Tilea’s Worries – Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Luxembourg’s Secret Manoeuvring

Demon General Luxembourg was standing on the Beruga Plains. She had been watching the earlier battle with great interest.

“Fighting head-on with the Evil God? Are they idiots? In a battle you have to hit their weak point, see? Aren’t I like, super smart?”

Luxembourg was aiming to profit in the aftermath of their battle.

But first I’d better thank them for these wounds.

Using her incredible sense of smell and vision, she searched for the Demonic Evil Three.


Seiryuu and Byakko were passing through the plains on the backs of their mounts. Going ahead to intersect their path, Luxembourg lay in wait in a bush to the side.

The wind was blowing. Based on their positions, the mounts wouldn’t notice her.

After a few minutes, the mounts passed by Luxembourg without noticing her…

“Huhu, where you going♪”

With measured timing, Luxembourg leapt out and aimed a powerful kick at the mounts. The mounts were struck by an incredible force, and were blown back along with their riders.

The mounts were a few hundred kilos each. Even so, they had been blown back dozens of metres. That alone told of the kick’s tremendous power.


The mounts stood unsteadily, and roared to try and protect their fallen masters. Despite their broken legs and damaged fangs, they pressured Luxembourg.

“How silly. You should have just left guys like these and run away.”

Luxembourg boldly approached them as they howled, and with a swing of her arm flew the heads of the mounts.

Now then, how were the other two?

First she looked at Byakko. There was a large, fist-shaped hole in his belly, and he was spurting blood from his mouth. Even his breath was feeble, and you could tell that he had taken a tremendous hit. When Luxembourg approached, Byakko entreated her help, seemingly delirious.

“O-, Oh… S-, Sa, ve… m-…e”

“Hmmm~♪ Do you wanna be saved that bad?”

“M-, Make haste… damn you. F-, Fool, m-, my mana, cannot――”

“Don’t wanna.”

Luxembourg shot a magic bullet at him. The merciless bullet collided violently with his stomach.


“Kyahahaha♪ What the heck, what a grossss voice.”

While weakened, he had taken a magic bullet from one of the Six Demon Generals. Byakko even lost his original form as he was smashed to pulp.

Next, Luxembourg examined Seiryuu. Seiryuu had been more severely injured; the bone had been pulverised all across his body, and he wasn’t even properly conscious.

“Ki, goh… gah…”

“Hmm. This guy is on his last breath, isn’t he. Guess it can’t be helped. He was beaten to a pulp by the Evil God after all.”

Luxembourg peered in on Seiryuu’s face. Her expression was filled with joy.

“Heyy? Want me to save you?”

“Guh… Gi…”


She trampled on his head with all her might, and his skull collapsed with a splurt.

“Kyahaha♪ This is what happens when you get carried away, you know.”

So she muttered happily.

Kyaha, what a bunch of retards.

With this, she felt a little better.

“Now then, where was the Evil God again?”

Her pupils widened…

Found them!

The Evil God was laying down, nestled against Camilla. And behind her was the unconscious Nielsen.

Using her completely trained limbs, Luxembourg moved at high speeds to where the Evil God was laying. Although an enemy quickly approached, the Evil God was sleeping peacefully without notice.

And then, Luxembourg clamped the Evil God’s head in her hand.

“So this is the Evil God… She really does look just like a normal human.”

A lovely face, and a slim neck. With her dainty body, she looked like nothing but a human. Had Luxembourg not seen that incredible battle, she wouldn’t have been able to believe it. And next to the Evil God was Camilla the traitor.

“You guys really are too defenceless… So stupid.”

Luxembourg’s face warped in joy. The joy was irrepressible. Not only were those cocky nuisances gone, the Evil God was weary and battered. How often would as wonderful a situation come along?

“Haha, I really am so lucky! Please watch, Zorg-sama. I’ll immediately offer them to you――well then, die!”

A strike that came down, filled with mana――

But her hand was caught in Tilea’s.

“Kuh-!? Evil God, you noticed? But you really are unsteady… Fine then, I’ll finish you off♪”

“It has been a long while, O Lux.”

“Eh-!? Why!? I-, It can’t be――I see. So you were in there.”


“――Well then, I am leaving it to you.”

“Sir, please leave it to me.”

Demon General Luxembourg disappeared without anybody noticing.

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Note: This is not a cliff-hanger. No matter what you guys might want this series to be, in the end it’s a comedy. Sometimes a slightly dark-ish comedy, but always a comedy, so the back-story moves along veeeery slowly. So yeah.

