Using “volunteer work” as an excuse for non-translations is spitting on the face of the community

ScreenShot051By editor, can I take this to mean WhiteSamurai? Honestly, if it is him, I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest. I’ve only ever heard bad things about him, from forcing his “method” of MTL-ing onto people, to simply being an arrogant, pretentious prick.

Today I can apparently add sewage-tier work ethic to that.

Nowhere in the multiverse will you find somebody who would call that joke a translation. Let’s call it what it is―fanfiction. It uses another franchises’ character and tells an original story with it.

Honestly, if the author knew what a joke was being done with the English ‘translation’ these days, he’d probably be puking in disgust.

Bad translations are one thing. You can forgive people for making mistakes since we’re all amateurs and learners, but showing absolutely no sign of even fixing these chapters after a reader corrects it for them? It might sound ironic coming from me, but that kind of arrogance and disrespect for the series is just astounding and nauseating.

Honestly, when I started complaining a few weeks ago I didn’t want to be this harsh, but seeing one of my favourite series being turned into a joke worse than Mushoku Tensei translations is really starting to sicken me.

Somebody decent needs to become the project manager of this series if things are ever going to get any better.

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    1. Slime Datta Ken. Honestly, it’s atrocious these days. They just kept letting these noobs in without watching the quality.

      And these noobs all have terrible attitudes, and never correct their mistakes after people like araere point it out.

      Either to save face, or simply because they don’t care about the series or the readers.

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      1. slime datta ken is one of my favourite story… dunno why whitey can join… and kuma hana?? actually 1 chap per week is owkay for meh.. but other leecher dunno…


    2. “They told me I couldn’t meet Truck-sempai, so I became a slime” (instead of pizza sauce)
      (he met Truck’s more compact cousin, the knife)


  1. I used to love this series… I stopped reading it when I lost track of what was going on in some major battle. I can’t even remember what it was for, just everyone was attacking everything for some reason. =|

    And… why the heck would they not accept reader corrections? Sense, they make none!

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    1. What ever do you mean? Can’t you see right there? He clearly said that the readership isn’t complaining!

      It just so happens that he’s excluding people who know he’s writing fanfiction from the so-called “readership”

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      1. Not to mention that to a normal reader who doesn’t understand Japanese they wouldn’t understand how much changes they are doing. They are basically saying what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

        Hopefully Clown and Guru are able to do something about it.

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    2. Where’d you stop? I can give a sorta summary for you.

      But all major conflicts have their reasons behind it, which usually point to the same line of evil masterminds who want others to do all the wok and plan to reap the profit alone/

      possible reasons include:
      1. can’t be arsed to edit
      2. “muh trunslaton da bist gtfo nob”
      3. post the chapter, never read comment
      4. ‘muh fanfiction’

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      1. Reading the comments and enjoying the series with readers is one of my top two reasons for translating… I can’t imagine not doing so. >.<

        (The other being my wish of one day being able to comfortably read physical copies of JP LNs)

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  2. …this is just sad… As a fan of anime,manga, LN,WN,and the otaku culture in general it is displeasing for such a great work(especially after getting the author’s approval) to be turned into such a mess..i feel so bad for the author..

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      1. I guess I’ll just go back and start from reading the LN translation. It’s a bummer that it’s like this. I also never would’ve been able to tell without people like you who have the capabilities to know better keeping an eye out for your normal everyday leecher like me.

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    1. A bit of both, but it SEEMS like the editor is doing more of it, but the translator is letting him do as he pleases. But going by his response, the “liberties” they took was between the two of them.


  3. This happened for a while already though? I didn’t bother to count how many times they mucks up the translation with guesswork MTLs, but I think it’s pretty often. What’s with sudden spotlight?

    That said, I didn’t know that their not correcting MTL mistakes was intentional. In the past I posted some comments on their blog about mistranslated text and such, which received no reply at all. It’s annoying to know that it was because the correction was ignored.

    These MTL drama makes me want to try making a translation blog myself…


      1. …can’t argue with that, I guess. Lately I do find myself not being able to stand their wording and ended up just skimming through the text.


  4. Ouch, the first line was already bad.

    “I greet the representatives of x nations” and “The representatives of x nations bring greetings” is a huge difference. One is you being hospitable, the other is them actually granting the country official recognition.

    I think I brought it up over there too about the difference in the previous chapter of “I’ll accept you as my disciple” vs “Please make me your disciple!”. Give it a few more chapters and you might end up with the farce of the “disciple” making the “master” do scut work.

    The meanings are all reversed.

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      1. In their defense, MTL is really bad with shika-nai since it just assumes it’s a negative (from the nai) rather than ‘at least/only’ that shika-nai means. (and that’s I think 1st year Japanese stuff?)

        That is to say MTL is shit.


  5. is that chapter 105? i thought that white-san was the one who did 105.. and i thought that white-san is a MTL’er that adds edits to his process.. so i didn’t really think to compare it to the professionals


  6. How did I end up here?

    For someone that knows nothing (from your mouth a while ago xP), I actually agree with you in this case. I gave bear benefit of the doubt that he was learning the language and improving shit as he goes along (and if he’s doing that, I’ll still defend his shit, but it doesn’t look like it), but wtf, he lets WhiteSamurai of all people to muck around with this shit.

    You are absolutely right, you non-existent mythological animal D:<


    Pitchforks for everyone!


