Raid on the Capital – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 – Lyris’ Determination (Finale)

Luxembourg’s violent attack severed the last holds Lyris had on life.

Ahh, my strength is leaving me. I guess this is the end.

In the decades since her birth, Lyris had gone through day after day of vicious training. She had long stopped commenting on the harshness. After completing that training, which pushed her beyond the limits of a human, she finally obtained a mana beyond ten thousand.

Via the heretical “Fist of Ten Bodies”, Lyris, or more accurately, Aria her original, succeeded in possessing ten clones. However, each one had only a tenth of her original memories and power.

One of the ten, Lyris, had succeeded in surpassing 10,000 mana. She wasn’t sure, but it was likely the other nine had succeeded as well. Once she died here, and returned to Aria, just how powerful would she become? She was sure that even Aria would be pleased.

Lyris certainly had regrets.

She never managed to tell Headquarters about the demonic threat, nor the identity of the Evil God.
Nor would she have the chance to train her juniors any longer.
She didn’t have the chance to protect the citizens until the end, either.

And the one regret that struck her the hardest, was that she never managed to save Jessica.

Ahh… I want to see her one more time. Even if my soul is already torn to pieces, and I’ve lost most of my memory…

Jessica, the few years I spent with you, and their memories won’t ever fade. Even in this torturous eternity, my memories with you will support my heart.

Aahh, I’m sleepy. I’m so tired. Jessica…

Just as she was about to fall asleep with her life playing before her eyes, the sounds of somebody’s footsteps approached.

“I-It can’t be! Lyris-chan!”

I don’t know why, but you were saved?

Thank goodness.

With her biggest regret cleared, an expression of relief appeared on her face.

“Just wait. I’m going to go get help.”

“It… It’s, fine… Hahh, hahh, it’s, too late…”


“I-, It’s fine… Jessica, I’m glad… you’re… safe…”

“Why? Why are you so worried about me? You’re always, always saving me. Hic-, I, never even got to do anything for you…”

Jessica began to plead as she sobbed.

You’re wrong. You’re wrong, Jessica.

Ahh, my voice… Please, just once more…

“Hahh, hahh, hahh, t-, thanks, for everything… if you’re… troubled… find… A-, Aria…”

“Lyris-chan, who’s Aria?”


“I-, It can’t be! Lyris-chan! Don’t diee!”

■ ◇ ■ ◇

Five, four, three, two, one… zero――beepbeep, Lyris is Dead.

“So Lyris died.”

In the Decarabia[Demon Destroying Pentagram] Headquarters sat a single mage, staring at the water screen. Her name was Aria, and although she looked no different from any other girl, her bearing was ancient.

“Aria-sama, it’s terrible! We received a report that the unit in charge of the Arcudas Kingdom, Team Alec, was completely annihilated.”

A man quickly reported to her.

“Umu. First, let us offer a prayer to our fallen comrades.”

“Milady. I shall relay your word to the others.”

“Also, in place of Team Alec, send Team Jasmar.”

“As you wish.”

No sooner had he heard her commands, the man left the room.

So Lyris is dead…

With this, Schuvarne, Krannich, Calvar, and now the fourth clone, Lyris had died. The souls of the deceased all returned to Aria, the original.

“Well done. You did well to gather this much power before you died.”

The offshoot soul had returned after its growth, and now became Aria’s flesh and blood. When that happened, she inherited not only the power, but the memory as well, imperfect though it might have been. The memories she obtained from Lyris went as far as the resurrection of the Demon King, but unfortunately the identity never reached her.

Well, that’s fine. I can narrow the candidates down, at least. I know for certain that the Demon King is hiding in Arcudas. Team Jasmar can act as the vanguard. First, we’ll have them gather more information.

Huhu, so the Demon King has returned. What perfect timing. After all, I finally have the power and foundation to exact my vengeance upon them.

I’ll kill them. I’ll definitely kill them. I’ll erase every last demon from the face of this world!

