36 thoughts on “Whenever I get bored, I make blogs with stupid names”

  1. why dont you fill whit that you find interesting????
    like what sound you like or the end of the movie/novel/anime was bad and so on…
    no i give up you post them here normally :|


  2. When I get bored I sometimes use Google Translate to translate an English paragraph into another language, then translate the result to another language (at a minimum two other language) then translate it back to English and see how much of the original paragraph remains.

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    1. So, Rapunzel got some problems with her shoulders because of her hair and fell in love with a cream, who is a member of a research fellowship (and can sometimes transforms to a saber?) and who’s also have a small *ahem*. She, Rapunzel, also thinks that this cream’s small *ahem* is not a small problem even though she likes him.
      Is this right?


  3. i hate to tell you this, but
    a blogs with stupid names mostly became blogs name which easier to remember.
    a blog with hi tech name like “pulsar Inferno Typon Omega” became imposible to remember
    normal blog, nobody care to remember


      1. if you imagine a onii-chan try to do something to something.
        and imoto speak “onii-chan yamete , we are brother and sister”.
        i think it hard to forget.
        nb : please stop make your reader imagine something strange.


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