36 thoughts on “Whenever I get bored, I make blogs with stupid names”

  1. You could always post pics of your rl imouto on that blog. I’m sure it would be highly appropriate given the blog’s name.


      1. imouto oneechan always welcome in my empire


  2. that’s not weird at all
    it’s arousing ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)


  3. why dont you fill whit that you find interesting????
    like what sound you like or the end of the movie/novel/anime was bad and so on…
    no i give up you post them here normally :|


  4. I’m sure you have lots of /stuff/ to fill up your arousing imouto with. Shame you’re saving it all for an Onee-chan.


  5. When I get bored I sometimes use Google Translate to translate an English paragraph into another language, then translate the result to another language (at a minimum two other language) then translate it back to English and see how much of the original paragraph remains.

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      1. Are you trying to kill me? I was rolling around the floor out of breath because I couldn’t stop laughing. My sides hurt.


    1. So, Rapunzel got some problems with her shoulders because of her hair and fell in love with a cream, who is a member of a research fellowship (and can sometimes transforms to a saber?) and who’s also have a small *ahem*. She, Rapunzel, also thinks that this cream’s small *ahem* is not a small problem even though she likes him.
      Is this right?


  6. i hate to tell you this, but
    a blogs with stupid names mostly became blogs name which easier to remember.
    a blog with hi tech name like “pulsar Inferno Typon Omega” became imposible to remember
    normal blog, nobody care to remember


      1. if you imagine a onii-chan try to do something to something.
        and imoto speak “onii-chan yamete , we are brother and sister”.
        i think it hard to forget.
        nb : please stop make your reader imagine something strange.


      2. I feel like an idiot. I just barely understood your URL. I thought at first it was just a jumble of letters since I use wordpress’ main page to go to your blog…


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