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    1. It only now occurred to me, that I don’t know why do Humans and Demons fight and hate each other.
      It kind of seems like “Just because”, which would make sense in a way, but seems a bit too shallow.

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      1. Humans used to fight each other all the time because they are slightly different, so I would think if there was something like a Demon then Humans will find a reason. Also, the Demons seem to like expanding their territory since they are naturally more powerful than Humans and they do see humans as lowly creatures.

        It’s not that different from history, except this is has magic.

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  1. Shit, so Lyris actually died :'(
    Now I’m sad…
    And Aria doesn’t seem that likeable.
    I hope she will fall into despair by fighting Tilea.

    Well, there’s no way for them to find Tilea.
    Who in their right mind would even think that she is the Demon King without seeing her fight?

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter.


  2. Thank you for this very very sad chapter Q_Q

    I wonder if Jessica meeting with Aria in the future will bring some part of Lyris inside Aria to manifest… i hope so

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    1. If each clone has 10000 power, and Aria was originally twice as powerful as remilia, that still makes for only 160000. She can’t even beat the army, so she can’t hope to touch our Idiot Butcher.


      1. A bit of a spoiler:

        No, Aria gets her own power PLUS the power of the clones. And Remilia only had a 1/5th of Aria’s original strength. Aria’s listed magical strength is actually pretty close to Timu’s.

        Though do recall that this doesn’t take into account their respective magical techniques (Timu learned how to control and apply her power efficiently from Tilea), but Aria has a special kind of magic herself.


      1. Exercise 2:

        Hi, I’m your helpful serf from the XYZ department! If you need any help, don’t look for me! :)

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      2. Exercise 1: open ended questions like what why how when what asks more broad type of answers to get details while close ended questions are used to confirm with yes or no after using open ended questions.

        Ex 3: active listening is not only hearing but understanding the message conveyed. An example would be: if i got your story correct, tilea is the reincarnation of the demon lord but she herself doesn’t notice it? (You answer by paraphrasing the story)


      3. Ex 1 open ended questions are those that start with Ws like who is tilea what is a demon lord. Close ended are confirmation questions like tilea is not human right?

        Ex 3 active listening is not just hearing but understanding the message. Strategies to confirm active listening is paraphrasing the story as you would say it not exactly as it was said like ” if i got you correctly is that you wanted to finish this homework as soon as you can so you can play right?”


    1. If you don’t mind any spoilers (and apologies to those who can’t stop reading from just seeing that word; this stuff isn’t actually even in the main story, but was revealed in the character list), she’s not actually “ancient” in that she came from the distant past, but she possesses the ability to regress time for herself. Her listed age is infinite.

      So she’s from THIS time period and has had her family killed by the Demon King in previous timelines. So fueled by revenge, she kept regressing time and powering herself up gradually.

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  4. A bit sad for Jessica losing her friend. And although I am sure that there are more people that lost greater things, like their family, their home and even their lives. It’s just that this is all I am caring about right now.


  5. And now we know that the Demon King is living inside Tilea.
    Wonder who killed Alec, Tilea? Did the Demon King temporarily seize control of her body?


    1. I imagine Zorg has an effect on people separate from Tilea. Alec was actively probing her mana at the time and she didn’t seem to show any outward change in what she was doing. So I believe Zorg took the opportunity to erase a pest via magic feedback. In my opinion. I could be wrong.

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  7. Huuh such heavy doses of plot, I’m looking forward to the return to slice of life. So many questions though, is the demon lord in Tilea? Or did he just have a subordinate nearby? And let’s not even start on the weird soul shenanigans… I really don’t like the whole ‘absorbing souls to grow stronger / pretend a person isn’t dead’ as a plot device.

    Thanks as always for the chapter !


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  9. I just finished marathoning this novel.

    Thank you, for your excellent translations.

    You have great taste in LN’s and pick interesting ones.


  10. Sorry to ruin your power trip, but you’re nothing but a toddler compared to Tilea in power. According to the character sheets she is also below timu and many others.


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