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    1. Ignorance is a bliss but since you are asking:

      Social Justice Warriors. A mockery for people who got worked up avout various petty ‘social justice’ issues. Feminism (or rather petty, verging to extreme, branch of it) is the most prounounced part, but the same mockery also often extended to people who make noise about things like racial issue, impolite/trigger words, sexuality, et cetera.

      Opinion may varies regarding how prevalent SJWs are among the social justice advocate/how much of the social justice advocate the mockery applies to. That is how much the sane/insane ratio.

      The other side, quite obviously, tend to dislike the term ‘SJW’.

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      1. japan perversion rate is shocking for them and they were alarmed of it. though i don’t see why the need of heavy mod and censorship since most of the game marketed toward adults and adults mean being tolerable about such things. make me quite mad when they mod fire emblem called it insensitive gay conversion thing.


  1. There is a joke, that sounds much better in Russian, because in have more obscene word for “gay”, but still.

    Homosexualists is very common folks. It could be your closest friend.They live quietly for, literally, ages, and you have no idea about their sexual preferences. And if you found out – you feel absolutely nothing about it.
    But fags went on parade!


    1. Yeah, the vocal segment of the LGBT community sees ignoring them as “suppressing” them, but look at it this way, do you see the hetrosexuals going on parade? Most people don’t care what you do behind closed doors, but when you start demanding that other people care, you are sort of going beyond even what the hetrosexuals have.


      1. Except if there’s no visibility, issues related to the community are also invisible. Like police brutality against minorities. Many people didn’t know our parents cautioned us against police and how to talk to them.
        Even if most people don’t care, which is bull imo as people are opinionated, the percentage that makes our lives hell still exists and those who don’t care do nothing.
        Finally, it’s a party.


  2. Let’s say I was an SJW, or that you’d classify me as one. Doesn’t matter, the term is meaningless.

    Would you say that to me right now? Would you tell me I deserve to be sent to Libya? What kind of boogeyman am I in your head?

    Oh, and thanks for the translations.

    I really appreciate them.


    1. Depends on what you propagate. In case of indiscriminate employment for disabled people – we admire you.
      In case of “sexual variety” propaganda in kindergartens – please kill yourself in most cruel way possible.

      By the way – everybody go read “Return from the Stars” by Stanislaw Lem. Very prophet book, that shows where our world falls.


        1. Might want to read the whole post. He was sort of against the marginal, “more harm than good if propagated” causes. Unless you are interested in kindergarten sex education?

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    2. I should probably note that most of the ‘crazed’ Nazis believed that they were being real heroes.

      I mean, few of them enjoyed killing defenceless women and children, but they steeled themselves so that those same enemy Jewish children wouldn’t seek revenge on their own children.

      Not many people stopped to think about how retarded it was to blame Germany’s bankruptcy and WWI defeat on their Jewish countrymen. After all, the slogans and hysteria was just so convincing.


        1. Himmler’s speech was pretty much how most of them felt:

          The Jewish question has been solved within Germany itself and in general within the countries occupied by Germany. […] You can understand how difficult it was for me to carry out this military order which I was given and which I implemented out of a sense of obedience and absolute conviction. If you say: ‘we can understand as far as the men are concerned but not about the children’, then I must remind you of what I said at the beginning. […] In my view, we as Germans, however deeply we may feel in our hearts, are not entitled to allow a generation of avengers filled with hatred to grow up with whom our children and grandchildren will have to deal because we, too weak and cowardly, left it to them.


        2. Uh, holy shit yourself? I mean, put aside the whole about censorship or Libya thing, I would have thought that the idea that very few people see doing horrible stuffs see themselves as villains are both obvious and non-controversial. That is a common cautionary. Or are you mistaking his post as defense for the Nazi?


              1. In light of the fact that I don’t hate you, at 4am in the morning I have gone out of my way to move from my bed to my computer, and delete your comments.

                For the record though, it’s called hyperbole. And yes, after you take away the stigma of Nazis apparently being too demonic and devilish to compare anybody to, the core human traits that drive Nazi behaviour and SJW ‘Let’s ban this! It’s offensive to women! Fight the patriarchy!’ stupidity is, in fact, pretty much the same. Actual witch-hunting. Figurative witch-hunting. Moralistic bandwagoning to remove ‘dangerous’ and offensive things.

                It’s just zealotry and insanity. Getting to hate and denounce something because you want something to blame the world’s ills on is comfortable, and it’s easiest to jump aboard to disparage whoever or whatever is the popular demon of the day.

                For example, an otherwise very intelligent girl stupidly claiming that slut shaming is ‘patriarchy’ because the evil overlord patriarchs are ‘afraid of women’s sexuality’. Let’s forget that culture comes from historical circumstances, and that analysing the situation, it’s easy to see that slut shaming is actually just a basic cartel model, obviously formed by women historically as a way of preserving the value of their only bargaining chip at the time; sex.


  3. I see nothing wrong with social justice reforms (feminism, liberating the poor, racism, etc.) but there definitely should be a logical line drawn between reasonable and extremist. I haven’t heard the exact details on the Japan censorship stuff, but if it’s limited to just doujins/hentai that focus particularly on the “Forced” or “Guro” genre, I can understand it to some degree (though I can’t say that I promote banning all of them entirely as it would require a scale of intensity. Tbh, I’m under the impression that Guro should be banned in its entirety, but eh). Censoring every possible slightly-ecchi game you see, warping plots so that they’re different from what the author intended, and things of that sort? Yeah. No.