  7. It’s kinda sad watching such a good serie being butchered… I feel like GT it would do better than reading that “translation” right now. No one can even call that a “translation” actually.


  8. I think I’ll drop the series for a while, see if the situation improves or not. I’d like to find out how that Tengu girl’s actions come back to bite them in the ass (I’m guessing when the angels come, the Tengus get rekt and don’t get help from Rimaru), I’m also curious over how the tournament will go but that’s no big loss.

    Ah well.

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  9. I do agree it is pretty sad to see stuff like this, but its just the way it is.
    People jumping on projects and speed-“translating” stuff because
    they want the recognition and/or money from the people that are
    fans of all these interesting series that translators like you bring us.

    And all that without even any skills like:

    1. A grasp of the english language
    2. Or the language they are translating from
    3. Ability to take criticism

    I guess I’ll keep on following the translators I trust and take the other stuff with a pinch of salt.

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  10. What?! So I’ve been reading something that isn’t close to the real thing??? I thought it was just poor translation and bad writing execution from the author, piecing together with my Asian knowledge the parts that make less sense, especially since I read forward on google translate machine.

    For most part I ignore the editor’s section because they don’t make sense to me either (and I believe it’s the Circle’s own work) and some of the strange jokes but I didn’t think it was this bad.

    I don’t even understand what ‘joke-territory/joke-tier’ you mean atm.

    Ah, it’s sad knowing this ;A; since I love the slime story.


  11. I actually wasn’t aware of these changes until I read some recent posts and someone told me to check up on Sheep’s posts. I would just never assume anyone would purposely mess with an original story. I’m a fan fiction lover myself, but there’s a time and place for those things, which is NOT during official translations. Rather, this annoys me and gives fanfiction a negative connotation to those unfamiliar with fanfiction. It irks me to know this was happening. Just because the author gave permission to translate the Web novel (pretty sure only for the Web novel) it doesn’t give them full reigns to alter the story. I love Slime since it’s one of the longer ones I’ve stuck with. I can’t remember when this White Samurai person joined. I stopped reading the translator notes after that Clown story thing ended. My first impression of translators was that they were friendly and open to discussions. (Personally I enjoy reading your translations because I know you give quality translations and interact with readers. Plus I like your blutness and honesty when it comes to pointing out someone’s fault in an almost amusing fashion. …I swear to Anri I’m not an M.)

    Along with anger, I feel disappointment. I don’t want to keep reading their fanfiction, but I love the series itself so I’m torn. I can’t read Kanji that well, so I can’t read the raws. Well I also feel bad cause I have a stomach ache from shoveling down two slices of cheesecake, but that’s beside the point. Joke aside, I feel almost cheated and betrayed. But I’m also a little confused. I’m not sure when these fanfiction alterations started and I’m confused about the composition of the translation team and who’s involved with these shenanigans. Call me slow, but I’m just not fast. …Wait.

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  12. Between the recent posts of nsfw translations and the translator rants I’m feeling that visiting this site has gotten very awkward for me. It’s like I just walked into my parents bedroom and have seen and heard something that can not be unseen. So I’m just going to metaphorically back step and close the door, then make myself scarce for a while. Hopefully, next week when I come back this will have all blown over and I’ll be reading a cute fox story or the like.


  13. i cant read raw japanese chapters so i dont really know if its a bad quality or a high quality work chapter.. So if they post a new chapter i just thank them for their hard work cause i trust them to do their ‘best’ you know? So its really sad to see that they’re prioritising ‘speed’ of translation instead of ‘quality’. The ‘reader’ who ‘corrects’ them did things more smoothly or more detailed, i can understand more of his version of chapter instead of the one translating. I mean speed is important but so is quality. Sorry for my grammar.


      1. i wasn’t aware of the changes until i saw your post so at first a just thought of it as a bad translation and didn’t really mind at first, but when i saw your post and compare the correction of the reader and the one whos translating im really sad and pissed.


  14. white samurai is pretty annoying in the circus chat too, trying to promote his so called machine translation that is par to translation(lol). however the worst part is that ungrateful fu…leechers actually beg that person to “translate it”; i bet clown gets down when she read such instances. its pretty much a lose-lose situation when idiots like this shows up. stay in re:translation where you belong.

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  15. What can i say?? I cannot translate a Jap -> Eng translation ‘ cause i am NOT a english native speaker and i don’t have a capability to read from raw. But I can certainly say that something like THAT translation isn’t even nowhere right from english perspective. You can say White-kun have destroy the meaning of the story itself. Maybe, He thinks ” oh it’s just a volunteer so i can do what i want.” If you didn’t even care about readers, it’s alright for me, because we are just read from your translation and didn’t even spend a penny, time and effort for that translation. But with every respect to you, Please don’t change the meaning. It is a creation of another person and it have a copyright. And what’s more, respect the author to give us a wonderful story like this. So please change your translation to better meaning, so we respect you and your work, White-san and Bear-san

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  16. I didn’t read it lately, but I thought Clown & Guro did a pretty decent job at it, when did it started to go this bad?

    oh, and about re:monster, his pacem translation (or something) is actually more readable than some guy that decide to machine translate Japanese->Russian->English. Reminds me of fun days, translating jp->english->chinese->english using babelfish for the lol.

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      1. Thank the editor & tlc then. JP->Rus->Eng is dumber than JP->Eng, because every time mtl is done, some words or even sentence will disappear to oblivion or out of context.

