Anallord – The After Years


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Excerpts from Overlord Second Half – Chapter 14 (Web Novel)

“Br… ain…. was it?” (Ainz)


“There is just a little something I would like to ask, but… do you know of the Empire noble girl, Arche? For the sin of invading Nazarick, she was captured and given to Shalltear.”


“What’s the matter?”

Ainz noticed the difficult expression on Brain’s face.

“I ordered Shalltear not to harm her so there is no mistaking that she is alive, but… Do you know something?”

“Ah-, hah… I certainly… do know, but…”

“What is it?”

“…Ah, no… Um, how do I say this… umm… well…”

“Brain, answer me. Tell me everything you know about Arche without hiding.”

“Yes! I don’t know the details, but that girl is Shalltear-sama’s pet and… I saw her, umm…. by Shalltear-sama’s orders she… ummm… how do I say this… comforted, herself, perhaps I should say…”

“…? …! …I see…”

“Yes. I was ordered by Shalltear-sama to watch, so… umm…”

“Ah, that’s enough. I asked to something difficult to speak about, didn’t I. I understand…”




“In the past, I handed you a human girl, didn’t I Shalltear. Arche. A use for her has come up, so I would like to meet her.” (Ainz)

“Arche… Aah, that dog, yes?”

Shalltear gave a satisfied smile. She looked like she was having fun from the bottom of her heart, and wanted to show off to Ainz. That childish part of her was making its appearance.

“Just as you ordered, I never gave her a single wound. Even when that girl cried and screamed and begged for me to ‘take it’, I never took her chastity, and what’s more I gradually increased the size of her tail so that I wouldn’t hurt her. Her training is just about done and she’s just about complete, so I’ve been able to have a lot of fun!”

The strength escaped Ainz.
But he couldn’t scold Shalltear. The former comrade that had created Shalltear, Peroroncino, was to blame for everything. And when he handed Arche over to her, this kind of future was possible. In fact, it was Ainz’ fault for cutting off Shalltear that time.

“…No, that isn’t what I wanted to ask about… By use, I meant her experience… no, rather, I wanted to borrow her knowledge on nobles, you see… …Is she still able to think?”

Ainz asked that timidly, and Shalltear’s face spasmed just a little. Seeing this, Ainz’ expression cramped as well.

“…T-, There shouldn’t be any problem. Probably…”

“…I see… Then bring her here. There is a little something I would like to ask her.”


Shalltear frantically left the room with her vampire brides. Ainz crossed gazes with Brain again, and then they both looked away.
Although they didn’t mean to listen in, Shalltear’s flustered voice could be heard from the other room.

“Bring the dog here! Take out her tail!”

“――And her dirtiness?”

“Toss her in the bath and give her the minimum cleaning! Immediately! Ainz-sama is waiting!”

“Wh-, What shall we do about the clothing?”

“…Ahh! It’s true that she hasn’t been wearing any. Just prepare something!”

“Should we shorten it if the size doesn’t fit?”

“There isn’t the time for that. Clothing with magic should fit. Bring that here!”

“Then will your western clothing do, Shalltear-sama?”

“It can’t be helped! More importantly, hurry!”




“Come in.” (Shalltear)

Following Shalltear’s reply, a girl came into the room.
She was wearing a gothic dress, but Ainz remembered her face.

Arche Eeb Rile Furt.

Her previous stiff expression was a little looser, her cheeks were dyed red, and her eyes were moist, but she looked almost the same as that time.
Seeing her perfectly healthy, Ainz felt satisfied.
He had promised that she would not be hurt, and he had kept that promise.
The circular discolouration around her neck was on his mind, but it didn’t seem to be an injury, so he tried his best to ignore it.