55 thoughts on “Tilea’s Worries – Chapter 26”

  1. Let me guess Demon Lord or Demon God is in her body but since she is from another world her soul is powerful enough to subdue it and because she’s from another world her otherworldly huge mana plus Demon Lord/God mana gets OP present situation.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. No, more like she was always the demon Lord, it’s just that she doesn’t remember and Tilia personality can be seen as a split personality. However when sleeping, her original personality is able to awaken. Her original personality however just wants to live a normal carefree life and doesn’t really want to take over the world anymore. Something like that should be the case I think.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. I don’t think all of her power comes from the (possible) Demon King.
      She has a perfect control over her mana, and apparently none of the demons ever did that.
      Plus, if the Demon King had the power to destroy the whole world just by bluffing and just after having a lot of his mana drained, they wouldn’t have lost the war.

      So my guess is that she really is extremely powerful and the Demon King is just playign around inside of her.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. maybe you are right
        maybe there is something else to balance the dark mana like yin & yang
        (maybe the is the soul of who beat him or angel or..)


        1. I just thought about something…
          We are all assuming that Tilea(sleeping)=the one who spoked to Luxembourg=Demon King.
          But, besides her, Pervert and Timu, there was someone else there…
          What if Loser is the Demon King?

          Liked by 2 people

            1. Oh, right.
              When my brain came with that hypothesis, he apparently eliminated any memory that contradicted it…
              Sorry :)
              That’s too bad, it would have been fun if Loser was actually an extremely powerful guy under disguise :p

              Liked by 1 person

  2. ………..you won’t leave it at this cliffhanger right? Right? How can we take such a cliffhanger like this?


      1. lol what do you mean it ain’t a cliffhanger?

        *dramatic music*
        “Who is Tilea?”
        “Who is this powerful being that can possess even an “Evil God”?”
        “Is the true Evil God hiding inside Tilea?”

        Find out next time in “Tilea’s Worries: Who is it?”

        It just happens to be the author’s cliffhanger. :P


  3. I see probably, Zorg died -> Reincarnated in Human world -> Died again -> Reincarnated as Tilea. Or maybe it’s some other god even higher.

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  4. oh, tilea is the demon lord but not awakened when tilea is conscious.

    this is a good plot twist, tilea by morning, demon lord at night ohohoho

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  5. It’s Este’s Imouto Roll! A left, a right, another left! The momentum won’t stop! IT’S THE FINISHER! THE CLIFFHANGER!!!11! IT’S A KO! WE HAVE A NEW CHAMP-

    I’m going to see myself out now…

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  6. This series is too good. I almost fell out of my chair. Hope my misedits aren’t too annoying when they happen, and as always thanks for the translations~


    “The mounts were struck by an incredibly force”
    “incredibly” -> “incredible”

    “The mounts were a few hundred each kilos”
    You reversed “kilos” and “each”.

    “Had Luxembourg now seen that incredible battle”
    “now” -> “not”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Cool. I wonder how many more differences between American/British/Australian english I’ll end up learning. On another note, I just noticed that this series is almost up to 180 chapters. So much Tilea, I hope I won’t die of laughter before it’s completed… Lol


        1. I just quite like the characters, so it’s fun to read. There were a few parts that killed me laughing, but overall the density of misunderstanding jokes is a lot lower in the later chapters.

          They’re just sort of events that happen because of the misunderstandings, or the progression of the world take over. You know, despite the demons in the Evil God Army being a bunch of genocidal maniacs, some of them are really endearing.

          And some of them are just hilariously hopeless. -_- Ortessio for example.

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  7. いや〜お兄ちゃん、やめてぇ!んっ、ん〜。。私の中にいっぱい。。。お兄ちゃんの。。。翻訳が! 訳しすぎたよぉぉ!!

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  8. let the choir sing for the glory of sheeprabbit-sama… :3 anyway thanks for the chap.. ohh love the darkness


  9. “Demon General Luxembourg disappeared without anybody knowing.”
    This sentence is a bit confusing. Probably should say “demon general left without anybody noticing” unless you mean she died without anybody noticing.


  10. I know who that was… It was *CENSORED*.

    Hey… Don’t do that.. Like I was saying that person is *CENCORED*.

    Alright alright, I won’t say it that per—

    *cjayr369 was banned from the comments box for attempting to spoil the story.*


  11. the demon king zorg will try to awaken or revive inside of Tilea.
    But its really disappointing to think that Tilea mana is coming from the demon king zorg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????


  12. aah, how boring, I had hoped that this power was her own, no matter if it was granted by a god or something, but having some foreign entity in your body granting the power is just disgusting, then it isn’t really your power, tsk.


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