28 thoughts on “Hmm. I don’t appreciate the changes made in Vermillion’s LN version vol 2”

  1. It just seems like the editors wanted to, yet again, use the damsel in distress trope that’s overused everywhere just to make that part more generic. Not that I don’t like it but damn, volume 1 already had him saving her, right? Why not let her do the job for once…


    1. My uneducated opinion on editors is they seem to like boring cliches and fear originality like the devil.

      Seriously though, I have seen quite a few works that had much of their originality ground out after going through editorial changes.
      Tried and true I suppose is their aim.


  2. My guess is they wanted to have the reader connect to MC, and put all the ‘value’ on him instead of spreading it around.

    Which to me reminds me of game trying to be movie thing.

    Basically they undermine the strength of their medium (being able to shift POV easily with novel to give insights from multiple characters, like switching to someone who knows the situation from a different side to show contrast in their knowledge) to imitate another medium (focusing on a single/small group of main characters in anime)

    I once ranted about why I didn’t like part 2 of SAO (season 1) anime on similar basis, in that in order to focus on the main characters (Kirito/Asuna) they cut down on other people’s development (in this case Suguha, who’s more of a heroine in that arc than Asuna) which leave them just a shadow of what they could’ve been.


  3. From that I think I like the WN better. Reminds me when they change the the event in SAO where Asuna killed Kuradil (or whoever his name was) in the WN to Kirito killing him to save Asuna in the LN.

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  4. I have a very dear book that I read online in its draft stages. In the final, published product, the authors cut a few scenes that I really, really loved but I hold them in my heart as the way things were in an alternate universe, like, this is valid, but this is just as valid!!!!


  5. If the LN gets translated then I hope they also translate the WN version of what is mentioned above.


  6. I haven’t read Vermillion, but it would bother me like if hell if something like this happened to Mushoku Tensei. Rudeus is full of character flaws, which makes him interesting the first place. If he was a suave no-fear, no-bullshit badass MC instead of a cowardly badass MC it would be awful.


    1. Based on what Fluffy’s said, it’s not that the change make MC more OP (given his preparation, he probably could’ve repeat the same act in WN if his waifu didn’t finish the job first) rather it reduces the strength of the heroine.

      In term of Mushoku, it’d be like if Eris vs Orsted ended in Eris’s loss and Rudi show his ‘I’ll fight even if I die’ face before Orsted do his ‘I can kill your family but…’ speech.

      The final flow is still the same (everyone gets healed, Rudi joins Orsted) but by having Eris lose it makes her less badass.

      It’s not like Overlord where the story change to rather drastic degrees, but it’s a change that reduce the value of certain characters for no explanation.

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