        You’d notice that nearly every page that has jp->rus->eng translation, there’s someone screaming ‘some text missing’.

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    1. I’d vote sheeprabbit-sama to continue ‘at the northern fort’ rather than joining this drama which lead to unhappiness which lead to no translation.


      1. Plus it wasn’t the type of light novel you wanted to translate anyway I thought. After all while it is a bit more political, it basically boils down to guy transported into another world OP as hell finding a place for himself and harem/OP friends. Although I’m curious if his ( as he sees himself as male) harem knows that he’s asexual after the dragon clone.


  17. Ah, WhiteSamurai, the same guy who refused to “translate” anything if there weren’t at least 10 people in the Re:Monster wikia chat at the time he said. The guy who said “I’m doing 4 chapters if 15 connect!” and would proceed to do 1. The guy who promised and promised he would translate up to X chapter if “the community was involved and caught up to chapter Y” then when asked about his own promises would cry that he was being treated like a slave, that the community was plagued with cancerous users and that he had never promised anything.

    We’re talking about that guy, right?

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      1. Nah, the point is that he is not only bad at translating, he’s also an arrogant prick about it and a diva who thinks people should bow to him for him before he decides to to do any of his so called “volunteer work”.

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  18. Well lots of things sure happened while I was gone o.o
    I haven’t been keeping up with the story so I wouldn’t know what is happening but judging from your recent posts I guess the situation is rather… Atrocious.
    For one I honestly have no idea if Bear uses machine translations or not cus I really have like minimal knowledge in japness. But at least I try to make some sense in Bear’s translations instead of making something up. (most of the time)
    When I really do run into trouble I consult clown-san-chan, which I think white samurai doesn’t but instead he just comes up with something to fit the story. (which is bad by the by)
    As to why I don’t correct translations… Erm, I’m bloody lazy I guess? I jest, but really, I do try to correct whenever possible but since I’m seldomly at home and I can’t really do the ol’ ctrl-F on my phone, so I really just forget about it by the time I get a chance to turn on my pc. My apologies. I also stated that I really have no idea what reddit is, and this is not a joke. I am a interweb noob. (was using Bing til about a year ago) so yeah sorry bout that too.
    Also please disregard the it’s me Mario post, I was really just angry cus my cat died and I had to deal with people. People say dumb shit when they’re angry.
    I still love you oniichan <3

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    1. Umu, I won’t really blame you for bad translations since I’m still improving myself, and six months ago I was making a lot more translation errors myself. Some of which were absolutely retarded.

      But I hope you do find the time to look over your Japanese some. Japanese grammar is especially important. If you aren’t familiar with the vocabulary or how it’s used, you might still make mistakes, but at least you won’t be translating things with the complete opposite meaning anymore.

      If you ever want help, feel free to ask me or anybody else. I’ve mentioned it before, but we’ve got a Skype chat with a bunch of amateur translators too, so if you want to ask for help, hang out or just vent, feel free to leave me a message. (:

      Still, I think the main problem is that nobody is taking responsibility for the whole thing and making sure all the quality and accuracy is up to scratch…

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  19. Lately straight GT-sensei’s translations(or even straight ‘reading’ it ‘by ear’) turns out to be more correct than ‘translated’ releases.
    …too bad I’m forced to supplement GT’s translation with aspirin.

    Anyway, anyone who tried to MTL jap>en even once knows that every second sentece requires some(really time-consuming) work with dictionary to get the correct meaning. Did mr. Editor use straight MTL as a reference for his fanfiction work?

    p.s. using VOLUNTEER WORK as an excuse hahahaha

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  20. Using ‘volunteer work’ as an excuse is too disrespectful to the author and other translators. You can call the other translators as ‘volunteer workers ‘ too. They’re not getting paid for translating the chapters they’re only translating the chapter because they like the novel and want to share it to their fellow readers and they’re translating it as close as possible from the original work… And if the author saw his/her awesome work became a trashy work because of poor translating they’ll likely cough a blood from anger lol. Different wordings can mean different meanings and the translators is not guessing but translating.

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    1. If you do volunteer work that doesnt mean you have an excuse to do a poor job, if you volunteer for something that means your willing to give 100% when you’re able to…

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    1. Also, Whitesamurai had done the Wiki, not the Re:translations, right? I remember helping edit one of their last chapters and I don’t remember him being there… Though that was one of the chapters where everyone except the MTLs had dropped the project.


  21. This it’s a rather sad situation. How far the “transitions” have fallen. You mentioned musoku tensei went through something similar? Please tell me it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as this. It’s probably my all time favorite wn/ln and really high up in my personal ranks of fiction in general. What was so badly done with it?

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    1. There are a few volumes that really unattractive to translators so MTLs did the work, then heavily edit, then others redid the works. Cnine just recently release a proper TL for c176 Departure Towards Asura Kingdom. That is the 1st chapter of one such volume.


  22. Greeting Sheephe- I mean Sheep-sama, we would like to request for your advices with the topics that probably different from yours, but trying to avoid similar situation.


      1. Hm, probably because you triggered the issue I’m having, or maybe because you’re one of the translators that I didn’t read their works? (゜-゜)


  23. Well havent followed tensei slime for the past few chapters and i dont have any right to be opinionated on this topic however if this was an issue throughout the entire series then I didnt really notice anything. Tbh i like that slightly rough english as it makes me feel that im actually reading a novel thats translated into english amd not anenglish novel thats filled with japanese terms and whatnots


  24. Seems there’s gonna be some changes at the Circus, which is good. Some of these chapters were getting so bad that you’d need Korben Dallas to translate the Bad English into real English. Forget mistranslation, some of that shit was barely parsable.