When Arche entered the room, she made a beeline to Shalltear. She then kneeled at her feet. No, speaking accurately, it was closer to grovelling at her feet. Those movements had been terribly practised, and seemed completely natural to her.
Shalltear casually lifted her legs and placed them on top of Arche.
A sound that was both a voice and a breath escaped Arche’s lips.
Next, Shalltear stretched out a finger, thrust it into Arche’s mouth, and pulled out her tongue before toying with it with her fingers. Arche moved her tongue in response, and licked Shalltear as she covered those fingers in clear saliva.

What was terrifying was the fact that the two of them had seemed to move unconsciously. Shalltear had been looking at Ainz the whole time after all, and Arche was responding to the movement of Shalltear’s fingers extremely naturally.
They were natural movements, like spinning your pacer between your fingers while sitting in class.

“…Peroroncino. The scene you dreamed of is right here. Or rather… I’m creeped out.”

“What about Perorocino-sama?”

Shalltear removed her fingers from Arche’s mouth, and a silver bridge ran between them. Arche’s tongue moved regretfully, before returning to her mouth.

“No, nothing but… Arche Eeb Rile Furt. I have something to ask you.”

“…Yes, Great Master.”

“Great Master? …Well, that’s fine. Do you have any experience in attending a ball sponsored by the Emperor?”

“I d not. However, although the scale was different, I have attended balls before.”

“I see. Then teach me the manners and other knowledge necessary.”

Arche stared at Ainz. And then she opened her mouth.

“Great Master… I understand. In exchange, I have a wish.”

Shalltear’s fingers smoothly reached to Arche’s jaw, and raised it to peer in on her face. Arche’s cheeks blushed red, and her tongue stuck out a little, but Shalltear’s actions were not what Arche hoped for.

“A dog like you has a wish to ask of Ainz-sama? How displeasing.”

“It’s fine, Shalltear. Work should be paid with something of equivalence. Even if they are only a dog, you see.”

“…Goodness, what kindness. As expected of Ainz-sama.”

Moved, Shalltear’s eyes became moist. Ainz removed his gaze from her, and looked at Arche.

“You may speak your wish. As it will only be something of equivalence, some things will be impossible though.”

“Understood. Then, my wish is to have Shalltear-sama take my chastity.”


Ainz stuck his fingers into his ears to check if there was anything stuck in there. Following that, he let out a huge sigh.

“…Are you truly fine with that?”

Arche nodded up and down. Understanding this, Ainz wanted to droop his shoulders.

“…Do as you wish…”

Overlord Second Half – Chapter 20 (Web Novel)

Arche Eeb Rile Furt.

She had felt how close death was when she worked as an adventurer; as a Worker.
For example, when co-workers she had talked to died while killing monsters together with her.
It was particular strong when the encounter had been unexpected.
Even so, the reason that she wouldn’t stop adventuring was because there was no occupation more profitable.

She earned money while battling against the fear of death each day.
Although she could feel her spirit wearing down, the reason she continued to fight even so was due to her concern for the future of her younger sisters.
Even though she had experienced her bones being broken, her arms being torn off, her guts spilling out of her body, she had continued to fight on. Even so, she couldn’t bear that.

Arche recalled that scene.

It was one of her companions, Roberdyck.
A man who was an extremely well-tempered priest, and who loved sweet things.
She knew that he had often eaten sweet food while they were in the Imperial Capital. On the other hand, he never ate a single thing during their adventures, and she had once asked him about it. She remembered well his lonely smile when he said that he had his own reason for it.
The place that she had been taken was this room with him in it.

No, would it even be appropriate to call him Roberdyck?
What was in front of her was a ball of meat.

A pink meatball. A lump of raw meat with a raw smelling red liquid running here and there.
On top of that lump sat Roberdyck’s head. His eyes were dull, and he didn’t seem to be conscious. Even so──he was alive.
Even as a meatball with neither arm nor leg.

And Arche saw this. She was made to see.
She saw the maid gnawing at the meatball.
No, using the word maid for such a repulsive monster would be rude. It was simply a monster in a maid outfit.

And then Arche heard. She was made to hear.
She heard Roberdyck’s screams. The screams he made while in the painful form of a meatball.

