Reika-sama – 009

In Japanese, you refer to other people’s family members by their title. Like, “How is Okaasan?” means “How is your mother?”. Imouto-san and Otouto-san are standard polite-ish ways of referring to other people’s younger siblings.

We finished the one dance we agreed on, and as I was thinking about how fun that had been, my gaze clicked in place with someone else’s.
And in that instant, I turned to stone.

I tripped on my own legs because of the shock and almost fell, and then Oniisama immediately caught me, but more importantly,


Even though they weren’t supposed to be in Japan for the entire holiday, standing right here were Kaburagi Masaya and Enjou Shuusuke──.

How long have they been there? How much did they see?
Weren’t you two supposed to be in the Mediterranean?
It’s because I thought you weren’t in Japan! It’s because I was relieved that you wouldn’t be here that I casually did something eyecatching as being the only little kid dancing here!
If I knew you guys were gunna come I definitely wouldn’t have stood out so much!


Calm yourself. Calm yourself.
For now let’s leave aside the reason why they’re here even though they’re not supposed to be, and figure out how to naturally leave the area.
First I’ll remove my gaze from those cursed eyes, and undo the Petrification spell.
Naturally, naturally…
GYAH-! Even though I was supposed to move just my eyes, my neck turned by itself―!
Doesn’t this look like I turned my head in scorn now? Will he think I’m picking a fight with him!?
Can’t be helped. What’s already been done can’t be helped. I’ll just naturally leave the area.
GYAH-! My knees won’t bend! I’m walking like a soldier now―!
Maybe those cursed eyes attacked my brain because I can’t stop all these involuntary movements.
Aahh, what do I dooo?

“Reika, are you listening? Reika―”

Anyway, I need to slip into the crowd and disappear, or else. I’ll make a beeline for the drink corner since it has the most people.

[Monotone:] I am not particularly paying any special attention to you, all right? My throat has simply become parched from the dancing, and I have begun to desire a drink.
[Monotone:] Indeed. That is simply it.
[Monotone:] You, over there. May I have some juice?


Somebody struck me on the back and dispelled the Confusion spell.
Aahh, I went completely weird just now.
Thanks for returning my sanity, Oniisama.
Casting both Confusion and Petrification at once. As expected of a last boss.

“What’s wrong? You’ve been a little strange.”

Mn, I’m more aware of that than anyone.

“Oniisama, I am going to make a small trip to the restroom.”

I want to be alone for a little to reset myself.
I want to hole up in the toilet and calm myself down.
All the reflecting I need to do comes after that.

“Are you okay? Are you not feeling well? Should I have somebody go with you?”

“No, I am fine.”

“Hmm, but…”

Perhaps I was being pretty suspicious because Oniisama seemed to be worried.
I’m sorry for worrying you, Oniisama.

“Sup, Takateru.”


With good timing, somebody who seemed to be his friend called out him, so I’ll leave while I can.

“It is nice to meet you. I am his sister, Reika. Oniisama, I will be fine by myself, so please excuse me for a little.”

Giving friend-san a quick bow, it’s now time to GO!

“What’s wrong with Imouto-chan? She seemed to be in quite a hurry.”

“Ahh, the toilet.”

Don’t say it!


I rushed into the dressing room, and after entering a private room, I collapsed onto the seat.
I suddenly felt tired.
It was like the excitement from just now had been a lie.

…That surprised me.
Why were they here?
Was that stuff about them staying in the Mediterranean all holiday just nonsense?
I even heard at the Petite Pivoine that they were going to miss out on the summer party.
Still, that expression.
It suure was scary.
It was like he saw me happily dancing the waltz and thinking, ‘What the hell is this girl doing?’.
I definitely came off as some ugly chick who thought of herself as hot stuff!
If I knew he was going to come, I wouldn’t have gotten ahead of myself and waltzed!


“Hey, Masaya-sama was there, wasn’t he. Wasn’t he supposed to be skipping this party?”

