Anallord – Arche web novel Shalltear best ending (NOW WITH CONTEXT)

“…Mm, the smell of sweat…”

Not being able to keep one’s body clean was part and parcel of the worker’s life for Arche. This was true for all workers, adventurers, travellers, and anyone who spent time moving around outside. Even if they got dirty, the appropriate response would be “So what?”

However, she still felt deeply ashamed at being told this by a girl who was younger and more beautiful than her.

The girl’s face left Arche’s neck. A feeling of revulsion swept up over Arche as she looked into those crimson eyes. Within those eyes burned a lust for the female body, stained with the same carnal desire that men possessed for women.

“When we reach home, shall we shower first of all?”


Arche wanted to respond, but instead all she felt was surprise – surprise at the fact that her body had been immobilized. It was as though those crimson pupils had stolen away her soul. And at last, Arche realised the true identity of the girl.

Not a human――but a vampire.

“After that…” the girl started, before drawing her face towards Arche’s, and slipping her tongue past her lips to lightly lick at Arche’s cheeks. “…Salty.”

The girl laughed in satisfaction, and Arche’s heart creaked with despair.

The girl simply laughed harder.

Her lips split apart to her ears. The red of her irises spread to engulf their respective eyeballs.

With a cracking sound, she opened her mouth. What had once been neat, pearly white teeth were now things that made people think of medical syringes, in multiple rows like those of a shark. That pink and obscene oral opening shone with a slimy light, and transparent drool spilled from its corners.

A terror from the depths of Arche’s heart, rose to envelop her completely.


Arche’s mind lost hold on consciousness in the face of the laughing monster that reeked of blood.

The last thing that went through her mind was the faces of her two sisters waiting for her.





“Now then, how is that woman? I did promise to hurt her as little as possible after all.”

“That woman… You mean Arche-chan, yes? Right now I’m in the middle of giving her a tail.”

“Tail…? Did you turn her into a lycanthrope or the like?”

Did there exist some method to turn people into the beastmen, lycanthropes? Wondering this, Ainz had asked Shalltear about it.

“No, ana-…”


Ainz immediately cut off Shalltear’s reply.

“However, Ainz-sama. Please allow me to ask this much.”

“What is it?”

Although Ainz was getting a terribly bad feeling about this, it would not do to refuse her. Listening to one’s subordinates was the duty of a good ruler.

“You ordered us to hurt her as little as possible. However, …just taking her virginity would be fine, yes?”


I’m not even making this up.

Ainz yelled the name of his old comrade. Hearing the name of her creator being shouted had sent Shalltear into a fluster. Ainz’ agitation immediately settled, and he returned to his calm state.

“…My apologies. I got a little excited. …Let’s see, I did hand her over to you, so that was my mistake… Well, hm, I think you had better not.”

“Then would it be all right if that girl herself begged for me to take it? Or will you be taking it instead, Ainz-sama?”

Various thoughts such as ‘Like I fucking know!’ or ‘It’s her fault for intruding on Nazarick!’ appeared in Ainz’ mind, but in the end, Ainz convinced himself that as long as both parties consented, there was no problem.

“…If you haven’t used magic or threatened her into it, and she then tells you that she wants you to take it… I suppose it’s fine?”

“Understood. Well then, in order for her to say so, I shall slowly enjoy myself.”

“I see. …If you can enjoy yourself, then that’s good.”

Translators: Nigel, Ferro, Zack Tan, SifaV6
(& Estelion for any changes)

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73 thoughts on “Anallord – Arche web novel Shalltear best ending (NOW WITH CONTEXT)”

  1. I still haven’t read vol 7 :x

    Although I did see the image for the LN….and kinda expected bad ends already…


      1. sky shared your post and he even included a (fan-made?) illustration of shalltear licking her finger (or nail?) while next to a blonde girl with a blonde…tail… XD

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know why, I don’t really like what happens to her :/
    I’m not really fond of those kind of developments in stories when the victim isn’t deserving a beating and the offender remains unscathed. I’m such a * Sue I guess.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Now that I think about it, today on the chat at skythewood there was this group of anons all saying #ANONLORD. And then there is that OVALLORD thingy as well. And now we have Anallord.

    I wonder whats next.

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  4. on Web Novel…. they say arche’s *imouto” will live together with her on nazarick….? because after reading the LN…. i feel sad to see the innocent of the imoutos waiting their sister….


    1. Well, since their family had a debt and that Arche wasn’t able to pay it completly, the imoutos were probably sold into slavery, raped and killed.
      When you think of that, you realise that, for Arche, becoming Shaltear’s sex toy was probably the better outcome…


        1. I was talking about the ln, not the wn.
          Since in the ln, Arche died, she couldn’t pay the debt, or flee with her imoutos.
          Which means that the debt collectors came.
          Seeing Arche’s parents, they are more likely to sell their daughters rather than themselves (plus young, innocent girls have a high price on the slave market).
          So, the imoutos’fate would have been better if Arche had been raped instead of killed.