His flesh was bitten off, his blood was drained, and then with recovery magic he was healed once again. It repeated again and again, this scene that made even torture seem comfortable by compare.
It repeated again and again, that scene where he writhed in agony.
As an adventurer, Arche had felt the presence of death again and again. However, even so, she had not once imagined being kept alive in such a form and being eaten like this.
When she realised that this was what was to become of her in the very next moment, she wept, she retched, and then she soiled herself.

Her heart was broken.
Any thought of resistance broken beyond repair.

Arche recalled those times when she had clung to those disgusting, but pleasurable sensations.
And she knew that this was the best method to live as long as possible.
It was true that perhaps she hated that lifestyle.
Even so, she would hate to become a meatball even more. It was still easier to accept life as a pet.
She knew full well that her monster of a master saw her as a plaything. It was because of this that she was allowed a chance to cling to life.

As long as she remained a fun, amusing toy, she would neither be destroyed nor abandoned.
She was aware that she was toadying up to her master.

If her master told her to “Lick.”, she would lick absolutely anything. She had known that licking could be used sexually, but even as a girl with no experience with men, never had she imagined that she would be licking a member of the same sex. Even so, she licked it with a smile.
If her master told her to “Do it.”, she would do absolutely anything.
Although she had almost never ‘comforted’ herself, even so, it was impossible to say that she had never tried it. But, she had never before done so beneath the gaze of so many. Even so, she did it with a smile.

And each time that her master smiled with enjoyment, Arche sensed that she was alive.
It was around that time that all these things she was supposed to have hated became delightful to her.

Her master Shalltear had returned home for the first time in a while, and tossed clothes before Arche.
They were proper clothes. Clothes that one would normally wear outside, unlike the clothes that lay bare her chest and groin.
A confused expression rose to Arche’s face, and still on all fours, she looked up at her master.
Arche was ordinarily forbidden from wearing clothing in her master’s ‘burial room’. Her normal outfit consisted of nothing but animal ears and a tail.
The times when she was allowed to wear clothing were──

“Hurry and wear them.”

Her master’s words awoke her from her recollections, and she frantically started to change.
Although her master’s attitude showed no signs of anger, her mood was as fickle as mountain weather, and Arche learned well from her days here that the thunder came with little notice.
Arche had witnessed many times the broken bodies of vampire brides during Shalltear’s displeasure.
Afraid of harming her master’s mood, Arche hurriedly grabbed the clothing.
She could tell that the outfit was terribly well-made, and even the fabric was of high quality. However, Arche was not surprised. Everything in this Great Tomb of Nazarick was of greater quality than in the world Arche had lived in.
It was quite likely that clothing deemed astronomically expensive in the outside world would be of fairly lower quality here.

(No… Isn’t that wrong?)

Arche kept her frown to a level that would not offend her master.
Now that she was putting them on, she felt that the quality of the clothing was comparable to her master’s.

(Could it be…)

Arche dimly sensed the reason she was being allowed to wear such clothing.
Although it was slightly difficult to put on underwear with the tail in, Arche finished dressing.

“Good. Now come with me.”

After turning around, Shalltear began to walk. Naturally, Arche followed behind.
After teleporting a few times, they arrived at Nazarick’s 9th floor.

Arche stifled a cry of surprise.
She had seen this luxury just once before, but even so she couldn’t conceal her wonder.
In her school days she had once been inside the Imperial Castle but even that could not reach the feet of this room.
Furthermore, those monsters that guarded the teleport gate…
They were owners of unfathomable strength, and she felt that they could kill somebody like her with only one strike.

“We are going.”

With that short phrase, her master began walking again, and the monsters all bowed at once.
That was simply how powerful her master was. Arche looked at Shalltear’s back, and saw the small figure of a girl. It was unthinkable that this figure possessed an astronomical strength.
Arche’s body trembled.
In Nazarick, in this Demon Lord’s Castle, her master ranked amongst the top powers. She had come to know that strength during her escape, but even the strength demonstrated during that time was nothing but play for Shalltear.