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  25. Man, I was able to find an editing error just reading through the pacem homepage. A really basic one too. That’s kinda sad when the leader should be the editor.
    And holy !@#$ does the management seem like a bunch of pricks. Like how self centered do you have to be to write some of that !@#$.


  26. Sorry, I just got high fever for several days, and wasn’t on the right mind to crack a joke.*shrug*
    Read some works that have your name in it… probably… But not a this site as the genres not really up to my alley

    As for why reasons… It because you started a topic that have been around my mind, and your replies usually sharp so I thought you would give some good one. (Several reasons gone to the land of dreams)


    1. A… a single person who isn’t trying to kill me!

      I… I was so scared in these comments…

      I… I haven’t changed at all… I am not out for attention, i’m always trying to get the community to be active and have discussions about chapters. The live chat events were ways to have people talking to each other while I clean a chapter.

      When I release a Re:Monster chapter, it’s always followed with a [First Cleaned version of Day ### COMPLETE]. First cleaned version, not fully translated… I’m just making a machine translation readable… I’m not out to be arrogant… or even try to be so… my turse speaking with my ‘lawyer speak’ is meant to leave no holes in any argument that i’m in, not take the tone of someone who’s arrogant…

      The releases i’ve made are only for those who wanted them…

      I was never disrespectful to reader edits or ignored them, I was never given editor powers, it was always someone else putting the chapter up… I’ve always taken comments into consideration… and had in fact read most of the comments on each of the chapters I worked on once per day for two days after release… there were very few upset comments until one of the translators over there suddenly went past me and posted a complaint without letting me know my work was unacceptable. I was still asked to edit even then, but I greatly reduced changing what I changed. There were only several, between eight and fourteen sentences that I took heavy liberty with.

      I really didn’t want to comment on this thread of pure spite… but there’s only so much I can leave myself undefended. I mean… “Spitting on the face of the community”

      These comments are seriously frightening…

      *Runs away before he’s lynched by the comments, that is if this comment isn’t removed by the admin*



  27. well I’m glad that not just me. that found strangelish in recent translation.. I love slime and his merry friend. especially that otaku dragon and his follower


  28. As a daily leecher, this made me curious on how actually a translation group does things? Maybe we stalk, I mean grateful readers can understand your hard work better xD


      1. Oh, sorry I was just wondering how people do translations and somehow forgot you do this solo… I don’t meant to be rude >_<
        And that makes me wonder more about how some solo translators can do good translations with quick pace. This includes your translations, I checked your blog daily since you often posts update. xD


    1. I’m pretty sure a fully staffed translation group will first have the Translator translate the text, followed by a check by the tlc, then comes editing/proofreading and finally quality checking. Do take note that this is a ‘dream team’ scenario.

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      1. Thank you for answering, hmm from the explanation it seems it’s more complicated on the polishing/editing parts than the actual translation part.
        Organizing such group seems hard.


  29. Seriously? Not taking advice from the readers? That’s really foolish. I’m uncertain on whether or not 5th Holy Sheeprabbit has much right to say those words, but I’m pretty sure he’s correct. It’s because of those people that the quality of some novels drop or more accurately, get abandoned. I hope they change or get replaced or something.


    1. Ehhh, well I do fix typos and stuff when people mention them, and I’m thankful for that too, but of course I’m not going to change things to be more American just because you aren’t used to the way I talk.

      If any of the readers actually have that much of a problem with it, they can stop whinging and start their own Australian-American translation blog.


      1. I don’t really have a problem with your work. I only have praise for it. And besides, majority of them are just leechers anyway so they don’t have that right. On that notice, I’m just an editor.


    2. I will say right now that ‘that’ accusation is false. I read the comments for at least two days after the chapter went live on those chapters.

      I had no editing powers and the chapters I edited were released by either Bear or Guro. Any emails I sent to any of the circus crew would often require 6-12 hours before a response came in. I thought it was best to just leave it to Guro or Clown since that was the case.

      Since I was an outsider and was only trying to help with a novel I was enjoying when they were short handed…

      Though I would like to call out the creator of this demonization campaign to cite where they got my “Ignoring the reader’s edits”

      I’m almost positive this is a misinterpretation of something I wrote.

      *That is if the Sheeprabbit doesn’t just delete my comments*



      1. If that’s true, I offer my apology. I suppose everything here was just a misunderstanding on our part? In that case, who is the guy at fault here or is there no one at fault? Either way, I feel a bit foolish.


        1. I would say it would be more accurate to call this a misinterpretation. I certainly said my fair share of words and when I get serious in my writing, it often ends up being taken in a negative direction. Thus I want to see where the creator of this post got his various claims such that I can correct these misgivings.

          Nothing will be solved and my name will remain slandered until this is done.



  30. thank you for calling this prick out i met him of the re:monster wiki and he was a complete dick. when i saw he was editing for guro i knew he was going to shit all over the project. thanks again for getting him the boot.


