Raid on the Capital – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – “Taste the power of this silver bullet.”

Jessica-chan fainted. Although she was a student at the Magic Academy, it didn’t change the fact that she was still a small girl. The psychological strain of it all finally caught up with her. And looking back at everything that’s happened, who could blame her.

Jessica-chan, thank you for everything you’ve done. Have a good rest, and leave the rest to me. I won’t waste the silver bullet that you’ve given me.

I leisurely turned to Basten. The flames around his arms roared loudly. He’s pretty amazing. As expected of the one who proudly declared himself to be the Martial General.

“FUUHAHAHAHAHAH! How’s this? This is my secret technique, Terafire[Greatest Flame Spell]!”


“A legendary fire spell. Even a high-ranked demon wouldn’t be able to so easily copy this feat. Firepower that a human will never obtain.”

“Isn’t this even more amazing than the Chief of Demons?”

“Indeed. It is impossible for Bebe as well. Heh. Tilea, you had bad luck. This technique is something that even I can only do tonight.”

“I see. The full moon is out. In other words, this is the peak of your mana.”

“Hohh~ You’re well informed. Indeed. When the moon draws a full circle, my mana rises dozens of times. Tonight alone, I am stronger than anybody else!” declared Basten with pride.

Yeah. Your typical werewolf. How convenient. I’ll let you taste the power of a silver bullet!

I clenched the silver bullet in my right hand.

All that’s left is to activate a magic. I hope I remember how to do it.

That time when I learnt from Timu, the important thing was image. And the way I was able to most easily form an image, was with my chuunibyou. Apparently for me, the feeling of using magic was basically the same as, the feeling I got back when I used to act out my chuunibyou.

Haha, it looks like my past life still has quite the influence on me. Anyway, although I’d really prefer to forget it, I can’t be picky in a situation like this.

I’ll unseal it. My dark history.

Now then, the technique that most fits the magic I need is…

Yeah, it has to be that! With the bullet clenched in my hand, I raised my arm to Basten.

“This right hand is all I need to defeat you.”

With those words, I began concentrating on an image of demonic fire around my right hand. A shroud of darkness began to cover it. I know this is formed from something I’m imagining myself, but god, it’s so chuunibyou.

“Interesting. A showdown of magic, huh. I’ll accept your ch――T-, That can’t be… I-, Impossible! W-, Why!?”

Basten became panicked at the abnormality around my hand. Almost like a lamb frightened by a wolf.

Heh. Looks like his instincts are telling him… just what this stone is!

Indeed. This is the one thing that can destroy your kind――the silver bullet. I bet Basten never imagined this could be happening. How could he imagine that anybody in this world knew about his weakness.

Unfortunately for him, I have the knowledge from my past life. But there’s no reason to confess that to an enemy. I’m sure he has no idea why he’s feeling so terrified. After all, why would he need to feel afraid of elementary magic by a person like me. Never in his dreams would he imagine that it was actually what was inside my fist. I’ll enjoy seeing his confusion.

I brought my hand closer to him.

“Do you see this? Unlike your little candle-flame, this is the real thing――my Flame of the Evil God Realm.”

“Evil God Realm!? I-, Impossible! That’s definitely just some darkness magic!”

“Does it really look that way? Have a closer look.”

I brought my fist closer again.

“A-, Aahh, I-, I’m looking. I’m looking. Just now must have been some mista――IGYAHHHHHH! S-STOP ITTT! STAYY AWAYYY! WHATT THE HELL IS THATTT!? Darker than darkness, deeper than deep… The perfected form of destruction, that… even we demons have never reached… Hahh, hahh, hahh, w-, what are you? JUSTT WHATT THE HELL AREE YOUUUU!?”

Basten was completely terrified. I wonder if I brought it a little too close. The moment he got a good look at my magic, he started rambling in confusion.

Falling on his backside and rambling “impossible” and “this has to be a nightmare”, he looked just like a child afraid of the dark. The mighty warrior that slaughtered adventurer after adventurer was nowhere to be seen.

Okay. Time to pay the piper. I’m going to bury him.

“Basten. Befitting of the name ‘Martial General’, you were quite a valiant foe. But it looks like the moment you met me, your luck was up.”

“Hii! Y-You, aa-,a ahhh, wha… awauah…”

“Tremble for me. You will be the first sacrifice to my Evil God Immolation Black Flame Wave.”