    Tbh, I can see why Naedyrr is a little annoyed by this. Social justice reform movements (or any movement at that) shouldn’t be painted under the broad stroke of a brush. People tend to only see the extremes on the issue, giving the movement as a whole a bad rep. There is inequality in places (a horrifying amount at that, but you just need to know the difference between horror and paranoia before you look), and discrediting the movement as a whole because of a few extremists would be a silly move.

    You know what we *should* do? Make a Rationality class a requirement all across the world for highschool students. Teach everyone every logical fallacy known to man, and teach them how to reason their way through life instead of only looking at things superficially (I’m saying this to EVERYONE. Not just people against movements, but also to the movement members themselves). Things like this always goes back to education…

    Okay. End rant.


    1. Your solution is very naive but one can dream and hope. However, I don’t believe it will work; there are many things to think about to implement that plan (Im not going to, too much work), especially if students would be willing to even pay attention in such a class. That isn’t the biggest problem though. The main issue here is that I am no longer able to pet all my waifus in Fire Emblem Fates (LOL)

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      1. Lol. I’m hardly saying that it’s one that will solve everything, but I’d say it’d be a step forward. Brining forth one more human that isn’t blind sighted by society (or at least less affected by social or political prejudice) is always a plus in my book.

        Wait. Is this the face-petting thing I heard about? If so, damn this is dumb. Why the heck would you ban that? XD


    2. “Tbh, I can see why Naedyrr is a little annoyed by this. Social justice reform movements (or any movement at that) shouldn’t be painted under the broad stroke of a brush.”

      True, true. This is the reason why I was careful in my explanation about ‘SJW’ about to state that term refer to the more extreme part of the movement and that there’s difference of opinion of how much pervasive such extreme part is.

      This is whole shebang is complicated shitmess, because both sides (all sides? I’m not sure there’s only two) have people that paint the other with broad stroke and stroke and people mock others.

      Not all people who use the term ‘SJW’ are anti-social justice … but some people who do are just throwing inane complaints/hyperbolic insults/outright nonsensical. Not everyone who protest against the term SJW are in denial about the extreme/petty/silly parts of the ‘social justice’ movement .. but some are really sounds like child throwing tantrums/intent on assuming the worst on the other side.

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      1. I wasn’t talking to your case in particular, but rather I felt the need to point out why the whole SJW term could be *deemed* as irksome. Typically terms like this start out directed at one extremist group, but start spreading out to refer to the whole movement. If I accidentally offended you in any way, I apologize. Regardless, I’d also like to point out that calling whoever you’re talking to an idiot doesn’t make for a particularly productive conversation. I understand that it can be tiresome, but attack on character always makes a conversation bitter and it gets things nowhere. All it does is leave another idiot to roam the world with their feelings hurt and with no idea what or how they did any wrong.

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          1. Ugh, you made a post. You are basically inviting people to talk – unless you kill the comment section- and now you are complaining that people made their opinion known?


            1. …How did I automatically like every post of mine?

              Actually, why there’s a feature to like your own post to begin with. Seems silly.

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        1. Honestly, far from stopping at harm to people playing stupid games, they’re even bringing harm to the movement they’re supposedly supporting.

          If everybody was just about protecting women from violence, and giving people equal rights, only the crazies and douchebags would be against it.

          Instead, ‘feminist’ now comes associated with the image of crazed misandrist bandwagoners who just stir up trouble and spout brain-addled slogans.

          I’m not even a ‘feminist’ anymore, because of that. I’m an ‘egalitarian’ lol.


    3. If these people were actually championing social justice reforms instead of just pissing people off and infringing on the harmless rights of others, nobody would be appending the ridiculous term ‘warrior’ behind it.

      Hence Libya. We’ll throw these troublemakers into a place that needs social reforms the most. Then we’ll see how much substance they have behind their words and bandwagoning.


  4. Is it any worth getting worked up about it? I see it as the circle of life, media version. People ban/censor porn (in this case echii), background demand goes up, people write/draw/animate more porn to meet demand which causes more censorship (in quantity, if not quality), which drives demand up again, which makes porn even more profitable etc.

    I can bet with you in 100 years time, we will still have censorship. And even more porn. :)

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    1. They’ve gone after people, ended careers, and infiltrated a not for profit that provided video games for wounded vets in order to make it “not discriminate” against non-gamers. I suspect that my neighbor’s career as a principal ended, because of a SJW attack. I could go on, but there are plenty of people who have been harmed and vilified first hand who have given their accounts online.

      Even if you don’t get worked up about it, be aware.


  5. well im still have to finish some games , but still i feel sorry for my best friend who’s like to play fire emblem and suddenly they censored the game,

    and about the world war the only thing amazing about the nazi people is how they jump out the hole of the screwed economy


  6. I highly recommend you watch this video at YouTube titled This Video Will Make You Angry by CGP Grey, watch?v=rE3j_RHkqJc the video is a thought experiment used to explain the propagation of ideas and hate through the internet with similes or metaphors. It’s only 7 minutes


  7. Here is the idea. They say things like these are influencing people to commit crimes or encourage crime and that is why there is usual censorship. But in reality, it does not exactly help anything because people who do those crimes are idiots and mentally challenged. They should start focusing on the actual people at hand instead of the work itself but those sheep (not you) we call to help preserve the supposed peace or eliminate anything controversial is nothing more than being complete scumbags who are self righteous under the name they believe to be doing the right thing. But they don’t exactly do anything for the world only to blame objects that is not meant to do any harm. To be brutally honest, we are humans, humans that are prideful beings that wish to be bigger and drag others down. We do not like to realize our own mistakes and not improve from them. No acknowledgement whatsoever. We are nothing more than wrathful creatures that continue to consume. Sorry I rammered on too long.


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