    1. Evening Kamerond, how have you been.

      You know the administration and community loved how you used to take full liberties with the wikia, changing everything you so desired. I do remember how I often refused to get involved with being an admin in favor of cleaning chapters as well and how you often would pick fights with Oddysy to the point where he left. It was your own hostile and childish demeanor that turned the community, as well as your fellow admins, against you.



      1. Oy, me again. Unneeded conflict and comments is what is turning hostile eyes in your direction. Go into hiding and wait till it blows over, come out as fresh as a butterfly and start anew. People should hopefully be a lot more easy going about it then.
        Sincerely, (>’.’)> Dr. Ouroboros


  31. Ignoring possible problems with his personality, and the not accepting advice and fixes from the readers, I dont see a huge problem here.

    Most of it after the actual translation(that I dont have the experience to comment on) really just seems to be a reading comprehension issue followed by a rather unique style. As someone who plays games and has to deal with the “Official Translations” I’ve learned to deal with Unique Styles that add references, phrases, and the like to a translation that made no mention of them at all. I mean as great as a tried and true translation is, when even the official industry does it, it just gets kind of hard to complain about it. Though this is honestly why I tend to like Fan Translations better, because the person/people is/are devoting their time to it out of love.

    If we want to complain about any translation it should be the bonafide rewrites that Tokyopop used to churn out. Poor Ikki Tousen.


      1. I still want to know where you’re accusation of “Not accepting advice and fixes from the readers” is coming from.

        I had no editing or changing powers on Circus translations once the chapter went live. That instance was out of my hands. I often read the comments for either a day or even two days after a chapter went live.



      2. If this wasn’t about me, the Re:Monster’s WhiteSamurai, then please do specifically state that it was not me.

        There are several of your assertions that are highly aggressive with very little quoted evidence on my person. While you might state that you are in a ‘bad mood’ I happen to be in a rather sour mood after reading this whole piece which has inspired a demonization of my person using an extreme variety of words. I respect your point of opinion as it is a right to you, but it is not a right to make assertions blindly without complete evidence back up. You offer two pieces of evidence, one of which that does not pertain to me in the slightest and the other a reaction to the quiet and positive guro suddenly turning hostile to my person. While it said comment was in playful jest, it was merely an attempt to lighten the mood.

        Please do continue this as to resolve these misconceptions, thus resolving my currently slandered name.



        1. The post was directed at the team as a whole, and not without evidence. Yuuka only recently began editing her chapters to reflect the corrections made by amaere, and she isn’t the only translator either.

          ” I happen to be in a rather sour mood”

          Yes but you don’t seem to realise that this is my blog, so unless you can convince me otherwise, I’m not going to do a damn thing. And you have just done a splendidly bad job of convincing me.

          Say whatever you what, but the only thing I said about you was that I had only *heard* bad things about you.

          Plus, a screenshot of you being an incredibly uncooperative retard. You whole garbage about misrepresentation is retarded because these complaints I’ve been making towards the Slime Datta Ken translations have and always have been against the ‘team’ as a whole, the lack of a single manager taking control of the quality.

          Anyway, because I have decided that I don’t care about you after “I happen to be in a rather sour mood”, I’m not going to delete your future comments, but I sure as hell am not going to read them.



          1. That is all, you have fully represented yourself and your position in the matter. I do hope anyone reading this passage will take this into consideration given the biased nature of these accounts. Please do research these incidents yourself or contact me if you have questions regarding my point of view.

            Accounts portrayed on this blog are heavily based on the demonification of my person and are accountable to based slander without presentable evidence.

            I’ll hold the blog owner at his base word that he won’t be removing my comments at present, though i’ll certainly be taking a screenshot of his guarantee of such.

            I can appreciate negative opinions if they are based in fact, evidence, reason, and observation of both sides of the event. This current argument stating my affairs is certainly not one of them.

            That is my final remark to this blog post about my person.



          2. Ah yes, please forgive me as I did say I was done, but I do want to question what part of this article, that spared no foul of language to curse my person might I add, did not pertain to myself?

            I look at this article and most certainly don’t see a post commenting on the conditions of each translator, editor, and participant in these affairs, I see a full witch hunt for a sole individual who was suddenly accosted by both Translator and vocal community within the period of just two days. A point in which I was ignorant to the hostility to my participation was not shown until Guro’s initial comments within the comment section. If evidence to such claims I have made are required, I most certainly saved them after these events began to transpire.

            I will say again, you certainly did a good job of creating a demonification of someone, but you greatly lacked visible evidence to almost all of your claims. You failed to show any comparisons to my releases to that of a direct word for word translation and yet call it a base rewrite of the story and a fan fiction. I have already resigned my capacity for retort on this matter as it is a point of preference, yet I would still prefer to see individuals at present who would make accusations to show due evidence.

            Without evidence, each of your hostile accusations can easily be regarded as slander based upon a personal grudge and misinterpretation of my person. If you present evidence, and it is shown to be a misinterpretation, it would be easily cleared. If you have viable proof that I have made irresponsible claims or childish remarks, I would certainly want to know I made them and make a public appology for my behavior.

            That is my final word.



            1. Everything between,

              “Today I can apparently add sewage-tier work ethic to that.”


              “Today I can apparently add sewage-tier work ethic to that.”

              is completely to do with the translation of the series. To begin with, I didn’t even know you were rewriting things until later down in the comments section, so your victim complex is basically blinding you to what I’ve actually written.

              The screenshot with your comment is to do with your work ethic as part of the team, but the rest of the post pertained to the translation.

