Raid on the Capital – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Lyris’ Determination (Opening)

Lepes died…

When Alec and I headed to the hut that was described, we found his corpse left in a miserable state. He was cool-headed, and always prioritised efficiency. I hated him, but his death came as a shock to me. No matter what kind of person they might have been, it’s never a good feeling to have a comrade die.

I hated his guts, but he was a respectable warrior. He was passionate and motivated in the fight against the demons, and he was deeply loyal to the organisation. I’m sure he ignored his wounds, and fought until he died. The gruesome wounds told of his fight.

It’s the sort of end you would expect him to have. I offered a prayer for the last moments of a gallant warrior.

After that, Alec and I buried his remains, and then decided to return to Headquarters. When we did, we witnessed a girl confronting a werewolf.

We immediately hid, and heard a shocking truth. From the conversation the two exchanged, the girl was the Evil God, and had defeated a number of officers belonging to the invading demon force.

“So that’s Camilla’s boss?”

“Quite likely.”

That kind of girl is the terrifying enemy?

I was finding it hard to believe, but the fact was that she was confronting the werewolf. Apparently the werewolf was going to use his strongest ability on this girl. His mana violently increased.

“Kuh-! This power… Ain’t it a match for that Camilla?”

“Yeah. It’s probably true what he said about getting a temporary boost during a full moon.”

“Oi, even Camilla alone was trouble… To think even that werewolf――”

“Lyris, this is bad. It’s Camilla’s group! They’re heading this way.”

“Roger. Let’s disp――Wha-!?”

Why!? Why was Jessica there?

I was in shock. Jessica was laying not far from the Evil God. Because I was concentrating on the confrontation between Evil God and werewolf, at first I didn’t notice. But it was definitely Jessica.

Was Jessica done in…?

No, her chest was still faintly moving up and down. She was just unconscious, it seems.

“Oi, hurry up! If they arrive here, we won’t be able to leave whenever we want!”

“I know. But, Jessica is here. My best friend is here.”

“Kuh-, I know that you’re faithful to your friendships, but give up just this one time. It’s absolutely impossible to save her.”

Alec gave me a cool-headed judgement. Yeah. I know. With that werewolf’s current mana, it’s impossible to butt in. I know that it’s hopeless.


“Alec, you go first! I’m staying!”

“Lyris, cut it out!”

“No matter what you say, I’m staying. I can’t abandon Jessica. Now go. Hurry up and――”

“No need. It’s too late now.”

Alec’s expression was gloomy.

I see. So they’re here already.

Straining every nerve in my body to the limit, I carefully examined the surroundings. Thick mana signatures appeared all around.

Kuh-, this is the special atmosphere of a demon.

Camilla and her group of demons had already arrived.

Not only that, every one of them was bad news. Compared to them, the demons we’ve fought so far were like infants.

“Alec, these guys…”

“Yeah. They’re on another level to every demon we’ve fought in the past. Even their grunt soldiers are probably stronger than Bebe.”

“W-, With these guys here, doesn’t look like we can move.”

“Yeah. Looks like we can only wait here.”

Alec and I held our breaths in the bushes.

The fight was beginning. The Evil God fired magic at the werewolf. And then without being able to do a thing, the werewolf was annihilated without a trace.

I don’t even have words. What power…

It blew away the experiences I had always relied on. Something different to any of the existing magic systems. A mass of destruction and chaos that you could even call the primordial building blocks of all elements. And an ultimate power that I couldn’t even describe in words.

I’ve jumped into deathzones plenty of times. I’ve experienced some battles with far superior enemies, and it was common for me to resolve myself to die. Even though I believed I could keep my calm as a warrior no matter what I faced…

The scene before me alone, caused my fear to become unbearable.

W-, What is that?

That werewolf was even more powerful than Bebe. During a full moon, it’s mana even approached Camilla’s. And yet it was destroyed in a hit. A single hit.

Evil God Tilea. She just looks like a blonde-haired blue-eyed beauty. Her face is familiar somehow, but I can’t place it. All I can say is that her overflowing mana was enough to change her from an angel to a demon.

If I move, won’t I die!?

I can’t move. If I move even a finger, that devil will notice me.

Just how long have we been frozen here? Objectively, probably, not too long.

After the Evil God gave a speech to rouse her army, they dispersed, and we could finally move again. But still, that speech… Didn’t she just declare that she would conquer the world!?

Her subordinates had listened in zeal. Understandable, after her display of power. Demons are drawn by absolute strength. I’m sure her army fanatically worships her.

“Alec. C-, Can you believe this?”

“We immediately evacuate… With a monster like that, far from fighting, even confronting would be dangerous.”

Alec had a cold sweat. Despite the fact that he’s the absolute calmest one of our team. But looking at that monster made me agree. She was frightening enough that even the terrifying Camilla looked like a child in comparison.

“Alec, I’ll say it as much as you want, but I’m not gunna withdraw. I’m gunna save her.”

“Lyris, it’s impossible to rescue your friend. If we don’t at least call for reinforcements and prepare, we’ll just die in vain.”

“No, if I’m late to save her, her life will be in danger.”

“Lyris! E-, Even after seeing that, you’re still saying these stupid things!?”

Alec shouted at me with a tragic expression. He was prepared to use force if I didn’t listen.

“Please. I’m begging you. Please don’t stop me. Jessica… Jessica is the only one I can’t abandon.”