      1. Someone said that the author mentioned their fate in twitter/blog post somewhere.

        They were sold as slave and die shortly after.

        ._ .


  5. I knows it’s a bit unreasonable but would you consider translating some other fun snippits from the original WN that were cut or altered in the LN?

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  6. I say, Ainz really felt his blood curdle upon hearing about what Shaltear plans for Arche. He directly let out a complaint towards Shaltear’s Creator.


    1. nope, she died as its been stated that her body had been split into pieces with some being used for food and most notable is that it is implied that Entoma got her vocal chords to replace the one she lost in the fight against Ivileye


      1. Two words: Resurrection Magic.
        Heck, Fluder might even be the one to request it, since it’s his former disciple.


  7. Question.

    Is the bit with Entoma new voice and the comment of Albedo on how the voice is rude, then the concern by Ainz for the body in the WN (and it’s another person) or is that part new and it’s Arche body that they cut and shared around?


    1. ‘Cause you know if it’s new it’s Arche’s body, if it’s not they just cut a part too lewd and Arche isn’t dead in the LN either.


  8. Woot! Sifa gets credited for doing nothing :3

    Though Nigel might be a little bit upset since he was planning on releasing his translation on this part of the WN today as well. Looks like Anri-sama got the jump this time =P


      1. No it’s fine, we’re always happy to see more people contributing towards the overlord translation, regardless of if it’s WN or LN. We’re not planning on translating the WN at the moment. Nigel only did it on a whim. Feel free to upload your translations :3


        1. Okay, thanks! It’s just that lots of people wanted to know what happened to her after this whole butt plug incident, so I was translating just that one chapter. Was thinking that if he wanted to do it, it would be more appropriate, but if not I’ll just finish this and get it up.

          Thanks for all your translations by the way. I’ve only ever read Overlord LNs on skythewood, and there’s no doubt the reason that we get updates so often is because your team is so hard-working. (:


      2. Just to clarify, are there any translations of the WN version of Overlord besides this one? I’m just so curious to know how Overlord was originally written.


  9. I was curious when I read somewhere that the Shalltear-Arche WN ending is a biiiit different than the one from the LN so I’m glad you translated it. Thanks~~! Though this one is more humorous (because of Ainz’s and Shalltear’s convo), I think I prefer Arche’s ending on the LN lol.


  10. Is that all there is after “――PERORONCINOOO!”? I was told there was more and arche teaches ainz to dance and stuff. Also ainz let her go to her sisters.

    Am I over looking something?


  11. I remember…that chapter…

    The ordering of events in the webnovel is slightly different. This should be chapter 59 though, right? The arc after this was pretty much the events in the capital.


  12. I think I prefer the LN (dead) ending for Arche and her sistiers than this NTR one.

    But i must admit Maruyama-sensei has a very creative mind…


    1. Mn, I basically prefer the LN in every aspect due to the way the storytelling has gotten better due to the now consistent mood.

      I didn’t really enjoy the WN, and it was a bit of an edgy wankfest to be honest. For that reason I thought I would hate the LN too, but after giving a few volumes a try, I ended up liking it a lot.

      Anyway, pretty much the only thing I bemoan is the fact that they forsook Shalltear for that slut in white.


        1. Don’t get me wrong, I still hope Ainz goes to fucking hell for everything that’s happened, but I enjoy reading stuff from the villain’s perspective, and it’s all good seeing sympathetic characters die once you’ve gotten past the fact that the MC is an irredeemable monster.

          I also really like the way the LN did Brain’s story. It’s a lot more interesting than in the WN.


      1. Yep, its nice to read a novel with evil side MC… a change from all the goodie MCs everywhere.

        I dont know the differences from the WN, but I did enjoy reading the LN tl.

        Also, thank you for your TL of the relevant WN parts.

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Anyways wouldn’t that anyways enquire she is dead? I mean shaltear has her… preferences. (or is it diferent? .-.)


  14. If there’s one thing that is better about the WN, it’s that the mood is a bit more lighthearted with more comedy. In the LN, you’d be hard pressed to find any comedic moments whatsoever, which is pretty sad. Things like volume 4 where ainz happened to peep on the lizards doing it was kind of the maximum amount of comedy you can see in the LN, which is pretty sad.

    Still, there are plenty of extra materials for comedy if you want it. Like extra stories, drama cds, ple ple pleiades animated extras and things like that, there are also spin-off mangas. That provides enough comedy to compensate for the lack of it in the LN which has more of a dreary setting, luckily.


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