              Are you also the translator? In that case, there is already plenty of comparisons between actual translation and your team’s guesslation.

              Here for example is one I did myself, and you can find plenty more on reddit.


              tldr; the post was about the translation as a whole, and I didn’t even know you were half the reason for the retarded results until AFTER the post in the comments section, so get over yourself. Nobody cares about you. I only included you in the post because your message to guro was stupid and infuriating.


            2. Honestly, there is no demonisation going on. If that screenshot really WAS you, then there’s enough about your attitude towards translating SOMEBODY ELSE’S work to have me rage for posts. The reason I didn’t is because I figured you were just an editor (i.e. worthless) and criticised the team for its translations and lack of quality control instead.


      3. Quite a bit. I dont have enough experience to comment on any translation quality, but based on the english examples of before his edit and after in this post it seems less intended malice or lack of trying and more the guy just has a writing style of his own combined with a lack of reading comprehension.

        No excuse for not accepting fixes tho.


          1. But alot of translations sadly are rewrites to a certain extent, The professional industry mandates it to a certain extent so if you ever want to be a pro youre gonna have to listen to your bosses and compromise or follow the lead translator’s style.

            I’m not the biggest fan of it myself, but I’m a realist and I accept that thats how it works. As long as youre not purposely altering the original meaning, I see no reason to get upset. The last example of up there is a good one, It means the same thing mostly, but the translator/Editor/Whatever liked the words Willy Nilly and used it. Part of a Translation is using your own style since everyone has a different fix for each translation issue, if you get mad at people for doing it differently, youre gonna be mad at everyone.


      4. I will mention it again here that I had no editing capacity on either Guro’s Blog nor on CircusTranslations.

        I would send my work over to either clown, the bear, or Guro, and they would then put the piece up.

        I would also mention that each of my edits was announced and publicly done on a Google Doc, to which any number between twenty to fifty people would be watching my edits on the chapter live. They would have full ability to send a message if there was any complaint to how I was cleaning the piece.

        As for the image being posted, I do suppose I owe it to everyone to break that down, as it seems to be the backbone for a large portion of the post creator’s assertions.

        I will begin from the top of the post.

        I suppose i’ll start with this being a quote from a conversation and has been taken out of context. Reading this alone would certainly be cause for hostility wouldn’t it.

        I’ll give the briefest of background for this.

        Guro and I had previously, and for a period of perhaps two weeks, been on rather positive terms. Having general and light conversation. There was an incident where he had put my name as the editor of a chapter while he had used his broken English release instead and I had messaged him as to why he did it. His answers were vague and basically had notioned that I had taken too many liberties for his taste. I then apologized that I had upset him and explained that I had upset him and would be far more respectful to the base work in the future. I then received a notification that I was added to his blog and told *Whatever, I don’t care anymore, do whatever you want*. Confused, I simply thought to just post a link to my google doc at the top with my version and leave it at that, though I had no editing powers and that was not changed in the future. This, would be the only instance that I was ever come to by anyone within the Circus that my changes were causing problems and unwanted. The next chapters I did for the bear were done with a much greater concern for the original work. While going through the comments, I will 100% say that I did not see any comments, within the times I looked through the individual chapter comment sections, any complaints about my changes. This is something that I am almost certain on, there’s always room for chance on it. If I had seen even just two or three comments on it, I would have gone to clown-chan and asked her opinion on the matter, but thinking that the matter was resolved at with Guro at that moment, I moved on. Each instance of my live editing, again, would have been the time where one of the several dozen people watching the editing process could have said something. They saw the original translation script, and saw how I changed it, if there was a problem amongst them, they would have said something. This led to my belief, complete belief, that there was no further problems with the changes. That was until the last chapter that I cleaned, chapter 105, when a large amount of discontent suddenly began to arise. It was one comment at first and I had gone to explain that it was my attempt to make the phrase in question flow better in an English sense. If I recall, something along the lines of no one else mentioning having any problems with how I did things was stated by me. This was then followed by an uproar of comments, perhaps a dozen, followed by Guro chipping in with his own grievances with no care to be respectful with how he was speaking towards me as if I was the sole being out to destroy the series that he was working so hard on.

        This comment was one of several that I posted in response towards Guro’s various hostile remarks.

        Now we’ll get back to the image in question.

        The initial piece with the Black and White was an intention to lighten the mood as Guro had suddenly grown exceptionally hostile towards me. This was one of the comments I made in the early phase of the sudden outcry against my work, so I was still rather taken aback by Guro suddenly turning hostile. I would be more so surprised by Clown-chan calling me arrogant, hating my attitude, and how I presented myself if truth be told. That once caught me off guard completely as no grievances from the translation crew, outside of the one conversation with guro, were raised.

        The phrase in question was one of the Dwarf King, I remember it rather well. The sentence was rather clunky, and so I added a few words and lightly changed how it was said. Though I say this, not even the order or punctuation of how the Dwarf King said his remark was changed. Anyone who read either version would know that he enjoyed the beverage and wanted Rimuru to teach him how to make it later. What matters if it was sake or not, what matters if I added something like 7-14 words. It wasn’t rewritten, it was cleaned up to flow better.

        That chapter had to have been one that I did THE LEAST changes out of all of the previous chapters. Each one still requiring at least two or three hours of my time to do. There was a minor annoyance as my viewpoint saw Guro still being hostile with it not being perfectly word for word with the original version. Editing is supposed to help readability, not ignore broken sentences and rough points in the literature.

