In the dim room, the girl was muttering something.
There was liquid crystal before her eyes.

Projected in that liquid crystal display was the otome game that was popular recently.
That girl also seemed to be playing the game, and a single man was projected on the screen.

With honey-coloured hair, and gentle features, he was man wearing many accessories. Beneath his face were words that seemed to be his name; “Takanashi Hikaru” it said.

He was one of those ‘playboys’.

Having said that though, this was an otome game, so he didn’t cheat or two-time like real playboys did, and had a story laid out for him where he awakened to true love after meeting the protagonist.

And the girl sitting in front of the screen was also one girl who was mesmerised by those types of stories.


a yandere reincarnated into an otome game


a yandere reincarnated into an otome game

“Aaahn… Hikaru-kun, Hikaru-kun, Hikaru-kunn… Nhn. I like you. I really like you. I love you. I’m in love with you. I’ve fallen in love with you. I love, love, love you… Aahn, Hikaru-kun, Hikaru-kun, Hikaru-kun, look at me more, whisper to me, I love, love, love you, and that voice, that face, that body, all of it, all of it, I love all of it. Aahh… Nnhn-, say those words, once more, for me? That you love me, that you love only me! Aahn, I love you. I love you. Hikaru-kun, Hikaru-kun, Hikaru-kunHikaru-kunHikaru-kun…”

Overcome with emotion, the girl drew near the screen.

Placing her two hands upon it, and slowly bringing her face close, she overlapped her lips with those of the man on the screen.


a yandere reincarnated into an otome game

In that moment, the screen lit up, and the girl completely vanished from within the room.

Written by the author of Demon King Reincarnation:


25 thoughts on “Answer”

  1. What?
    So she was so obsessed by an otome game target that she managed to enter the game world?
    Depending on who she is in the game, either the heroine, either the potential rival for that route will die, I guess…
    Or she will be someone else entirely and kill them both.


      1. Wasn’t trying to trick you :v ‘last one’ was referring to the previous post with Hikari and ‘this one’ referring to this post with HIkaru.


      2. orly ‘. ‘ just remember the title was Hikari and that was it..

        I guess my ability to skim text got too high :v it’s kinda needed to not go insane at reading horrible MTL but there’s this drawback of auto-correcting things a lot of times.

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