Hearing my declaration to attack, Basten paled, but was frozen from the fear. Just like a deer in the headlights. This silver stone must really be special. To think that even a demon would be this afraid…

“Aah, aaaahh, y-, you, n-, I mean, Miss…”

“It’s too late to regret. Take this! EVIL GOD IMMOLATION BLACK FLAME WAAVEEEE!”

I swung my right hand down, and fired the silver stone. An impure stream of darkness seemed to growl through the air as it approached Basten. Without even time to scream, Basten turned into a stain on the ground, leaving almost nothing behind. The only proof of his existence was a burn mark.

W-, What power…

As expected of the Nichol Family heirloom!

Basten completely disappeared. The power of the silver probably erased every last cell.

Jessica-chan, thank you. Because you selflessly gave me your heirloom, we managed to defeat the demon.

I walked to the collapsed girl’s side, and gently stroked her head.

Now then, shall we go home? With Jessica-chan in my arms, I was about to turn around when,

“”Tilea-sama, that was magnificent!””

Timu and the Praetorian Guard all got down on one knee and lowered their heads.

You guys, didn’t I tell you to disperse? And what’s with this situation?

“Could it be that you guys saw me?”

“”As you say. We were in awe of your gallant figure!””

“Aah, I see.”

“Oneesama! I was moved as well. That, that was the pinnacle of magic, the Origin of destruction and chaos that I have always been searching for.”

“T-, Timu, you’re exaggerating, you know.”

“No, far from exaggerating, I can barely describe it. I-, I’m so moved that, uu-, I cannot stop my tears.”

Timu began to noisily cry. Oi, somebody stop this!

“Tilea-sama, I feel the same way as Camilla-sama. A true work of art will capture its audience with a glance. The grand technique that you showed us a moment ago was exactly a treasure-, no-, was so amazing that we cannot even place a value on it. It was truly a world of its own!”

“T-, That amazing?”

“Milady, we were all in great shock.”

Even Pervert(Nielsen) was super excited. What the hell is happening here.

No, wait. I see. I guess there’s nothing more delicious for a chuunibyou than a situation like that. I destroyed a demon with ‘magic’. And considering the name of the technique, and the way it looked, I guess it’s natural that they’re in love with it.

I see. So that’s why everybody was looking at me with sparkling eyes. Honestly, how bothersome.

Should I tell them the truth? That I just happened to know his weakness?

Mn!? Oi, oi, far from just bowing, some of them are even prostrating to me.

Who is it? ――Wha-, it was you, Or!?

Or had his forehead pressed against the ground. You, that’s, I’m astounded dude.

“Or, what is it you want?”

“Milady. I have seen your Evil God Arts for the first time. I am so moved that my body trembles! And-, And to think that to such a lofty personage-, the garbage I spewed… Kuh-! What a fool I have been… Uuu, I deeply, deeply offer my apologies.”

I see. So Or saw me defeat a demon, and mistook that to be my true power. And then he realised he picked a fight with a crazy strong girl. And now, after all this time, he’s regretting it. Acting tough, but currying favour with those stronger than you? Honestly, that’s pathetic.

But if he continues to think of me as strong, then it’ll be easier to reform him. For cowardly garbage like him, I need this kind of pressure.

“Or, to be honest, what you did today wouldn’t normally be forgivable. But I said it earlier; because of your feelings towards Timu, once, just this once, I’ll forgive you.”

“Yes, milady. I truly appreciate this chance from the bottom of my heart.”

“However! There won’t be a next time, okay? The next time you do it, my ‘grand technique’ will be used on you.”

“Hii! I-, I shall engrave it on my heart.”

Alright. That should be enough threatening.

Anyway, I was thinking of heading home now, but why have these guys still not dispersed? Starting with Timu, all of them were still on their knees.

Could it be that they’re waiting for some speech to wrap this up?

Honestly, no common sense, no matter the situation. Well, these guys did help a little during the vampire crisis, so I guess it might be fine to play with them just a little. Let’s come up with a really Evil God-ey speech for them.

“Eehh~ Ahem. Well then, members of the Evil God Army. Tonight, the battle once more ended in victory.”


“I look forward to your performance in the next.”

“”Milady! We are prepared to work our bones to the dust, to serve you!”

