Tilea Vol.2 Cover & Jessica-chan!


Tell the artist, U35(read Umiko), just how great she is here (but uh, never mention this site. We don’t exist. Capisci?):



14 thoughts on “Tilea Vol.2 Cover & Jessica-chan!”

  1. I thought it was spelled, “capiche”, but I looked it up and that is the English spelling for the Italian “capisci” which you used. Now, you’re writing in English, so you could use “capiche” and be correct, but since that’s an English approximation, I can’t say “capisci” is definitely wrong. Therefore, I’m not sure if your usage in this instance is correct or not, and you win by default. Darn it.

    …Hm? I completely ignored the point of the post? What do you mean? :P

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      1. is about another reincarnation one but a comedy maybe would you like it , is only a new manhua that a see in my idle time.

        in my opinion that kind of history are better in LN like mushoku tensei ,law of devil, day break on hyperion, and manga like dungen meshi , Maoyu Mao Yuusha, Mahou Tsukai No Yome , and is there are a anime better


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