59 thoughts on “broke keyboard again so no translations lol”

      1. Probably… but then, why can’t he translate with it? ‘Sides not having all te previous files and it being really uncomftable it isn’t that bad… actually, don’t mind me, it’s really bad


    1. meatbun can think of a few ways..
      1. virtual keyboard(which is the one fluffy-sama used)
      2. some voice typing software
      3. copy pasted each character from some text using the mouse (really annoying but doable)

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      1. 4th option jack into the computer via your built in micro hdmi to hdmi port and just type mentally, duh….man what year are you living in? 2015?

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      2. That almost feels like a wiki challenge where you have to keep clicking different words/ links to try and end at a different words.


  1. Keyboards now days don’t last long. My old keyboard (from early 1990s) actually lasted a decade. My current keyboard (6 month) already has a broken key (left ctrl) faded markings and the T key needs to be pushed hard.


    1. Most common, cheap keyboards nowadays are using membrane instead of mechanical switches. Maybe they are not as durable but they are cheap as fk, silent and dont strain fingers that much.

      If you are actually working it down to the bone like our dearest Sheeprabbit-sama, its better to get mechanical one.


      1. It wasn’t the membrane that’s broken, for the left ctrl key it was the key itself, the plastic. Then there’s the faded labels(letters), six month and it’s already gone. Good thing I know the layout of the keyboard by heart.

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      1. Loli Baaba? count me in.,

        aaa I need my daily fluffy medication…


    1. lot and lot of TL line. Also to fend off some of keyboard warrior


  2. Well best to do this while your on break so if you translate it you can also read all 6 translated chaps anyway to my point do you think youd be willing to translate harassing theif girl the lazy 9 pretty much dropped it and also i like your quality and pace. Best regards.

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