The vigorous shout resounded through the night sky. Mn. A good reply. Well then, shall we go――wha-, they’re still here. They’re all still here.

Even though I thought I already wrapped things up…

Everybody was still on their knees. Would it be better to end with applause? Or should I just straight out say “Dismissed!”  or something?

But, since everybody is already in such a good mood, it really wouldn’t be fair. Can’t be helped. I’ll go with something a little chuunibyou then.

“My name is Evil God Tilea, the Destroyer of Worlds, and the Creator of Worlds. Go forth! In the next battle, and the next, you shall offer me naught but victoryy!”






“Evil God Immolation Black Flame Wave”
Obviously a parody of Hiei’s Wicked King Immolation Black Dragon Wave, from Yuu Yuu Hakusho.

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            I’m not even expecting any magical shenanigans to be born out of Tilea’s absurd magical capabilities. Just simply observing how her business fares.

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            1. No, think about it like this. Imagine a Mana pool…now imagine it rise every time you get reborn.

              Timu 125000→214000

              But a better example would be Edim since she actually got reborn twice.

              Edim 670→3200→19400

              While it isn’t conclusive, it does hint at that the second time you get reborn the leak is even higher.

              So in the case of Tilia, going by theory that she is the reincarnated Demon King her Mana really could just look like something like this:

              Tilia 1.5M→12M→107M


      1. How is it depressing? It’s hilarious! I can imagine Tilea’s reaction to her speech in the end of this chapter in the latter date.


        1. Well, this is the first arc to be so….Meat-grindy, ya’know?
          Not once since the start of the story did we have so much bloodshed, especially of innocent, unfortunate people.
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  1. I think Tilea has infected me with denial. I can’t help but just see all the characters as chuuni. I just can’t take the image of them as common idiots out of my head.

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          1. It honestly isn’t. The setting, plot and story is supposed to be angsty amd larger than life… but how it plays out is just pure comedy… It isn’t a coincidence that the anime spawned multiple memes back then when it first broadcasted.


  2. So good. Thanks for the chapters !

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    1. I know right?
      Plus, I can actually imagine Tilea destroying the gender barrier and actually creating a child out of mana…
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      1. How do you think Nielsen was created? How do you think Bebe was created? I don’t know of it is true for all demons in this story, but it seems that they are born from their parent creating them from their own mana.


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    -After the battle
    Tilea: “Ok, if anyone asks you what happened to the front of the headquarters and all the houses along this street, remember, we don’t know nothing.”

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    1. If Touma only use his right hand all the time though, he wouldn’t be alive and make a magic god into his harem. It’s also thank to his ability to do thing on a fly, his amazing survival instinct and his comrade that he gone this far.

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      1. No man, Touma literally tries to solve all his situations but punching people in the face. Punching small female children in the face, knocking their teeth out and breaking their noses even though he could have literally just grabbed them and twisted their arms behind their back instead. His whole character is centered around this punching fetish.


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      1. Yeah, but that leader is an easy-to-manipulate idiot.
        So there’s also the possibility that the demon invasion would seriously drop in dangerousity :p


      2. Sure, but you forget that she could not tell the level difference between Camilla’s mana and that of Basten, in fact it was hinted at that she even considered it possible that Basten was the source of that power.

        It is kind of like, to a person with such small mana they would not be able to fell hoe much larger Tilea’s mana was.

        Likewise it seems to be the same the other way around. Tilea’s manapool is so large that she can’t even feel that people have mana even if they have over 200k like her little sister. To her 200k is the same as mana.


  8. I’m pretty sure the second to last paragraph, “My name is Evil God Tilea, the Destroyer of Worlds, and the Creator of Worlds. Go forth! In the next battle, and the next, you shall offer me naught but victoryy!” is a Code Geass reference. In fact, the “Destroyer of worlds, and the Creator of Worlds” bit is roughly the last line he says in the final episode of Code Geass R2, and he probably mentioned it in other episodes as well.


  9. Oh, I just saw in another comment Code Geass mentioned by someone else. Is it just me, or is this the first anime specific reference? All the others were from either manga or geography to my memory. There’s something positively exhilarating about finding unexpected Code Geass references, especially good ones.

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  10. Yeah, I’d like to see the piece of lead(assumed silver) that turns a werewolf into a stain on the floor… No matter how strong the artifact is, isn’t that pushing it a bit when you’re just throwing it?


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