A smile appeared on Arche’s face. It was the usual smile that she used to toady up.

They did nothing but walk down the highway, and after passing a few insect guards with inhumanly large weapons, the door to their destination came into sight. One either side of the door stood at attention an insectile guard.
Arche knew whose room this was.
It was only recently that she had come to this room to teach dance lessons.

Her master straightened her back before knocking on the door. Of course, Arche also straightened her back before her master needed to tell her to do so, and did her very best to avoid discourtesy.
This room belonged to the ruler of this Demon King Castle. If they felt that Arche was being impolite, Arche would immediately be killed.

They informed the maid that had appeared from inside the room of their arrival.
After that they waited for a while, but there was nothing to talk about while they waited. They simply stood there in silence.
It was at times like this that made Arche feel the difference in status. No matter how much Arche toadied up to her, in the end she was simply a pet, and would never be something to converse with.
The door eventually opened.
Her master stepped inside, and Arche followed behind her. Although there was a smile on her face, inside she was terrified.
If she ever incurred their displeasure, her fate would be determined right there. And furthermore, the owner of this room was the Demon King who ruled over these monsters. If she was ever discourteous, a fate worse than Roberdyck would await her.
While frantically making use of the etiquette she had learned as a noble, and keeping things to a polite level, she surveyed the room.
From a glance, inside the room were──

Arche covered her stiff expression with her smile.
Arche had learned the identifies of the people here as part of her training. No, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that a vampire man had taught her by chance.
He had neither any sign of hostility towards her, not the feeling of contempt towards her that the other residents of Nazarick had. He had this sense of looking at her from a distance, you could say.
In Nazarick, the only other people who felt like this were the Lizardmen she occasionally saw in the distance.

His attitude could even have been called gentle, and he carefully taught her as though having failed these once himself.
He taught her of those who were absolutely not to be angered, as well as those who could easily destroy a country by themselves, and held such power that the ignorant would take as a joke. Those beings were――

The dark elf, Aura.
The insect warrior, Cocytus.
And the one who seemed to be slowly circling behind her, her master, the vampire Shalltear.

――these three beings.

They ran their gazes over her entirety without a trace of warmth, and she was assaulted by a fear that seemed to shake her very core. However, she imagined the pleasure that would probably await her after this, and frantically tried to overwrite that fear. Although the tail in her butt was ticklish, there was no way she could show it.

“Ainz-sama, tHE GirL HAs ArRivED.”

The hard and clattering voice sounded like something inhuman was forcing itself to speak, and with those words, a chair moved with a creak.
The large chair had been facing away from Arche, and because the back of the chair was large as well, Arche hadn’t noticed; when the chair turned, the one who turned to face her was the lord of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Arche’s toadying face froze.
He was a man who seemed to be a Demon King──a man who learned dance lessons, and engendered an unforgettable fear. A monster who had destroyed her party.
Atop the man’s lap sat a pair of lovely, doll-like twins.
They were children that Arche would never forget. Treasures buried in the depths of her broken heart.
When she saw them──


Arche roared.
She knew that something had risen from the depths of her heart with unbelievable vigour, and now filled her entirely.
Her broken heart had been completely turned into a slave’s, but now a flame had been lit within.
Arche threw out an arm to fire magic at Ainz──

──and had a katana thrust her throat, a whip held towards her, and thin fingers clamped around her head from behind.

“Shall I kill her?”

Shalltear had asked plainly, with fingers clamped tightly around Arche’s head. Considering her incredible power, it would be a simple matter to crush Arche’s head like an egg.

“FoOL. WiTH uS HEre, it IS ImpoSSIblE FOR yoU to toUCh AInz-SAma.”

With his katana still thrust at her neck, Cocytus informed her in his inhuman voice. He could probably lop off her head quicker than she could blink.