Alec looked up at the sky. I glared at Alec, letting him know that even if he tried to stop me, it would be useless.

“Huu~ Fine then. I’ll help too.”

“Alec, I’m sorry.”

“But promise me this. You won’t chase too far. When I decide that we’re in danger, we withdraw.”

“…Got it.”

Together with Alec, we stealthily pursued the Evil God. We continued to follow her without being noticed. It was so dangerous, that it made every past mission look boring in comparison.

The Evil God continued to move with Jessica in her arms.

Is she heading back to Headquarters?

“Alec, could it be…”

“Yeah. She’s going back to Headquarters. She probably intends to mix in with the civilians.”

“Is that even possible?”

“Try Searching her mana. Not only the Evil God, every member of this army has mana on the level of your ordinary person. It’s shocking how far they’ve suppressed their mana.”

“I-, It’s true. Then, like this, nobody would even know they were demons.”

“Lyris, it’s getting more and more important that we report back.”

“Alec, what now? If they mix with the civilians, it’ll be difficult to find them.”

“…Alright. It’s dangerous, but let’s memorise the mana of the Evil God.”

“Isn’t that too dangerous? Maybe we shouldn’t…”

“No, it’s dangerous, but it’s worth doing. We don’t even know if they’ll stay in the Capital. If they kept their mana suppressed and then disappeared beyond our borders, it would be impossible to ever find them. We only have this chance while the Evil God is still suppressing her mana.”

“Got it. You’re right. If we remember the wavelength, then we can find her no matter where she goes.”

“Lyris, watch the surroundings.”

“Roger. But don’t overdo it. The Evil God is unfathomable.”

Alec activated Trace. Every person has a different mana wavelength. If you succeed in examining their mana, you can grasp their location, and even teleport to them. Even if I fail to save Jessica now, as long as I know where she is, I can try again.

Please succeed!

Alec concentrated every fibre of his being to Search, and he began sweating like crazy.

This was him giving his absolute everything.

Will he succeed…?


“You’re watching me, aren’t you!”

A sudden shout came from the Evil God.

W-, What? That was a totally different voice to the earlier girl’s voice. What’s going on?

All I can say is that the Evil God noticed our Search.

“T-, This is bad. It looks like she noticed. Alec, we should retreat for…”

“Agugu… C-, Can’t be. Hii… Y-You-, i-impossible…”

“A-, Alec?”

What’s happening? It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Alec like this.

Just what the hell did he see inside the Evil God?

“Alec, get it together! We’re running now!”

“Ah, hii, haa, aaahh…”

“Alec! Lepes, Vera, our comrades died in this fight, yanno! I-, If you act like this, they’ll turn in their graves!”

I slapped him. With unfocused eyes, he turned my way.

“Hahh, hahh, s-, sorry. It’s impossible for me. A-, After seeing something like that, I can’t fight. I can’t fight.”

“Anyway, the Evil God is coming our way. Hurry up and move!”

“Hahh, hahh, hahh, I-, I’m done for.”

“Stop whining and move!”

I forcefully pulled on his arm, but he brushed me off.


“B-, But…”

“Hahh, hahhh. Y-, You want to save your friend, right! Then first you need to survive!”

At his scream, I began to run.


I heard Alec’s death cry.

But I didn’t turn to look. I can’t stop. If I stop, I’ll have wasted Alec’s sacrifice. I circulated all my mana and used speed enhancement magic and ran.

S-, Sorry, Jessica. I can’t save you right now.

I was naive. Because I asked for the impossible, Alec lost his life. I’m calm now. To defeat the Evil God, I need to come back with a plan. Until then, wait for me. I’ll definitely save you, Jessica.

First is to return to the Decarabia[Demon Destroying Pentagram] headquarters.

And then, I have to let them know that the Demon King is back, and that she’s a girl called Tilea. The emergency teleportation circle that connects there is just ahead.

As long as I can make it there…

A little more, just a little more――



As I was running at full speed, a magic bullet suddenly came from ahead. I managed to barely avoid it, but that was basically a fluke. The next time it comes, I don’t have the confidence to avoid it.

Who is it?

The silhouette of a person appeared before me. One eye was fiery red, while the other was icy blue. On top of that she had red ears too. Like a cat.

“A beastman? No, not just a beastman. The strength of that magic bullet… A demon?”

I immediately prepared to fight.

“Hmm~ So close. I’m a demon, but not just a demon.”


“Secret Technique, Air Asia[Super Demonic Hand Magic Strike]. Kuku, I bet you thought you dodged it. But you’re already dead.”


My body swayed, and lost its power. Blood was flowing from every part of me.

W-, When did she!?

T-, This is bad. I know what this means from my warrior’s experience. It’s fatal.

“Kyaha♪ What a shame. But nobody can know Zorg-sama’s secret and live.”

“Hahh, hahh, y-, you…”

“What~? Do you want to know who I am? Kyaha♪ Okay~ I’ll tell you. You’re going to die, anyway. I’m one of the Six Demon Generals――No, the Viceroy of the New Demon King Army, Luxembourg.”

“Hahh, hahh, t-, the Viceroy of, the D-, Demon King… Army?”

“Yep, isn’t that a great memory to take to the grave? Well then, I’m busy with Zorg-sama’s defence, so please just die on your own♪”

With that, the finishing strike came from Luxembourg. And then, with a satisfied expression, she disappeared into the night.

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