina Breyer.”

“Breyer? Of that Baron house?”

“Ye, yes.”

Tina’s voice seemed to tremble slightly. It wasn’t too surprising since up until now she had been the target of Lilia’s grief. Since that was the case however, why was it that she was going out of her way to call out to Lilia? Holding fear towards her, it should have been fine to avoid greeting Lilia. Lilia herself certainly did not want to run into her right now.

However, now that she had been called out to, she couldn’t just ignore it. If she were to say there was no problem with it, there wouldn’t really be much issue with that, but having it seem like she was the one running away from the situation was not something Lilia’s pride would allow. Lilia breathed a small sigh and then turned to face the girl.

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    1. Not necessarily. She mentioned she was an evil spirit (or that the reasoning wasnt far off) so maybe there is more to it than that.


      1. Yes, look forward to it! (Or don’t, the story will reveal itself eventually, and who knows how long it’ll take me to get there.)


    2. It would explain how the event which would seem to be the climax, that is, the Prince breaking off their engagement, was not the end of the story. Though I suppose there could have been a sequel…


      1. Yes, well it wasn’t the complete end because she would have to also cause the fall of her entire family after the break-off, which Sakura prevented.


  1. Every new chapter just makes me like Lilia ever more. The way she’s come to see Sakura as much more than just a convenient ghost buddy really shows just how lonely she’s been.

    Rather than suspicion, it actually feels like she just wants to know more about her closest friend thus far.

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  2. *Missile hugs Jaon* Welcome baaaaccck! I’ve missed you so much, Jaon-chi! Unfortunately fudging Cherry’s legal documentation got in the way of your Onee-imo shoujo ai. Thanks for the chapter. I wonder what Tina wants?


  3. Thanks for the chapter :)

    So he is back…
    Will he once again make this site fall into chaos?

    Lilia is cute :)
    And, like Alisa, Tina is probably a girl who was worried about Lilia even though she was being mistreated by her.
    I wonder if all of Lilia’s yuri harem members will be masochists…

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    1. “—Lilia’s so fearsome! So cool! I fell for you all over again!”
      Sounds more submissive than masochistic to me, but there is no reason that you can’t have both! Still, lacking a body of you own and only feeling your mistress’ sensations would rather complicate the matter…


  4. Welcome back, and thanks for your work!!

    Ooohhh, mistress Lilia is so reliable. I’m with Sakura here, she’s seriously the coolest. I’m also suuuuper enjoying the ever-present character development; the transition to a heel-face turn has been so fluid so far. Lilia’s selfishness has been written to be altogether likeable, it’s awesome.

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  6. Lilia sounds slightly insane now that I think of it…. Raising her voice randomly, talking to herself…. Uh-oh. This isn’t a good flag for the future, right? Lilia won’t get locked up, would she?


    1. Well if she ever told anyone else that she had some ghost in her head giving her instructions I’m sure the people of this medieval-esque country would be perfectly accepting of it, right? …Right?

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  7. Welcome back, Sir Joan. I’m glad you lived through you RL. I welcome you back into the dark side. Many thanks for the chapter. Would you like a cookie?


      1. It’s ok, the cookies aren’t burnt. Wouldn’t want to give you cancer. But, they are dark… chocolate cookies.


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