“Yeah, yeah. We won’t give you the time to use magic, you know.”

Although Aura showed an innocent smile, Arche had heard that Aura was strong enough to tear her to shreds with simply the shockwaves from a swing of that whip.

She knew that it was impossible to do a thing in front of these three beings. They were on another level.
And she knew that even without these three,it was impossible for her to inflict even a little pain on this King of Death. Had that been possible, not a single one of her companions would have died, and she wouldn’t be here either.
She had done something foolish. Arche knew this, but could say it with certainty――
With death as the best case, and becoming a meatball like Roberdyck as the worst- no, considering what she did this time, the latter was much too possible, but even so, Arche could throw out her chest and say it with certainty――

That even if she knew how cruel a future awaited her, if she met with the same situation again, she would still do the same.

Arche glared at Ainz with strength in her eyes.
She caught the monsters moving unhappily in her vision when they saw her do so. Even so, she wouldn’t stop.
It was her last shred of pride. Though that pride was already full of cracks, and liable to break at any moment.

“It is fine. Shalltear, Aura, Cocytus. Release Arche.”


They raised cries of surprise together, and removed their weapons from Arche. Although the fingers on her head were the last to move, they too parted from Arche.
Even when people were resolved to die, when death hung right before their noses, that ‘resolve’ was something that weakened.
Arche forced strength into her trembling, spasming legs. Wiping away the tears in her eyes, she glared at Ainz who was looking at her precious sisters.
A tremendous mana surged towards her and caused her to be nauseous, but desperately endured even so.

“I see… So you know them after all, huh?”

Arche was at a loss. Should she reply honestly? But now that she had shown such a reaction, there was no longer any merit in hiding it.

“…My younger sisters.”

“Hmm… I see… Now then, what to do.”

Why had this King of Death taken them hostage?
Her common sense couldn’t understand. It was a simple matter to have Arche obey their commands. She could imagine any reason to go out of the way to bring her sisters here.
But considering the subtle nuance in Ainz’ words, she now knew that her sisters had simply been brought here by chance, and she then felt irritation at her own stupidity.
She really should have played dumb after all.

Tears blurred her vision.
The terror that rose from the depths of her heart was unimaginable.
It would still be better if the two were allowed to live as pets. If they were turned into balls of meat like Roderdyck, just what would she do? Just how would she kill them?

While Arche was envisioning the worst possible future, a plain voice rang through the room.

“Speaking of which… I was supposed to reward you, wasn’t I. Because I went with Shalltear, your wish from that time still hasn’t been granted, right? Then let me ask you, will you still make the same wish as before?”

Arche felt like the atmosphere changed.
For the first moment, she couldn’t understand the monster’s aim.
The meaning of his words wasn’t registering, and Arche couldn’t form words.
In the next moment, she understood the question, but even so she couldn’t speak. She recalled the many tales where devils would grant a warped wish.
If in the end he sneered, “I was just asking for fun” then Arche’s heart would surely break. That possibility was just too terrifying.
But while Arche was riddled with anxiety, Ainz questioned her again.

“Come. Say it. …I am a surprisingly honest man. As long as it is possible, I shall grant you your wish. Only, it would be difficult to allow you outisde at present. It would exceed the benefits I gave gained from you, you see.”

She realised she could do nothing but gamble on his words. If she stayed silent any long, the chance of displeasing the people in this room was extremely high. In particular, her master would react as such.
Because of that, as though praying to God, Arche opened her mouth.

“Then please return my sisters safely!”

“…Are you truly fine with that?”

Arche was about to immediately reply that it was, but she couldn’t say a thing.
She forced her mind to spin faster than it ever had, and frantically thought. It was true that this monster kept his promises. Even the fact that she was alive was thanks to Roberdyck’s wish. The result was certainly bad, but even so, it wasn’t the worst.
Then, although this was just a guess, as long as she didn’t wish for anything too displeasing, he would probably grant it to her.
This wish was extremely important. Just how would it be possible for her sisters, and she herself, find happiness?──in that moment, it felt like Arche could see the light.

