Schizophrenia – Chapter 9

Chapter 9. Finally, arrived at the school! That cheeky Alisa~ Also, it’s exam season so please bear with the pace for now. Enjoy!



“Yes… Please. You don’t have to hold back.”

“Well then,” said Alisa as she cleared her throat,

“To be frank, you were a very selfish person. Furthermore, with that short temper you were also quick to be violent. One could only be amazed at how unreasonable you could be. I also felt that doing whatever it took to get your hands on the things you wanted was horrible. If nothing else because you would use the Master’s own name without reservation. Honestly, it was to the point that I had regretted coming to work here in the first place.
…What’s the matter?”

Upon noticing Lilia’s expression turn pale Alisa inquired tilting her head slightly to one side. Lilia’s face was cramped as she shook her head.

“It’s nothing… Go on…”

Saying so Alisa continued her critical criticism combo. It went to the point where rather than anger Lilia felt more like she would simply start crying. She had received similar scoldings from Sakura before, but once again, and having it said straight to her face, it was certainly something hard to endure.


Alisa paused her words there. Looking at Lilia’s lifeless eyes, for some reason Alisa smiled.

“I know that Mistress Lilia is really a kind person. This I believe.”


Kind. Who’s kind. Even Lilia herself was of a different opinion. To Lilia, something like kindness was only seen as a tool in getting people to lower their guard. Such thinking hasn’t changed even now, so if Alisa’s words were regarding the current Lilia, that was simply a result of following Sakura’s instructions.
Thinking it couldn’t be helped, she felt just a little despondent. However, Lilia tilted her head upon hearing Alisa’s next words.

“When I was little, I was saved by Mistress Lilia.”

When Alisa saw Lilia frown dubiously, she explained with a wry smile.

“When I was still very young, I went on a trip to the Royal Capital with my family, and it was then that I had gotten separated from my parents… Losing my way, before I realised I had happened upon a large estate.”

“Is that so… Which family’s estate was it.”

—Uh, Lilia, how could any name other than “Aldis” come up here…


—Really. Please expect such things.

Though not quite satisfied with the explanation, Lilia continued to listen to Alisa’s story.

“I don’t know what was going through my mind back then, but I ended up entering that estate… And of course, I was immediately caught.”

“That’s… You weren’t executed?”

—Uh, Lilia. Her being executed there would be ridiculous right?


—Is the one in front of you right now a ghost or something? Is this nice story really a horror?


Perhaps finally comprehending what Sakura was trying to say, Lilia went ‘I see’ and nodded in understanding. Sakura wondered if it was really okay and was worrying about something, but for now Lilia turned her attention towards Alisa.

“By all rights, even being a child it wouldn’t have been strange for me to be killed there but, it was right then that I was saved by Mistress Lilia.”

“I did? How?”

“Well you see… ‘To be wary of such a child to the point of ending her life, are you trying to stain the Aldis name’ was what you said.”

—That’s, less about kindness and more to do with your pride isn’t it…

“After that, so that I wouldn’t get killed in some alley Mistress Lilia accompanied me with an escort to help look for my family. And though I say escort, it was really the Master who came along as well.”

Alisa narrowed her eyes as if recollecting some nostalgic memories, and then let out a giggle.

“The reaction my parents had back then was quite amusing.”

—Lilia, you don’t remember?

—I’m not quite sure if I have such memories or not… Though at least, I don’t think my feelings back then were of pure good will.

—Well… Alisa probably knows that by now as well. That’s why, earlier, I think she was trying to convey that she believes in you despite that. Besides.

Sakura stopped her words. It felt like she was somehow looking at Alisa. Alisa was gazing over with an earnest expression, seemingly waiting for Lilia to speak.

—To Alisa, the fact that she was saved won’t change, so isn’t it fine regardless. That way it’s a convenient interpretation for everyone, right?

—Is that how it is?

“Alisa. To tell you the truth, I don’t quite remember what happened back then. Just, I think that at least my feelings back then were not out of simple good will.”

“Yes. I understand that now as well. However, to me the fact that I was saved will not change. That is why, if it is for my gratitude towards Mistress Lilia, I would happily give my humble assistance.”

Alisa confidently declared so. Lilia was dumbfounded for a while, but before long, without quite noticing it herself her expression turned into a smile.

“Take good care of me, Alisa.”

“Yes. Please allow me to be of assistance.”

Alisa bowed deeply, and Lilia nodded in satisfaction.

