Anallord – Arche web novel Shalltear best ending


“Now then, how is that woman? I did promise to hurt her as little as possible after all.”

“That woman… You mean Arche-chan, yes? Right now I’m in the middle of giving her a tail.”

“Tail…? Did you turn her into a lycanthrope or the like?”

Did there exist some method to turn people into the beastmen, lycanthropes? Wondering this, Ainz had asked Shalltear about it.

“No, ana-…”


Ainz immediately cut off Shalltear’s reply.

“However, Ainz-sama. Please allow me to ask this much.”

“What is it?”

Although Ainz was getting a terribly bad feeling about this, it would not do to refuse her. Listening to one’s subordinates was the duty of a good ruler.

“You ordered us to hurt her as little as possible. However, …just taking her virginity would be fine, yes?”


I’m not even making this up.

Ainz yelled the name of his old comrade. Hearing the name of her creator being shouted had sent Shalltear into a fluster. Ainz’ agitation immediately settled, and he returned to his calm state.

“…My apologies. I got a little excited. …Let’s see, I did hand her over to you, so that was my mistake… Well, hm, I think you had better not.”

“Then would it be all right if that girl herself begged for me to take it? Or will you be taking it instead, Ainz-sama?”

Various thoughts such as ‘Like I fucking know!’ or ‘It’s her fault for intruding on Nazarick!’ appeared in Ainz’ mind, but in the end, Ainz convinced himself that as long as both parties consented, there was no problem.

“…If you haven’t used magic or threatened her into it, and she then tells you that she wants you to take it… I suppose it’s fine?”

“Understood. Well then, in order for her to say so, I shall slowly enjoy myself.”

“I see. …If you can enjoy yourself, then that’s good.”

23 thoughts on “Anallord – Arche web novel Shalltear best ending”

  1. Tail? omg my mind just had a seisure. LAWL K. “ana…..”?!?!?!??!?!!!!!….???? What ever could this be i wonder? >.< Need to go clense my thoughts and cuddle something warm to stop the shivers


  2. If anyone is confused, this is the original web novel of the light novel, “Overlord”. It has to do with the fate of a character “Arche” who met a different bad end in the light novel.


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