Tilea’s Worries – Chapter 27

Chapter 27 – “The skill of a craftsman sure shines.”

Hu, hu, hu, today I finally got my hands on my dearest wish; a black dress and a frilly white apron. Right, it’s a maid outfit. This orthodox design resembles the ones in Akiba. The design is unmistakably perfect.

Now then, how does the fabric feel…

I picked up the maid outfit to see.

Ooh! It feels like silk. They used some high-quality material for this. It was worth asking the unreasonable of Loser(Bizef).

Ever since that dokyun incident, Lozer(Bizef) has really been ashamed around me.

And of course! Of all things, the Guard Captain fainted and left civilians like us to fight. There should be a limit to negligence.

At first, Loser(Bizef) was using demons as his excuse for fainting again, but when I told him that Timu and I defeated the dokyun, he fell silent.

Everybody was snickering at him, you know? If Loser(Bizef) was telling the truth, then that meant that Timu and I had driven off demons. Geez, once excuses reach this level of ridiculousness, they start to feel refreshing instead.

Well, as you’d expect, Loser(Bizef) seemed to find things awkward because he said “As an apology, I’ll listen to whatever you say.” so I persuaded him to get me clothes. After all, Loser(Bizef) is a weapons maniac. He should be well known not only with weapons stores, but clothing stores as well. I asked him for order made clothing, paying no attention to the cost.

…I was just asking to try, you know. I was surprised too, when the maid outfit was exactly like I envisioned it.

Now then, time to try them on. I ordered two sets; one for me, and one for Timu. I urged Timu to wear it.

“Ti~mu, I want you to do me a favour, but…”

“Yes, Oneesama. Please order me however you please.”

-sparkle- I’ve got a promise from Timu. Even if you say no later, it’s not going to work, okay?

“I see… Well then, could you try this on for a little?”


Timu took the maid outfit from me and looked over its design.

“…Oh? What a queer outfit.”

“It’s clothing from Japan after all.”

“Is that so? It looks quite difficult to move in. I wonder what purpose this serv――wai-, O-, Oneesama!? Y-, Your eyes are a little frightening.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, don’t think too much about it, okay?”

Apparently Timu was bewildered by my enthusiasm. Hmm, I don’t want to force her, but I want her to listen to me. I pushed against Timu’s back, and urged her to change.

A few minutes later…

Timu finished changing. Of course, so had I.

“O-, Oneesama. This is a little embarrassing…”

O-, Oh my god!

T-, This is too cute. Timu is usually already so cute, but when she puts this on it’s like that cuteness is increased a hundredfold. I couldn’t bear it anymore, and hugged her tightly from behind.

“Huhu, Timu. It really suits you.”


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54 thoughts on “Tilea’s Worries – Chapter 27”

  1. i already knew we wouldn’t get anything about the dude inside tilea…

    But still, to think we would get such anticlimatic fanservice right now..

    This author…is evil, evil indeed…

    I’m loving the way he trolled us though~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I expecetd soemthing better from you Lygar… GaRtErBeLtS, praise the mighty scanty clothing called garterbelt!


  2. ahh….. i already expect that tilea is Kyonyuu ~

    is sure a rare for gendbend one to have dynamite body…. from novels gendend i know… all of gendbend MC is always loli….or a flat chest….


    1. Not in the reincarnation type gender benders, they’re not. Most of the ones I’ve seen so far come out gorgeous.


      1. lol
        well… at least she have dynamite body… i already had enough to see gendbend one always loli and flat chests….. want to see have dynamite body and full of reverse harem… and seeing what the MC do it with that… (with action of course)


  3. Tilea’s reward for defeating the Demon Evil Three, lol. Uh also, if “craftman” isn’t a thing, you typo’d craftsmen in the title.

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  4. It’s a good thing that the mc really sees her as a sister… Or she would have already been attacked. Look at what was done to the elf…

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  5. You know, I was reading this, and it was *okay* but now I’m reading it to see the utter destruction of Bizef, and how Tilea eventually apologizes to him??? How can you make up for it, Tilea!!!! XD XD XD

    Thanks so much for all your hard work ani-ue~~~


  6. I woke up to 5 new chapters. So instead of commenting in each one, I’ll comment in this one only.
    Thanks 4 the chapters!

    Poor Bizef! His reputation is in tatters to no fault of his own. His opponents are just too OP, and he doesn’t realize the girl he’s helping is the most OP.


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