Studying is difficult

Even after removing all distractions like my web browser, my phone, and snacks, all I managed to accomplish was staring at my textbook for half an hour.

I suppose now would be a good time just to mention to anybody that’s forgotten, I’ll be resuming translations on Thursday night.

48 thoughts on “Studying is difficult”

  1. It’s been a while since I had to study earnestly, but the timing was always the worst part. Since if you are in the wrong mood, nothing will be absorbed — and your free time for studying doesn’t always match up with your moods… :(

    Good luck to you, though. Gambatte kudasai.


      1. Hm. It’s a little counter intuitive, but have you tried slowing down? Confirm in general what you want to learn, then examine it one piece at a time, reviewing on short intervals to make sure you haven’t lost the thread again. Its a slow, almost brute-force approach, but it should prevent you from having to start at the beginning again each time you lose focus.


          1. …damn. In that case, unless your positive you can learn something in that time, blowing off steam by chatting with random lizard demons on the internet really is the correct decision… :|

            Seriously, good luck on you exam.

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                  1. Don’t get me started. I was rejected from donating plasma today, because I admitted to the nurse doing the physical that I have really bad long-term memory. Now I have to get a note from my doctor, to prove that it’s OK for me to donate… Grrrrr… :(

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  2. I have the same problem, and on top of all that I sometimes get the dreaded “brain fog” in which even easy assignments are difficult for me to focus and complete. Last night I was even up to 6am trying to get homework done for my 10am class. Needless to say on those sort of nights/days I don’t get much sleep.


  3. Studying won’t do any good for translation. Wish you were like Entruce/Nickdoyle who we can easily slav- I mean motivate with money. :v


  4. Made me remember my highschool days. My parents were tired of my overall average score, they told me for every subjects where I score below average I had to pay them, and for every subject where I scored above average they will pay me. The amount paid depends on how far from average the score is.
    I studied like usual, but somehow got to the top 5 of my grade and made 10 times my monthly allowance. A pity my parents never repeated that ploy.

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      1. You do realise that it was a carrot and stick approach. If I had failed, I would have my allowance cut for God knows how many months.
        Maybe Fluffy just needs the right incentive to keep him focus.


  5. Just print everything out you need and run the hell away from computer, go to the kitchen table lol, or go to a boba shop lol.


  6. What exams by the way? Hopefully its nothing like government and non-profit accounting. I just took that and I kinda wanna just go curl up in a hole and not come out for a month. That’s probably the only blessing I could give you. Good Luck and thanks for all the translations.


  7. its late now, but i hope you did well! when i ‘study’ i find a comfortable place, away from distracting thing and outline what i know, so i could focus more on the things i dont know. but most of the time my outline is blank so in the end it doesnt really help. lol i wonder why i even bother with it…

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  8. Still feeling that way since I’m studying Medicine right now. Ugh, the agony of studying T_T I want to go back to the carefree highschool days when studying minimally still gets you good scores @.@”


  9. I have like 3 more pages to write for my college assignment, I could probably do it in a hour+half a hour to find and fix the errors but I just can’t be arsed to.


  10. Don’t worry, it’s normal, you just study wrong things. Try to change specialty. I dropped school after 9th grade and working since then. Well, i have had crying baby and runaway mommy at a moment. And it’s damn awesome! I got to know ho to REALLY do a lot of things. Now i do electronics repair for 6 years, plus some side works, so i got paid really well. Besides, i can watch anime, read novels and whatnot till morning, then sleep and show up at work at 1-3 p.m. My daughter literally saved me of money wastage for university, unneeded specialty and boring work at some random market. And one of my ex’s got “Manager” specialty and now sell flowers, LOL.

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  11. well i’m was studying engineering but i didn’t improve very well so i decided to try international trading and suddenly i’m semi-god like in my classroom, i think they were something wrong in the way people teach.

    i study with a collection of piano music to kill the noise in my house maybe a ramdom list of anime piano music from youtube help you.


  12. Yeah, it seems like the older you get, the harder studying becomes. I used to be such an enthusiastic young student. Straight A’s (occasional B’s, never a C) yet now I’m happy if I can get a C so I don’t have to retake a class. *sigh* I’m one of those people who can work on homework for a long time without a break once I get started, but actually getting into the studying is another matter.

    It sucks when you have to feed yourself while studying, too. And manage your sleep. I’ve slept for about 10 hours since Sunday night, rightfully it should have been 20ish? There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

    I find that game music is sometimes good to play in the background if you don’t like classical. It’s mostly meant to be played in the background, after all. It’s less distracting to me than music with lyrics is. Good luck.

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