While I was in the pits of depression, I heard the voices of some girls who were probably older than me.
I think they might be from the middle or high school section.

“Right. He was actually supposed to spend the whole holiday overseas, but I heard he came back early enough to make Yurie-sama’s birthday.”

“My, is that so? My younger sister was making a huge fuss about Masaya-sama being there. But with Yurie-sama as the rival, she really doesn’t stand a chance.”

“Huhu! Isn’t it still too early to say? She’s your own sister, so you need to cheer for her. It looks like there are lots of rivals though.”

“True. My, Maika-sama. Gokigen’yoh.”


Apparently they stopped talking because yet another acquaintance came in, but with this, the mystery was solved.
So it was Yurie-sama’s birthday!

Suzushino Yurie-sama is Emperor and Enjou’s four years elder childhood friend, and shockingly, Emperor’s first love.
In 『you are my dolce』, Yurie-sama was a dignified and radiant beauty who was admired by all the girls in Zui’ran.
Kisshouin Reika admired her as well.
Since Reika also admired Yurie-sama who detested the unjust, I don’t think it would’ve hurt if she learnt from her example a little, but Reika was a villainess character, so I guess it can’t be helped? How pitiful, Reika…

And so, Emperor loved her up until high school, but Yurie-sama had always thought of him as just a little brother.
In the end his love ended in an honourable defeat, and there was also a scene where he lashed out at the protagonist to vent, but before long his interest in the protagonist turned into love, and he completely got over his first one.
But even so, Yurie-sama was a childhood friend who was like an older sister, and as a special existence to Emperor. Being a person filled with independence, when she graduated from university she stood her ground against her parents, and when she decided on her own to go overseas to look for work in an American company, Emperor lent his help in convincing them.
When Yurie-sama was about to leave for America, he said, “If you ever need me, I’ll always come to help. No matter where you are, Yurie,” and the readers remembered her as somebody who would always be special to him.
When the protagonist saw this, she did get nervous and say “Is he actually still in love with Yurie-san?” though.

Being who she is, if Yurie-sama had a birthday, of course he came back. I understand it now.
Even in the Petite Pivoine, whenever he speaks to Yurie-sama he always breaks into a smile after all.
He always goes Yurie, Yurie, and tries to get her attention doesn’t he.
First love, huhh? It sure is bittersweet. Mmn, but that love never bears fruit, does it. Aah, how sad.

Considering how I sneakily observe those two and get all excited about somebody else’s love affairs, my personality is pretty bad, isn’t it.

But wellll, at any rate, I now know why Kaburagi Masaya is here when he isn’t supposed to be.

There’s no use crying over spilt milk.
I can’t change the fact that he saw me doing the waltz.
…Let’s forget about it.
I’ll consider this some dark history and sink it into the swamps of my heart. Mn.

“Upsie daisies.”

Now then, I’ve probably worried Oniisama as well, so I’ll head back.
I spent too long in the toilet, didn’t I. What am I going to do if they get the wrong impression, and my honour as a maiden is besmirched?
Should I really drive in the fact that my stomach is completely fine?




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14 thoughts on “Reika-sama – 009”

  1. “Yurie-sama was a dignified and radiant beauty who admired by all the girls in Suiran.”
    who was admired

    So the Emperor possesses the Evil Eyes…
    He truly is a last boss…
    And also a stalker. Poor Yurie…

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  2. A new chapter of dark history eh?


    “Even though I was supposed to most just my eyes, my neck turned by itself”
    “most” -> “move”

    “Yurie-sama was a dignified and radiant beauty who admired by all the girls in Suiran”
    Think the “who” needs to be omitted here, or a “was” needs to be added after the “who”.

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  3. Okay, the whole Yurie thing is stolen straight out of “Hana yori dango”. I wonder how much of the rest of “Dolce” is going to be based on that, or if it will be a mixed bag of various shoujo.


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