Tilea’s Worries – Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – “A mortal struggle, and the end. My muscles are sure going to hurt tomorrow.”

Tiger Dokyun vomited blood and fainted. A girl like me defeated a huge tiger of over 3 metres tall.

Bracers of Burst Earth… As expected of Loser(Bizef)’s prized rare item. It’s at times like this that I really get the feeling that I’m in another world. I can cover for my low level with good gear after all.

“O-, One hit…?”

“Yes. I’m also surprised. However, the Evil God should have also lost a lot of mana.”

“Y-, Yeah. Aight, let’s use another Triangle Hells Attack![Demonic Evil Ultimate Suppression Spell!]”

“It’ll be difficult with only us two, but I suppose it can’t be helped.”

Dragon Dokyun and Flame Dokyun began chanting again. A magic circle appeared between them.

“I-, It can’t be…”

“Huhu, did somebody say that it could only be done with three people? It’s possible even with two.”

Kuh-, that thing from before again? Help from Timu won’t be coming this time. If I get hit by that again, I really won’t have any way to resist.

What do I do?

Triangle Hells Attack[Demonic Evil Ultimate Suppression Spell]. They described it in a chuuni-esque way, but basically it’s a stamina drain. I know the trick to it now. Finishing the spell, the three of them had pointed at me as though locking on, and then black arrows came flying from every direction. And then when the arrows pierced me, I lost almost all my strength…

Mn!? Speaking of which, last time I stood still because I was hesitant to attack the dokyun with my nunchaku. If I move so that they miss when they point at me, I might be able to avoid it.

Let’s try it out!

Now that I’m set on this, it’s time to release that from my dark history; one of the Evil God Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven Skills.

Killing blow, “Pepsi Roll.”

While dancing through the battlefield in a figure-8 motion defence, you utilise the recoil from the movements to barrage from left and right with enough power to burst open a Pepsi can.

It was the special technique of a protagonist in a boxing manga in my old life. In my previous life I had become addicted to that manga, and instead of working or studying I just holed up in a manga cafe and read the entire series five times. In particular, I was so addicted that I filmed myself numerous times, performing the protagonist’s killing blow, “Pepsi Roll” and uploading it to a video-sharing website.

Well, the fact that I got carried away, practised it on a log, and then fractured my hand is another story. Anyway, my body should still know how to do it.

I pulled my fists up into a guard, and took a boxing stance. And then, with movements like a bee, I headed at full speed towards the dokyun.

“T-, The hell is that!?”

“Kuh-, I can’t read her movements.”

Heh! Just as expected. It looks like the dokyun can’t follow tricky movements. While they were failing to get an aim on me, I closed the distance and closed in right in front of Dragon Dokyun.


Together with my shout, I used the centrifugal force and rained a barrage of punches upon him. His solar plexus, his face, his temple. I continued hitting them all rhythmically, striking mercilessly into his vitals. It can’t be helped. Dragon Dokyun has regeneration powers, so there wouldn’t be any point in hitting him with half-assed attacks.

“H-, Hii. Gue-, yo-, st-, sto-, p, s-, save――GOHEHH!”

Frothing at the mouth, Dragon Dokyun fainted in agony. He was spreading bloody vomit everywhere, but he was alive at least.

Now then, there’s just one dokyun left. Only, I don’t want to get violent on a girl. It’d be great if she ran away now, but…

Well, if she still wants to go at it, I’ll give her a taste of gender equality.

“You’re the only one left, you know. Well? Going to surrender?”

“…Evil God. That was splendid. However, I know your weak point now. It seems that you’re a close combat type. I’m going to burn you from afar.”

Saying that, Flame Dokyun took a distance, and began to activate her magic.


It seems that she found out that I couldn’t use magic. It’s true that I haven’t used a single spell this whole time. It can’t be helped. I’ll get through this with a bluff somehow.

“Huhu, when did I say I was bad with ranged battles? Even though I’m actually better at ranged magical attacks.”

“T-, That’s a lie.”

“It’s up to you if you want to test it. Only you’d better be prepared to disappear down to the last drop of blood!”

“Then I will reciprocate with my Terafire(Ultimate Fire Spell). I’m going to turn this whole region into ash, you know.”

Oooh, this chick can bluff too! Like I’ll lose to her. I’ve been an expert in chuuni bluffs since my last life.

“HA HA HA! Then I’ll use this spell to destroy the whole damn country!”

“Y-, You’re bluffing――v-, very well. If you’re going to say that much, then I’ll show you the flames of hell. It’s my most powerful move. Both you and this town are done for.”

Flame Dokyun was shaken. Looks like she’s about half-convinced by my bluff. It seems that thanks to the defeat of Tiger Dokyun and Dragon Dokyun, she’s mistaken me for a talented adventurer. Thanks to Loser(Bizef)’s weapon, I’ve really taken her for a ride.

Alright. I’ll just chant some threatening incantation to continue the pressure. Only, I don’t know the magic of this world, so my only choice is to make use of my memories of my old world.