The dormitory was the largest building on the academy grounds. Since all the students in the school lived there, you could say it was a matter of course. The dormitory stood three stories tall, with the first housing things like the cafeteria and shops, with all the common necessities prepared. Upon entering the grand entrance hall, tables, chairs and such are prepared all around as well, creating an oasis for the students.
Lined up on the second level were the rooms for commoners, merchants, and lower ranking nobles, and the upper nobles had their rooms on the third floor.
Lilia and Alisa entered the dorms through the great entryway. There would be a mass of students bustling around the building before and after class time, but right now as lunch had just gone by and the afternoon classes had already begun it was quiet and empty. The entrance was devoid of people, and only the sound of Lilia and Alisa’s footsteps resounded through the building.
At the very back of the entrance hall was a spiral staircase, and as Lilia took her first step up Alisa opened her mouth.

“Ummm… Mistress Lilia…”

“What is it?”

“Am I really… also going to be in Mistress Lilia’s room?”

‘To ask again now,’ thought Lilia as she looked back at the maid. Alisa’s eyes were wavering uneasily.

“Is there a problem with that?”

“A problem so to speak… That is, such a thing is unheard of right? For a lowly maid to stay beside nobility in the same room…”

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        1. Ah, nvm, I saw your conversation with Este. Pochamani huh… I’ll find some time to read it soon, but could you fill me in on the details regarding the project? I might not mind helping out if I end up liking the series.

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          1. I’m looking for translators for Home of Himescans since the one she’s working with is unreliable. It’s a shoujo manga where the female lead is overweight and the male lead is a chubby chaser. I know how that sounds, but it’s actually really good. It’s not about weight loss either I can’t tell you more due to spoilers but I will tell you that Mugi-chan is beautifully adorable. Since oniiyamete translates things with interesting female leads I thought this manga would be in your wheelhouse.

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            1. Ah, it seems like she managed to get someone after all. Well, I suppose if this doesn’t work out as well give me another call, I wouldn’t mind helping since the series seems pretty easy to translate.

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              1. Thanks for this Jaon-chi! I suppose it has been a a couple months since I was last in contact with Hime. Well anyway. As a reward I shall write you a shoujo ai story. Any requests?

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Alisa is on a roll!
    Lilia is down!
    What’s this?
    Alisa is encouraging Lilia to get up. Oh!!! Alisa is up.
    :) :D


  2. Thanks for the chapter :)
    Alisa was rash, but even Lilia thought that she deserved it, so it’s okay.
    And Lilia was apparently expecting the nice story about her saving Alisa to turn into an horror story or necromancy…

    And, of course, Lilia doesn’t see any problem with keeping Alisa around, even though she is just a maid.
    Lilia sure is innocent~

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  3. Thanks for the translations, but I have an issue withe the colored text; I have a color deficit so they look the same pink too me. :/

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    1. O.o Oh that is unfortunate. I can understand since the colours don’t contrast that much. I suppose the effect to you would be no different than normal black text all around. I do hope will still be able to determine the speaker from the context.


  4. Thanks for the chapter! Please feel free to work at whatever pace is the least stressful for you.

    Man, though, Lilia got DESTROYED. She deserved it, but oooooo. I also like the realism of a wilful little girl being so particular she inadvertently saved someone’s life; it explains why Alisa would stick it out so valiantly until Lilia got accustomed to common kindness, and feels like a tenuous but meaningful connection of true loyalty.

    I’m reminded of Good Sense For A Duke’s Daughter, here, actually, where the main character just…arbitrarily had this collection of beautiful, loyal, and good people pre-packaged because of her obvious kindness, and all of them trust her implicitly. It feels a bit cheap, and implies the main character has no need for character development because she’s already perfect, and in fact doesn’t really change all that much from gaining memories, which in turn means the vast majority of the story’s quality is dependent on how good the story is at being Fantasy Economics Simulator. I love fantasy economics more than breathing, so it’s well enough for me, but it’s an interesting contrast in each story’s priorities.

    Can’t wait until the students start showing up…the character development focus is GREAT in this, but the anticipation is mounting like crazy. Them being in the school while growing their bonds and developing Alisa as a character is like the cruellest kind of foreplay.


    1. Haha I totally get what you mean. It’s always interesting to read your thoughts on the story. Perhaps if you put all these together by the end of the story you’d have a great review on your hands. That is if you’re still following this at that point. It might take a while for all 200+ chapters~


  5. Exam season is like flu season, but much painfuller~ Ooh, and Lilia and Alisa are getting along quite well. When will the master-servant flag evolve into full romance??!


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    It’s called The Unqualified Mentor of Main Characters, if you read it feel free to give me your opinion on it.


  7. You know, in ancient Rome, the more wealthy people lived on the lower floors, and the poor had to climb all those stairs. It is only after e advent of the elevator that the penthouse mentality really took hold.


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