Tilea’s Author and Awkward Conversations

“By the way, many of the stories here at syosetu are actually being translated without permission but… Have you ever heard about this?”

“No, I can’t say I have. Does that mean that my Tilea’s Worries is also being translated without permission?”

“Ummm, so, if, just if, okay? If, Tilea’s Worries was being translated for free and without permission… Umm, h-, how would you feel about it?”

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38 thoughts on “Tilea’s Author and Awkward Conversations”

      1. You said, “many here on syosetu…”. Won’t the author inform syotetu then the other authors about this and then do something about all works being translated now like simultaneously stopping translation works from there?

        Hahaha, just trying to scare you more with my wild imagination.
        But seriously, that sounds scary~ (~_~;)


  1. Some are scared of the translator taking ownership and are very tight on it, and the whole sponsored chapter thing is one of the reason they dont want peoples to do it. i Think i already talked about my experience with tomobishi.net game maker refusing to take my translator even if those are free of charge.


      1. Do you know of vanguard princesses the game made by suneo ? The game was legally stolen from him when he tried to make some money out of it from western side. As for tomobishi he thanked me for liking his game and asked me to not share my translated files to the public claiming he dont want to see bugs on his softwares as rolo is updated at fast pace.


          1. The sad part about it that he planned to add two more character and an helper when he gave up withe one of the character almost complete, so much time wasted to give another person rights to rip him off.


  2. Authors can be really weird about translations. One of my favorite’s “Orange Marmalade”, a Korean Webtoon, the author asked the translators to stop, 5 chapters before the climax. WTF!?
    I think it’s because there was going to be an “official” translation started soon, but that’s still months, if not over a year away from finishing.
    Thankfully, it looks like the translators just went underground, and finished translating the series under aliases.
    Because, c’mon! So many english readers were on the edge of their seats, waiting for the conclusion.


    1. That’s because Naver owns their soul. That’s not the author’s fault. In fact, the author sent a very nice email to WebtoonsLive when they requested for translation to stop. In fact, if you read that email, it really reads like someone who is making a request due to an obligation. (That obligation being to Naver)


      1. That’s not exclusive to Japan. I’ve seen plenty of artists stop posting their work because people kept using their art without credit.


    1. Anyone who rants about Tilea being stupid doesn’t understand what the story is about. I mean, the whole setup is that the main character is too dense to realize that she has cheat powers.

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  3. Oh BTW, sheepy, still planning on joining Tree of Saviour? I didn’t manage to get into the closed, but the open beta is coming soon and you mentioned that you wanted to join the last time.


  4. I want to think otherwise, but in anime, isn’t saying “if, just if, okay?” as good as a confession?


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