My, Takanashi Hikaru’s, girlfriend is very strange.

She was weird from our first meeting.

When I first met her, she had an entranced expression, and said this as she strangled my neck:


“Aahh, Hikaru-kunHikaru-kunHikaru-kun, I’ve finally found you. I’ve finally met you. I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m so happy. It’s okay, you don’t have to do a thing anymore, Hikaru-kun. You don’t have to be in a dangerous place with these men and women after you, Hikaru-kun. From now on we’ll always, always, always be together. Hikaru-kunHikaru-kunHikaru-kun… Your Otousama started a company, didn’t he, Hikaru-kun? It would be unthinkable for him to make you work, Hikaru-kun. But even if you’re family, I won’t allow you two to be together, so your Otousama and Okaasama can buy a new house and live there together. Okay? Shall we go? Hikaru-kunHikaru-kunHikaru-kun, aahh, I’ve always, always, always wanted to touch you like this. I was born into this world in order to touch you, in order to serve you. Aahh, Hikaru-kunHikaru-kunHikaru-kun.”

I was scared.

Of the girl who said that to me as she strangled me with an entranced expression.
Of the burly and completely black-clothed men staring from behind me as well.

Ah, if I disobey now, I’ll be killed. And not just me, my family too.

Realising this, I decided not to disobey her, and chose to be confined.


After living together for a while, I realised that this girl really did like me.

To a person like me who just fooled around with women and never had a proper romance, it was really refreshing.



So I think that once I get used to her, I’ll grow to like her too.

This is probably what people call destiny.

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  1. Stockoholm Syndrome novel huh? With an apparent starting shitty MC who becomes trained by her beloved. Interesting…


  2. Well hopefully congress will not pass it. But then again congress is filled with corporate supporters. And there is the whole control of Japan’s economic state that the U.S. really control so hopefully people will get some sense of what may happen. Or maybe there will be a petition to go against the decision. I hope it will turn out well cuz if this goes through, Japan’s sales would plummet further as interest in anime and manga overseas would be gone.


  3. As long as he’s fine with it, I’m good. I mean, it ain’t RL, and I ain’t trigger happy or anything.


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