        As for my comment that Guro was being rather disrespectful, I don’t think i’ll apologize for thus, in my opinion, he was over the top and was very rude considering the time I had invested out of my respect for the project.

        The next part seems to be the host for the very title of this piece, and it is probably my failure to hit enter between it and the next sentence that led to a psychological misinterpretation of it.

        The first piece, the volunteer piece, was in response to Guro making it out that it was our job and duty to make sure everything was word for word from the original, it was my point to correct that stating the project was volunteer.

        The next part was, if memory serves as I won’t sift the comments for it, was over Guro making a statement over my handling of the English language was poor. The statement was used as a point to state that Guro had no room to judge given his own level of handling of the English language, even if it has improved since he started.

        My statement of the Bear taking liberties was over the wine vs sake scene that Guro was building up, yelling at the Bear for making such a big mistake and how he wasn’t translating well and etc.

        If I think on it, this may very well be the comment that started the explosion of hostile comments because of the last sentence while it was being spoken to one of the Translators. Should have chosen how to type that more carefully given that I was typing to one of the two project leaders in hindsight, the readership will instantly side with the translator in a conflict.

        As for what I said about clown-chan, I meant it. If clown-chan or any of the translators had ever voiced a grievance other than the one instant that Guro had raised complaint, I would have made serious changes. Though using the translation that the Bear made and looking to only improve grammar in several places, mostly removing the Kanji was rather conservative in my honest opinion.

        Well, i’ve explained each piece of it. Please do share with me anything further on this. The more hostile assertions you bring up to me, the more misconceptions I can do my best to clear.


        Liked by 1 person

        1. I see. Certainly, the quote seems a lot more harmless if combined with your story. Given that I’m friends with other translators, many of them who have come into contact with you separately, I assumed that their negative judgement of you was correct.

          Still, sometimes things are better seen with your own eyes. If you’re telling the truth, then I apologise for vilifying you. To be fair though, in light of my other posts,

          I’m pretty sure that the number of people who misunderstood my post to be a criticism of you instead of the translation team are far less than you seem to be imagining. Rather, most of the attacks on you seem to be in the comments section, and usually in regards to things totally unrelated to Slime Datta Ken.

          Of course I don’t actually fully trust you, because honestly you must be doing something wrong if so many people (both TLs and readers) are independently scathing of you, but for now I will pay more attention to what you do.


          1. It is a point of psychology and the reason why I completely backed out of commenting on the Circus site.

            If both of the heads of a project hold a negative view of someone and that view is shared by a third person who speaks, then it is extremely likely that individuals who are not informed on a situation will agree to it.

            If there are other articles, such as your own, it can be linked and used as ‘evidence’ that will allow them to further support their claims without having to defend themselves in the slightest.

            In my position, I would have to be defending my case on their territory, easily made akin to enemy territory. I would have to convince people who have already affirmed their opinion of me that I am not solely to blame for the incident or how I spoke.

            In light of this event, it has taught me how to deal with natural translators and collaborations in the future.

            This also serves to let others know that it is best to investigate both sides of an incident to understand what had occurred and to make a educated decision on the matter.

            This is no longer something I can change as the number of people who have gained a semi-biased negative opinion of me through several factors can easily count into the thousands. There is nothing more to do other than counter them if they ever show up, though my name in the translation community will likely be forever tarnished due to this incident. Nothing more to be done.

            Enjoy the rest of your day.


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    1. Oh yes, I’d also like to throw in that Guro was present in more than half of my Live Cleaning sessions.

      If he ever had a problem with my methods, he certainly could have brought it up since we did have the occasional chat about how the other was doing and various other things during the intermission.

      Kuma aka the Bear was also present for the last one, on Chapter 105 if I do recall.



  32. As a sometimes editor myself, I can agree with the above statement.

    The only time a translation should attempt rewrites is when poor “engrish” is used or when phrases require more wording to flow correctly in English. EVEN THEN it should be limited as much as possible.

    Example; Just the other day I read a translation that used the Engrish word “Arm-long” in reference to equipment worn on the arm. The translator changed it to “Bracer”.
    -I personally find this to be an acceptable substitution.

    Another Example; When I edited for “Isekai meikyuu de dorei harem wo”, I would run into sentences where words were omitted (quite often) because they were unnecessary in the original language.

    [“At that time broken items are rejected. Things such as Kobold Salt will dissolve in the rain if not put in the Item Box. *Because you can’t sell them then, please be careful” (ED Note: them-> them then ^ helps reference above)]
    *Pardon my notes, I’m notoriously bad at writing detailed notes*

    Part of editing is staying true to original context and part of it is helping to correct poor English comprehension and readability. It depends on the quality of the translator and the quality of the original author.

    However there is really ZERO reason to add your own nonsense into a translation. It’s akin to painting a mustache on the mona lisa to me. Just horrible overall really. As for White Samurai, I can safely say I don’t like that guy he sounds like a prick. That’s my opinion just from reading his posts in the translation corner let alone all of his ridiculousness above.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are entitled to your own opinion on the matter, especially if you have actually read and understood my viewpoint on the matter.

      If you still see me in that light after that level of consideration, I can only offer my apologies that you view my character as someone you cannot tolerate.