“The three of us…”

Was there any mistake? She kept asking herself this. There truly was but once chance after all.

“I would like us, while maintaining our happiness… to have permission to live here. Not with magic, or illusions.”

“…Are you truly fine with that wish?”

Hearing the same question again, although Arche was afraid, she moved her head up and down.

“…Happiness is too abstract, and will be difficult to grant. Wishes such as being granted youth again, or being granted immortality would be easier to understand.”

Ainz’ gaze shifted from Arche to the ceiling. Arche didn’t say a thing. She had already thrown the ball, and it was no longer in her court, after all.

“Aura. You did say that you were going to build a loghouse on your floor, didn’t you.”

“Yes! I am building one.”

“Being these girls there. Give them food and their other needs. And naturally, guarantee their safety. In the end I will be taking your toy away, but do you mind, Shalltear?”

“Of course, not at all. All the toys I have belong to you as well, Ainz-sama.”

“Arche Eeb Rile Furt. Enough food, a place to sleep, and safety. That’s plenty happy enough, is it not?”

Arche was stunned.
She couldn’t believe what was being offered to her. To her current mindset, it was the same as being granted stars or gold.
But realising that the Undead King was awaiting her reply, she worked her throat.

“…Yes. I believe that is happiness.”

It probably couldn’t be helped that she was wondering if there was some catch. But Ainz moved his gaze away from her, as though having already lost interest.

“I see. Then let us go with that. Now then, Aura. Guide them to the 6th floor. And worry not. These two have only been put to sleep with magic. In time they will awaken. …Just one more thing, Arche. When you work for me, there will be a fitting reward. Know that even releasing you and your sisters may be fine.”

Arche bowed deeply. Although she held unease and doubt about the situation that she had suddenly been granted, even so, the warmth of the sisters in her hand was real.

Aura and Arche. And the two sleeping sisters. They left the room, and had Cocytus followed, leaving behind only Ainz and Shalltear.
Ainz felt an inquisitive gaze many times, before Shalltear finally asked him a question.

“Was that… fine, Ainz-sama?”

He didn’t know how to reply. Ainz tried to figure out what she meant to ask, but in the end it was bothersome, so he asked a question back.

“…Mn? What? Do you regret letting go of your toy?”

“No, that is not what I mean. As I stated earlier, all of my belongings are your belongings, Ainz-sama. Only, is it fine to forgive a human who spat at you, Ainz-sama?”

“…It’s the truth that I said I would grant her wish, and moreover, although we do have Fluder, that ability is… And that girl’s knowledge will also be useful. Did we not understand that quite well during the ball? That’s how it is.”

Ainz leant back against the chair, and turned a cold gaze towards Shalltear. That mouth was cursed into a chilly and wicked smile.
According to what the younger sisters had said, Arche was a former noble of the empire, as well as an alumni of the Magic Academy. In that case, her value from now on would be high as well. [removed]

“Those sisters were an unexpectedly good catch. That much… Yes, she loves her sisters that much that she was prepared to fight me. They will make good hostages.”

“It is exactly as you say. As expected of Ainz-sama.”

Although Ainz acted calm as he listened to Shalltear’s praise, Ainz frowned.


[Left out the remaining few paragraphs.]

[I’m leaving out a few bits in this section in case they spoil the LN too much. It’ll feel a bit incomplete, but all mentions of Arche will be included, and the missing parts will mostly be about their future plans.]

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    1. Well I doubt that the little sisters had any pleasant memories from their brief time of being slaves.. All the slaves in ln seemed to be used as disposable dumdsters for bodily fluids and anger management training dummies.

      Also one can take their time picking other one apart piece by piece and still give them painless death as long as person in question can’t feel pain.