Which phrase would be best…

I know! That one!

I decided to use the lines from a certain anime’s strongest spell to scare her.

“Tremble in fear! Thou who art darker than darkness, Thou who art faster than even a flowing river… By the lofty name of Dark Matter… We swear on the Evil God.”

“W-, What is that! I’ve never heard of such a chant.”

“Hmph. The lukewarm spells made from the immature magic elements of this nation are no match for me. I’ll show you the Evil God’s final technique!”

“T-, That can’t be… W-, What mana…”

“I shall continue. Those who would defy Us, All those who are fools, By Our power, Grant Destruction upon them!”

I rhythmically moved my hands as though actually activating some grand spell. I randomly brought my hands together and made a heart-shape, and did other random pantomimes.

“Y-, You can’t be… A-, Are you sane? If you release a magic with that gargantuan mana, far from this country, even the world itself will be destroyed!”

“You wanted to see it, didn’t you? I’ll show it to you. The end of the world!”

“W-, Wait…”

“The games end now. GIGA SLA――”

“H-, Hiii!”

Flame Dokyun looked at me as though I was some sort of monster, and after shrieking, she ran away.

Yes! My bluff completely fooled her!

There were some unexpected occurrences, but I managed to show them my strength. Now that they’ve had such a painful experience, they probably won’t make trouble for us again.

Phew~ It’s over…

Now that the fight was over, throbbing pains ran through my body. I got into a brawl, didn’t I. Honestly, this was my first time fighting. In my previous life, I was one-sidedly beat on, but I was never hurt to this extent. But well, this time I got them right back though.

Speaking of which, that Flame Dokyun left her companions here. Although they’re dokyun, I’m hesitant to just leave them here. They look pretty badly injured, so maybe I should at least call somebody to heal them. I turned towards town,


and what faced me were the sabertooth tiger things from earlier, growling and glaring at me.

R-, Right…

They came here on some dangerous mounts.

T-, This is bad. The dokyun were still people so I could fool them with my mouth, but that won’t work on wild animals.

W-, What should I do?

Our eyes met. What ferocious expressions. There isn’t even a little friendliness.

I-, If it’s come to this, then I’ll just do whatever I can!

I held the rare weapon up in a fighting pose to threaten them.

I-, If you’re going to come, then come!

If possible, I’d prefer that you didn’t though…

“Kyain, kyuin”

Ooh~ I don’t really get it, but they ran away. Did they see me as a strong warrior because I defeated their masters?
Now that they’re running away scared, they kind of look like chihuahuas, and I’m starting to find them a bit cute.
――hey-, wait, hang on! You’re trying to run away without your masters!

I’ll try gesturing at the mounts to convey the message. First I pointed at the dokyun, and then I mimed riding, and various other things…

After a few minutes, perhaps they understood me, because they picked their masters up, and disappeared.

W-, With this, it really has ended. I pat my chest in relief.

“Wh-, Whoa.”

Once the tension left me, I collapsed to my knees. I really did overdo things. My entire body is weary. I took a drain after all.

But I did well in coming out fine. It’s thanks to the items that Loser(Bizef) lent me. But those items are ruined enough that they’re pitiful to look at. There were cracks in them, and because of Flame Dokyun’s fire, they were blackened all over.

If Loser(Bizef) sees them, won’t he faint a second time?

His prided and gorgeous items look like scrap now. But I don’t intend on reimbursing him, you know. If he wants to complain, then he should bring it up with the dokyun.

To begin with, it’s Loser(Bizef)’s fault for fainting at the very beginning and retiring from the match. He sure is easygoing for the Guard Captain. Had Loser(Bizef) tried harder, neither Timu or I would have needed to fight…

Thanks to Timu and I, it looks like the trouble this time has been solved. And in particular, I really owe Timu. She risked her life to save me. She’s down with chuuni disease at the moment, but at heart she’s still the same. A really wonderful little sister.

I looked at Timu lovingly. She was sleeping soundly.


I moved my body, to try and run over to her.


My insides hurt. I’m probably going to have muscle pain tomorrow. Guess I’ll have a rest before I head home. Moving to Timu’s side, and snuggling up to her, I fell asleep.

Killing blow, “Pepsi Roll.”
A reference to the Dempsey Roll.

“The games end now. GIGA SLA――”
The whole chant and spell is a reference to Lina Inverse’s Giga Slave (from the Slayers franchise).

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    1. Giga Slave is a technique that was powered by the creator of reality that had a chance of destroying said reality.

      Really it was fortunate for everyone that she retreated.

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      1. It’s a little bit more complicated in slayers the lord of nightmares is the universe along with a few others. Casting the spell right actually is what brings the LoN mind along with the power into the world. The demons believe she wants to return to her true form as the source of all chaos and therefore would destroy the universe to reform herself, exactly how true this is is unclear since she is also the source of all order.


  1. I can’t handle all these chapters and the Slayers reference. And there’s still one more chapter left for today. Giga Slave good spell.

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