      I am merely doing my best to provide quality content in the way I perceive, if your views differ, then all I can do is explain my views and hope for a level of common ground.



  33. I’m going to attempt to not be long winded.
    First, I’d like to share my background. I’m a retired vet and spent my years serving as a Korean linguist. Which leads to my next comment, the single hardest thing to do in translating is conveying the authors/speakers intent. Why is this so hard ? Cultural differences,which makes metaphors and slang terms particularly challenging. As for directly translating word for word ? Not only do you lose intent, but the flow of the sentence is destroyed as well.This happens simply because grammar patterns and sentence structure differ from language to language.
    I personally appreciate White’s attempt at preserving the flow of the sentence, was he 100% on ? Definitely not, while he preserved the flow the intent deviated, all though this is a matter of personal opinion. As such, it being a matter of opinion I would approach White calmly reasonably and fairly and I might say something like “I like the effort your putting into your translations, all though I have some issues with what I perceive is misconstrued translated intent.” And most importantly I would do it in a private forum and not bring in outside opinions from people who have little clue about the work that goes into a translation.
    This reflects on what it means to be part of a translation “Team”. Two eyes can see better then one and 4 minds can come up with a better translation then one.
    What bothers me the most in all of this, is despite the accusations levied against White, he has been civil and intelligent in his responses and people are still being rude and curt. And if someone wants to cite his early replies as less then civil then I would ask how civil any of you would be if your friends turned on you and then made a public outcry of it. This is shameful behavior and I am appalled that this attempt at branding a scarlet letter A on him is still ongoing. My first tip that anything was wrong was the ED post from Thedefend. There was no fairness it the comment, only instant vilification with little explanation. So I found my way to this thread which started of in a similar unfair way. It wasn’t until further down in the thread the story started to unravel. I am appalled at how this has been handled so far. If the attempt was to paint White in a bad light to justify his removal from the team because of intellectual differences on the translation, it makes everyone involved look bad. And if that wasn’t the intent, then its just a truly remarkable coincidence about what facts were originally omitted.
    So I urge all involved to take a step back , evaluate their actions and all the facts presented and realize that this should be handled better then it currently is. I know as much as I’ve been a fan of the site, I personally am upset by this enough that I will not be returning to the site or supporting any future projects until they remove that part of the ED comments and apologize for making it public. Why? I can not support or condone people who are willing to publicly defame someone over a difference of opinion, reminds me too much of American politics.
    There is so much more I want to say but I shall refrain. I am more then willing to back up any of my points and continue a private conversation with anyone that is interested. Thank you for your time.
    ~Big Red

    P.S. if the flow of my paragraphs seem off its because I deleted some of them >.<


  34. Feels like I went through a light novel in this comment section. As far as things go, Big Red has provided suitable input for the conduct that has been going on. Doing my share of due diligence, it’s obvious to see how different everyone’s perspectives are, Ex. I see a blue, He sees Orange. Majority of what people have said say White is a prick and even with his respectful courtesies in his replies, it’s seen as rude. Now, it feels like a war, the winner gets to decide this and that while the loser can only sit back and face whatever fate awaits them. It’s tiring to see these human interactions play out and honestly, people should be more conscious about the world themselves in my opinion. I’d like to share my thoughts on translating. I’m currently studying German, and going back to Big Red, “The culture is obviously different”. Therefore, it’s not always possible to use the original text unless the original text itself is still understandable and the author/speaker’s intent is still captured. Revision will always be done like word changes or additions and especially grammar. German for example, ‘Ich(I) lese(read) gern(like).’ If put into English as, ‘I read like’ it wouldn’t make much sense. Editing it makes into ‘I like to read’. Now, I know you this but I’d like to emphasize that we all have our own sense of understanding things and translations will always differ and that if you can keep the author/speaker’s intent with only the words in the original text and very few arrangement of grammar, that’s great. But, reiterating again, I see blue and you see orange. General understanding will be there but it will always be different, and that’s basically how life is.


    1. To be honest, white was only mentioned because the attitude in his reply to Guro made it seem like he was part of the problem. He was by far not the focus of this post, which is a continuation of two other posts I have made previously about the translation.

      I’m going to put it very simply for you people who think that I don’t seem to understand that taking liberties is part of any good translation:
      “this is beyond the ‘liberties’ necessary to translation, and has gone full throttle into the territory of ‘mistranslation’ and ‘fanfiction’.”

      Read that link very, very carefully. If you still think this is acceptable translation, then remind me never to read anything translated from Germany ever again.


  35. I used to be a pro TL for a few years, as in I got paid tens of thousands of dollars for it (different language pair, alas)… In said capacity, I’ve also recruited, corrected, mentored, tolerated, berated, bullied, and eviscerated (edited) my fair share of juniors, subordinates, and even amateurs like emergency overtimers commandeered from other departments.


    There are actually FAR MORE errors than most see. Alone, the chronically missing endquotes, absolute lack of formatting, random tense, character-for-character Japanese syntax, never bothering to check source context to identify singular/plural and subject/object — they’re all eyesores, but a determined reader could wrack his brain and slowly recover the meaning.

    Through paragraph structure… through tone…. through nuances that point to this or that… somehow. If even a fraction of the original material is properly conveyed.

    ….G-d d-mnit, is it too much to ask to have the slightest chance of guessing:
    1) WHO
    2) DID/SAID
    3) WHAT,
    4) WHEN, and
    5) TO WHOM?

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