  6. This was pretty interesting. Somehow, I feel like this ending was more fitting to Momonga’s personality. Shalltear is truly amusing.

    I cannot help but try to imagine how the twins would grow up [safely] in the 6th floor. They might end up being the first generation of Nazarixk raised human worshippers?


  7. I have no clue as to what to comment. I guess, relatively speaking, it was a better ending for Arche and the twins.

    I miss Albedo already.


  8. That creeped me out too indeed. It’s a better ending than the LN, sadly Albedo is missing there. So there’s not “perfect” version for me! I quit Overlord!


      1. Gotta admit that Shalltear in that storyline can be more amusing than Albedo. The recent developments with Albedo in vol. 7 give me an ominous feeling. The implications of Momonga’s joke editing her might be more far reaching than I could have imagined.


  9. Curiouser and curiouser~ But no, I wont be tempted into resume reading it. A cold MC is boring. I dont know how popular this story is, but I think putting Ainz as an undead cold monster is his greatest misdecision. He’s a good author and I will be more than tempted to check his next work if and when.


  10. thanks for translating OVERLORD wn

    but could you tell us witch chapter it is from ln ??
    i thought at first that it was a chapter that change in ln but when i read the last paragraph i think its from vol.8

    and even thinking that i read spoil from my favorite novel make me feel like i cry anytime :|


  11. this is what happens when you leave characters fate up to your readers to vote, they always pick the worst one, i remember seeing one where they added his mother to his harem cause they voted for it…ruined the whole story


  12. That’s the only image I can think of that can express my reaction.


    “like spinning your pacer between your fingers while sitting in class.”
    Here in England we just spin our pencils in class, spinning your pacer is pretty hardcore.

    Liked by 2 people

  13. Hng, now I have to go and reread the chapter to see what was left out >_< *runs off*

    *runs back* …actually, my favorite part of chapter 14 was probably the part that was left out at the beginning.


  14. So, actually she was also released being shalltear’s toy when ainz granted her wish, i thought she was still kept as toy while living with her sisters. That’s kinda sweet, and momonga in web novel seems know how to be human and how to be lich overlord.

    And, is that the “only” yuri part? I thought there is more of it >_<


  15. Greetings, 5h Holy Sheeprabbit

    First of all, thank you so very much for your hard work! Bringing us such a pearl should be awarded with a medal lol

    Now for some questions:

    1- If you translated this, does it mean you have access to the raw WB?

    2- And if you do, will you post more of Archie’s mentions here?

    3- Now, about these mentions… according to your last post, she got away from Shalltear’s ownership. Does it mean we get no more Rapemaster Shalltear? Since the training was almost complete, does Arch go back for more? Can you at least tell me this? ;D


    1. 1- Everybody has access. They never took it down.
      2- Probably not. I prefer the LN in general, and I think it’s superior in every way except cutting down Lady Shalltear’s screentime for Slutbedo.
      3- I actually dropped the WN around the magic academy arc, and the WN was abandoned shortly afterwards, so unfortunately I don’t have much more clue than you do. Or perhaps I did, and I’ve simply forgotten.
      In truth, I didn’t think very much of Overlord at all until the whole ‘Brain Unglaus’ fate and rediscovery of determination’ part in The Men In the Kingdom (LN version), and for a long while the Overlord WN was mixed in with the ‘not very good and forgettable WNs’ section of my memory.

      I’m really sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


      1. Oh, I see. That’s okay.

        Just one last question: you said the WN was abandoned shortly after… do you mean abandoned by the author? Did he/she stop writing the WB?

        P.S. Do you know anywhere I can find WN translated?


      2. I don’t get it in one scene archeological is just going through the motions to keep from getting killed in another she’s got her fully trained she actually wants to be dominated so which is it did shalltear break her or what


  16. “I’m leaving out a few bits in this section in case they spoil the LN too much.” I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon now, since YenPress licencesed the LN of Overlord, and it will be a long time since the official translation gets to that point in the story.


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